“A Whole New Level of Stupid” — Crenshaw SMACKS Biden’s Oil Order

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw called the Biden administration’s request for OPEC to increase oil production while shutting down American oil companies a “whole new level of stupid.”

Tweeting a copy of the White House statement by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the issue, Crenshaw said, “Reaching a whole new level of stupid, the Biden administration asks OPEC (foreign oil) to increase production, while making every possible attempt to destroy CLEANER American oil and gas. Not just stupid, but anti-American.”

The White House statement said, “Higher gasoline prices, if left unchecked, risk harming the ongoing global recovery. The price of crude oil has been higher than it was at the end of 2019, before the onset of the pandemic.”

That actually sounds like common sense — except the statement was used to encourage international oil makers to increase supply, not American companies.

In contrast, Biden created his own oil crisis during his first day in office. He signed a bill that ended construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The action ended thousands of American jobs and stopped the best method of adding new access to oil by Americans.

Don’t forget the recent gas shortage across the southeastern U.S. when a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline led to widespread shortages. Those involved has still not been brought to justice, though it is claimed the work was by a Russian group.

Then there are the climate change regulations. Biden has catered to this area to a fault, stopping oil exploration and production by America’s companies. In contrast, the president has agreed to a major oil pipeline for Russia. Now he’s also supporting higher oil production by OPEC. Why? Because the nation’s gas prices are up, though it’s due to his own problems.

Could it be that the timing of the oil production increase request has something to do with Biden’ approval rating? Though uncertain, the nation is a little more than a year away from the 2022 midterms. It won’t be long before the nation decides if it wants to keep Democrats in power in the House and Senate.

The way things are currently shaping up, Republicans smell a win in the House, as the left’s small margin of power looks to be shrinking and soon disappearing. There are even rumors that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to retire in 2022.

The Senate is another matter. Only a portion of seats are up for reelection, and most are in areas that will remain with the same party. On the positive side, New Hampshire is currently polling Republican in its current Democratic Senate race. Even with one seat gained in the Senate, the GOP can regain a 51-49 advantage if everything else remains the same.

Of course, Republicans will have the same problem the left does now in the Senate. Without 60 votes, most bills won’t pass due to the filibuster. But at least the left won’t be able to ram through radical legislation.

The OPEC statement is just one of many examples in which the Biden administration bends over backwards to please other nations and put America last. Like Crenshaw said, the action is truly anti-American.

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29 thoughts on ““A Whole New Level of Stupid” — Crenshaw SMACKS Biden’s Oil Order”

  1. What Rep. Crenshaw said is So True, biden just continues to ruin America. Dementia or not, he’s the Worst president the USA has ever had.

      1. The election should have by now.been declared a massive fraud, and null and void, and Trump reinstated as President.
        IF this were an honest and non-corrupt world.

    1. impeach Biden why are the Republicans not doing this all Republican Representative’s need to be asked this question, lawless mask and immunization mandates, open borders to more disease, stopping the Exon pipe line all impeachable my opinion if there are true republicans out there they will start the impeachment if not, then they are all Rhinos and all FARA need to be removed


    3. BiteMe is getting a “do-over” as he was a Senator during the Vietnam Evacuation (1975) and now, as fake-President he’s presiding over, probably, the stupidest act by any government official ever, which is saying a lot.

      Somehow BiteMe convinced his “Political” Flag Officers to pull out with no planning, and he got his way, another repeat disaster. The only saving grace would be for our air power, if it even existed in Afghanistan, to bomb the Terrorist’s into extinction now that they’ve left their caves and compounds and are traveling from city to city, massacring those folks who don’t comply with their wishes . . . . and its all BiteMe’s fault, once again.

  2. If Crenshaw said that, is there an alterior motive? Just the other day, he was saying the election was perfect. I can’t take anything he says as truthful. His RINO is showing!

    1. Take it then you are blind to what is going on. There is nothing Biden has do for this country but to try and destroy it.

  3. If ‘Bye-Done’ were to leave his office of potus right now he still would be the absolute worst president we’ve ever had. He’s already done irreparable harm to the US citizen and the economy. It’s imperative that we impeach him immediately or this country will not be viable in 2022. Literally, EVERYTHING this administration is doing now is harmful to the citizens and future of this country. For God’s sake, for the sake of every citizen of this once-great nation, we must rid this office of the Democratic party in general and Joseph Bye-Done in particular; the future of over 300 million people depend on it. Somebody needs to rise up and do something radical or we’re done! I know just the right person to do that task; Donald J. Trump. He proved his capability over the last four years even though blockades were thrown in his way for the entire four years. Let’s change that NOW!

  4. When the price of fuel, gasoline and diesel goes up, everything goes up. I was once an over-the-road trucker. When I started diesel was 60 cents. Going from the east coast to the west coast took about 400 gals of fuel. That’s $240. Now, diesel is $3 a gal. That’s $1200 to make the same trip. That’s just the difference in the cost of fuel.
    The trucker cannot pay that much difference in his cost to bring a load across country. He has to have more money to haul the same load. Who pays the extra cost? The consumer. I didn’t add the cost of tires, oil changes or repairs. They have gone up too. Raise the price of fuel and everything goes up with it. It has to. A lot of the extra cost is fuel taxes. They keep going up all the time.
    Biden, shut down the pipe lines, stop the drilling and fracking, buy more fuel from overseas. What did he expect.?Everything to get cheaper? With his mentality? Probably. And the Democrats are so happy with Biden, they welcome the higher prices and shortages. Unbelievable.

  5. There is very little left that Biden has missed in order to destroy this country or should I say Obama in his 3rd term.

    1. That is because Obama called all the shots not Biden. Obama never was a citizen or legal president or real man and has done so much damage, he and his male wife. Stop them now please.

  6. my question is, wht is our paid military allowing this Bull s. to happen.in my opinion they need to remove all these DEMs. and Rhinos from any office that add to the hurting of this country. they are the front line of foreign and domestic. 1st why government was agreed by the people was to protect man and his property, yet the military paid by the we the people allow man and property to be harmed and injured, in my opinion. allowing covi infected people to cross our borders re-inviting the virus again to the U.S.A. then they allow the so called president to commit what is said a crime violating our constitution allowing the CDC to say to enforce the immunizations that will not prevent one from getting covi, by having foreign materials injected into our living bodies, that have also been known to kill. innocent American people. they want to enforce mask mandates, while the very same public servants refuse themselves to where masks’ see pics from Berry Obama B.Day party. see even current pics of the senators and congressmen and women, Dictators or as Obama said as he was ready to RULE then changed his words to govern, who i believe needs to have his voting investigated with Biden. my opinion they should all be in prison. 2nd National investing look at Nancy Pelosi, we need to sign the check before we know what is in it during the Obama rein. in my opinion that allowed the money from tax payers to be awarded to Obama that was funneled to Dr. Fauci that caused the covi i assert warfare Biological chemical warfare., Trump gave millions to the CDC to find a cure warp speed, then Biden assumed credit yet has not been tested by the FDA 5 years and screened to see if it was safe or not, even after the screening it does not guaranteed to be safe. even through the FDA. do the math it has only been 2 years sense the covi; there are 3 more years of testing that needs to be done if i am asked i would say the money for the CDC was a bail out-, my opinion still the 2nd. the shutting down of the pipe line from Canada to U.S.A. protecting National investment, although i do have number 2 and 3 backwards the main principles are still at a standing so just reverse 2 and 3. 3 being our government will build a national defense, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, ect,,, and then we can go farther back in history, the child stealing boom during Clintons term safe child act where children are stolen through corrupt courts decided by a single magistrate on hearsay being denied inalienable rights a infringement against the rights of the Biological parents as the FARA ? LAWYERS allow it to happen to get promotions and allow them to make money on a job they create to prove they are making a check and doing the right thing while they know it has been stated they want those fraudulently cases to bring 100,000.00 dollars per case. based and built on fraud, as this continues to get more popular in each and every state. SEE Hudok 2020 Bill of Peace. even though it has cured through arbitration, most all the congressmen and women and senators know this has been through one of the most highest courts, U.S. FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT it is a legal binding contract, is a court order and is law. yet ignored by all congressmen and women that are in the know and i spent a lot of time in DC to make sure most senators, congressmen and women are in the know. so the demand return our stolen biological property, then look at the Bushes none were ever suppose to hold any kind of office in the U.S.A. yet we had 2 as president. if asked why look up Prescott Bush who was caught working for HITLER and the NAZIS’ then in my opinion after viewing many testimonies and videos was 9/11 a inside job? Hitler and Bushes were all after the same thing in my opinion one world power-New world order. in my opinion how can this be fixed, here is food for thought. starting at the top, intelligence remove the psychopathy from Presidency my opinion especially because of rigged vote ting, and the people in the other offices of government to include speaker of the house and all Dems. and Republicans from senators and governors yes i am saying Temporary Martial Law right down to the sheriff and their departments and all 3 letter agencies FBI, CIA, GBI DFCS, CDC, all. in each state. tyhen the military intellegence who also swera to uphold the constitution of the United States of America, 1776 of the people not any other constitution written by public servants we pay, start from the beginning. then screen each and every person on who has the truest approach for the betterment of our country knowing all man and woman are born Free All lives matter not just the prejudice Black Lives Matter. ALL LIVES. the highest ranking Military officers will screen through their intelligence who would be the most beneficial to preserving our country and if the new people in power deliberately cause treason then they will be hanged by who we put in force a Military execution, i had taken the oath and there is no other to defend the constitution of 1776 of the people, this is in my opinion you may all bark at this but unless you have a more fair remedy that can be placed in process now i am willing to hear it. other than that all in my opinion and this is red alert now anything else will be to late, one other thing ALL Glory belongs to God, who will be placed first including the laws from the bible ten commandments our laws were based on. i approve this message, randall

    1. Randall, you are a very intelligent man. Every thing you have posted is absolutely correct. We are being dragged into socialism so rapid and most Americans do not want to believe it. This pandemic that they want you to believe is real ,is nothing but false, and so many are doing what Faulsey wants. We are allowing the left liberals to ruin our families. They have already decided that there are more variants to come , but the liberals , all are immune.. I pray to my Good Lord above that we will eventually learn the truth and vote these Demo rats out of our government. Thank you again for your input. God bless and be with you.

      1. Thanks, Biden needs to be impeached the Republicans will not do it because my opinion they are all Rhinos when you cut deep, they see what they can get away with , with a little common sense while the Left reaches out with no common sense. it is and always has been about what can they take not protect. thanks again

  7. You know, there is money in it for Biden to use foreign oil. He only cares about himself, screw the people of his own country!
    Obama did the same thing!

  8. I hope Mike Lindell & company are successful at finding true Americans in power (not those paid for by Soros) to use all the evidence of election fraud to remove the illegal regime from office and restore the truly elected President Trump & other true Republicans who had election stolen from them! We need to do this to save our nation from being overthrown by these corrupt thieves! I’d like to see Obama’s & Biden’s tax returns to reveal how they amassed their wealth from being “government servants” instead of President Trump who has owned a very successful business all of his life and his father before him. We know about all of the democRats who have sold out America for their own profits. It’s time to bring justice back and put them all behind bars instead of their political prisoners that they have illegally imprisoned who participated in a constitutionally protected protest of an illegal election on Jan 6!

  9. Do not look at me, Being of sound mind I voted for Trump.
    As for any that did not follow my direction , their mind is like a parachute, useless if not open.

  10. I just dont understand why impeachment proceedings have not started yet. Impeach this person before he can do more damage to our country. Please somebody stop the madness.

  11. Joe! Build the Keystone pipeline but keep the oil and gas for the USA. Now, most of it is exported.

    Yes, America was made Energy Independent Tactically but not Strategically!

    How Long Will Shale Oil Last?
    …(BTW, These are our last domestic reserves that can not be torpedoed off shore!)

    A new report by the U.S. Department of Energy estimates how long global shale oil resources might last.
    Arjun Sreekumar (TMFArcher) Jun 16, 2013

    Note!……………This report is 8 years old.


    A decade of global shale oil
    According to a new study by the U.S. Department of Energy, the world has enough shale resources to satisfy more than a decade of global oil consumption. The report, which marked the first time the department has assessed the size of global shale resources, pegged technically recoverable shale oil resources at 345 billion barrels, or about 10% of global crude oil supplies.

    …..Let’s call it a 20 year supply.

    The study surveyed shale reserves in more than 40 countries and determined that Russia had the world’s largest shale oil reserves, at around 75 billion barrels. The U.S. was second with about 58 billion barrels. Rounding out third, fourth, and fifth places were China, at 38 billion, Argentina, at 27 billion, and Libya, at 26 billion.

  12. How soon we forget…First a little history.US spending bill lifts 40-year ban on crude oil exports
    Published 18 December 2015


    US politicians have approved a measure to lift the 40-year ban on crude oil exports.

    The move is part of a $1.1 trillion (£738bn) spending bill approved by the Senate on Friday that will fund the US government until 2016.Oil prices rose on Friday following several weeks of falls, as the markets cope with a glut of crude. (What no market? Why do this?)
    US oil producers will now be able to sell crude to the already saturated international market.

    (Again with the no market BS? Why do this? …………………………I’ll ‘spain it to ya.)

    So to make a market, Obama supported the Ukrainian revolution, that took place in Ukraine in February 2014. Obama supported it to piss off Russia and make them shut down pipelines to Europe that ran though Ukraine…..Voila!! A new market!

    Now most of the ‘Canadian Toxic Tar Sand’ oil and ‘Fracked US’ oil and gas is for export to the EU and Asia. It is being sold as fast as possible for profit, … NOT to give US energy independence for future generations.In 20-30 years the USA will have to rely on the Arabs …AGAIN or Russia.

    But the oil companies will be rich. ………..That is the point!
    Once again short term profits trump long term national security concerns.

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