Australia is Basically Under Martial Law Over 4 COVID Cases

Australia has been transformed into an authoritarian leftist fantasy as the country sets new disturbing precedents for lockdown policies.

We’re pretty used to lockdowns in the United States at this point — unless you’re lucky enough to begin places like Florida or Texas. However, what’s happening in Australia makes Gavin Newsom look like Ron Desantis — we’re not kidding.

As you’ll see in the clip below, full-on police chases of COVID-positive people are now the norm. Teenagers are arrested for hanging out on the beach. Construction workers are sent home because they don’t have the proper vaccination papers. A prominent athlete in the country faces criminal charges because he decided to leave his home city to visit a friend somewhere else in the country.

As one YouTube commenter perfectly put it, this is why you don’t give up your guns. The government of Australia is returning to its roots as a penal colony so quickly that the people didn’t even have time to react. At this point, there seems to be no end to the tyranny.

Based on these policies, you could be forgiven for believing that the country is rife with COVID, and thousands are dying daily. This isn’t the case. As the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh points out, Australia is currently experiencing an average of four COVID cases per day — in the entire country. This hardly justifies the martial law the country has imposed on itself, but there are people here in America that would be happy to see this realized.

Even when government power is used for a positive purpose — and containing a virus can certainly fit that category — people forget that state power is almost always permanent. The more you let the government get away with, the more ambitious it becomes during the next crisis. In the United States, there are still government agencies from World War II that remain in operation. While it’s easy for us to look at Australia and believe that could never happen here, that’s simply not the case.

COVID tyrants must be removed from power at the earliest opportunity.

Here’s Anthony Brian Logan with more on the story.

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41 thoughts on “Australia is Basically Under Martial Law Over 4 COVID Cases”

    1. Aussies must wonder where they went wrong. I think that I cammn help a little bit. First they allowed the no gun law. Now crooked politicians have less risk. Our crooked politicians are trying to pull that stunt here. They also don’t want us in a position to orotect ourselves.
      Next always vote for a conservative candidate. If you vote for a liberal you are losing your country to power and greed. In my country there used to be conservative demicrats. Now we have liars, greed, and power mongers. Protect your country jealously. Hope this helps.

    2. The Primary reason the Aussie’s are experiencing such low numbers in Chinese Pandemic cases is because they control their border and don’t let Covid Positive folks in, carrying “gifts” of their home country’s “favorite Virus Variant”.

      To contrast, the USA is experiencing a recurrence of Covid due to the new Covid Variants being “moved” into your cities and towns by the “criminal acts” of BiteMe and his Open Border Policy; i.e., around 15%+ of illegals coming in have their nations “favorite variant” of the Chinese Pandemic . . . . so it’s more contagious than what used to be “just” the American Variant.

      BiteMe, his Clueless Cabinet and his “advisors” are either the stupidest gaggle of losers Washington, deCeit has ever seen, or they are Socialist/Communists, destined to end the USA as a free nation.

      1. They are socialist/communist who are coming after all of us. This agenda started several years ago and the biggest pushers are the Clintons and their supporters, Obama’s and their supporters (money/power) and the crime family – Biden’s and their supporters….money/power. No matter what is happening, the atrocities of the Border, Afganistan, murdering infants doesn’t matter to the far left. They don’t care! They constantly lie and they don’t care! They are in control and they know it. America is crashing under these dictators, child traffickers, murders, and crime lords. Many believe that America is too big and too powerful and too many support the freedom of this Country but too many are too dumb to see what is happen before their eyes. They are in denial!!

    3. Removal at the earliest opportunity, with return to sanity, and all our Constitutional Rights, and lawful processes and protocols is mandatory. Otherwise, our sovereignty will be lost to Biden giving away control of our nation to the New World Order and United Nations control

  1. Americans are stupid, or Obama and Biden would never have been elected and inserted, respectively. If we don’t at least begin by taking the House and Senate away from Dem control in 2022, this nation as we knew it,, is gone forever

    1. Carlos, we intelligent Americans need to look at what has happened to America in just this short tkme, a d recognize that all the Marxist Democrats in leadership positions need to be removed in the Mid-Term elections before our country is destroyed by them.

      1. Midterm elections???? Why do people think that, after the 2020 election, cheating Biden into office .., and getting away with it… that we will EVER have a fair election? They have gotten away with cheating, and will be even more embolden to do it every time. America has gone over the cliff, and Dems will always be in power from now on.

    2. You are SOO right!! How in the Hell can a man with 2 metal plates in his head drive a car Much less “rule!!” A country. .with female person of questionable morals be VP!!? OUCH! AMERICA!!

  2. When I was 8 years old, POLIO was a pandemic! No one was locked down in their
    house, we acted like normal people do, just everyday living. I knew 2 friends who
    got it and nobody panicked. I think that much of America has become afraid of
    their own shadow. GROW UP PEOPLE CARONA IS JUST A FLU VIRUS ! Let’s pretend we’re just people living on planet earth where stuff happens and you just
    DEAL WITH IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Biden will probably declare a state of emergency to stay in power, that’s how FDR stayed in office for 3 terms.

    2. So right. We knew two girls in iron lungs…our town of 18000 had a dozen cases of polio. Children were cautioned about puddles if water..forced to take naps to avoid it. That was it. Then government deemed our getting under desks and covering our heads would save us from a nuclear attack. Covid vaccine like getting under a desk but with worse side effects then bumping our heads.

    3. I DO remember!! And ! My children’s Daddy was a neurologist!! Such a great guy and a first in line for the polio vaccine!! Now these healthy children are in their 60s..1 an MD..1 a PhD..and #3 a multiple degrees health care provider…OH! I was an RN..ET!

      1. congratulations for raising a wonderful group of responsible, caring humans. wish others would try to emulate your success!!!! I too, grew up in the age of polio. my small town required the polio vaccine before we could start kindergarten. I remember well the gigantic scab that seemed to last forever to a 5 yr old. still have the scar. kids today aren’t allowed to have a natural immune system. we drank out of garden hoses, rather than miss a minute of outdoor play. we got dirty, fell off my bike onto a cinder street. still have some left in my knee!! we didn’t sit around on the couch, eating snacks and watching t.v. all day long. we ran, played ball, etc. I think we were a lot more healthy than those kids of today. now everything is disinfected, boiled, etc. I am so glad I grew up in the era, and was lucky to have the greatest generation as my parents. kids of today do not know what they missed.

    4. In Britain in the 60’s, I had an Uncle and his son, a cousin, who had Polio. The Polio Vaccine is made from a stabilized preparation of Live Polio Virus (Sabin Strain) with residual amounts of antibiotics. All went through testing thoroughly…and ERADICATED the disease !
      NOTHING – TO – SCARE – YOU – THERE !!!
      HOWEVER ……… you have no idea what Dangerous Pathogens Pfizer et al, have put in their vaccines, the ones, you know… that DON’T stop you catching COVID …… and you have no idea of the long term effects, because it was never tested properly ! (God help us !)

  3. USA controlled by Obama-Biden-Harris-Pelosi Socialists in every single means applying their demand on U.S. Citizens while they themselves don’t follow their own rules and allow illegals to run rampant into OUR Country. Americans need to stand up to these bunch of idiots running the White House ! Elections will happen and Americans are sick and tired of the Socialist Agenda that they are setting forth and We Will Remember come election time ! American Citizens want our freedoms, We want our military with strong leaders in charge, We want the return of a Great America, We want illegals out of here and not spreading the Wuhan China Covid-19 Virus to American Citizens !!!

  4. Massive inflation is occuring as Wash DC Federal government is printing/digitizing
    US Money backed by nothing. The interest costs of just repaying this debt will burden future generations. We are witnessing a government out of control.

    1. The burden of debt from ww1 on g ermany is what proved to be cause of ww11
      In U.S. we are not prepared for the hardships coming.
      The skills of past generations to manage for themselves is lost.
      I know children who have no clue an egg comes out of chickens or milk from a cow’s udders..or that you can get water from a well. Most can not cook without a microwave.

  5. Force people to live in fear and throw “crumbs” (aka stimulus) at them periodically and you will be in total control of the whole population. Better yet, do it like NK; just has the people worship you even as they starve.

  6. If the democrats can make it happen this is what we will see here. I believe the coming congressional elections will decide much of what we must do. All of this administration’s decisions are directed at total government control. The final out come depends upon the individuals actions. Have we become mice???

    1. The problem is that we may not make it to the 2022 elections if Democrats are able to ram through their John R Lewis Voting Rights Act which is nothing more the a Federal Government power grab at controlling all our elections through the use of mass mailing ballots, ballot harvesting, and other means. They seek to turn the US into a one party system of authoritarian government.

  7. I live in Melbourne Australia pray for us it is hell on earth. Saturday past the police/ military shot people pleading for there freedom back arrested 218 men women & children for asking for an easing of these lockdowns. There no end in sight in 18 months less than 1000 people died of Covid & “ Flu no longer exist ? Reading the comments here I gather no one realises this is what the USA will become. We have a Constitution too which is completely trashed. You can’t leave the Nation the local council area it’s getting worse. We have no guns the knock on the door terrifies me as it could be the Government.

    1. I’m sorry for what you and your countrymen are going through. evil always tries to banish good. we have the same situation progressing here, and most are too complacent (I call them ignorant), to stand up and say STOP!! the little escapade on 1-6-2021 was meant to scare the sheeple into conforming. that was planned by none other than the devil’s daughter, piglosi. she and her cronies needed to put a stop to free-thinking Americans, and cover up the biggest political coup in American history. the thought was if we incarcerate these peaceful protesters, and hold them indefinitely, treating them worse than the scum we love and are letting in by the millions unvetted. it is interesting to see these unwashed, disease laden scums are not required to wear masks, nor get the death shot. why? they are the NEW AMERICANS UNDER THE COMMUNIST REGIME THAT IS CURRENTLY SQUATTING IN THE WHITEHOUSE. they went after the military, and allowed queers, transgenders to take over the ranks. real men got out when they saw the election was stolen. now, we have a military of mostly yes men to the likes of Milley, and his co-horts. I firmly believe unless we unite and stand up against this regime of insane marxists we will lose all our freedoms. Biden is trying to force vaccinate everyone to further their demise, and his insertion of migrants into our homes, jobs, schools, et. the shot is poison, and it is killing an average of 1.000 per day. none of which is reported by the government controlled media. see Dr Ryan Cole. pathologist. see his presentation. wake up America.

  8. In 1938 Germany Hitler blamed the Jewish people for the problems in Germany that they weren’t human they were lower than rats . Told citizens that they needed to be eraticated turn your neighbor in turn your family members in this will fix the problems .started out as all political gain for him and his party and look how quick it turned bad using peoples fears to get his way he used the Jews to push his agenda. Now for political gain and fear they are using covid to push their agenda people forget how quick you can lose your freedoms. They used the jews as their excuse now their using covid nothing has changed as long as you keep pushing the same lies it becomes truth you can perswaid the weak minded in this country to do their dirty work for them. Shameful

    1. You are absolutely correct!! My daughter is a nurse (in the USA), & some of her patients have been SO brainwashed with fear that they have told her things like…” I wish we could just kill everyone of the un-vaxed”! & “ I wish we could just shoot everyone of those idiots who refuse the vaccine”!! My daughter has had Covid twice, & has not gotten the jab! & has no reason to since her own body fought it off!! But, THE HATE AND FEAR OF ALL THE IDIOTS WHO WATCH OR LISTEN TO THE LEFT’S LIES DAILY IS REAL AND REALLY SCARY!!!

  9. This is why people can’t get guns or ammunition anymore,
    The government is controlling the industry under the guise of shortages, made by the government.
    Try getting a gun in Australia.
    This is why the Aussies can’t revolt.
    Soon to be the U S if we don’t remove the trash now occupying the White House.

  10. Australians can buy guns. The government is right wing not left. There are thousands of covid cases per day and hundreds of deaths a week. The borders are open now. Restrictions are lifting. The economy didn’t take a battering like the US.

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