California’s Recall Movement is Starting to Make Gov. Newsom Nervous

There have been political rumblings in California for years, yet little has changed. Despite living in an overtly mismanaged state, California voters, seemingly ambivalent to their state’s increasing decay, have continuously chosen one disastrous Democratic governor after another. But perhaps 2020 was finally the year when state residents began to feel a bit of buyer’s remorse creeping in.

Governor Gavin Newsom, who was the Lt. Governor under Jerry Brown, won the gubernatorial race in 2018 with over 60 percent of the votes. Yet, over the past year, Newsom clearly sees the breadth of his constituents’ displeasure. With the massive restrictions relating to the China virus, high taxes, a staggering number of homeless, and an overall unfriendly environment towards small businesses and wealthy individuals, the Calfornia exodus continues. For those who have chosen to remain behind, the answer to the state’s woes is obvious: Newsom has got to go sooner rather than later.

The once longshot movement to have Governor Gavin Newsom recalled has been picking up steam. California residents have until March 10th to collect the almost 1.5 million signatures necessary to force the state to trigger a mid-term recall election. As of early January, supporters of the move have already collected more than a million signatures. There doesn’t seem to be any reason why the recall campaign would fail to meet the deadline.

According to Orrin Heatlie, a leading proponent of the effort to recall Newsom, “The people are being heard loud and clear, and it is not a matter of if we are going to reach our goal necessary that will trigger a recall election of Newsom, it is just when we cross the finish line.”

What is incredibly unique when it comes to this particular recall campaign is that organizers see more than just conservatives signing the petitions. Fox News reports that the politicians from both the left and the right are supportive, including Bernie Sanders and the former mayor of San Diego, Kevin Faulconer.

“It’s a new year. We need a new governor,” Faulconer tweeted on Saturday. “Jobs are leaving, homelessness is skyrocketing, and the state can’t even issue unemployment checks to people struggling right now to get by. California is better than this.”

Folks are giving more than just their signatures. They are opening their pocketbooks in order to make the recall a reality. One incredibly generous donation came from the Orange County investor, John Kruger, through the Prov 3:9 LLC. The organization only identified the donor after questions about the source of the money arose.

Thomas Liu, who has ties to Prov 3:9 LLC, said, “Both Mr. Kruger and I believe that the Governor’s Executive actions prohibiting religious assembly and worship violated the constitutional rights of Californians to congregate and worship.”

If you are a California resident and would like to sign the petition to recall Gavin Newsom or just want to stay current with the movement, you can visit the official website RecallGavin2020 for more information or to help support the recall effort.

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76 thoughts on “California’s Recall Movement is Starting to Make Gov. Newsom Nervous”

  1. Newsom is a threat to the safety and freedom in our country. All wise people can recognize this and do what is necessary to remove him from power, and replace him with a genuine leader that will protect the citizens and allow them freedom.

    1. Well, if that is how you truly feel then let me suggest that you pick a Republican for that role in your state not a communist democrat like those you have been choosing for years. California deserves better. Someone bold, not afraid to speak, not afraid to push back and say enough. Someone that truly loves the United States of America, who believes in all our Freedoms and loves and respects its citizens. When are you going to wake up and realize that communism is not good for our nation. Put a Republican in that seat. Good Luck!

        1. I wholeheartedly agree. The “demoncrats” make Hitler look friendly.
          If we dont stand up for ourselves we are screwed.
          I’m wondering if biden
          Binladin is president ,how long before we are communist/socialist country
          How fast we lose freedom of speech or any freedom ?
          We will be as poor as the poorest country.

          I’m curious as to how many people voted for this senile communist that will love there loss of freedom?
          After all they are the ones who voted him in
          Curiosity killed the cat but this is beyond curiosity its treason with the “demoncrats”
          You know what they say,you sow what you reap

          1. I like your name for Biden – Bin Laden.
            It may fit him more and more.
            Recall in a couple of weeks????????

      1. Yes, get rid of communist Democrats, they r trashing America. Educate yourselves they r tearing apart our country while pointing fingers. They lie and steal. The only places in trouble r Democrat states and cities. They r all going bankrupt. What does that tell u.

        1. Who in their right mind would want to live under Democrat leaders like Newsome, who is anti-christian, defunding of police and higher taxes with mandating mask for thee but not for me as seen in videos

          1. I agree and unfortunately we have a dictator for a govenor also here in Washington state. But a lot of people believe Culp won but our votes were stolen, same as they were from Trump to Biden.

      2. Thank you, Marie! I could’nt have said it better myself. Maybe it’s going to be a Red state after all–if we still have Red and Blue when this is all over.

      3. Spot on. Socialism has failed every time. Still failing. Look at Cuba versus South Miami. Same folks; ex Cubans that are successful in USA

        1. I disagree
          Socialism has not failed where it has been tried it has succeeded. The misery you see is what it brings, that’s what socialism is.
          Venezuela is a good example of successful socialism.

      4. As badly as California has been doing for years, you’d think they would have figured it out along time ago that voting Democrat don’t work for this country.

      5. If you look at the diagram regarding the vote count before the machines were seized, California for the first time in years turned red. So maybe they are learning.

      1. Gav should be in gitmo along w/many others including rino’s around the country! But Gav really is pathetic!

    2. Hell, he is a threat to National Security. Look how he has been playing with China for a long time. Fires in California were deliberately set by order of Newsom to empty out the people. A bomb is in a bunker in the San Andreas Fault ready to start earthquakes to empty out the lower California-all by order of Newsom and Pelosi so Newsom can welcome the Chinese into California for the invasion of the rest of America. It has been planned for a long time.

      1. Corruption Hater. I don’t like Newsom either but I truly doubt what you are saying is true. When you say things like that it pushes people away from agenda of getting rid of Newsom.

    3. Get rid of the dirt bag theres people that just can’t do there job with out letting it get to his head. Same thing with that creep governer from New York the guy things he is God this Governors are only messing it up for them selfs cause if they pandemic passes and things would to go to normal this people who did a shity job during the pandemic will by in the history books as the worst politics in history so if any of you governors reads this better be in your most professional and respectful towards the people in Your state dont get no power trip and start thinking like a stupid communist unless you want to come out the worst politic in history that could not do his job during pandemic because he was to worried stealing money from the people thinking he wont get caught every body gets caught sooner or later I just hope Biden does good as a president and does not end up been a sell out to china cause man then were dealing with Trashy Politics pendemic cause it seems all this politics are no good ether there liers there thiefs there traders there communits or there rasist what happened we ran out of good people that are honest that dont lie and is not a trader I guess were screwed God Bless America and Help out this new Preisdent make good choices for this country help him not let the power get to his head and he goes to war with his own people instead of the communist that are trying to destroy us just leave the American people be in peace leave are guns alone that’s what balances this world if it weren’t for guns this world would of been over populated .


    4. This is a good start – and I truely believe it WILL happen.

      But this is a start. After he’s thrown out of office, I believe we need to add
      Recall petitions to a whole bevy of Elected Officials in Sacramento. It’s a
      whole regime that has to be thrown out. When the Teacher’s Union, and
      the huge federation of Lawyer’s wake up that that they’re “No longer in
      charge”, they’ll melt away, and we can restore good Government in Sacramento.

      I even have a name I suggest we use for the follow on Recall effort(s). “Time to
      Take Out the Trash – Recall”.

      Mr. Salyer

  2. Newsome has closed the schools and we are losing a generation of children and those special education children are falling through the even bigger gaps. This in inexcusable.

  3. You just voted an older version of Newsom as President. Wake up voters as you repeat, repeat and repeat and wonder why nothing changes, except it just keeps getting worse!


    2. From what I have observed through the various credible media sources (principally the Epoch Times but also Tucker Carlson, who irrespective of your personal political leanings, any honest listener will judge his objectives to be journalistic, and non-partisan) the majority of US voters chose Donald Trump as their president, but dark, cynical forces corrupted the result by various nefarious means in critical swing states like thousands of fake ballots, the destruction of votes for Trump, and corrupted voting machines to give the election to Biden. Just how dangerous this precedent is for America cannot possibly be overstated. America has never faced a more dire threat at any time in her history. Lincoln warned about this in his address to the young men of the Lyceum in 1838. America’s choices were to either “live forever as a nation of freemen or die by sucide.”

  4. Newsom should never be in any public office ever after his schenigans in public office as a mayor of San Francisco. But pelosi his aunt bailed him up. She groomed him to be President in future. The guy with Brown ruin California and he is just finishing what they both started. It appoling the damaged here. People flying from here like rats from Titanic. Except Dumbbook twittcrap apple and Google which I am sure support him. Having him in their own packet. The rest of us do not matter we are bucks who can be smashed. NOT THIS TIME. NOT THIS TIME.

  5. You are absolutely correct, however, remember communists have no loyalties only to themselves. They lie, they cheat, they steel, they murder in silence. We just saw it happen and there is no consequence “EVER”. We saw it happen while they lie and say that Biden won fare and square. The nation saw it unfold before their eyes. He did not win. Kamala Harris telling rioters, to continue fighting and burning not to stop. If anyone deserves impeachment is that crazy witch and take the other deranged communist Nancy along with her. I should know, I lived in a communist country until I was 10 years old and if you think that someone that young cannot know enough about communism, well….think again! ….I have seen it creeping slowly in this country for the last few years. Telling the American people that it will never happen in this country is a myth. IT’S HERE!

    1. So very sad but true Marie I was born and raised in California I left five years ago to live in Texas due to the decay of our beautiful state I grew up in and the craziness The Democrats have destroyed it’s a sad day for America when tech Giants can censure speech We better stand up real fast or it will be Hitler world all over again

  6. His and “Auntie’s” “Let them eat cake” will be the downfall of both of them., first being him. Pelosi is a little further removed from lockdowns. When their governor and legislature OK benefits to illegals and the state is bankrupt, cannot help businesses, and created rolling blackouts that have been going on since the 90’s, and feces on every businesses doorsteps, something has to give. Pelosi wants to spend another $40 Million of taxpayer money for another sham impeachment.

  7. and it’s not only disastrous demoncrat governors. there was a disastrous rino as well. california has many of the richest people in the world and some of the highest taxes in the world. but the sheep cannot see what the wolves are doing. and it does not matter who votes. as stalin said, “what matters is who counts the votes.” it would help if we gave california to mexico.

  8. Thanks , All for your support, He and his Crazy aunt Nut Pelosi, have destroyed many Lives in CA>, and should be made too Pay for the Lives and Business’s he has Destroyed.

    1. A hangman’s noose would be too good for him, pelosi and the rest of the scum that voted (and the rest of the that continue to vote for them!

  9. Good for california, they have the backbone Washington didn’t. Maybe New York will be next and go after deblasio/cuomo.

  10. This facsimile of a governor should have been recalled well before today. He is typical of Democrats and their anti-American philosophy. Not all states have a recall mechanism, unfortunately. Tyrants like Newsom need to be removed and prosecuted.

  11. Todd..
    As a World traveler, I have sad news..
    In the World court of public opinion.
    The UNITED STATES of AMERICA is failing.
    Thanks to the Democratic Party and their socialism friends.
    Good news..
    The good citizens of the USA still out number our socialist neighbors.
    Good will triumph..


  13. I doubt he will be recalled as the commie demorats will steal this election just like they did for the General and GA elections. Print mail-in ballots marked for the demorat with no voter identification and way more ballots than registered voters seems to be the norm now….

    1. I’ve noticed that before. It wasn’t 4:39pm anywhere in the U.S. when you posted. Also, I live in California and have to agree with you that the way things are going, I have my doubts that the recall will work as I have lost faith in our elections entirely.

  14. I don’t think people actually voted for him. Now that we know the elections are rigged. Who would ever vote for this guy? He’s the worst! I live in California sad to see what he has done to this beautiful state and its people.

  15. This is a weak up call for all THOSES sanctuary cities and states being govern by liberal socialist democrats and bleeding hearts liberals morons you can’t feed your families on pie in the sky utopian ideas. The grime really is that states like California will soon come to reality that this country and the constitution is in Serious trouble y’all can’t blame PRESIDENT TRUMP YOU ONLY HAVE TO BLAME YOURSELVES FOR PUTTING THESES DEMIGODS And Buffoons along with their delusional ideas and you continue to elect into office. PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE ULTIMATE STUPIDITY WAS ALLOWING THE RACIST RIOTERS TO DESTROY THE CITIES AND STATES BURNING AND LOOTING BUSINESSES OUT OF EXISTENCE THE TOTAL DISREGARD FOR THE LAW AND AND THERE CITIZENS.
    Then y’all are stupid enough to allow theses liberal morons to defund their police while allowing theses thugs and criminals are running rampant through cities. Then you still voting for them THE SH*T about to hit the fan when treasonous Joe Biden takes office KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE.

  16. I really don’t care if Governor Newsmen stays or goes just keep your socialist/ communists residents in California. The Democrates you elect Pelossi, Schiff, and Maxine Waters are no better then your current governor. America does not need California residents leaving bringing socialist/communists ideas to other states.

  17. Folks:
    Since the fourth of November 2020, all conservative voters have been wearing a black-eye. We were “ sucker- punched by the Socialist minority.

  18. everyone knows the election was rigged and scotus sits by and does nothing but sit on their thumbs we may as well learn chinese i dont really care if they have a civil war now it was bound to happen whoever won the us does not belong to the people anymore biden will never never be my pres i hope they torch his son and him and all the other dems

  19. Unfortunately, if the recall were to come to a vote, it would fail. Voter fraud is so bad in California, no conservative measure stands a chance to pass.

  20. The commi has got to go for sure he has intentionally done this to your state and of course there going to cheat to keep him in ask your local sheriff to arrest him he is in direct violation of your constitutional rights

  21. It’s starting sooner than I thought, the Demorats are headed for big trouble as they will now have too look within and they will not like what they see. Headed for an economic problem they are not prepared to deal with it. Voters have handed them just enough rope too hang themselves.

  22. As badly as California has been doing for years, you’d think they would have figured it out along time ago that voting Democrat don’t work for this country.

  23. I thought Governor Newsome was feeling nervous because the “Truffles” that were served at that classy restaurant he and others dined at without masks or outside were tainted with a case of the clap!

  24. Newsom 1st to go follow by all Sacramento goons. Then revoke sanctuary status of State and all cities. Citizents First not Last

  25. The majority of the American people just handed over the asylum to the insane patients and the chicken coop to the ravenous wolves when they voted for the Harris/Biden administration over the Trump and Pence Administration. Or did they? With voter fraud running so rampant in this country right now, I would estimate that 45 of the 50 States voted for Trump over Biden, but Trump lost anyway. I can tell you now that Governor Newsom will never be recalled officially. Yes, the concerned citizens of California will be able to gather over 1.5 million signatures to start the recall of Governor Newsom, but with Auntie Pelosi being the most powerful political woman in the nation right now, she knows the California connections she needs and she will make sure that voter fraud will run great in California when it comes to her favorite nephew’s recall. In other words, he will not lose his job. He will only lose his job when his term is up. Period, end of discussion. This is the corruption that is happening, not only in California, but in the whole United States. It will literally take an act of God to clean up this mess we are in.

  26. Thank you, well stated
    As Lincoln saw danger behind the scene, so did Eisenhower at his parting speech warning of the DEEP STATE behind the scene controlling the Government, and again we saw that when JFK was killed by that Dark State .
    YES NEWSOM must GO, he is a young LIFE POLITICIAN, deeply connected to the likes of the scare crow Pelosi (83 )
    and Feinstein ( 91) running on a belief of Democratic Socialism with the next step of Communism.
    The Present Democratic believes and action are that of known DICTATORS and Tyrant’s of many countries past,
    and this country was always a safe haven to be away from such evil. This Evil includes the main social media
    Facebook, Twitter, google, amazon, Apple, CNN, and their likes. Manipulating the Public and taking our freedom

  27. May this RECALL be VERY SUCCESSFUL against NEWSOM! . . . Socialism is a THOROUGHLY failed EXPERIMENT, and the Common Citizen, We The People in CALIFORNIA have HAD ENOUGH of these TYRANNICAL leaders. This is ESPECIALLY true when CONSERVATIVE policies work VERY well (such as in Florida – Thank you, Gov. DeSantis!). One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  28. Joe Biden will be the first POTUSS – President of the United SOCIALIST States. Never my POTUS. My President will head to Florida to continue on MAGA. Vote out all Demoncrats and turncoat Republicans ASAP.

  29. To recall grabin newsance with another 500,000 votes , all you have to do is get a dominion voting machine and it can be done in less than an hour.

  30. The ideal state to start the purge of corrupt politics and the unethical behavior of politicians. California seem to be the birthplace of corrupt policies.

  31. I agree to most of the comments, but I don’t believe they will not let Biden be president. I believe they are already calling Harrison President elect and Biden Vice President! That’s going to be worse!
    That woman is evil as evil gets. She is a socialist down to the core of her evil little heart! If she is the President I guess I’m saying we are genuinely F&$@,. !

  32. Happy to see that there are still thinking Americans in this United States. My sister lived in California from the early sixties and left to move to Oregon due to the “politics” of what used to be the great state of California. Her 4 children also joined the exodus followed by their children to other states that were less controlled by idiots and on a firmer footing. Three generations of families that left California because of what it has become. Hopefully, the great state of Texas won’t suffer the outcome from the Cali intrusion and they will continue as the unified state that they are. Time for all of us to send the message that “We the People” still love our country and want to ensure it’s legacy for future generations. Time to be involved, grab the reins and begin controlling our destiny.

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