Could This Guy Be Biden’s Replacement?

Governor Gavin Newsom (D) of California has assumed the role of obedient surrogate after Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance. Following the debate in Atlanta, Newsom informed MSNBC’s Alex Wagner in the spin room, “This president must support us.” You don’t give up after a single performance. What sort of gathering is that?

He even went so far as to spend last week campaigning for Biden in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Michigan. In Michigan, Newsom declared, “I believe in this man.” “I have faith in his moral fiber. I consider him to be one of our most influential presidents.

Newsom claims to be in favor of Biden’s ongoing campaign, but his actions and track record in politics indicate that he is licking his lips in anticipation of winning the Democratic nomination.

It is hardly surprising that Newsom is so keen to unseat Biden as the Democratic nominee. He is only concerned with power.

In order to put himself in a position to win the Democratic ticket, Newsom ought to keep encouraging Biden. Getting the president’s backing will be essential to securing the nomination in the event that Biden stands down and Jill Biden cedes her authority. Known for being a self-centered and reticent individual, Biden will not support a candidate who has not supported him all the way through.

The same strategy that has worked for Newsom for two years is to set himself up to challenge Joe Biden in 2024 while not doing so.

For instance, Newsom traveled to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, and Mississippi in the previous year to further his idea of complete progressivism across the country. At the New College of Florida, a reporter asked him if he intended to run for president in 2024 as a result of this nationwide initiative. “I want to meet the moment,” Newsom said, refuting the claim. When I look my kids in the eye, I want to be able to tell them, “I gave it my all and did everything I could.”

Along with his red-state tour, Newsom has made it apparent that he wants to be president by participating in a debate with former candidate Ron DeSantis, appearing on Fox News, forming a super PAC with a national focus, traveling abroad, and proposing a 28th Amendment to the Constitution.

Few people accept Newsom’s assertion that he is not running for president. Willie Brown, who is considered Newsom’s political godfather, responded to a question on his desire for president in November 2023 by saying, “There is no way in the world that anybody who has ever met him face-to-face would answer that question any differently than ‘He would want to be president.'” Last year, the New York Times revealed that Newsom is merely “sitting by the sidelines on the off possibility that Mr. Biden ends up not running in 2024.”

Newsom’s nationwide initiatives initially infuriated the Biden campaign. Officials in the campaign felt that he was not discouraging enough rumors that he would run against the president for the nomination. It wasn’t until Newsom consistently denied ever wanting to be president and stood with the president, raising money, campaigning, and endorsing him on cable TV, that he gained the Biden team’s confidence and emerged as their primary surrogate. His assignment as the president’s top defense in the debate spin room in Atlanta was the pinnacle of his role. This put Newsom in a position to be ready when Biden’s campaign unexpectedly collapsed in the open.

Not only is this the exact moment that Democrats have been expecting and praying for the past two years—a complete panic over Biden’s age—but it is his life’s work that has come to fruition.

As I go into depth in my book, “Newsom Unleashed,” Newsom has shown that moving up the political ladder is his only concern during his whole career.

From the beginning, he has been open and honest about his goals. He stated, “If you’re in politics and you want to change things, you should be as successful as you can, and the most significant post is president,” in 1998 while serving as an unelected member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Newsom was so preoccupied with his campaign that he failed to spend time with his ailing mother when he was getting ready to run for mayor of San Francisco. She called him to inform him that she had chosen to end her life with assistance, but he was so busy that her call ended up in voicemail.

Following his election to the San Francisco mayoralty, Newsom disregarded daily operations in order to set himself up for the governorship. As a result of this action, his progressive coworkers became hostile to him. According to the Los Angeles Times, Aaron Peskin, a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, stated that being a star is part of being mayor. He has undoubtedly succeeded in being glitzy and maintaining the city’s reputation as a premier destination among visitors and locals. He hasn’t been as successful in holding department heads accountable, holding onto power levers, or serving as CEO.

Rather than leading, Newsom prioritized his political ascent while serving as lieutenant governor. People questioned him about his tenure in Sacramento during the filming of “The Gavin Newsom Show.” “Perhaps one day every week, at most,” he answered. “No cause exists.” Then he grumbled about how “just so uninteresting” his elected post was. He sighed in frustration, saying, “Unfortunately, I just, ugh, God.”

Newsom announced that he would form an exploratory committee to seek the governorship one month after taking office for the second time as lieutenant governor. It is hardly surprising that Newsom feels strongly that Joe Biden should not be the Democratic nominee. He is only concerned with power.

It is unclear whether Newsom’s attempts to gain favor with the Biden campaign and establish himself nationally will be sufficient to secure the nomination over a number of rivals who share the racial and sexual preferences of Democrats should Biden withdraw.

Author: Blake Ambrose

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9 thoughts on “Could This Guy Be Biden’s Replacement?”

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  2. Those of us who resided in California called him “governor nuisance”. for a reason. He is a rule for thee but not for me guy. Spoiled, narsasist and stupid to boot. Destroying California was just his latest stunt.

  3. OmG no one in there right mind would want the rest of the country like California. Newsom has beyond doubt killed California—- so know we don’t want that “thing” as president period. The USA needs one thing real bad and that is Trump for president know one else can get the country back on track so vote for Trump vote America to be strong again . Don’t be fooled by any dirty democrat they may put in the race always vote against democrats. Democrats kill America period.

  4. I pray God does to the Demon City what he did to . “”And “”entire tribe of over 3000 for ones mans disobedience
    God opened the ground and swallowed them all. Just think what DC would look like ? It would sure send a msg to the rest of the idiots / morons throughout all of America . That God could do it anywhere to anyone . Democrat politicians/voters are fools that are power hungry Republicans are money hungry and sell their own souls and obey the beast as well !
    This idiot from California was created by the same people that are fleeing to other states. That’s why no one wants Californians . They ruined their own state . Like illegals they create the same kind of hell for others . By bringing their evil ideas with them. America is being destroyed by democrats those who keep putting the fools back in . Rinos are no different. You keep voting for the same fools and expect a different outcome. Not realizing your vote has been made null and void by the 10 illegals per your legal vote. No one should ever hold a chamber seat longer than one term. Biden’s been there over 50 yrs. And yet where are republicans speaking against this demented fool that has access to the red button. Magoo was always a evil pedo . A dad that would sexually abuse his own child. He said only God could remove him Well !! I pray God does. Remember when they christened the Titanic? They said even God could not sink it . Well ! He did ! Every democrat voter has killed everything that once was a nation that cared and gave more to the world than anyone else. Now with your help . They are taking the life and rest out of America. They absolutely do not deserve part of what we built. Every politician and judge who has allowed this ! Should be executed for treason against America! And it’s legal people ! Does anyone believe a democrat has anything on their mind but death and deaths Americans. It certainly is not following our constitution or working for the people who they steal from . And the so called news outlets have been their personal fools they use . Since they helped Bill Clinton murder the people of Waco and Rubyridge
    Well there is one thing for sure. Hell is increasing daily .

  5. No he is not let me tell you why. I have been saying for four years it will Obama in his fourth term. Here is why. First of all Obama has been a shadow president just like he said before 2020. He has fact track everything from 2016 in overdrive. Go back and look at what he was doing to take full communist style control of USA. Now look at the laws about this. He can replace Harris on the ticket as VP in 2024. He then can get Biden over the hurdle. Then like Basement boy stated before he can suddenly come down with something and give the president spot to his VP. VP Obama. Now you all thought I was crazy but think about it all now. This has been the set up since the 2020 election. See Obama and E Holder and other democrats and the weaponized government have all been busy changing election rules and laws along with a whole lot of other things. Remember when Biden said at the debate that President Trump had more charges coming? Well it triggered my thought about Obama again. You can think I am off like for the past four years but mark my words. Has Obama come out except to bash President Trump and republicans? Now how many of you will vote for Obama on the ballot. I advice you stop and actually remember and research what he did in his campaigns, while in WH, during President Trump WH, the last four years in Obiden WH. Ask yourself how much more authoritative bull can you take? What did he actually do for you, your family, and our country. Remember this is the man who hid everything from the American people. He learned racism and how to hate America and white Americans especially. His mentor told him that white rich people deserve to have everything taken from them so you can have absolute power. Remember he said biden could and would screw everything up. The left have to do what ever it is going to take to get rid of opposition period no matter how. Corruption is worse then you all thought or knew. But President Trump learned a lot about it. One thing they have to shut down is the ones who have proof of corruption and this will be his main goal then he comes after anyone who resists him and his communist state. They have already started election fraud antics so beware. I don’t care if you are republicans or democrats if you love this country you will be on high alert until 2024 election is done. I have one person I trust for my future, my families, my country, my freedom, law and order, Ten Commandments, Religious freedom and constitution and that is President Trump. I have been watching for years and he is only one who actually loves this country also. He has been attacked, set up, lawfared, lied about and everything else and he is still fighting for us. If you are a true American citizen please keep aware of everything around you. Democrats have so many tricks up their sleeves to keep power for Obama. Vote in person and don’t let democrats be alone with ballots and machines. Remember how they took votes from President Trump on TV and gave to basement boy? Remember not allowing republicans in on counting? Remember surprise totes and boxes appeared after republicans where sent home? Remember ballots found last minute with basement boy name on them only? Remember no voter fraud yet how many cases have we seen in the news? Remember judges were instructed not to even look at President Trump voter fraud proof cases? I remember watching President Trump winning votes after votes to suddenly when said and done he had a whole lot less. Then you knew voter fraud occurred. Found out more votes then voter registration names. Dead people voted. People voted 2-5 times. Machines counted same ballots several times. Ballots were changed from original ballots. Ballots not folded. Ballots not on same paper. People went to pole to vote to be told already voted so didn’t get to vote. Drop boxes were being filled by people with lots of ballots. No signature required. No date mark required. No voter ID required. People who moved still voted. Illegals voted. People who didn’t vote still voted. People were payed to fill out democrats ballots by the hundreds. People were paid to vote democrat. Prisoners voted. So you see my concern?

    1. I usually pass by long comments, but yours is well worth the time. Thank-you. You put on paper everything I’ve felt and what we all know. TRUMP 2024. MAGA!

    2. Ever ask why none of them never leave ? Obama has been the voice in the ear piece. And why the most dangerous among them came out of nowhere ? Never underestimate a demon democrat politician or voter . Both are about nothing but death and destruction of America.
      I see it happening as well . But I believe Jezebel (Hillary ) will kill him first before she lets him have that house. She was ok being over the state department It allowed her to use Bill’s Russian connection to set up the Russian hoax against Trump . Bill was a draft dodger that fled to Russia. During the Vietnam war. Carter will burn in Hell for pardoning him. Bill came from a mom with 7 husbands and no dad . Obama was a bastard child as well. And both were embraced by Pappy Bush . This Jezebel makes the original look like a child. I doubt the dogs would touch any of her dead body ! Hillary is the representation of the great whore that sits in the sea. That many countries and leaders committed adultery with . And sex is her info channel. Bill said in his first term . It’s not money that gives you power It’s what you know. And know they do .Supplying children for sex abuse to everyone including world leaders. Now it becomes clear how they have the judicial in their pocket . SC Judge Roberts was responsible for us getting Obama’s nasty so called healthcare. And he is a big donor to the PPL . Bring foreign children here while killing Americans unborn. To make sure there is no Americans existing . Obama blackmailed him over his illegal adoption of the 2 Irish children Hillary owns the largest child sex trafficking agency in the world. John P her henchman made sure the mosque in New Zealand was attacked while they stole thousands of New Zealand children . America alone has over 850,000 a year taken . She was able to manipulate while Obama was there because it helped her get in every place by position. With Bill’s Communist card carrying John Brennan’s company getting rid of the half Black illegals identity as well as the wash job for Hillary. Axelrod supplied Obama and Big Mike with a constant supply of boys.
      James Carville was Bills Henchman And he is out there spewing crap .
      Yes Obama is the one that they pass as a black person. He never grew up as one. And was a citizen of Indonesia. And is still not an American Neither is Kamala.
      I pray the same Muslims Obama and Hillary cheated in their arms deal. Do the same as they did to Ambassador Stevens. Now remember Stevens was a sodomite. They used a cattle proder to rape him in every orifice and over 30 men raped and the other things are to vile to write. And then drug him through the streets behind a vehicle until his skin came off. May that happen to both of them Only after Pat Smith whose son they had murdered after the stand down has at least 10 minutes with her.
      Only a fool would even consider a democrat. And the rest of the idiots that vote republican should be very careful as to sending the same bunch back.
      But The reality is !!! legal Americans now have no vote They have truly taken that away and given it to illegals from every nation. Think !!! Your one legal vote is wiped out by no less than 10 illegals per that one vote .

  6. Greasy Gavin has been running a shadow campaign for well over a year. Newsom is a two time failure, as SF mayor and CA governor. For Dems, failure is a resume plus, but not for infuriated voters across the country who are struggling with the fallout of the Biden cluster fuck. Even in Mexifornia, Newsom only has around 45% approval. Aside from the droves of people fleeing the state, there are unlimited tons of videos showing the blocks of homeless tents, criminal anarchy, organized looting mobs and strung out derelicts who can’t even stand on their own feet, to make excellent campaign ads. Newsom would lose in a landslide.

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