Democrat Oregon Governor Doesn’t Think High Schoolers Need to be Literate

The purpose of educating a child for twelve years is to teach the basic skills he or she needs to learn in order to lead a successful, happy life. Most parents of all ages and political affiliations would agree with this. However, that fact seems to be lost on Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who recently signed a little-noticed bit of legislation stating that Oregon students don’t need to show proficiency in reading, writing, or math in order to obtain a high school diploma.

The legislation, which was originally put in place for the 2020 – 2021 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has now been extended and could last as long as five years.

Some support the move, including a high school teacher who noted that many of his students were “resigned” to being “losers.” Rather, the teacher noted, he was simply teaching his students how to pass tests rather than helping them improve their academic capabilities.

The deputy communications director from Governor Brown’s office has gushed that the bill will help people of color in the state, including African-Americans, Latinos, Tribal Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders. However, it’s hard to understand how giving an illiterate young person a diploma and then sending this person into society would actually help the person. He or she may be able to get into universities only concerned with having “a diverse campus.” However, it would be almost impossible for such a person to find a good job upon graduation. Rather, the individual would wind up with a diploma and a mountain of debt.

Alternatively, the individual may realize higher education is not an option but only qualify for a low-wage job, unable to buy a home or start a family until he or she is able to gain needed “real-world” skills.

This isn’t a coincidence, by the way. It’s very obvious that Democrats want to foster class-based resentment, because it’s the easiest way to create more Democratic voters. Americans who feel they can run their lives independently don’t see much of a need for progressive policies.

While public school teacher unions are calling for the federal government to give them even more money, Democrat politicians are making it clear that teachers don’t have to bother doing anything other than show up and collect a paycheck. Actually educating the children in their care is optional. Students will pass high school no matter what they do or don’t do.

Sadly, in the end, it’s the children who lose out, as without basic skills they will be unable to succeed in life.

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53 thoughts on “Democrat Oregon Governor Doesn’t Think High Schoolers Need to be Literate”

  1. Wow just wow. This governor is a piece of work. So governor since these 12th graders don’t need to be literate, why don’t you hire them to work for you after graduation. As for that teacher, you need to get a different job other than teaching, maybe McDonald’s. You don’t deserve to be a teacher

    1. It’s much easier to brainwash folks with Socialist Ideals, if they can’t read or write . . . that way, Democrats win and everyone, including them, loses.

      1. Oregon went from “No Child Left Behind” to All children left behind” Equity in stupidity is the new mantra.

    2. I couldn’t have said it better. How did these people become educated in high school without being encouraged to learn/understand the fundamentals to succeed in life. NOTHING IS FREE PEOPLE!!!!!

      1. Never been told by the own like family?
        If we are to have a nation of illiterates then their lives are no longer theirs when they signed the dotted lines NOT understanding the FULL repercussion of what will happen to their live hood
        Just signed the pac with the devil
        Sorry did not read the fine print

      1. She’d be great at Mc’s Nytram… she could be taught (hopefully) how to clean the French fry fryers. Maybe they would try to teach her how to make bio- diesel, that should be easy enough as it already IS bio-diesel,… how’d this birthing person make it through eighth grade?! AND, she/her/they/them/theirs yada frinkin yada got E L E C T E D ?!!!!! Ouch!

    3. Cathy, your right on! Why pay taxes to support stupidity? Depending on where you live in the state it can cost anywhere from $9-13,000 plus per child to attend our below average public schools. It’s time for vouchers so parents can have make their own decision on where and how their children are educated. Our public schools are a joke and our governor is an idiot.

    4. Well, if the high school graduates get indoctrinated by the left, they do not need to know how to read, write or figure out math. The just need to be illiterate work donkeys for the government. welcome to communism!

    5. this is spreading like the virus all over the country
      and YES the people keep voting in the same people
      the real ones who will be really hurt by this
      will not be me I will teach my grand children will be be the
      top 1 % of the top 1% ers
      we are crating an entire generation of Johnny’s

  2. The democrats have failed to change the constitution so instead they’re hoping the next generation can’t read or comprehend it.

    1. Gov Brown knows that the thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens in the State of OR will never be able to read, write coherently nor compute math because they do not speak English well enough to accomplish those things. She is bowing to the lowest standard and everyone else will now be forced to go down with her ship.

  3. It falls in line with everything the left has done since 2008. Hand out passing grades, diplomas, degrees, opportunities, jobs that POC didn’t earn. Then when they fail , lose a job, or don’t get a promotion they blame society for being racist. Awesome job Democrats.

    1. This thinking by the governor of Oregon just as fuel to the fire that the Democrats are the biggest idiots and the stupidest sons of b****** on this planet. How dare you tell me that my kid doesn’t need to know how to read right and do arithmetic to pass out of high school. Just looking at this woman she looks retarded so it stands to reason she doesn’t want anybody else to be any smarter than she is . On the IQ scale the three lowest positions are occupied by idiots morons and imbeciles. Their IQs range from 0 to 75. Since I can read and I can count I’m trying to figure out which category she belongs in. I might have to take my shoes off for this one !!!

  4. As if the “weirdness” of Oregon wasn’t enough already!!!!!!
    Portland has turned into a 3rd world city, full of anarchy and complete kookiness ….. and now this “governor” pulls this crap?! When she needs medical help I hope she gets to go see the “doctors” that made it through her educational system.
    For Gods sake, just look at the leadership in Washington State, Oregon, and California!! Their respective morals and dictates follow the Biden regime narrative perfectly don’t they?
    America has been blindsided by these narrow minded idiots for too long already. Kate Brown is just as smart as Hunter Biden. Just ask our Commander-in -Chief.. nice to know when Creepy Joe needs answers he goes to Hunter for advice.
    Maybe I’m a bit too critical and anti- woke here, I am white after all… and now more than likely a racist without pronouns. Think I’ll start sexual reassignment protocols and teach sex to 2nd graders…. who are all masked up as I read to them in drag. If I’m lucky, all of my students will be “ new citizens “ who have free health care and their parents will be getting stimulus checks….. courtesy of ME and YOU.
    I miss Donald Trump, at least his priority’s were for his people

  5. “We, the people” need to take care of the children by voting out those that want to keep future generations obligated to them by providing “bread crumbs” and making them feel that a vote for a democrat is the “American Way”.

    1. CITIZEN, that’s going to be hard to do. Reason is! When you’re given free stuff. Who do you think they will vote for? Just like Biden opening the boarder. Instead of taking care care of this country. He’s taking care of those who don’t belong here. And! As for the documents that were supposed to govern this country! The demarats and communist governor have thrown them out. That is another reason they are taking out the real teachings in our schools. That’s why I tell people about Hillsdale college in Michigan. You can obtain the the ” Constitution”, Declaration of Independence” and the Article of Confederation” . These documents are free for the asking. And! It’s the only college I know that still teaching then. Get those documents before the communist takes them out completely. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  6. Why bother t go to school–your Oregon diploma ia a piece of paper with no meaning whatsoever. We are foisting more dummies on society–then they will do and say what we want–obviously that is her philosophy

  7. Oregon sounds like they have a lot of Bad teachers they even say as much what is the matter with these people. Oregon people better wake up and start Voting these Socialist people out of office starting in 2022 so we Americans can get our Country back.

  8. Perhaps she wants them uneducated so their questions won’t be harder than she…and the teachers SHE HIRES…can answer. She may be surprised by how much above her they are.
    HOWEVER, several yrs ago excellent universities were already getting public school students coming in with excellent grades and GPA, but found MANY could not handle reading and simple math. Asked to read a paragraph aloud, THEY COULDN’T pronounce average words, stumbling painfully and slowly. Math? Couldn’t do simple problems. Writing was almost illegible. This was a top 20 university and many public school “prepared” students needed remedial schooling. Teachers said they were seeing more and more of this. At least the first yr, or more, of an expensive school was wasted trying to get them able to handle the schooling. Yet their public school gave them A’s and a diploma that was a joke. Again, not all, but many. No wonder these big universities love home school applicants; they’ve found they can handle the education program and usually excell immediately. Teachers said they often asked them to read aloud, knowing they’d zip through it, correctly and with comprehension. It’s sad and many K-12 schools are wasting our kids abilities and futures. Those “A” students find they were lied to, realizing they can’t keep up without burning a lot of midnight oil and getting a lI t of help. They need a grade 13 and maybe 14 before they actually are able to get much out of college. This makes me so angry at those specific K-12 school teachers and books/curriculum chosen. And it’s NOT a money thing. They spend three times more per student than countries able to EDUCATE students with less.

    GET RID OF THE UNIONS; they are detrimental. I took training classes to teach Junior Great Books class and a couple other advanced classes in math, since I saw the kids, and my kid, were not getting the education they need and deserved. School only “chose” six kids “deserving” to attend, and I had to pick only one program to teach. Mind you, I’m not a teacher by degree, but I fought to get more kids into that advanced reading program as I felt ALL could handle it and benefit. School didn’t budge, despite being the top rated K-12 school in area. I finally pulled my child out after 1st grade and homeschooled… plus as a single parent, worked AND took care of the farm. You can do it if you choose that route.

    This Oregon educator? Maybe she should go to Afghanistan. Many fighters there don’t know colors and numbers; already meet her educational goals. Just KEEP HER AWAY FROM OUR KIDS! Parents, get involved and insist on better educations. My grandmother had a 6th grade education that cost almost nothing. She could run circles around most current HS grads. It truly not a monetary thing. It’s a TEACHING THING.

  9. I can see why the dems want this, they dont want the kids to be smarter than they are. they want to dumb down America

  10. So basically there will be a whole group of kids who will grow up and depend on the government to give them what they want. I wonder how they will be able to vote? Especially if they can’t read or write. So pretty soon Oregon will be the dumbest state in the union. Sorry to all of the ones who learned how to read and write and do math. But if y’all let this woman stay in office, then you deserve what you get.

    1. Never thought I’d see the day where Oregon took the “DUMB” moniker from Mississippi……WOW.
      I just can’t wrap my head around this total disregard concerning education.
      Ain’t wokeism great?!


  12. I find it hard to believe what is coming out of the mouths of democrats. It comes directly from their minds and
    hearts. How can they actually believe these things. They have been deceived by satan and now the dems are carrying on satans work.

    1. Sadly, That is true. But they have had a great deal of Republican Compromise and assistance. Look on the bright side. All their graduates can become TEACHERS.

  13. Given the current state of affairs in Oregon, I wouldn’t trust the Governor to walk across the street, much take advice on the merits, or lack of, education. The leadership there is an epic fail and I am, quite frankly, amazed ans appalled the political leadership hasn’t been recalled. The incompetency is breathtaking!

  14. The Oregon Govt is following Biden’s idiotic brain emptiness. The uneducated are now running the education system, they had problems learning, so lets get rid of the hard stuff.

  15. Why waste money on teachers and schools when kids can stay home and learn what they need to know at home? Girls will learn to cook, clean, sew, nurse, plant a garden, can food, and how to raise children.
    Men will learn how to build, harvest, mechanics, home maintenance, apprenticeship, and fish or shoot food. Won’t need no governor intervention, now, would we?

  16. Amazing stupidity in Oregon. Those who do not have basic skills will continue to be ostracized so the reasoning for not requiring basic skills does not hold water. Perhaps the Dems subscribed to this theory when Pelosi, Schumer and Creepy Joe were in school which explains why Dems are as dumb as Msgermssa box of rocks….my apologies to the rocks!

  17. This is what happens when you have a complete IDIOT in a position where they should never be.
    A perfect example of one who should be removed for the good of the people and the state.
    Uneducated and lazy is the result of supposedly educated people like this IDIOT. With her attitude
    the people and the businesses will suffer because of her idiotic ruling. (Dictator.)

  18. Sad. But thos with little to no true education will be the exact type of slaves to this try at taking us down to the socialist level as you will just do as told not having that ability to want to move on up past slaves this is are what’s being pushed now .

  19. Not surprising , coming out of Oregon, the land of Freaks, Fruits & Ferries ” Lower the Standards ” is why the average High school graduate in that state has only a 6th grade reading level & can’t get a meaningful job. Obviously the parents don’t care or there would be push back or exodus from public school. Thus the WELFARE state created by the demonrats in charge. this is how they get generations to suckle on the welfare teet their entire life & pull the demonrat handle in the voting booth. The Ignorant scumbag demonrats cant figure out why the Conservative counties in the state ( who carry the rest of the state on their backs) want to succeed to IDAHO. The sodomite Governor is in bed with the teachers union together they will destroy the youth in Oregon. It is up to the Parents & Tax payers to exercise their rights & put a stop to the Tyranny. ( If they have the guts to).

  20. PROOF POSITIVE, ALL those running for Public office from state government up. NEED TO BE VETTED AND TESTED starting with a verified IQ of over 100. Than tests on Government, Current events, History, Geography, must be born American or after 10 years of Citizenship, Etc. Etc. We MUST PREVENT these IDIOTS and Anti Americans from gaining OFFICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hey, how about Oregon doing away with reading. Now you can get a Doctoral Degree from Oregon and you don’t even have to be able to read. Wow, that does make the world want to hire those from Oregon, naw they never read the want ads since they can’t read. Wondering what the Democrats in Oregon will do next? Perhaps they will tell the people they don’t have to work, they can have a free home, free food, free transportation, and free medical (from a Doctor that can’t read), but they must stand in line after the criminals who entered the country illegally.

  22. Look closer it is not just reading proficiency! But also mathematics. This means a student can graduate here and be unqualified for housing industry jobs, because they have insufficient reading skills to read blueprints due to being illiterate. They are also unqualified because they lack basic math skills. This is an egregious example.of lying to the students and the public. They are telling students you are ready to out and grab life, when they lack fundamental skills. This sets them up to fail. This sets up employers for disappointment in new hires. One question how is holding the standard high racist? I went to school with people of color who were erudite and proficient in mathematics. The suggestion that attaining proficiency in reading and math is racist is itself a racist insult!

  23. With this “new” requirement, they will not have to defund the law enforcement system because none will be able to pass any requirement skills, just make sure their knuckles are not dragging!

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