Facebook REMOVING Videos That DON’T Make Kyle Rittenhouse Look Bad

In case you weren’t aware, you’re not allowed to have an opinion on 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse that isn’t 100 percent negative — at least on Facebook.

A lot of videos were taken before, during, and after the incident involving Rittenhouse and his possible assailants. One of them shows the 17-year-old acting as an EMT during the demonstration in Kenosha. Conservative YouTuber Mark Dice shared this video to his Facebook page, which was promptly removed for vague reasons. Apparently, only one narrative is permitted on the world’s most popular social media platform.

Rittenhouse became public enemy number one for the left and the mainstream media (but we repeat ourselves) following his arrest after an altercation that left two “demonstrators” dead and one injured. The 17-year-old, who has been blacklisted as a MAGA-hat wearing Blue Lives Matter supporter, used an AR-15 to shoot alleged rioters who had been pursuing him during a routine looting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Defenders of Rittenhouse say this is a clear and cut case of self-defense. Left-wing pundits say Rittenhouse drove across state lines with the express intent to cause harm to others.

We’re going to take a radical position here. While the video footage appears to show Rittenhouse defending himself against hostile actors, this is something typically decided by a judge and a jury. However, the idea that Rittenhouse can only be portrayed on social media as a bloodthirsty white nationalist is more than a bit concerning.

This is the position that has served as the foundation for modern law and order for centuries. Presumed innocence is a staple of the American tradition. However, this constitutional take is upended when an entire media complex takes one side — and silences the other.

So, if you’re still interested in using Facebook, be very careful about what you post to your page. The Silicon Valley censors may think you’re a terrorist…

Here’s Mark Dice himself with the full rundown.

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116 thoughts on “Facebook REMOVING Videos That DON’T Make Kyle Rittenhouse Look Bad”

  1. So, Nancy didn’t make appt, to have her hair done and Rittenhouse is a murderer. And on and on it goes – the spins aided and abetted by the fake news moguls. ENOUGH!

    1. what you expect when the CEO of the facebook married to the Chinese, of cause he works for the left and he works for China

        1. Look deeper. Check out who has “invested” billions for control of fb. And what is said. Wikipedia too. WHO is investing 11 BILLION in groups like Antifa, and NABU. groups that want to get rid of governments. And defunk the police. Follow the BILLIONAIRES MONEY

          1. We should identify his homes and other properties here in America. Maybe they would all mysteriously burn to the ground. Let him feel the pinch like all the business owners that have been victims of his “peaceful protesters.”

          2. Soros is an EVIL man and needs to be arrested for funding terrorists at the very least. He is the puppeteer pulling the strings to destroy this country and we ALL need to VOTE TRUMP on NOV 3rd so the investigation into this man can continue and he can pay the price for the destruction he has caused.

          3. If the people who are in charge can justify releasing dangerous criminals daily-why even bother with the kid that chopped off a few of their pet snakes heads?

          4. Burn every piece of property the man has in this country George Soros is a commie and needs to be executed immediately if there’s a person out there that has the money to fund it I’ll kill him and go right to bed and not miss a minute sleep


        1. Exactally what I did! Totally deleted my fb account! I’m no longer chained to my phone, but daily into my Bible, I watch, listen and learn from many awesome pastors
          Pastor Jack Hibbs, David Jeremiah, Greg Laurie, and many more! They do more than read scripture, they actually explain it!
          I have YouTube on my TV with Roku I know much about what’s really going on in the world. Things you will never see or hear about on fb! Just wanted to offer this info

          1. Thanks for the info Bobbie. I’ve been reprimanded on facebook a few times recently due to a post. They said their force “fact checked” it and it wasn’t accurate information. Really? It was accurate pro Trump information that they didn’t want others reading. I find it astounding that they’re allowed to censor peoples free speech. I don’t intend staying on facebook. When you don’t agree with their viewpoint you’re sensored so they are filtering what they want people to know or not know. another “fake” social media.

        2. I spend a lot of time reading the Holy Bible with my wife of 49 years. The Bible states clearly in many instances that you must know your enemy, love them, but never tolerate violence against you, you family, friends or country. Even Jesus Christ used righteous anger driving the money changers and sellers of goods from the temple using the branch of a hyssop. If you do not know your enemy, how then can you be prepared for Satan’s lies and attacks, using bad people as his pawns. Watch the news, find out all you can, but always meter your response to the precepts set forth in God’s word. As a veteran of 20 years, I am appalled at what has happened to our Nation and society as a whole. Pray constantly that God will intervene and bring the USA back to where He is respected and reverenced as in the beginning at our nations birth. Ephesians 6:10-18 Put on the whole armor of God, that you might be able to stand against the whiles of the devil.

          1. Amen Thomas. Pray without ceasing. Thank you for your service. Both my husband and I are appalled at the current status in our Nation. He is a Viet Nam Vet. I pray every night that God will end this chaos and He will, in his time.

        3. Another great book that will tell you exactly what is going on today is “To the Victor Go the Myths and Monuments” It was written by Arthur R Thompson, CEO of The John Birch Society and tells the TRUE history of our country an all about what isgfoing on today. Look it up on the societies web site. They have the best prices.

          1. John Birch has been saying this since the 1980! There are billboard along I-95 in North Carolina. Begging the Government to get us OUT OF THE UNITED NATION

        4. Since fakebook, tweter, YouTube etc are censoring content, they should be allowed to be sued by anyone for false, defaming, lying, misleading or deleted content.

        5. Join Parler.com no censorship there! You can tell the truth and not be banned, they welcome the truth and encourage it!

      2. Now we have our posts so pinions, & content monitored & censored by FB. Who is not aware of the tech power take over attempt 4 world domination??
        How long will free Americans put up w/these billionaire wanna-be monarchs?
        America please wake up & fight 4 our continuing freedom!

      3. and biden has been bought and paid for by the chinese government. that is why they are desperate to have their boy in the white house. hunter has access to 1.5 billion dollars worth of influence. i fear there will be just enough votes “found” in november to steal this election. they have informed us how they are going to do it and the model has been used in several of their own primaries.

    2. You tube is doing the same, I quit Face Book months ago and will not go back to the communist app! They suck, and you tube is just as bad. Glad to find you here.

    3. “What is truth?…not someone’s opinion but actual facts and what better way to show truth if not through a video? Where is freedom of speech the left loves to quote??? Who has a right to tell me how to think? NOT FACEBOOK FOR SURE!!!!!!!! boo-hiss

      1. They say there is strength in numbers. All persons that have been censored and denied their post on Facebook should get together and file a lawsuit against Facebook!

    4. How could all controlling Facebook and all “mainstream gossip collumnists” be born without a conscience? How do they sleep at night?

      1. My guess is these are not God fearing citizens, they don’t have God in their life. They have tons of money and money is driving them.

    5. Pres. Trump needs to leave the golf course and get back in his office and issue an exec order cancelling Sec. 230 of the Communications Act and require all internet traffic in the USA be handled like telephone traffic… NO CENSORING of any type. We don’t get cut off talking on our telephones; the same MUST apply to the internet. With all the lawyers out there, it is amazing that NOT ONE OF THEM can establish a link between censoring and ELECTION TAMPERING which is a crime. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, and other internet execs would look good in federal prison orange scrubbing toilets for election tampering!

  2. Wery sad what is going on in world!
    This is Communist practice!
    Socialism and Communism didn’t work in any country.
    Learn from History!!!!
    Preserve And protect USA!

  3. I’m sick of dems bailing dems out with their lies…it’s not the American way…dems say they follow the constitution whose the one they re wrote…

    1. If memory serves me correctly, the Democrats started around the Civil War. So how could they write the Constitution?

      1. Actually the Democrat party predates the Civil War. And many of the staunchest racists and slave holders were Democrats. They were instrumental in the creation of the KKK.

      2. I believe that was the Republican party who appeared to counter the Evil Democrats does it matter,both are gold plated demagogue..on that note TRUMP2020

      3. Active word. “Rewrite ” the constitution. Say what it says. But twist it to fit your OWN AGENDA . THEN. Keep repeating it constantly over n over until the illiterate BELIEVE it’s the truth. THEN YOU QUALIFY TO BE A DEMOCRAT.

      4. She said “REWRITE“. Yep that’s exactly what they do, it is dems tactic-if u say a lie enough times you will believe what you’ve said is true.

      1. Parler is a lot better than Facebook I got put in Facebook jail for posting a picture of the twin towers with the jets sticking out of them

        1. Email Pres. Trump (www.whitehouse.gov/contact) and your Republican reps in Congress and demand that Sec. 230 of the Communications Act and any other law protecting internet censoring be repealed immediately by executive order. We don’t get cut off talking on our telephones; the same MUST apply to internet traffic in the USA. It’s amazing that with all the lawyers out there NOT ONE OF THEM will close the link between on line censoring and election tampering, which is a federal crime! Legal dereliction of duty by the legal community…

  4. The Blk hate groups need to open season on the Nazi Demoncratic Idiots. Nancy should have gotten a shave at the salon.

    1. Been ready to combat Blk hate groups for a while. White hate groups are no better. Blks comprise 13% of the population and are raising 250% of the complaints against brands of syrup, hot breakfast cereal, tv, and movies, and lets not forget statues that have been erected for years and years and a mass of other areas NOT related to actual issues that requiring correcting on their behalf. While in school, and Blks sat next to me, they would complain that whites still had an advantage. When I got home from school, I had to do homework…no tv, no radio. Blks went to the hood to be with their buds and play ball. Who’s fault was that?

      1. 1St is there really 250% of anything so I do believe your numbers farted out your assalso,how do you know where the Blacks went after school!Your ramblings help nobody250% wtf..no wonder minorities hate us,spewing stupidity.In conclusion;do better D.A.

        1. And what proof do you have that they don’t. Most only have a mother and not a normal family life. Don’t blame the non-whites.

          1. That should have been “don’t blame the non-blacks.”
            And I agree that FaceBook sucks. Liberal trash.

      2. Exactly, and white privilege, I don’t even know what that is. I was taught by my parents and grandparents to work hard, be kind to others and be grateful for what I had. I did homework after school and had part time jobs. I didn’t have time to sit around and feel entitled to things. White privilege? What about all the black musicians, commentators, entertainers, sports players etc? They make tons of money, so Black privilege? Just sayin. I don’t care what color you are, rioting, looting, burning, destroying peoples lives, killing, trying to demolish our history is absolutely wrong. There should be harsh consequences for this type of behavior, The mayors and governors condoning this behavior should be yanked out of office immediately and prosecuted. They are part of the problem-not upholding our constitution nor protecting people.

    2. I can’t imagine WHY with all the 100’S of millions of dollars nancy has MADE WHILE IN OFFICE WHY SHE HASN’T GOTTEN A FACE LIFT. IT’S HARD TO LISTEN TO HER SPEAK WHEN HER MAKE UP CRACKS AS SHE TALKS. sorry nancy but get rid of your make up people.

      1. Nancy and Judy Woodward (PBS news hour) should be required to ware turtle neck tops when on TV. I almost barf and have to quickly turn the channel as soon as I see their necks.

  5. What the rich do not know is the fact that the rich will be the the most affected if the Communists will take over. I am stating this from my parents experience in Eastern Europe. The Liberals are not only malicious the are also idiots.

    1. It’s not Communist,marxist..that’s an old game they play,this is Technocrats or Bioetheist who do this takeover drama every 40 years and work on it constantly..so Google that and you will know wtf us common working class are played upon

    2. And they are the HAVE NOT’S. They want what the rich have. But don’t want to spend their lives working for it. Like the rich. They do not get the education needed to get rich. Like the rich.
      So then they blame the GOVERNMENT FOR THE REASON THEY DIDN’T GET RICH. When in all actuality the reason is they are lazy. N have no ambitions. That’s WHY I’m not rich. But I did get the education. That’s why I became a REPUBLICAN. IN 2016. I’M NOT STUPID

  6. They just need to hire a Military snipper with silencers for the first one or two off the bus. Wouldn’t know what hit em. They would move along. Kill em all!

    1. I think I love you! Very well said
      I have been saying since the beginning. Arm the police with real bullets, real tear gas, and HIGH VOLTAGE tazers. If that doesn’t change their minds about looting, burning, and killing. Shoot to kill. Drop a half dozen or so, and they’ll scatter like the pussies they are.

      1. Good idea except:wouldn’t it be better to apprehend the ONES behind these pussz,that IS how you stop this nonsense..yay put these rich Bioethics in a Nice State Penitentiary(Mississippi or Georgia) forever,that would teach them!Hitler,who they helped,killed them when he was fully empowered!!They’re like roaches that never die off fully.

  7. I am a 74-year-old patriotic VietNam veteran. Serving my Country from 1965 to 1972 in Fort Bragg, NC – SHAPE Belgium and MACV-SOG. I am also a student of history, and there are too many similarities between today’s rioting and Germany in 1938. Be a student of history or be in the state to repeat it.

    1. Robert,
      First I want to THANK YOU FOR KEEPING ME FREE. I KNOW WHAT IT COST YOU. My brother served 13 months in country He used to dream he was still there and his nightmares scared the hell out of me. Also, I want to tell the whole world that OUR VIET NAM VETS ARE THE STRONGEST, BRAVEST FIGHTING MEN TO EVER COME OUT OF THIS COUNTRY. GOD BLESS EVERYONE OF YOU.
      Second. The generations coming up haven’t learned about history. Or loyalty, or honesty, or patriotism or ethics , or about GOD. They bite the hand that feeds them. And are oblivious to what they are doing to their own FUTURE.

      1. Eddi,
        Thank you for the most “Right On” comment here. You hit it perfectly about our Nam Vets and about today’s clueless, me-itis youth!

        Our schools need to be changed where the 3 R’s PLUS AMERICAN HISTORY/GOVERNMENT are again taught with NO political agendas discussed whatsoever! When that occurs, you will once again see America strong and Patriotic!

        I, too, GRACIOUSLY THANK ALL VIET NAM VETS FOR THEIR GREAT SACRIFICES TO KEEP OUR NATION FREE! I had close friends who were Corpsmen on a Hospital Ship outside DaNang. Many of them never came home to young families, never seeing their newborn babies. It grieves me for their great sacrifice! To this day, they still are in my prayers…

        But our “Troubled and Confused Youth” need more than prayers, they need attitude adjustments and a great deal of KNOWLEDGE shoved down their throats to remove the “Liberal Brainwashing” they received in our public school system. This is a FACT. FIX THE KIDS AND FIX AMERICA! Change our Educational system #1! The rest will fall in place!

  8. You have to love facebook, nah. What we need to do is have the author send the video out to his followers and everyone post the video to facebook. I would love to see the censors go nuts when they get several tens of thousands of copies of the video uploaded.

    1. Trump could issue an exec order repealing Sec. 230 of the Communications Act and other law presently allowing internet censoring now if he chose to do so. The election is at stake and Pres. Trump needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Trump needs to issue the exec order NOW and let the attorney general and his staff fight the internet companies in court…

  9. Pelosi has always been an egocentric, brazen B***H! She has always believed that her actions are above and beyond the social norms that you and I are expected to follow! She had better be glad that she represents a constituency who live in the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia! She could not get elected to office anywhere else! SHE IS A DISGRACE TO THE UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!!!


  11. Who can trust these social page? There is to many LEFTWING in CONTROL of our lives. It would be best if you STOP FOLLOWING FACEBOOK AND TWITTER AND OTHER THAT OUT OF CALIFORNIA! By now you should have deleted them from your phone or computer! Don’t forget they can turn on your Facebook account and LISTEN TO YOUR CONSERVATION WITHOUT YOU KNOWING IT! They even know when you are on your computer even if didn’t open the account! China is the spy on these social media. Your cellphone is hack by them as well.

  12. I think my phone service is screwing with me,since going on conservative sites they notified I’ve used up to much internet data and they’re going to slow roll me for about a week, until my new monthly billing comes in I don’t use half of what they’re saying and I have an unlimited plan!!

    1. SAVE your bills and paperwork. Have a scanner? Make PDF files out of your bills and paperwork. If the problem continues, file a complaint with the FCC common carrier bureau (www.fcc.gov), and attach your pdf files to your complaint. Then cc your carrier…. the FCC complaint may reach the “right” people at your carrier and get that problem fixed long before your cc to the customer service bureaucracy (a round file in disguise)…

  13. My phone provider just sent me a me a notice I’ve used up my allotment of internet service so they’re going to slow it down until next billing cycle I don’t hardly use my phone for that,plus I have an unlimited plan I think it’s because when I do use it it’s been on conservative sites,hmm

  14. What were seeing is a transformation that has been happening for the last 40 years. This way of life is here to stay ? Like it or not, our American way of life has been under assault. President Donald Trump, was talking about all the problems that was destroying this country’s in the 80s on CNN with Joe Kern and Larry Kudlow . I use to here the president. talk about politics with the commentators all the time early 8.00 am in the morning. The president was a regular guess, Probably that’s why he decided to run for the position. I just hope that there are enough of true Americans that come out and vote for the salvation,of the American Way. Theirs has been a onslaught against the American way of life,that’s been destroying our fabric of existence,for a long it. President Donald Trump Took the initiative to go after the establishment that has been destroying our culture.You see how they are trying to destroy his existence for the day he decided to run for office. They went crazy about the boarder wall, and illegal immigration. The main reason why i believe that we can take our country back is this person Donald J, Trump woke some many people up and put there conscious into motion. Listen this is a moral decision for everyone that has a belief in our American values and way of life, for our very existence on earth. Please work on getting every able person in ear shot to go out and vote for our savior. Its going to be a hard fight because the bureaucracy that has been and still is in control of our country and are all around the country. They have all the money and spread there fear and lies,through there news out lets. Its there power and wealth that they want to persevere, and strengthen. But don’t forget our President knows all the moves, its a chess game, with our lives and children and grandchildren lives at stake.

  15. Facebook and Twitter are the cause of all these problems in society. They give out the wrong information to fragile minds. They both need to be shut down .

  16. I deleted Facebook and Utube from my phone . I can play thier game also . If every conservative in America deletes these communist clowns from our lives they will cease to be able to forward thier communist agendas . Do not use facebook or u tube period !

  17. I never have been on Facebook and never will be. Too late for Sissyburg to erase the videos. Everyone has already seen it. Once again Marxist Sissyburg is trying to act like a man but for him it’s impossible.


    1. very true fb only keep what they want up.. i dropped them 4 years ago because they are very liberal and they sold my personal information to a third party after i dropped them.. they are just as bad as(CNN).

  19. why doesn’t someone start an honest social media place where there is a place where people can actually present information without getting scratched by censorship? Someone out there has got to have enough money to do that right?! yeah, i know that wackos will put stuff on there too, but I do believe that any intelligent person could figure out who is who. 🙂


  21. Who is Mark Suckaberg? Just another communist prick. All your money won’t help you when you’re in HELL you bastard.

  22. They must hide, destroy, and produce fake documents to support their narrative against the 2nd Amendment and our Constitutional right to defend ourselves, family, friends and country. If the video wasn’t edited to remove proof of self defense, then their narrative would be out in the open as a lie and against all that is right in this country. THIS IS SOCIALISM AT WORK! TELL LIES AND HALF TRUTHS ALWAYS LEAVING OUT THE FACTS THAT MAKE THER STAND IMPOSSIBLE TO SUPPORT. TEEL THE LIE OFTEN ENOUGH AND THE MASSES WILL BEGIN TO BELIEVE IT TO BE THE TRUTH.

  23. I was in the Nam as well, 4 tours (1st Air Cav, 101st, 173rd, and SF, Det. A-334 — Ton Le Chon). Wasn’t ‘flash qualified’ but the 5th took me in. However, I wanted to go to MACV-SOG. Also went through Recondo Training in Nha Trang while in the 101. Good on ya, MAC-SOG.


  25. Burn every piece of property the man has in this country George Soros is a commie and needs to be executed immediately if there’s a person out there that has the money to fund it I’ll kill him and go right to bed and not miss a minute sleep

  26. I removed myself from F.B. ten years ago because they were controlling then. They definitely did NOT like any Political remarks against the democrats, but were not as radical as it is now. I have not missed that “Little Girl’s Club” since!
    Social Media is exactly what the name says. It’s a place where people put their dreams and nightmares out for everyone to see. If you come in with a negative comment about that “utopian fantasy”, F.B. shows it’s ugly horns. It cannot take criticism because it might be hurtful if counterproductive to keeping the dream state of that website. I’m a “Realist”, not a “Dreamer”!

    Kyle Rittenhouse is a “monster” that did a horrible thing according to the “Dream Bunnies” of Facebook — he was supposed to let those “Peaceful Demonstrators turned Rabid Rioters” beat him senseless instead of defending himself and others by shooting the rioters. The Left tries to “COLOR” everything as being non-aggressive when it is doing something to further their cause! Facebook is Fantasyland and belongs in a Kindergarten classroom.

    When the vast number of adults in F.B. grow up and actually see the World is NOT “Utopian”, FACEBOOK WILL BE NO MORE.

    As for Kyle, he did EXACTLY what any decent American should have done…defend himself and others from a CANCER that takes no prisoners but swallows them whole, forever hungry for another meal!

    Here’s a thought for those idiot prosecutors: “if you punish Kyle for exerting his “Constitutional Second Amendment” Rights, you may start a Revolution you can NEVER control. THINK WISELY BEFORE SENTENCING THAT YOUNG MAN. THE CIVIL WAR YOU CREATE MAY BE THE END OF THE CAREER YOU HAVE BUILT!”

  27. I’m curious. What do you folks think is being done with the information regarding aspects of your lives and family and employment and relationships, etc. that you post on Facebook and the other social media sites. I sincerely hope you don’t believe that that information is somehow magically deleted, because it isn’t, it is saved, analyzed, used to formulate data for any one of thousands of purposes, not all of them reputable, by people and countries that could very well not particularly like us. Frankly, it doesn’t make very much sense to me especially since every keystroke one makes is traceable whenever you go online for browsing and such. Why give these people personal info as well?

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