House Democrats Dump GOP Bill Co-Sponsors Over 2020 Election Debate

A group of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are refusing to allow Republicans to co-sponsor their legislation. Some are even removing their names from previous bills to protest the challenge to the 2020 election results by some conservative members.

Needless to say, this completely undercuts the bipartisan vision President Joe Biden allegedly had for the country. Then again, that was never a serious thing to begin with…

President Biden has several times said that he wanted to work with Republican lawmakers in both houses of Congress. However, the call seems to have been lost on members of his own party who are going out of their way to refuse to work with Republican members, even if these representatives are trying to help them get bills passed.

A number of far-left Democrat House members have said they will only agree to co-sponsor bills with the handful of GOP House members who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump. The move would require these lawmakers to delay passage of some bills that would have to be re-filed in order to remove “undesirable” co-sponsors.

“I’m one of them,” Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) said. “They still don’t get it, so I still won’t be co-sponsoring.”

It’s hard to see how such a move would not backfire on Democrats in the future. Voters aren’t going to care for this virtue signaling. The Democrat Party has a slim majority in the House, and ideological beliefs range from center-left liberal to far-left progressive. Guess which seats are going to be more vulnerable in the next election cycle?

This also brings the actual legislative process to a halt. Working with GOP representatives could make it possible for bills to gain attention and eventually come to the floor for a vote. Granted, it is possible to pass legislation that has not been co-sponsored; however, senior lawmakers are unlikely to pay much attention to a bill that has little formal support.

But let’s not kid ourselves — any semblance of bipartisanship died a long time ago. We’ve come a long way from a Democrat voting for a pro-law enforcement bill, like Joe Biden did in 1994 when he was in the U.S. Senate. Consider that “defund the police” is not a mainstream position in the party’s rank-and-file, and you’ll realize that bipartisanship isn’t even the goal anymore.

Democrats are already at risk of losing even more seats next year as voters tend to support the party that is not in the White House in the mid-term elections. “Woke” decision-making in the House that limits the passage of important bills would only increase the potential damage to Democrat control of Congress in 2022.

Once again, we have proof that Democrats are full of it when they call for “unity.” At the end of the day, it just has a nicer ring to it than “compliance.”

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42 thoughts on “House Democrats Dump GOP Bill Co-Sponsors Over 2020 Election Debate”

    1. Well, I hope that everybody, including the Democrats see this. Let their constituents see that they don’t care about the people. They only care about themselves and lining their pockets with our hard earned money and they are not re-elected in 2022. Also, they should call their local congressional to their states and demand that something be done about these children. That is what they are acting like, spoiled brats.

      1. when are we going to act instead of reacting to the gutter level partisan,, threatening disgrace Pelosi and her cohorts are. Out of her own vicious mouth she endorsed the violent activtiies across our nation. Why has no one called their reps and ask why SHE isn’t being impeached. We are acting like gutless sheep.

        1. Time to act like real American conservative. The socialist demorats should think about what goes around comes around. They could be punished next year.

        2. We’ve got a few things going on to take back the next session and they won’t know what hit them until after the fact. We’re a proud nation

        3. This is the problem that too many Republican’s have that are in Congress have. They care more about being reelected so they don’ speak out

          First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
          Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
          Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
          Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      1. Dog…their “end game”, I believe, is to establish a One World Order, a la “1984.” The plan has been in place for many years, it is worldwide. and the God-hating leaders of all this are very convinced that they will succeed in their nefarious scheme. Only truly brave men and women of faith with the guidance of God, can withstand them.

        1. Thank you Will! I share your opinions as well. We MUST stand strong and tall and pray to GOD to get our values, decency and morals back! this is the ONLY way the USA will survive. I truly believe, unless GOD intervenes, we are in the end times though…GOD bless and keep the faith!!!

      2. It is simple. They have no idea how to govern wisely, so anything they can do to slow things down means that they draw their pay for doing – or achieving – nothing. Then they blame the opposition and their buddies in the media spin it into a huge story of obstruction. There is an up-side to it. The less they do, the better it is for the country. Better for them to be paid for doing nothing than for them to screw up the country.

    2. As far as The House of Representatives is concerned, “The People” would be better served by using a lottery, or random selection system, with a five year, one term appointment from the general population, than many of the House Members whose only commitment is their own financial welfare. Think of the money a well run program of selecting our Congress would be, and how much better the interests of the taxpayer would be served, if an average American Citizens were making the important decisions about law making and passing money bills in the lower Chamber of Congress.

      Imagine a system which would eliminate partisan politics and allow our Constitution to become the standard the Founding Fathers meant it to be, when they finalized the Constitution in 1787. We need to have people serving in the capacity of “Law Makers,” who serve “The People,” by following Constitutional principles. I have an alternative plan for making appointments to fill the the seats of House Members which could eliminate almost all the problems Party Politics has introduced since the end of the Civil War. The major obstacle to the transition would be the existing career politicians, who would fight the new selection process “tooth and nail,” to maintain their own power, influence and wealth at the expense of the general citizen population.

  1. So the democrats act like children in a sandbox, nothing new there.They seem to have the feeling they a!re better than anyone else. They can’t get it through their communist minds that there are people out there who think they are the true terrorists and do not want their far left agenda. We the people should send care packages to congressional democrats consisting of diapers and pacifiers maybe some baby bottles also.

    1. Great idea!! They are pure evil! The Democrats let the rioting killing burning in our streets all summer. Who do they think they are vote them all out in 2022. I do not want immature babies making important decisions for our country and we the people!!

      1. You are so right. They want a 911 type investigation into Trump lets do one on the dems like taking kickbacks etc. ND PROSECUTE THEM HOW ABOUT IMPEACH ALL OF THEM FOR DERELECTION OF DUTY GOVERNMENT IS SUPPOSE TO BE OFTHE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE PELOSI and the rest of them.dont care about tbe hardworking citizens of this country. Pelosi has over 100 million dollars . Along with othets and they did this with 174000 dollar a year job . ? ?

  2. I have NEVER been so ashamed of my country. I WANT PRESIDENT TRUMP BACK. The democrats are going to throw temper tantrums for four years while giving our jobs away. Our children are not being educated. Elderly being are locked in prison type circumstances. THANKS BIDEN… THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE, GET THEM IN LINE AND WORKING.

  3. I can’t speak as to how many definitions exist for the word “UNITY” but I can see Clearly it really doesn’t matter in the “Eyes of the Democrats” because they were never concerned with the prospect of “UNITY” since it was only used to placate those that were “Fence-sitters” while their Pretend President when he is not hiding or resting from the Exhausting task of signing piles of Executive Orders he was ordered to create Killing Jobs and Screwing the Economy
    and laying waste to Foreign Diplomacy alongside the Destruction of AMERICA……………………

  4. It has only been three (3) weeks since the democrats took control of the houses and executive leads. We have lost 250,000 jobs , lost an average of 150,000 new jobs monthly , we have seen fuel and groceries raise in cost 10% and another unconstitutional and failed impeachment. When will the general public that voted for democrat control take responsibility for the losses? I regretfully believe those hard cores democrats hate their neighbors so much they would force them into poverty.

  5. The Dems are slowly losing any semblance of common decency. Their “power trips” are showing the American public that they’ “can’t play well with others”.
    These “representatives of the people” are acting like spoiled little brats.
    Dems are in essence showing the public “If we don’t play the game my way; I’m going to take my ball and go home” behavior.

  6. Well here’s to all the leftist voters who voted just on Democrat party line and their failed promises. Did you really believe any of them would keep their word? How naive of you. DemocRATs never keep any promises unless it puts money in their pockets and gives them power over Americans lives. For the past 4 years they and the rinos have done nothing but throw temper tantrum after temper tantrum. What did they actually do? What bills did they pass? What legislation did they do? Can you name even one thing they did to benefit America and Americans? Hope you fools like the communist regime that is in power now, because they will lock you down and you get to starve. No jobs, no food, and only the communist elite will have anything.

  7. The Nazi Democrat must be voted out of office as the hateful group of America must go. 2022 we will vote out these hate full Nazis and replace with all America loving people of all races and people loving individuals. Keep the faith and let’s clean Congress of these hate filled Nazis with freedom lovers in 2022.

  8. We all seem to think democrats are going to lose seats in the next election and that is a good thought. However, if their method of cheating is not squashed, they will gain more seats instead of losing. For this 2020 fiasco, they were concentrating on the Presidential. They did have the opportunity to win the 2 GA seats because they desperately needed them and had no other elections to worry about.
    If we do not change our voting methods, they will cheat to get a larger majority and try to wipe out the Republicans that we do have. And believe me, they do not care what we think or that we know what they are doing. They have everyone in a position of being able to help scared senseless so we need not think of challenging anymore. These democrats are darned right dangerous! I suppose the best way to work for changing the voting system is to work at the state level to get that done. I can’t even think of any way that can’t be compromised somehow and if there is, they will find it.

  9. Keep a good record of the Democrat’s actions. Hstorians in the furutre will want to trace the downfall of America and the reasons behind it.

  10. I’m just about as sick as it’s possible to get with this bovine excrement cancel culture. Until the last few years it was possible for two groups of people to have differing views on how things should be or how they should be done without risking getting thrown out of the world for having the “wrong” view. Within a week of Trump being elected, a Democrat named Green issued the first issue of articles of impeachment against him. No one on either side said a word. Within a week or two of Biden’s election, a Republican representative, named Greene, filed impeachment papers against him. While those impeachment article against Biden contained actual crimes and the ones against Trump were based upon dislike- the Republican has had all of her committee assignments stripped from her and the Democrats are demanding she relinquish her House seat-in other words she is being “canceled” for the identical action as her Democrat equivalent.

  11. When president Hillary supported by Obama lost the last election he said “We here you” you want change. We got change with Trump and it was good for the people and the economy. When Biden took over it took less that one week for the democrats to start destroying the economy. We are well on the way to economic destruction. This must stop now. Anyone who has had economics can see it.

  12. Needless to say, this completely undercuts the bipartisan vision President Joe Biden allegedly had for the country. Then again, that was never a serious thing to begin with…tat because these Jackass demos wants everything their way, they want every Rep. reoved to they have complete communist take over and transform America into a China communit led nation. And Biden/Harris/Demo in congress is willing to comply with China.


  13. The whole point of a representative form of government is that all reps work together for the common good. Its obvious that these people don’t know or care about what that is. They are not fit to be our representatives. States who voted on these people need to get informed about the evil they are doing and remove them. Even the threat from citizens saying recall and defeat if they persist NOT doing what we elected them to do will cool their fervor for hate and division. Do not sit back when your Reps go off the rail.

  14. The present socialistic communistic party, has wants no republican to have a say in the direction of this country.All of the senile joe and his whore, reap what you have sown. I went through 8 years of an unamerican muslum presidency and never protested,fought the police,burned innocent peoples property,or threatened him or his administration with harm.I am not going to go through another socialistic communistic administration trying to take america down to third world level.I shall defend my familys freedoms and rights, whether it costs me my life is of no matter. I gave blood for this country and shall not stand by and do nothing while the socialist communists destroy AMERICA.So take all social programs free to people who do not deserve to have them and let all these people EARN a living,and if they cannot earn a living let their families take care of those to weak or LAZY to earn their way in the country. Stop giving the working americans hard earned money to lazy people who take advantage so they do not have to compete for their fair share.Some may need, but to many so called americans are out to just live off the system.The republicans who voted to impeach trump were doing their own thing and did not vote the way their american voters wanted them to do, unfotunately, one of those represents me and i have let him know that his time as a senator i very limited, I shall not name this so called man, but i reside in louisiana and am very angry that he forgot that he works for me and the other louisiana voters who put him in office, i could care less of his personal thoughts on the impeachment, he should have voted as his constituents wanted him to vote, as i said i do not work for him, he works for the voters who put him in office. He should immediately resign and go back to being a citizen, then he can have all the personal thoughts and feelings he wants.Other than that he should vote as his constituens want him to vote. SEMPER FI MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA and for those who not feel this way KISS MY ASS

  15. I think that the house membership should be increased so that it will be one representative to fifty thousand people and instead of having four hundred plus members, it should be in the thousands. The current number was arrived at in 1911 when the current house chamber filled up and there was no way to conduct business over long distances, this has all changed. With the arrival of the internet and secure communication there is no need for the members to remain in Washington, where they become isolated from the rest of us and pass bad laws not to our advantage. The founding fathers envisioned a part time legislature, where the members would spend most of the year in their own home neighborhoods and it is high time that we return to that concept.

  16. People without jobs, jobs getting harder to find. People are getting close to the last straw. Illegal immigrants being supported, withholding covid check when it was needed. Raising taxes/fees, closing of DC a tourist destination, increasing the National debt, defunding the police, not controlling the BLM and ANTIFA, prosecuting all innocent trump supporters, knuckling under to factions changing our history, bailing out felons, undermining the American education system, allowing sharia law to come into our schools and government, limiting our free speech, Rule by executive order, military in the streets, prosecuting a whole party and its supporters, allowing leaders to make laws they themselves do not have to follow, destroying the bill of rights and interpreting the constitution in a way it never has been interpreted in order to meet their needs. Allowing lawmakers to create laws they themselves do not have to follow but enforce it on others not of their party, $15 minimum wage. The president is supposed to work for the American people not the party. It is not going to be pretty.

    1. You’ve got it right, James. They’ve turned our country around from the great one President Trump was making. This president-Biden- is only looking out for his party. He’s a puppet on the string of socialism/communism and the Democrats are pulling his strings. Pray for our country, but also pray for the president. Maybe his eyes will come open and he’ll see how he’s being used.

  17. The Democrats are acting like spoiled children. “If you don’t do what I want and my way I’m not going to play with you.” Just like little entitled kids. Once they put away their hatred for all things conservative and work with the other side (who is willing to work with them) maybe then things can be accomplished. Knowing the mind set of those at the far left I doubt this will happen any time soon. If they keep this up by next year there should be fewer of them elected. Maybe we should encourage them to keep acting like children.

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