JANUARY 6TH COMMITTEE PLAYBOOK EXPOSED: Patriot Act Being Used AGAINST Protesters (1st Amendment Protections NO LONGER APPLY), Plan on ROUNDING UP Christians and Conservatives

The Patriot Act or known by its long title as – An Act to deter and punish terrorist acts in the United States and across the globe, to enhance law enforcement investigatory tools and for other purposes – was enacted into law by George W. Bush in 2001, after the Twin Tower attacks of September 11.

The Act has been highly controversial in a number of ways, one being the Patriot Act’s expansion of court jurisdiction to allow nationwide service of search warrants.

It also gives the government powers to imprison you for non-terror crimes and take your rights to a fair trial away.

“No Judge, no jury, no due process” Alex Jones of InfoWars stated when discussing the fact that the government are imprisoning people who entered the Capitol Building on January 6th 2021.

Over a decade ago, Jones exposed how states throughout the country beta-tested the Patriot Act against thousands of times against American Citizens for non-terror crimes, clearly abusing their power.

The Act has also been expanded to include domestic surveillance against journalists and political activists.

The January 6 House Select Committee has said they will target those who support former President Donald Trump and anyone who questions the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Also of concern is the recent announcement from the Department of Justice, stating that parents who attend school board meetings are domestic terrorists if they voice their concerns about their child’s curriculum.

It’s sad that the “Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” has become a surveillance state, determined to undermine your freedom.

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41 thoughts on “JANUARY 6TH COMMITTEE PLAYBOOK EXPOSED: Patriot Act Being Used AGAINST Protesters (1st Amendment Protections NO LONGER APPLY), Plan on ROUNDING UP Christians and Conservatives”

    1. There is a great difference between our country and the Chinese! The Chinese people didn’t elect tier dictator We SUPPOSEDLY did elect our DICTATOR in CHIEF Et Al .
      Here is something to think about as you go through your day . I wrote this recently.
      The Word of God and the downfall of OUR country!!

      Throughout all of history there have been countries/entire civilizations that failed and fell due to their refusal/failure to obey The Word/Commands of God!!! Many of these countries were pagan and didn’t know God was in control of their fate. They only had to look around them to see that there was a power far greater than themselves! The very country in which we live today is still in God’s control!!! Sadly those who defy the Word of God ,are, in many cases, in control of this country at all levels of govt. . These are the ones who in the name of being politically correct allow, encourage and even indulge in the sinful, immoral, decadent actions that seem to be the norm of today. We can and MUST hold them accountable to The Constitution of OUR country! The message must be, CHANGE or be removed from positions of power in OUR country. NO EXCEPTION”S SHOULD BE TOLERATED!!! We can’t blame the immoral, criminal element that is now in charge for this!! WE THE PEOPLE allowed it to happen over time. We must take OUR country back by any means possible. WE are accountable to GOD for the care and stewardship over this country which He gave us. Please note that I said STEWARDSHIP, we don’t OWN anything, all things belong to God for His Glory!! I admit that I am a bit intractable in my viewpoint of life. I saw a bumper sticker on an old friends truck many years ago and it pretty well sums up my view of life. It read ( GOD SAID IT, I BELIEVE IT, THAT SETTLES IT!!!)

        1. We need to get our states that have found so much fraud in their 2020 election, PLUS Georgia Senate run off 1/2021 to DECERTIFY their election results. Those electoral votes then subtracted from candidates totals and I assume it is Biden who will lose a lot, and Trump gain a huge amount. Put the correct number in their columns. When Biden’s number is below the required amount to win, he’s done and fraud charges should be made. If Trump gains a sizable majority, and we think he would in a correct tally, he can be declared winner. If it’s close (ha), then states can call for legit revote. WE KNOW WE HAVE TO GET THIS STRAIGHTENED OUT. Replace fraud President and VP immediately. Then his entire Cabinet is out, Justices he’s chosen are out, Exec Orders and bills out. The place swept clean of all the crooks and deceit, and CHARGE ALL who were involved. And Georgia Senate runoff also thrown out, returning both seats to Republicans, who will then gain true Senate majority.
          Trump will also need time stolen returned. He’ll need it to work in all the messes Biden has done.
          We have to stop being silent or low volume grumbles about this messy, COUNTRY DESTROYING FRAUD. Get on your state governments to ACT. NO more nice guy. Insist on legitimacy. SAVE AMERICA.

          1. No fraud charges,,Straight to the gallows…justice be served and to all that had a hand in the theft

      1. Now you know why democrats don’t want parents to have a say in their children education! It their way of pushing CRT and socialism upon these children. That their future ARMY! REMEMBER HITLER AND HIS YOUTH? Same thing here! So if you got a way to keep your child out of PUBLIC SCHOOL DO IT! Or home school them! BIDEN doing what CHINA IS TELLING HIM! JUST AS OBAMA DID! Those kids at PITTSBURGH UNIVERSITY were some of the dumbest people i ever heard.

    2. Yeah, it also sounds to me like HILER’s NAZI GERMANY and his SS GESTOPO. I’m a VIETNAM VETERAN and this Jan 6th committee are nothing but NAZI PIGLOOSELY”S PERSONAL GESTOPO . DOAS I SAY NOT AS I DO> Typical of NAZI GERMANY just because the old battle axe has TDS and she belongs in the NUT HOUSE in a PDDED CELL, never to see the light of day ever again. She is the most CORRUPT POLITCIAN in CONGRESS today and needs to be put away before she hurts herself or someone else. SHE IS THE DEVIL’s ADVOCATE.

      1. She’s already hurt millions over the yrs, likely committed insider trading felonies, hurt and destroyed hundreds of peaceful Conservatives who did nothing 1/6…just because she wants to and knows she’ll get by with it IF IT’S NOT STOPPED. Charge her re pre-planning and implementation of 1/6, plus all her cronies in office, FBI, some Cap police, military like Milley.

      2. Right on! The old battle ax need her brain blow out! But she the reason why all these people are being held without bail. Plus Ray Epps was an FBI informed fool. Just as John Sullivan said she paid him 100k to start the riot for her!

  1. All socialist democRat leaders are being funded by China to destroy our country. Republicans need to step up and bring justice to the Jan 6 political prisoners. Why doesn’t some law firm step up to help them, like they did to help the homeless win lawsuit that now allows them to live on the streets of our cities and bring crime and filth to cities all across our nation. This is a disgrace how they used their power to enable these filthy encampments! Why can’t one firm step up and defend these patriots who were framed by the pelosi setup?

    1. Lawyers including Lin wood are and have raised millions on their behalf, but I know, it seems like the ocean of evil & corruption are running things and the good are not able to overcome it?

  2. Thank you for posting this Article.
    As stated, this ” Patriot Act ” is controversial in its present judicial expansion, thus allowing vast number of Governmental Law Enforcing Agencies to use it as they see fit. There is a big difference of the ” Terrorist 9/11
    action, and the Political OPINIONS of the American PUBLIC demonstration January 2021. As time goes on and we find Controversial FACTS as to the involvement behind the scenes (FBI, DC POLICE, DEMOCRATIC POLITICAL FIGURES, DC DOJ,) the Government is Holding without Bail, American Citizens, calling them ” TERRORIST ” because of their politics and belief in free speech.
    I do NOT condone forceful entry, breaking glass or doors, or destruction of any kind, ( Video tapes show that
    BUILDING SECURITY ushers people into the building )
    Question: why does the Patriot Act not apply to the TERROIST ACTION of ANTIFA or BLM, ????

    1. Exactly!!! They are such hypocrites. We call them out on these things, yet they go unpunished. WE need to elect people who WILL hold ALL people equally responsible. Everyone needs to monitor very carefully, each candidate coming up – and see how they vote on the things that matter to you. If it does not match up, do not vote them in.

    2. The terrorist of 911 was our own Government. The hypocrites who also brought about the Patriot Act which we all know should be done away with, like what happened to them. GOD

  3. President Donald JOHN TRUMP was told to cancel the January 6 protest. Because it was going to be a set up. So we see it surely was. Very few news networks are reporting on Antifa police leading white buses in to the back of protesters and unloading. They were let throw the police line. So this tells me who the real Terrist are and they are in high places.

  4. Yes, the Biden regime are Marxists and we can rightfully blame them for escalating this. But BOTH parties went along with this and it was enacted by a GOP president with a GOP controlled House and Senate! The alphabet agencies are now Marxist aparatchiks and the enemy of the American people. Until they are gutted or torn down and rebuild, the freedoms our founders gave us are gone for good.

  5. As I recall, well over half of the citizens in the country, including about a quarter of the Democrats, believe the 2020 election was stolen. Does this mean that over half of the citizens are terrorists? For many years Democrats have stolen elections and always the folks who were backers of the losing Republican were simply called losers. When these elections were over, we had patriots who were losers and patriots who were cheaters and we all went back to work to earn a living and to move the country forward. The cheating back then was not as pronounced-a few dead people voted and a few non-citizens voted, but it was always just the minimum cheating required to win. This time the opponent was so popular and successful that the Democrats virtually had to p[ull out all the stops. The result is the winners now fear the losers and have to work to make certain they stay in line. It must be hell, ruling a people who you know hate everything about you.

    1. Good post. We need to insist states decert illegitimate votes and subtract electoral numbers from Biden column. Then he’s done and we get this election reversed. Plus the fraud Georgia runoff for TWO SENATE SEATS and give those seats back to Republicans, giving a majority.

  6. The Wide Open Southern Borders are Allowing The Nefarious Pieces To Be Set Within, For Actual Foreign Terrorist Attacks Within Our Country, Once a Conservative Administration Takes Control of The Federal Government!
    I Would be Willing to bet on it!
    Just Spit Ballin!

  7. Are you Born-again?
    Many Pastors say, Born-again go in Rapture, soon.
    Then, Bible says, Satan allowed to destroy the Planet.
    Believers Return with Messiah to a Renewed Planet.

  8. McConnell was a POOR man, until he married a Chinese female = Sweeny is on the some US Intel Committee, and having Illegal Sex with a Chinese Spy, Schiff is the Chief member of the US Intel Committee, in his past history was men friends of Russian Secret KGB = Russia’s Spy Organization! Hey, US FBI, US CIA and The US DOJ, What are you crazies going to do concerning these US Colluders, they truly should be called Domestic Terrorists!!!???!!!!

  9. Hey there, US FBI, US CIA and US DOJ, how about investigating Missy Pelosi (Who Has A Working Hubby, That Illegally Used Insider Trading Practices in becoming Infamously Filthy Rich, Of Lately Owns 3 or 5 Mansions Through-out California, Florida And The DC Area) and her questionable sister Missy Maxine “The Original Rude, Abusive and Habitual Inciter Of Violence’ Waters (who has done the very same actions, and I am referring to her questionable sister, mentioned above, and on top of it all, Missy Waters was caught Spewing some more Rude, Derogatory and Abusive Language In A State That Is NOT A US Congressional District Of Hers, And In Another/Different State Too, NOT HER To Speak In, Other Than Her State Of California And DC, ie. The State Of Illinois, In Which Her US Congressional District Is NOT In Illinois And When She Unloaded A Bunch Of Rude, Derogatory And Abusive Words Concerning #45 and his Administration, close to 3 to 4 Months after ‘We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The USA Voted For #45 To Be The 2016 AD US President’! When Are You Questionable US Law Enforcement People Going To Be Doing Something About These Un-Lawful Actions!!!!!?????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The problem for Pelosi and her Democrat/Communists followers is not to be believed and we constitutional conservative Republicans, 14% more Republicans today than at the last election, don’t believe a damn word of Pelosi’s January 6th propaganda attempts, shenanigans and scams. We Patriots Republican and conservative Democrats know President Trump did not plan the January 6th assault on our nation’s capital building, Trump would have never even thought of ordering his supports to riot and destroy our nation’s capital building, but we also know that, that is the way Democrats have been pursuing since Donald Trump became President and Hillary was beat for the second time,,,and if she runs a third time she will just be a female Joe Biden and steal the election, but that will be much more difficult in 2024. No, it was Pelosi who planned and commanded the assault on our Nation’s capital building. The Democrats have no prosecutable evidence to support this scam no more than they did for their two impeachments and Russia and Ukraine fiasco scams…

  11. These witch hunts are nothing more then a distraction from the globalist elite and the real plans for our world…they want depopulation, total population control and control of the world economy.
    Time to stand up and defend your rights and freedoms is here or they will be gone forever.
    This government is not for the people of our COUNTRY. They are only seeking power and money while enacting laws to control the citizens. They are dividing our country to keep us from focusing on these actions.

  12. What happened to the law of treason. When a citizen takes the oath to serve in our REPUBLIC.
    They are duty bound to protect our constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic. Yet those in our government who are promoting civil disobedience, promoting sharia law, abortion (The number one cause of death World Wide), communism ideals are guilty of treason & should be dealt with as such the law of the Republic of THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

  13. And then of course, the first thing out of a dumbocraps mouth, is. George Bush is a republican. Well republican is only a description. Bush is a globalist. Progressives are socialist globalists.

  14. Does anyone seriously think anything the commiecrats are doing is by chance? Nay!! These people aren’t stupid, & this is all by design!! Aligned closely with the globalists, everything they are doing is designed to rip down the last bastion of freedom in the world. Wake up, America! We are in the midst of a War! Nothing will change until this ideology is exterminated, & the perpetrators are brought to justice! President Trump is our last, best hope! At least I see no one else on the horizon who can right the wrongs these left-wing morons have brought us! He was the engineer who tried to decouple the locomotive of the D.C. Swamp Rat Gravy Train Express, & they hate him for it! This is what happens when “voters” don’t pay attention!

  15. God tells us when He is ready to reap His harvest, He will first pull up the weeds and chaff, bundle and ready to burn. He left the weeds until the end because he did not want to risk pulling one good stock of wheat while pulling the weeds. If we see weeds being pulled out in masses, look up because His bride is next. Fill your lamps, repent of all sin, He is coming.

  16. The Patriot Act was designed to help our country get a grip on foriegn interference with our country. It contained a “sunset” clause that has needlessly, unless you are a Democrst Socialist Communist Nazi Globalist, been extended. The Patriot Act with all of its Constitutional violations needs to be recinded!!

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