Media Blitz: Surge in Heart Disease Due to ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Broken Heart Syndrome,’ ‘Pandemic Anxiety’

If you’ve ever wondered if it was possible for the left-wing Globalist-controlled mainstream media to sink even lower than they already have, you’re in for a treat.

In a stunning attempt to gaslight the public further, the media has now come up with the biggest whoppers they could think of.

Apparently, all these heart disorders that people of all ages have been experiencing for the past few months, including myocarditis and pericarditis, is due to (depending on your location) broken heart syndrome, climate change, pandemic stress or plain old bad diet.

According to People, broken heart syndrome is primarily affecting older women and produces symptoms that feel like a heart attack, causing chest pain, shortness of breath and heart muscle weakening. Other reports say that depression and anxiety, primarily caused by the “pandemic,” are the reason for the symptoms.

European media and CNBC is blaming climate change, because of course it’s climate change.

In the CNBC article, they state that the future rise in temperatures will devastate children’s future health because there will be more wildfires, hurricanes and diseases, like dengue fever — which originates in mosquitos and has seen an increase in cases, the largest since 2000.

Interestingly, part of the treatment for dengue fever is the controversial drug Hydroxychloroquine, the very drug that has been used in the treatment of some China Virus patients, being that it’s a powerful antiviral medication.

If what CNBC said is true, and dengue fever has had a larger outbreak this year, did anyone consider the fact that it could be because the usual treatment — being Hydroxychloroquine — isn’t as readily available?

In any case, it’s got to be explained away as anything else.

After all, there’s no way it could possibly be the billions of doses of an experimental mRNA jab that’s been unleashed on a global scale and has been proven to be used as a depopulation tool by the New World Order.

There’s no way!

Yes, stress can cause heart disorders and the like, so can poor diet, but to imply that the thousands of reports of adverse reactions that have been made recently are all because of “climate change” and “pandemic stress,” is quite frankly disrespectful to those who have fallen victim to this.

Of course, the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO) are behind nearly all the “studies” that were cited.

But there’s no agenda here, people. Nothing to see here at all.

It would be absolutely insulting if it wasn’t completely ridiculous.

To say the mainstream media is grasping for straws is just pointing out the obvious.

They’re desperate, desperately trying to find ways to make sure the public does not fully wake up, because if that happens, it’s game over.

The MSM and their corporate overlords think you’re stupid — stupid gullible fools.

The truth is, since the jab rollout, there have been more injuries and deaths caused by these “vaccines” than all other vaccines combined for the past 30 years.

The truth is, these jabs are causing 17-year-old athletes to die from heart attacks, it’s causing seizures, strokes, neurological disorders, infertility and miscarriages.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Facts are facts: Big money is involved in all of this, and the hands of those politicians that have sworn an oath to serve THE PEOPLE have all been well-greased.

The mainstream media will literally try to find a scapegoat in anything to cover up the real truth behind this. They have to, the Globalist elites are going through with their depopulation plans.

And if all else fails, they’ll just ratchet up the aggression on an unbelievable scale.

Just look up Project Blue Book.


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These content links are provided by Both and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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37 thoughts on “Media Blitz: Surge in Heart Disease Due to ‘Climate Change,’ ‘Broken Heart Syndrome,’ ‘Pandemic Anxiety’”

  1. I wonder if it causes liver damage. Also did these leftist a holes taking the same worthless medication in their JABS?

    1. Myself and entire family and friends are fully vaxed…we are all boosted as of last week…nobody I know of that was vaxed has had a single issue.

      My friend who IS Anti-Mask & Anti-Vax is now Anti-Life…dead from Delta in less then 2 weeks…that’s all it took for him.
      I know of 6 friends Anti-Mask & Anti-Vax…now Anti-Life…and suffered horribly to their last breath!

      All the Lies & PROPAGANDA are coming from the Right Wing…so if you want to know who is lying to you…look in the mirror!

      Ask yourselves…why would you tell the people that vote for you to not wear a mask…not get vaccinated and end up dying because they did what you told them to.
      How are they going to vote for you…when they are DEAD !!

      Vaccine doses administered worldwide 7,743,802,792…!!!

      You would think world wide one country would pop up and say this doesn’t work…and not a single country has to this date!!

      It’s NOT “leftist a holes”…it’s people like you holding up the prospect of ending this Virus.
      I’ve researched the Vaccine since day one…safest and most effective ever made to date in Human History!
      And the Stats prove it !!

      You people have thrown more schit at the wall and nothing was proven to be true except your hate for others and the Government!!

      Do us all a favor…find yourselves another country!

      1. You’re either a completely brain dead idiot or a card carrying communist party member. The EXPERIMENTAL untested nonvaccine is being tested on those frightened enough or stupid enough to believe the communist propaganda and LIES. Those that have complied with the unlawful unconstitutional mandates are the ones getting sick and spreading this bioweapon, NOT those smart enough not to take this poison. Why is this being pushed so hard for a virus that has less than 1 percent mortality? You must be another PAID CCP propagandist pretending to be an American.

      2. I’ve had the exact opposite experience, almost everyone I know, that has been vaccinated has gotten Covid, and my sister got sick and died after being vaxed, my brother and his wife had it after being vaxed, my cousin spent the summer in and out of ER after being vaccinated, and her doctor told her it was because of the vaccine. Other family members who got Covid before the vaccines were available, all survived, and now have natural immunity, also most had mild symptoms, one lost the sense of taste. Some of the ones that got Covid after being vaccinated had it the worst, a sister in law was hospitalized (breathing problems), and my sister died, another friend’s husband had it really bad, but he was 78, he lived, though, but had been vaccinated. Yes, I believe people die from Covid, and people die from the vaccine, and many more have terrible reactions to the vaccine. Three people in my town have died from the vaccine, no one in my town died of Covid, that I know of. We are a very small town. So, really, I’ve read a lot too, and I think vaccinated people are at higher risk, plus the vaccines were developed with aborted (Murdered) baby cell lines from 1973, this should bother most people, but sadly does not.

      3. I am fully UNVAXED. Never Vaxed, Not for Cold, Flu, Pneumonia or any other disease. except for Polio and measles which I got 3 times while in the Army… so no to Vaxines since then by Dr Orders. I am VAXED BY GOD and apparently it works because NO ONE I know has been positive for Covid and live a normal life. I don’t care if you get Vaxed. That is your choice. My choice should be respected as well. You see, I prepare for the seasons since 1957. And have been disease free since then. I do follow the Science and I have great results by BOOSTING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM starting 2 weeks before the Cold/Flu/Pneumonia season starts. Always have and always will.

        I won’t be taking the Shot even if court ordered to do so. And if forced, well I have an App for that. Someone will die from Covid related complications but it won’t be me.

        Good night and have a great day. Always respect other’s personal decisions and you will have a quiet and fruitful life, GOD willing and not GOV commanding.

      4. Yeah. Keep lying to yourself. Such a shame you’re already a souless, shameless, heartless, mindless, blind ass sheep for the new world order. All I hear form you is BAAAAA! BAAAAAA! Go ahead, keep BAAAAAAing away. I’m sure the wolves in sheep’s clothing (AKA the leftist commies that’s our useless ass Government) doesn’t mind feeding your more poisoned grass. You’re gonna eventually be prey for them and become some delicious chops.

      5. Consider yourself blessed then ask yourself WHY are there cruise ships docked in Florida that are full of people with covid. Cruise line demands ALL employees be fully vaxed and boosted and no passengers can board unless fully vaxed and boosted . But there they are sick these shots are not working and many researchers have been saying that the vaccines are causing the variants and one virologist says one of the ingredients can repress the immune system OOPS that’s a biggy. No one will hear this because between the Biden regime and their propaganda machine and of course Fauchi has made sure anyone disagreeing with their take on ANYTHING is demonized. Yes, I believe the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions should be getting the shot young healthy not so much.

      6. I hope for your sake, you are right. How about check back in another year and let us know how you and your friends are doing? As a former Pfizer doctor warned: Few will die from the vaccine immediately or within the first few days and weeks. But most will die within a 2-3 year period because of the Mrna Spike Protein…attacking our own DNA…in return shutting down the organs. The graphene oxide contained within the so-called vaccine is actually poison to the body. It will not immediately affect most healthy people right away….but down the road. But keep on being the guinea pigs for everyone else. (btw: so sorry about your friend’s death. I bet if you checked into it, you would find he died of something else altogether…maybe a flu? The variants are less of a threat than the China Virus. ) And answer me this: Why will the CDC and NIH, etc. refuse to allow other experts opinions be aired? These scientist and doctors have just as much knowledge as they do. I am all for a prime time public debate between the scientists and doctors. But, the networks are all controlled by the Propaganda Party…it will never happen. Garbage in…..garbage out!

      7. It’s a shame that you are so brainwashed into believing that this vax is not bad,
        it normally takes about 5 to 10 years of testing on individual groups to get a true
        reading of what the side effects will be, this crap was put out in just a few months
        without any long period of testing, this is nothing more than a money grab by the
        Pharmaceutical companies, nothing more nothing less, you wouldn’t put a shot
        of Clorox in you body and then follow up with booster shots, now would you?

  2. I knew these hateful bastards were up to something…they are killing off the world population with poison they call a covid19 vaccine…these global elites have gone too far and hell will be a safer place then here on earth when the rest of the world wakes up to your deceit.



    2. Hey Gary, actually, the historical story has already been revealed – the people deceiving the people of the world and pushing the pharmaceutical narrative will not stop pushing the narrative and the lies, they will not pass go, they will not collect $200, and they will be sent straight into hell fire. That comes straight from the Bible. The following three verses all use a word that is translated as witchcraft, sorcery, or the like, but the Greek word is very revealing – pharmakeia which means drug induced witchcraft. Revelation 9:21 tells us that they won’t stop their lies. Revelation 18:23 tells us that they will deceive the world with their pharmaceutical lies. And Revelation 21:8 says that they will be sent straight into hell’s lake of burning sulfur.

      1. These lying scumbags suffering in the afterlife doesn’t do anything for us here and now.

        I can tell them that they are making a huge mistake. Those of us that are refusing the jab are the thinking people, not the sheeple that they need to make the NWO work.
        They are killing off their supporters.

  3. It certainly give a reason to investigate why so much effort continues to be exerted to push these vaccines that have been proven to be less effective and last for a much shorter duration than acquired immunity. To expand on this further, why do we hear nothing about the development of dead virus vaccines that have a long history of effectiveness against a large variety of viral infections with far less side affects and much longer duration of beneficial affect? Dead virus vaccines are also much easier to manufacture, store and transport. With serious side affects and deaths from the vaccines now outnumbering the total number of Covid deaths, it appears that we have taken the wrong path in vaccine development. To continue on this path when the death rates for Covid are less than virtually all previous epidemics certainly indicates that there must be a sinister reason to continue promoting such ineffective vaccines with such large side affects profiles.

      1. Exactly, why all this push for a disease that is 98℅ recoverable for most people, and then forcing people, and pundits accusing the unvaccinated as being selfish, and unclean. Just recently Elizabeth Warren got Covid after being fully vaccinated, I constantly hear this, but I remember when the CDC said you wouldn’t get it or spread it if you were vaccinated, that was in March of 2021.

      2. Ever ask yourself where the Government gets its powers to mandate injuries to your Body? I have not found it yet. The Government has limited powers, limited by the people, not by their opinions. The PEOPLE grant them the Powers… However, if you do nothing then you personally surrender your powers and volunteer to become a Ward of the State (or Federal) through your silence.

        Sleezy Joe is not a Medical Dr. More specifically he is NOT your Doctor, nor is Fauci! YOUR Dr. YOUR Doctor ADVISES you, not commands or demands. So think of it this way. Since the Sleez is not a Dr and he mandates you receive a Medical Procedure, then he is PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE, and you are under no obligation to follow an unlawful Act and that mandate is an unlawful act to which you have no obligation to follow. To be forced into a medical procedure by a QUACK is a violation of your Constitutional AND Civil Rights. A Deprivation of a Right under a Law, Code, Ordinance, or other related action (MANDATE) provides remedies in law of FINES, and/or imprisonment, and if death or injury occurs directly attributed to and by that unlawful act, the activity can rise to the Level of physical Assault, Battery, and even Murder charges against ALL actors in the process regardless of their Political or commissioned status. That means the President as well!

        Search Denial of Rights under the color of law and Deprivation of Rights under the color of law. Just because Fauci says, and Biden Mandates, does not give them powers not granted by the Constitution over your body (check out the 9th Amendment which ensures you the power to say no individually and collectively). In fact Fauci and Biden collaborations is a CONSPIRACY. Follow the money… who has Stocks in Pharma companies and that will let you know who benefits… the PEOPLE or the Congress and Executive branch elected . I am not a Lawyer. I am not Property of the State (Property of the State is protected under the 13th Amendment to the Constitution as permitted Slavery upon Due Process, Check it out Slavery is Legal in the USA upon conviction of a Crime…

  4. The sooner people wise up the sooner we can make plans to combat these idiots in power but it will take all of us no matter the party no matter the race we need to stick together because it involves all of us being needlessly being taken before our time people are just dropping on playing fields everywhere it’s not a joke the vaccine is poison if you had it I’m so sorry and I wish you luck in the coming years but your government is lying to you

  5. Yep… I got to see a picture of two kids getting the jab last week. BOY O’ BOY were his grandparents just gushing over their accountability for making sure these two children got innoculated!!

    They’re f—-ing idiots

  6. There are a lot of mistruths pushed out there by the demoscum propaganda puppet talking heads to perpetuate this lie and “debunk” this who speak out. You have to question WHY so many health professionals are refusing to get this so-called “vaccine”. Also, why would an Army flight surgeon risk her career to publicly speak out AGAINST this “vaccine” if there weren’t some significant problems? She is already being punished for her actions and will most likely face additional retribution from the military and the federal government. The truth is out there if you dig below the surface and it is not very pretty. We are being perpetually lied to by the propaganda machine, the politicians, the China owned UN and World Health Organization, and our current China owned regime just to keep us under their collective thumbs.

  7. My husband and I have had Covid. We had no ill effects from it. I was told that my lungs were clearer than anyone they had examined with Covid. I have not been vaxxed and have no plans to. We are home and doing well. I will not take the vaccine because I’m not a mouse or an expiramemental animal. I can remember the polio vaccine they had tested it on mice until they were sure it was safe for humans. They are in such a rush with this vaccine they are killing more than anything.

    1. I’m so sorry that you have to go through that, the vaccine causes many immune system problems, because it messes with the immune system, and frankly they don’t know what they are doing, they have just enough knowledge, to make them extremely dangerous to society, whether it’s purposeful or not, it’s doing great damage. Like a two year old with a chemistry set, are these pharmaceutical companies, in comparison to God, who created everything.

  8. Everyday in every way the MSM digs itself a deeper hole. Is there anyone who believes a damned thing they say anymore? IF they were telling the truth they would ALL be saying the same thing. But that would be boring for them and not very profitable. So they rush to sensationalize or even make stories up – all for the sake of profits. The stories they don’t like – like ALL the Biden scandals – election fraud – ALL the Clinton scandals – Alec Baldwin’s murder case – the side effects and dailures of the vaccines etc. They bury. If you read the MSM reports you would think that ALL of those connected to Epstein are innocent and victims of slander – the girls assaulted are ALL liars and the only guilty person is the dead guy – Epstein – how convenient for the rest?

  9. I don’t know if the vaccine works or not. I’ve taken all the shots and I had less reaction than the annual FLU shot. But I do believe that the people who has had a bad result already had medical issues before and when they took the vaccine. Some of the hospitals have been “CAUGHT” claiming COVID deaths to get paid when in reality those deaths were caused by something else. Having said all this I haven’t seen any positive proof that these vaccines prevent anything.

  10. If you believe anything from these politicians and Dr. Fauci you got to be a FOOL! Where the proof it works? Not anyone has show any proof it works! Biden is pushing this for CHINA TO KILLED OFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! If I’m wrong then show me the proof that this vaccine is working! MSM has not told you the truth! Never have the MSM ever been HONEST WITH US. Since they are control by GLOBALIST who want to depopulation the country . So they can PUT IN SOCIALISM GOVERNMENT! To understand SOCIALISM you can look toward China! Government provides house which is a 500 ft room, food is a bag of rice once a month, health care is given to younger health people. NOT TO ELDERS who have maybe ten years left to live. But don’t think you will get it free! Because every young Chinese have to serve in the military until they are 40 years of ages! So you can do research on this, Biden doesn’t care of you are a leftist or not! It getting you vaccine so he can control you!

  11. What utter B.S. The lying, corrupt, unethical LAME STREAM MEDIA really thinks we are that stupid to believe the crap they’re peddling! All these heart issues are side effects of these WORTHLESS vaccinations. More than half of the current cases are those who have been vaccinated!!

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