mRNA Technology Now Being Put Into Seasonal Flu Jab; The Elderly Are Being Used As The Guinea Pigs

It is pretty evident at this point that the covid “vaccines” are causing a huge amount of damage across the globe, yet despite the growing evidence that the mRNA technology contained within the shot are dangerous, Big Pharma and the government health official stooges they pay for, are ready to put the failed technology into flu shots.

The first on the list for receiving these shots are the elderly, the very same age group the world isolated for to “keep them safe” are now the number one guinea pigs – if they happen to die, it is easily explained away as being “natural causes” or because of their “pre-existing” conditions.

The covid “vaccines” were never vaccines and they do little to nothing to prevent contraction or transmission and there has been a significant uptick in adults suddenly falling down dead after they had received even one shot.

Knowing all this, one might ask why you would then do it again in another vaccine – the answer is of course, depopulation.

The Globalist elites who run the world, view the rest of the population as “useless eaters” and would rather not have the world’s population around at all.

Natural News reported:

The flu shots will change human DNA forever, just like the mRNA jabs do. They will instruct human cells to produce toxic prions that resemble influenza strains and flood the vascular system forever with these sticky proteins that clog the blood, causing blood clots, myocarditis and neurological issues, just like the Fauci Flu shots do now.

Quacks, hacks, charlatans and shills push everything “vaccine” as “safe and effective” when it’s all really unsafe and ineffective

The immune system does not prevent actual infection by identifying spike proteins that only resemble a wild virus but are not the same thing. That’s just a propagated conspiracy theory purported by quacks, hacks. charlatans and shills.

Clinical trials are warped, cherry-picked, falsified and even faked to get the results needed to get FDA approval and CDC green lighting. Sometimes not even that matters, because all that’s needed is a rogue government to declare “emergency use” authorization, and voila, everybody lines up for another grand experiment in permanent gene mutation.

Anschutz Medical Campus, a testing facility in Colorado is one of many facilities that experiments on humans – most volunteers are jabbed with billions of toxic prions in an attempt to see if they prevent the seasonal flu – which we all know for the most part, mutates with every new flu season.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the general public can no longer trust health care providers and normal vaccines like measles and mumps, are now being missed – because of the distrust the industry caused by forcing a covid vaccine that did little to help and caused a lot of damage.

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32 thoughts on “mRNA Technology Now Being Put Into Seasonal Flu Jab; The Elderly Are Being Used As The Guinea Pigs”

  1. I believe they’ve been doing it for awhile now. In 2020 I received a flu shot in Oct. By Oct 2021 I’d begun experiencing shortness of breath and it became difficult for me to walk for exercise anymore. I had been walking for years and was in good health but within that year I began to suffer muscle and joint pain, and the more I walked the more I hurt. Also the distance I was able to walk began to decrease so I finally stopped going. Of course I now have put on weight and my overall health has deteriorated. I firmly believe they had already started putting the M-RNA technology in flu shots and possibly other vaccines that seniors take, like pneumonia, for example. Now they come admitting that they will START ‘spiking’ our vaccines but I believe they already did but just aren’t quite ready to admit it just yet. I know I do not trust any health professional anymore. I was going to take the shingles vaccine but have since changed my mind. I also won’t be taking any more flu or other kinds of vaccines. It’s funny this article is online today for me to find and read. I’d actually wondered how long it’d be till they were sneaking it into babies’ shots and those required by children before they can go to school. I suspect it’ll be soon. Be careful folks. I don’t trust the doctors or the government anymore. Don’t you do it either.

    1. Your correct on corruption is in every avenue. I will pray for you Rudy. People need to wake up too see what is really been occuring for years. From government, doctor’s, pharmaceutical companies,and their investors. It’s greed and power. To me it’s murder.bkilling so many human beings with these vaccines.. Creating pandemics and spreading it worldwide They will answer to a higher power soon,God. But we the people need to unite to fight against these atrocious individuals. God bless the human race

      1. Armando. Thanks for the prayers. Sometimes I feel better but other times I have 0 energy and hurt all over. I have to do things when I get a burst of energy and the rest of the time I just don’t feel like moving. I pray too that God will see fit to heal me. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Lol
        I wasn’t going to tell my story here today but I felt strongly that I had to warn people. The globalists will stop at nothing to get rid of us all. Especially us seniors so they can get out of paying our duly earned SS and Medicare. I’ve never seen such greedy monsters!! Anyway y’all take care. And beware. We have to help each other now in any small way that we can because Uncle Sam just doesn’t care about us anymore. Nite.

          1. Just went to the site and it’s been shut down . I’ll keep searching for a new site . If anyone finds something be sure y post it ASAP . Thanks for trying melvina .

        1. Go online and look up the Mayo Clinic website for side effects and help with your joint pain with vitamins. I have used distilled water since 1979, I don’t take any prescription or over-the-counter drugs, over 80 years old, back to exercise after taking the blood thinner Xarelto a couple of years ago, I didn’t have a blood clot. $1200,00 for 30 pills. China’s getting rich off taxpayers.

    2. Yes…I agree with you! A few years ago I had the T-DaP booster from my doctor’s office. After getting it, the area of the shot burned terribly and the site was red and swollen. Never before did I experience that pain with any other shot. Then, a few days later, my feet felt like the feeling you get when your dentist numbs you for a procedure and the the medication wears off. They were numb and tingly…very uncomfortable. Then, a few days after, my legs were numb up to my knees…then a few days later, up to my waist. I could really not feel anything. My doctor wanted to see me and tested my reflexes. She said if in a few weeks nothing improves or if it gets worse, to call her. I reposted the reaction to the CDC, but never got a response. Fortunately within a few more weeks, the numbness went away, yet not completely….it took a good 3 months to go away. But if I press on the area where my injection was, I can feel pain to this day! After 2 (almost 3) years! I keep wondering what other organs this could have affected? (I wish someone would have told me that all the vaccines now contain aborted fetal cell lines in their development, because I never would have taken it and saved myself the trauma.) I believe they should HAVE to reveal this to patients so that they can have the ability to decide what is right for them. And from what I have recently read, manufacturers have been making some foods and topical creams, etc. with the fetal cell lines and for what good purpose? It is certainly not for a GOOD purpose….I can assure you! I am very concerned for the future of our world. Our only hope for the world is the Lord. More need to come to Him!!

    3. You can go to this web site they have an organic med that may help you get the spic protein out of your body please be sure an read the information , and then tell any one else that needs help with it .

    4. I agree with everything you have said. I am 72 yes old , and under No circumstance will I take another shot. This so-called Biden regime is the useless eater.

    5. Rudy, what they did was inject you with a multitude of viruses. Could be HIV, mycoplasma, Lyme, herpes or any number of toxins that create autoimmune disease. The symptoms you describe, sounds like autoimmune disease. Find a holistic doctor and get a diagnosis and a natural cure. Do not take anymore injections or prescription drugs, as they are poison. Even blood pressure meds will destroy your health. Healthy diet is key to a healthy body. Good luck. I’m praying for you to.

    6. Hi Rudy sorry for your ordeal. As a few others have suggested about consulting a naturopath, you may also wish to check out World council for health and FLCCC they have info on how to detox from the jabs. Fyi, I take Ester C, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Quercetin/EGCG and NAC for detox. Hope you get better…God bless.

  2. You’re so right. They will answer to a Higher Power and sooner than they think. I’ve taken the flu shot for 30 yrs. But I don’t feel like I should take it anymore. I’ll depend on JESUS from now on. Thanks for the info

  3. In October 2019 I received the what was the “new” senior vaccine for seasonal flu. I had an intensely bad reaction within hours of receiving it. According to CDC guidance, I can no longer get a seasonal flu shot. My personal physician agreed. Up to 2019, I received the flu shot every October with no problem. I don’t know what they did to the “senior” version but I’m relieved I can’t be bullied into ever getting a flu shot again — especially now that they’re putting the mRNA crap into the vaccine. I guess the clot shot for Covid hasn’t killed enough people to satisfy Bill Gates, who has determined what the world’s population should be.

    1. History should have taught us all never trust the government. I thought something wrong with these shots when told it was mandatory or loose your job. Thank God I didn’t get the jab. I always did get the flu shot but now I won’t. Drs r still telling kids and people to get these shots. Don’t they do research on all this crap. Frightening. There is going to be a lot more in store for us all. God help us

  4. I honestly believe that this corrupt government’s intent is to depopulate this country. I don’t know if it was the last flu shot or the 2 Pfizer and 1 booster shot, but one day I was covered in itchy hives all over my body, and then a couple of months ago, I woke up one morning and has extreme pain on the bottom of my right foot between the heel and ball of my foot and had difficulty walking almost 5 days before it finally subsided.
    What I also truly believe is that this plandemic was created to kill off millions of people all over the world to depopulate the planet.
    And, I’ve always had a gut feeling from the beginning that Fauci worked hand in hand with the Chinese government and their Wuhan lab.
    This evil mad scientist should be prosecuted up the wazoo, before December when he said he would step down, because he WILL flee the country to avoid being taken into custody.
    Rudy, I agree totally with everything you wrote.
    No more jabs of any kind for me!

    1. I would spend every penny I have in legal assistants to avoid the shots from the globalists. It sounds like it would be a good ideal for a very large class action suite.

  5. don’t take anything we the people can’t trust anyone but help take care of each other government has control of everything we thought we could trust they all been bought killed or threatened big pharma is also crooked doctors are bought or threatened all of them are brainwashed from med. school. nothing makes common sense anymore do not take the flu shots either no telling what’s in them do not give your children any shots we are all used as guinea pigs we have had enough of lies, lies and more lies elites have sold there soles to the devil so sad so good to know we the people have the greatest protector of all that’s evil GOD HELP US BLESS OUR GREAT COUNTRY and give us strength to stop these evil beings

  6. Ok folks. I tried several times to check out
    Google just drops me; won’t even search for it. Guess that means it’s been taken down?

  7. I believe that because most if not ALL college medical researches are being funded by big Pharmacies and The Chinese gov., that being said what do you believe the results will be?

  8. I have’ had a flu shot since 2016 and I felt bad after I got it. This week my doctor told me to get one. YEAH, RIGHT ! I don’t trust doctors anymore, ESPECIALLY after reading this article about flu shots being mixed with the Clot Shot ingredients. Lies, death, and taxation….that’s the Lie-beral Demonocrat modus operandi.

  9. A war on women with the trans crap, a war on kids with CRT, a war on fair elections with mail in ballots, a war on Congress with executive orders and a war on elders with phony vax crap. Couple that with open borfers and free stuff for free loaders we have an impending economic disaster. A Nation killer. God help us!

  10. Do you know if there is anyway of confirming whether that flu jab was different in 2019. As I was left ill for 8 months after it. Not seriously but very weak and lethargic. I went to the doctor for something else and I ended up having the flu jab when I said I never wanted it but then I caved in to her pressure I still get those symptoms today. When I went back after 6 months doctors said I must have allergies and it was left as that.

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