NASA Data May Prove Climate Change Is A Hoax

A NASA report that has been widely embraced by left-wing Climate Cult activists may actually prove that the “Global Warming” narrative started by Al Gore is a hoax.

The fake news and mainstream media mercilessly attacked President Donald Trump for telling the truth about climate change and the Paris Climate accord. He said it was a “hoax,” and the Paris Accord was a trade deal that hindered American businesses while allowing China and India to increase carbon emissions and steal jobs.

“As President, I can put no other consideration before the wellbeing of American citizens. The Paris Climate Accord is simply the latest example of Washington entering into an agreement that disadvantages the United States to the exclusive benefit of other countries, leaving American workers — who I love — and taxpayers to absorb the cost in terms of lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production,” President Trump said at the time.

Reports in 2020 indicated that Paris Accord signatories such as China increased their carbon emissions by upwards of 5 percent in 2019. But as the pandemic hit late in the year and global economies ground to a near-halt, the massive reduction in fossil fuels sent carbon emissions to their lowest point in decades. Taking industrial China as an example, the Asian nation’s carbon emissions declined by a reported 25 percent in 2020. What should have logically followed was cooler temperatures. Well, if you believe the so-called “climate scientist” experts whose funding relies on perpetuating the narrative this is a “global crisis.”

“Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record,” according to an analysis by NASA. “Continuing the planet’s long-term warming trend, the year’s globally averaged temperature was 1.84 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the baseline 1951-1980 mean, according to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York. 2020 edged out 2016 by a very small amount, within the margin of error of the analysis, making the years effectively tied for the warmest year on record.”

The published NASA report indicated that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) agreed that 2020 was the second-warmest year. Of course, the NOAA came under fire for tossing out primary data that pointed to no significant ocean temperature change and using less credible data to make a case for rising temperatures. That data was the basis of the Paris Accord.

But the very evidence used to heighten fears about the planet going up in flames because of human activities such as burning fossil fuels defeats the claim. If 2020 saw at least a 25 percent reduction in fossil fuel use and emissions, shouldn’t cooler temperatures have been recorded? Logic, (real) science, and common sense dictate that fewer emissions result in cooler temperatures. But as President Trump pointed out many times, the climate hoax is about money and jobs, not an existential threat. Call it “gotcha” journalism if you like, but it looks like NASA just outed the climate con artists.

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71 thoughts on “NASA Data May Prove Climate Change Is A Hoax”

  1. Maybe NASA should inform President -Elect Biden , I forget he is a globalist that believes in climate change , Such a joke you idiots on the left !!!

      1. Biden is a joke like most sky is falling democrats! If Al Gore were serious about changing the world, then he would be flying on jets that burn more fuel than any of us would use in a lifetime and wouldnt of made billions off his falling sky remarks!


    1. It has long been well established by reputable Honest science that man made global warming, now called climate change, is a hoax. Like the Covid scenario, it is an excuse to exercise unreasonable control over the ‘unwashed” masses. It is a blatant attempt at FALSE GUILT that is SOP for the Marxist left.
      As I recall a large number of scientific researchers at NASA co authored a complaint refuting the misuse of NASA data to perpetuate the hoax.
      There is so much more but, alas, it is far too lengthy for this forum.

      1. I have to wonder at the sanity of those who actually believe that we puny earthlings can force the earth to change it’s climate !!! and the ARROGANCE to believe that only the USA can stop that climate change by giving away all of our national treasure to the ”leaders” of other countries who just spend it like it’s their privilege to do that !!!! as if $$$ will cause volcanoes to stop erupting or the earth to stop quaking !!! the natural cycle of weather is NOT determined by who has the most $$$ !!!

        1. Right on, spot on. I’ve said this myself-how can we, little humans, change the climate. We are not strong enough to effect change . God Will Not allow mankind to destroy His creation.

    2. People forget that the original term was “Global Warming”. When it didn’t happen, they changed to “Climate Change”, which can mean warming or cooling or any other climate statistic they like to select.

  2. Anyone that believes man can change the climate also believes in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny. CO2 makes up about .04% of the atmosphere. Even if man contributed 10% of that, that would only be .004%. Now how that can affect the climate really requires a leap of faith. Man made climate change is a hoax,

    1. It’s those damn COW Farts! We require milk for health reasons, WE MUST install caylitic converters on the rear ends of cattle! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

      1. Even the alleged effect of cow farts on climate change rests on the bogus assumption that cattle are to blame. Bovine flatulence only involves the release of methane, one of the highly touted “greenhouse” gases, when cows are fed almost exclusively grain, in other words, in factory farming. Grass-fed cows emit no methane. When was the last time a globalist did anything but praise the corporatization of agriculture? It’s all a scam. The only real gas that comes close to turning the Earth’s atmosphere into a greenhouse is water vapor, and without that the earth would be like the moon. It seems that’s what the globalists are aiming for.

    2. Absolutely right. How arrogant is the human race to think it can impact and control our climate. It is the epitome of arrogance.

    3. NOW HOLD ON==There is one person that can take care of the problem about earth- Bill Gates he has a plan to dim
      the sun/////


      2. when I heard that, I almost p e e d myself laughing !!! I posted that on my fake book page with the question .. “where is he going to get an umbrella that big !!!” I also wonder if he has come up with a magic pill to live forever ??? surely that must be next for him, right ??? the great billy goats’ live-forever plan ???

      3. When one of Bill’s advisors said “you can’t get close enough to the sun to turn it down, it would you burn up”, he replied “we’ll go at night”.

      4. Yes. Gates of hell is making giant sunglasses for earth
        its all about the cash…. We give ours to third world countries so they can build factories and pay for some other country to breath….Lorax movie anyone?
        The lil guy is al gore…..

  3. That’s right. All they want is to take away from the working Americans. So their over seas investments are secure bottom line.

    1. I never believed in climate change or that man could possibly do anything about it I believe that it was always about money for the world another country

  4. I am not a scientist. I believe our galaxy and universe keep on changing and spinning. There is also magnetic and gravitational pull to change the position of planets and stars. The effect may tilt the earth’s axis or the earth is pulled closer to the sun. Snow in San Antonio, TX, how do you explain global warming!?+

    1. You are correct, the Earth and all the planets are getting closer to the Sun. This will take only a few million years, maybe the Biden presidency can fix this..

  5. The elites in Washington have been giving us a line of shit for the last 5 decades.
    Republicans and Demacraps have been lining their pockets with our tax dollars for years. That’s why Donald Trump was disliked by both parties for telling the truth on this issue and several others.
    It’s time fir a 3rd party in this country.
    One that has the best interest of all Americans and not lining their pockets.


  6. Climate changes 4 times per year, we often refer to it as Spring, Summer, Fall then Winter. The Ozone Layers protecting Our planet from dangerous UV sunlight burns layers of Ozone, just like a skin burn, then the layer peels and regenerates over and over and over again! In the 1970’s, Australia was on a lists as the worst place in The World for Melanoma-skin cancers because of the thin Ozone Layers over the Country. The BIG flaw is Our World has never stopped turning on it’s “Axis”, and climate never remains in one spot! If it did areas of The World would get rain /snow/sunshine/lightness/darkness constantly including generational lifetime after lifetime of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in one spot of the entire world consistently! Not to worry, if WE want to enjoy Our 4 seasons each year and change in weather? We simply move, 4 times per year!

  7. Democrats use emotion to control the people. The weak minded fall pray to this and use their vote to empower the fear mongers. Climate warming though real is not manmade, racial equality is a tool used by the left to split people apart down ethnic divides. We are all gifted differently, their will never be another MLK, he was a great man, America voted in a Black President, he was not a very good president. Not because he was Black, but because he used his office to divide Americans. This is the Democrat way “to divide and conquer” They will use anything that is felt strongly about has a wedge to separate will from thought. It is amazing to me how many people will answer this question with “feeling”. What is more important, Thought or Feeling.
    We are going through a time of Social Lobotomising.

    1. Don’t call them democrats!
      They are nothing of the sort!
      The democrat party ceased to exist way back in 1966 when their leaders ripped off and used the party platform of the CPUSA!
      They have been COMMIECRATS ever since!

      Now, one cannot defeat one’s enemy’s unless one can call them by their true name!

      They are Communists, similar to the ones that took over Russia in 1917!
      And just as dangerous!

      Now, call them Communists, as they truly are!

  8. Thoughts for consideration: Is the sun putting out more or less heat ? Are we a little closer to or farther from it ?
    Has the earth turned on it’s axis somewhat to influence heat absorption ? Do not forget that some 14,000 + years ago the glacial ice coverage was as far south as the New York-Pennsylvania state line. How much carbon emission was being released then to cause the ice to melt ?

    1. Lou, I have been thinking the same thing for at least 20 years. You will never hear a “climate change” devotee try to explain why the ice ages of ancient times ended. I did hear one professor from Columbia U state that the “mini ice age” that started somewhere near the time the early European explorers came to the Western Hemisphere, and ended about 1850 (MOL) ended “because we were far enough into the Industrial Revolution that the green house gasses affected the climate enough to cause it to end”. OK. But, if that were true, by now we would have absolutely incinerated the planet, since industrial activity before the American Civil War was absolutely miniscule, compared to what has developed since about 1900, especially since WWII. They won’t touch that question with a ten foot pole.

  9. The galaxy takes roughly 250 million years to complete one revolution. Ice ages and warm periods follow 250 million year cycles. Hmmmmm. We do not know exactly what is in interstellar space, but my bet is on dust or gas that varies the amount light we receive from the sun. It’s mostly scientists funded by government that push the man made climate change hoax. What happened to “ global warming “? We are warming. We just came out of the last ice age 40 thousand years ago or so, God’s timing, as always, was perfect! Get used to it, it may last millions of years.

  10. We had been through with that. liberal party here in the Philippines had been manipulating informations to keep them in power using media they control. Thanks to social media and Pres. Duterte.

  11. Just remember. Real science doesn’t matter. It is all about the narrative. Follow the money, and solve the crime!

  12. As a retired Navy Oceanographer (a real scientist that collected and honestly analyzed the data), I understand that our climate comes from atmosphere and sea surface temperatures, which are affected by the sun and slow heating and cooling of ocean bottom by circulation of magma and tectonic plate movement. Atmospheric temperature changes by about +/- 2 degrees every 20-30 years. As revealed by dendrochronology (study of tree ring spacing), climate warming and cooling has occurred many times over the past hundreds of years and will continue, regardless of how much carbon we use. The greatest contributions to increased levels of CO2 are volcanoes and forest fires. China’s contribution to pollution and alleged “global warming” is many times worse than ours. I believe global warming activists are full of hot air and flatulence.

    1. Charles, are you sure they are full of “flatulence”, or is it what comes just before, or just after, same?? Think about it!

  13. My background – physicist—-2/3 decades ago a group of the worlds top Geo physicists did research on ice core samples taken from deep in the artic polar cap and antarctic polar cap-the great findings were —> there is a mini ice age every 25,000 yrs (+ or- 400yrs ) and preceding this mini ice age there is always global warming-this is all triggered by a switching of the polarity of the planets magnetic poles-when the poles start switching it creates anomalies or holes in the magnetospehere that surrounds the earth allowing massive amounts of very hot high energy particles from the sun to reach the earths surface-the earths north pole axis is tilted toward the sun-so artic cap is melting faster the Antarctic cap–Approximately 3 weeks ago NASA published research data showing poles have already moved into the earth in switching process–left wing news media did not cover this-they covered it up

    1. My back ground engineer. Based on my education and knowledge base I must agree with you. The sun warms the earth (it is an energy source), CO2 does not (it is a heat sink).

  14. Get rid of Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and most all of the Democratic governors and mayors and concentrate on the health and economic status of our nation and I believe the “climate change” will no longer be a discussion point going forward. We have much larger and more realistic problems to solve that can be solved.

  15. most of older people know that globle worming comes every so many years and nothing can be done to stop it all they are doing is making it worst.this greenthing is killing our country and they dont see it.

  16. So CO2 supposably causes climite change. It is also something plants need to survive. And plants put out oxygen which we need to survive. Seems like a good trade off to me. But actually the climite has alway fluctuated. In the 70’s they where afraid of another ice age. Does anyone remember that? Globle cooling. Everyone was going to have to move to the southern states or Mexico. Point is the temp changes just like everything. Remember they found pollen under the ice at the poles. We have had 5 ice ages. Doesn’t that tell you anything? Its all nature people. Everything is always changing. It that simple

  17. Are we seeing a rise in global temperatures? Maybe (but they proved a few years ago that land-based thermometers, which were once in the countryside, are now surrounded by suburbs, with al the localised heat that roads, houses etc. bring).
    Is that warming “catastrophic”? NO! There were floods in the 1950s in the UK that DWARFED today’s floods!
    Unfortunately, we live in a world where the Leftist MSM broadcast or print ONLY one side of any argument — and in the 1970s, that was an approaching ICE AGE. Why? Because the earth was COOLING!
    Agatha Christie quoted scientists as saying that the earth would be a block of ice in a few thousand years, if (then-current temperature decreases were maintained.
    Russian ice breakers stated that if temperatures continued to increase, then there would be no ice in the Arctic Circle within ten-to-twenty years. That was in 1932! Just a few years after Christie put the scientists’ quotes in Poirot’s mouth.

  18. Understood! We have one BIG problem the people who have the power for the next 4 years will ruin the Country. If the swamp remains untouched and the Globalist run the Country we as citizens need to put these Communists in their place.

  19. If you believe the second law of thermodynamics is correct, you cannot believe that CO2 by its very presence make the earth’s temperature warmer. The second law contradicts the IPCC position on global warming being caused by carbon emissions (CO2). It has not changed. It was true when Al Gore made his “inconvenient truth”film and it is true today although it might be inconvenient for Mr. Gore.

  20. Climatology Geologists have said for decades that we are nearing the end of the fourth ice-age in the history of the earth. Ice ages last approx. 10 to 17 million years. Temperatures are naturally going to rise. Oceans have risen over thousands of years to the extent that ancient civilizations are now deep under water. This didn’t happen over the last 60 years. Most people don’t know that the average temperature during dinosaurs was 120 degrees fahrenheit. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so, that the earth was void of cars and definetly a large human footprint. When I presented this science to climate mongers, I was brow beat. All this still doesn’t excuse companies from polluting our environment to the point we have no water in the future. The Amazon forest emits 20 billion tons of water per day; produces 1/4 all all oxygen in the world (lungs of the earth); and acts as a giant sponge absorbing and storing massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Cutting down the Amazon presents a much greater threat to humanity than my car; cattle; horses or goats.

  21. I am a 91 year old veteran and have seen it all like the Stupid of the People of the USA. I ask a question, like over the last 50 years the rant and raving of the end of the Earth with climate chant and the flooding of earth has come true? NONE for it is and has been a hoax to rob people of the liberty and money. CO2 the green gas that want to stop, and just how is that done when oceans produce more that the Stupid Regulation allow. I ask just what happen when the CO2 or the green house gas are removed or stopped. No CO2 or Green house Gases and all plant die, Oxygen is gone and along with life and the Planet become a desert. Why. CO2 is taken in to grow and give us Oxygen to breath, yet the stupid think that they can regulate by robbing the people in favor of elite will solve the none existing problems. Now tell me Idiots just how your are going to control the Earth travel around the SUN or how you are able to control the Sun rays or eruption, which you cannot. Wake up Stupid as you are being had of your freedom and rights of liberty.

  22. nicely said all i know is that soro’s and bloomburg controll the media and they are the ones robbing the people our goverment are only puppets for the elete

  23. We past the 206 year Solar Maximum in 2005 (maximum solar heating), now we are heading for the Solar minum. We need all the CO2 we can get between now and 2031 when the sun cools down. My grandfather talked about his childhood when he Ice Skated on the Ohio river in 1899 in April after nearly 3 months of freezing temperatures. That was a Dalton Minimum. We are entering another one now botoming out in 2031-2038. (26 year cycle of Dalton Minimum). Then we will heat up a bit throught 2070-2090(Not as warm as 2005-2010) before diving into a possibly colder one Dalton Minimum from 2130-2137. The 11,700 year Holocene peak has ended and we are now in a cooling 11,700+/- cycle.

  24. Bill Gates signature appears on flight manifest of epsteins flights to his child sex island. Guess we can forget him and eliminating 16% world population and quit taking his phoney vaccines in the process.

  25. It appears everything that comes out from Washington D C is a hoax!!! The only time in the history of our great nation was A Okay was under President Donald J Trump!!! D C itself is a hoax ‼️ It is a state within a state and everything that is coming out of there still is “taxation without representation” the clarion call for the war of Independence from Britain by our First Patriots!!! Is Congress representing us or a something/someone else…. it’s time we took to finding out what is really going on in Washington…. who do these “fat cats” represent??? The way they do things should tell us this …. nothing good will come out of there in the near future and it is time for us to demand answers from these people who are supposedly working for us. There is nothing wrong with the climate.,,. God created this world and its weather which will correct itself. Our Sovereign Lord will see to it …. this is another ploy to waste our hard earned dollars. Does anyone know the true worth of Al Gore?? Remember him… the ‘hanging chad guy’ who the Dems conveniently forgot at the time of the ‘fake vote count’ of our POTUS….Climate Change….another fake fairy tale from D C.

  26. I thought the cause of all the hurricanes and their direct cause of severity are all tied directly to climate change caused by man? Then why did we have so many hurricanes this year that they ran out of names? It must’ve been our lying eyes and ears just like all the voter fraud evidence.

  27. I am so glad to read all the wonderful comments. I am very ‘Thankful’ that I am not alone. Thanks to you All.

  28. The best way to get some needed sunshade is to send the elites and the squad along with Come On Biden to the sun. This will depopulate the earth so that the rest of us can settle down and use common sense.
    The green house gas that really matters on our planet is H2O (never mentioned by our media). It has a specific heat capacity of 590 cal/cc. CO2 has only79! Water vapor makes up more than 85% of our atmosphere on any day, CO2 less than 5%.
    So lessee: 5×79/85×590= 0.0079. Looks like the only greenhouse gas that can move much heat around is water vapor!! Gee, maybe we are betting on the wrong horse here? Also, if we take the trouble to stop reading AOC’s rants and step outside we could look up in the sky and see ….clouds! Those are made up of water vapor that has taken heat up, up into the sky and….cooled down releasing their heat back to space. Wow! They also reflect incoming solar heat back into space. When the water mists continue to form they make larger droplets until rain falls, cooling is even more and entering the soil—along with absorbed CO2 to encourage plants and trees to grow. These in turn make leaves and branches that transpire—returning water vapor and oxygen back into the atmosphere…and so on.
    Let’s stop, take deep breath, thank God, and ask for wisdom. ( By the way, don’t forget to vote!)

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