Nurse Could Be Fired After Questioning Puberty Blockers and Gay Agendas in School

The outrage mob has struck again and this time in the line of fire, is a school nurse who dared question why children are being out on puberty blockers. 

Kathleen Cataford, the 77 year old school nurse from Hartford, Connecticut, asked 11 year old children who were given puberty blockers in a recent Facebook post. 

Cataford, who works at Richard J Kinsella Magnet School made the post in a Facebook group and said that one student at her school, only being 11 years old, was being given puberty blockers and that the school also included 12 other students who identify as “non-binary.” 

“Investigate the school system curriculum…CT is a very socially liberal, gender confused state,” she wrote. “As a public school nurse, I have an 11yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration.” 

“Teachers and SSW are spending 37.5 hours a week influencing our children, not necessarily teaching our children what YOU think is being taught. Children are introduced to this confusion in kindergarten by the school SW who “teaches” social and emotional regulation and school expectations,” she added. 

Cataford pointed out that children’s brains are nowhere near developed enough to be making a decision like taking hormones, and said those that those children who are taking puberty blockers are being put through  “gender mutilating surgery.” 

The school nurse was reported to the school by a parent, and the school board acted immediately  y suspending her employment until they have done an investigation into the matter – and ultimately could end up fired. 

Superintendent Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez said in a statement that, “Hartford Public Schools strives to provide an inclusive environment where all students feel seen, valued, respected, and heard,” 

“We as a school district are responsible for the health, well-being, social and emotional development, and safety of ALL of the children entrusted to our care,” she added. 

There should be questions raised about why children are being given life changing drugs that will affect them for the rest of their lives. 

There is nothing normal in attempting to change a child’s gender. Children are the world’s most precious assets and there seems to be an ever growing number of perverts, who want nothing more than the complete destruction of a child’s innocence. 

The far-left are actively poisoning the minds of the young, according to them it’s because they “care” – while at the same time, advocating for abortion and pedophilia. “LOVE IS LOVE” – According to them.

The truth is, the left hate decency, they hate purity and they hate the innocence that resides in children, when they themselves lost or had theirs stolen when they themselves were children. 

We are being governed by perverts and weaklings, who willingly and without shame, work towards implementing the gay agenda in schools and in homes. The results of such a world, however, will lead to a huge population of broken, degenerate people.

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57 thoughts on “Nurse Could Be Fired After Questioning Puberty Blockers and Gay Agendas in School”

  1. 1% of our population are gay! ONE%!!!!!! Why the hell are we taking all their bullshit? Im sick the way they are trying, to change our kids, to be like them! I will not go back to Disney, & I sold all my stock of the HOUSE OF QUEERS!!!!

    1. The programming years for children on the way they will think, act, and behave are set in their gut level values which are developed from birth to 13 years old. The only way those gut level values are changed is through a significant emotional event. That can be a world wide event, national event, regional event. local event, or personal event. These events can come from many outside influences or people. I my opinion, many young children are no gay naturally but are influenced to act this way because it draws attention and that that gay crowd becomes more like their family and thus become the major influence under the age of 13. They become programmed to be gay and think, act and behave as such thinking they are. With the percentage of gay individuals being so off kilter from what was considered normal in he past one must ask how and why this happens today. Is our youth being groomed with those influences?

    2. wow. 1%. that’s amazing that we are being so controlled by 1%. I agree with her about the age group.. they have no idea about changing their gender… geeze, you operate on a 10 year old and then they hit 17.. they could commit suicide because of regret.

      1. I think it’s the LBGTQ F whatever you want to call those people is wanting to press their lives on innocent young children I think they should be on the island of Their Own far away

        1. Actually I know many people in the LGBT community and they are totally against the way the schools are pushing this. They feel violated and used for an agenda of the far left who are bent on ruining a whole generation. They worked hard to be accepted into mainstream America and there is no way they would risk that by finding this kind of propaganda acceptable.
          Don’t blame the regular Americans who happen to be gay or something else they ate against this in every way

    3. This is child abuse! No blockers should be given to any child until they are old enough to consent. What is wrong with these people????

    4. Sick to death of there perverts crap, besides they and their school efforts in the lower grade levels that turned my own daughter in 3rd grade into one of them. Lost my daughter, and my chance for a normal fsmily and grandkids I hoped for.

    5. Good for you, we should all be speaking up more. I’m sick and tired of their shit, I have never bothered the queers or have ever been mean to them, but I”m sick of it. I”m about to get rude and start calling them to their faces what they are, it would be the truth, and my right to do so, but they think they can tell us we don’t have any rights. Screw them, they are all such disgusting, fragile, single- minded idiots with chips on their shoulders, trying to pretend they like who they are. They really don’t want to have it out with me, because I will no longer feel bad, knowing I can make them cry. They are not only weirdos,they are big babies too. They need to grow up and quit feeling sorry for themselves. No more pity parties. So listen here queers, normal people are sick of your bullying, going after our children and grandchildren, and thinking you should get special privileges. Don’t bother us, and you will not be bothered. Most NORMAL people do not enjoy being mean to others, and can ignore your nonsense for awhile, but there come a time when EVERYONE will start standing up for their rights. EVERYONE DESERVES PEACE, and I am not afraid to stand up for myself. Keep your queer ways to yourself, quit pushing your lifestyle on others and MAYBE YOU WON’T HAVE TO WHINE ALL THE TIME AND think you can rule the world. Most Normal’s, could really care less what you do, as long as you leave us alone, and our children. You want to continue to keep thinking we Normals are going to bow to you, bring it on bawl babies, I have had enough.

  2. The worst mistake the gay community has made since buying into Anthony Fauci’s lies about AIDS (see RFK’s book, “The Real Anthony Fauci”) has been to add the “T” to LGBQ. If you feel naturally attracted to someone of the same sex then, as long as you are both consenting adults, it’s no one’s business but your own. But what does it mean for a man to “identify” as a woman or vice-versa? The people who push this crap can’t even define what it means to be a woman, or a man for that matter. No one’s subjectivity is defined by a gender. You’re not a woman because you put on a dress, wear make-up, cook or clean. Plenty of women don’t do any of these things, and some men do. You’re not a man because you drink, smoke, watch sports, or own guns. Plenty of men don’t do any of these things, and some women do. You are a man or woman because you are born as male or female. Sorry, but your gender is not something you choose, but the situation into which you are born. To reject that situation is a form of self-loathing. To try to change it through surgery and drugs is self-mutilation. To encourage this idiocy in children is pure evil.

    1. I agree with you 100%. What is this doing to the young children in body and mind? And, why do these damn parents understand this….oh, I keep forgetting they are also an abomination.

  3. These people are not inclusive, they are catering to one group over another. They are destroying children’s youth.

  4. Hartford, CT. A liberal shit hole run by Demonic, Demonrats, Queers are the scourge of the earth. God has already passed judgement on the queer parasites. Read the Bible. Since queers can NOT reproduce they are Predators & Pedophiles by proxy. There is no place in society for the excrements.

    1. wait a cotton picking minute. Gay Fudge packers do reproduce. They come up with little shits or turds all the time!

  5. I hope they do fire her, then she’s gonna have the MFer of all wrongful termination lawsuits. With the huge settlement she’ll get, she can sell her house and GTFO of Pinkoville! The faggots, dykes and tranny freaks already lost big in VA last November. They’re gonna find out just how much they are outnumbered and loathed in 8 months.

  6. I’m 74 and have seen these perverts time and time again flaunting their sickening imoral behavior. I firmly believe that being GAY is due to mental illness. Men that have same sex partners are in serious need of treatment and should be confined to a mental health facility.

  7. When Abraham gave Lot the choice of lands, Lot chose the fertile plains ‘over against Sodom.’ He pitched his tent TOWARD Sodom, the Bible tells us. By doing so, he placed his family and loved ones in jeopardy of condemnation. He began by building on the approaches to Sodom, finally was sitting in the gates of Sodom and dealing with that perverted crowd, and lost all but his two daughters to God’s certain judgment on the abominations of Sodom. America is no different. Woe unto those who take pleasure in those who commit such sins.
    It is high time for America to awaken from her drunken orgy and return to God before our fate is sealed in ruin.

  8. Told you all years ago, you let this screaming, shrieking MINORITY get away with it once and there’ll be no stopping it!! Everyone’s so freakin scared of being called a bad name……that’s how they succeed!!

  9. Part of the job of a school nurse is the health of the children including what drugs they are receiving and why.

  10. God created man and woman, nothing in between. If you identify yourself in the in between category, you are in the minority, and have no right to try to change ANYTHING in America. YOU SHOULD MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, and not expect others to do THAT FOR YOU! Remember, YOU have made the choice to remain as YOU think YOU ARE!!!

  11. AS the old saying goes – “Give ’em and inch and they’ll take a mile” This has nothing to do with equality they want to take over. About 3% of the country trying to force their ways on the rest of us. Time for the other 97% to step up. As someone else posted a month or so ago – “When the people who don’t want to get involved – get involved – You have a problem”.

  12. I’m one of those that believe in live and let live, and be what you want to be but don’t push it on me and my family, I liked you much better in the closet. Unfortunately many these people are positioned in so many schools from K-8 to College, and are corrupting our youngsters. They should be kept in staff positions and away from any direct contact with students.

  13. It absolutely does not concern me who is with whom and how they fuck, which of them is a fag, gay, transgender or lesbian. But this is exactly as long as they do not climb into my family and to my children. But bitches, I don’t get into your fucking business, and you are hands off me, my family and my children! Remember, I am for them will not regret my life!

  14. I’ve been a “leftist” most of my life, but these absurd extremes in the name of Liberalism shock and disgust me. Why is this yet another “all or nothing” issue? Sure, teach kids to respect people’s choices in adult relationships, and accept same-sex families. But letting children make these kinds of decisions is just barbaric. As a teacher I even saw how role models outside the family railroad ambivalent kids, who might be experimenting with their sexuality, into premature identification. They offer them “support” and assure them gays are more prevalent in the population than they really are. In any case, other factors should be explored like toxic foods that can affect hormones, and possibly psychological factors if handled with sensitivity and without coercion.

    1. I would never quit Loving a family member if this happened in my family or even a close friends, and I would accept loved ones decisions, Of course I would have concerns as to why and how this may have happened, but I would love them regardless, and would use love and understanding to let them know that I loved them even if I could not totally understand their lifestyle. I believe that most of the people who think they are lesbians or gays are likely that way because of things going on in their minds. I see them as needing understanding, but that is not what they are asking or wanting right now, they want to shove their thoughts and lifestyles on others weather they want it or not. Its like this, I don’t hate to often, or at least try not too, I don’t feel good about hurting someone physically or mentally, but I would not tolerate anyone pushing me around. I love who I am, I consider myself a fair and honst person who likes mankind, but I’m not going to Just sit back and watch them or anyone, majority, minority , whatever continually try bullying or pushing their ideas on me or any of my loved ones. Would it break my heart if I found out it was in my family, Yes secretly it would, but I would never let my loved ones know it, and they would always be able to still feel my love towards them, because of course I would love them. I would not try to tell them how to be, just like I expect them to not tell me how to be.

  15. If 3% of the population is “gay” and 97% is “not”, let that 97% speak up. This is just another “good versus bad” that is rising up instead of allowing all to “live and let live”. It is unfortunate that politicians, powerful people, Joe Biden, etc. cannot mind their own business.

  16. Those who provide puberty blockers to young children need to have answers ready for the parents as to why! Parents have authority over their kids, not any school system.

  17. I’ve always said they don’t want “equal” rights. They want “special” rights. And they keep proving me right.

    1. Exactly…that is what they are doing. And its time they find out that you can not force your ideas on anyone, and if they would just stay with people like themselves and live their lives, life would not turn them into bawl baby, bully want a be’s , and they might even be happy. Its like this have some respect for others and get the chip off your shoulder, when it comes down to it, no one cares as long as you leave them alone. Show a little respect and maybe you will get a little respect.

  18. Let the Liberal Scumbags fire her, She will be laughing all the way to the bank. She is to good for the Demonic shit hole school. The school administrators are a pile of cowardly COCKROACHES.

    1. The only sad thing here, is that she may not be laughing all the way to the bank, because these puppets are being used by the elites who want their way with us and our country, and these morons somehow keep finding ways to unfairly taking away many of our rights, through lying mind games and cheating, and by only giving to this minority. AMERICANS NEED TO STOP BEING SO POLITE, AND NOT BOWING TO THEIR DEMANDS.

  19. Once again , the school system. School boards are continuing to try and destroy other people’s children under guises of inclusion and every child’s safety. Now let’s see here, you are giving all kinds of meds to little children, probably without parents consent. Then want to tell everyone it’s for their well-being.
    This isn’t a safe and good environment for anyone children. The school system is broken, your only pushing sick propaganda, not teaching to help children get ahead in life as a adult.
    Why is that , Teachers, Principals ……

    1. If uber liberal, white minority SF was able to boot 3 school board members in a 70% landslide rejection, any city can do it.

  20. It’s a sad and evil time in our world. The gay community should judt keep their mouths shut and knave our children alone. When Jesus returns and judgement is rendered they’ll wish they had done good instead of evil. Helk is hot and eternity is forever

    1. Screw waiting for Jesus! We need to fight back faster and harder than that by doing what was done in VA last November.

  21. No, we are NOT being governed by weaklings. We are being oppressed by hard line, militant Marxists and freaks who are put in power by weaklings whose fear of offending and backlash is literally killing the nation. Lines have long been drawn and are only getting more defined. States like Florida elect strong conservatives like DeSantis and we reap the rewards. Woke states like the Northeast are reaping what they sowed and getting the tyranny they richly deserve. As more fed up folks leave these blue socialist toilets, their electoral votes and Congressional seats will diminish as ours grow. All we ask is that you pinkos who leave don’t bring your commie bull***t to our red states.

  22. I would have my child out of there, like yesterday. They have no right to give children ANYTHING without parental consent. And no one that young should be getting these blockers. Its not up the the schools, teachers, principals, school boards and especially not up to the communist teachers unions. If any of you are teachers you should stand up to your union and demand they STOP turning kids into disturbed, confused and maladjusted racists. They have already destroyed universities with this garbage.

  23. Queers, queers and more queers. What is the answer to these sickos? An unstopable AIDS epidemic just might do it!!! One can only hope so!!!

  24. Have nothing against the gay people. But why do you think you have the right to dictate to the non gay people your beliefs and will to change us. Hell I could care less about what you think and so do many others in the WORLD. Leave us alone and maybe you just might have a happy life.

  25. Gays are going to start on the kids and then they’re going to recruit more kids and from my parenting point of view you don’t want to know that my point of view is I know a few gays but they know for certain not to make a move on me or anybody around me something’s wrong your parents had to be gay something happened in their life to make them be that way.

    1. I agree and agree, they definitely know better than to mess with me or my loved ones, and yes there must be something wrong in the family somewhere, it is not the norm, but as far as their knowing not to mess with me, it was something I was born with, and others could read it a mile away, didn’t ever even have to say a word, just a look and they knew better. we all have it in us, so people start using it, we have a lot going on in our country and we need to quit taking their shit and remembering we can kick ass when we have too.

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