Trump is RIGHT Not To Concede the Election Over Media Pressure

Establishment media outlets once again defy common sense by trying to bully President Donald Trump into conceding an election that is far from over.

After more than four years of the Republican firebrand thoroughly beating the mainstream media on every issue from Russian collusion to releasing his personal tax returns, it stands to reason the president will stand his ground until all the legal ballots are counted, voter fraud challenges heard by the courts, and the Electoral College ballots are finally cast. President Trump is both constitutionally and ethically right to not yield to pressure.

“The Trump team has canvassed all early voters and absentee mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, and they found over 100 people they think were dead, but 15 people that we verified to have been dead, who voted. But here’s the one that gets me: Six people registered after they died and voted. In Pennsylvania, I guess you’re never out of it,” South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham said. “President Trump should not concede. He’s going to win North Carolina. Keep fighting for every legal and live vote.”

The recently re-elected Republican Senator makes valid points across the board. President Trump is the projected winner in North Carolina, and states such as Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia show such strange voting anomalies. They could very well end up in the president’s win column.

Some states triggered automatic recounts, yet the media refuses to acknowledge the process is incomplete. The mainstream media seems to believe it declares winners and losers, not state election boards that conduct recounts and resolve illegal voting issues.

Media outlets are again misleading the American public about how the constitutional process unfolds. States have until Dec. 8 to resolve disputes and certify their respective vote tallies. The Electoral College process doesn’t occur until Dec. 14. Only after 270 or more votes are cast can a candidate be legitimately deemed “president-elect.” The establishment media has acted prematurely just like they did when they tried to claim Al Gore won, only to have the “hanging chad” ballot dispute resolved in the courts. In the end, the country elected President George W. Bush and not the “global warming” cultist.

The Wall Street Journal has acted impetuously, pushing the narrative that not only is Biden “president-elect,” but the White House is wrongfully rebuffing his transition team. Given the fact battleground states haven’t certified their votes and President Trump has a pathway to a second term, Wall Street Journal headlines such as “Biden, Trump Teams in Standoff Over Transition,” and “Biden’s Election Win Was a Big Bet for These Wall Street Executives,” wreak of arrogance.

Upwards of 70 percent of Republican voters do not believe the election was free or fair, and the DOJ has launched probes into fraud. That position is undoubtedly supported by dead people registering themselves and voting for Biden. Left-leaning Politico reports that “78 percent believed that mail-in voting led to widespread voter fraud and 72 percent believed that ballots were tampered with.”

A week after Election Day, Biden’s supposed winning lead in Arizona has dwindled to less than 1 percent with enough outstanding ballots in conservative areas to sway the state’s 11 electoral votes to President Trump.

If Pennsylvania or others follow suit, the establishment media may be responsible for blood in the streets come Dec. 14. At the very least, mainstream outlets jumped the gun and acted with reckless abandon for the truth regardless of who serves the next term as President of the United States. There are politicians the left-wing media can push around. President Trump is not one of them.

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101 thoughts on “Trump is RIGHT Not To Concede the Election Over Media Pressure”

    1. The lib-nuts are cheating and if President Donald J. Trump were to give up America will never recover. We will become a third world country full of evil people running our Nation. God chose Trump and he will win.

      1. President Trump has to win no matter what kind of tricks the others have made. If it is not possible, the President, in my modest opinion, Patriotically, and in prevention of worse situations that will develope, can choose to ask the Armed Forces of the Nation to take over for a period long enough to return to normality to avoid worse problems, yes, even if some will yell that this is dictatorship… In my opinion it would be the only way to solve this impasse and
        in due time return to a United Nation as it has to be and always has been and remain strong.

        1. lock and load come dec 14th. if they are proven to have stole this election and it really looks like they did. there will be h=== to pay . you haven’t seen any protect yet . not burning buildings down ‘ stealing and looting killing cops setting cars on fire . and all the other crap the democrats approved of. but theres hundreds of thousands ready to stand of for america.stay tuned

          1. We don’t have to wait for a trial they are guilty until proven innocent, that is the socialist way.

        2. While I understand your sentiment, the Armed Forces of the United States of America is prohibited by law from being used against American citizens on American soil, rightfully so and must not ever be used by any politician or political party. I realize as most patriotic Americans who still love this country do, that democrats have engaged in voter fraud and interference in the counting of legal ballots only, and they are outraged that their votes have been canceled by the aforementioned. However, there are legal processes that must be given an opportunity to work, regardless of what the media is saying, President Trump very much still has a chance to win the election.

          What his supporters must do is to keep pressure on other Republicans to support his efforts, let them know they will also be held accountable for their inactions. By the way, there is another way President Trump can win, but only if he doesn’t cave to pressure and concedes the election. Regardless of what the Electoral College does, if President Trump contests their vote and doesn’t concede the election, it goes to the House of Representatives. Once it’s in the House of Representatives, each state creates a delegation that can cast ONLY one vote per state. GIven the fact there are more Red states than Blue states, President Trump can still be declared the LEGAL winner by the House of Representatives in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America.

          1. By the way, now you know the MAIN reason why democrats and the media are trying so desperately to put pressure on President Trump to concede the election. If he concedes the election, it’s obviously game over, however, if he exercises his rights under the law and the Constitution and forces the election to be decided by the House of Representatives, it may very well be game over for democrats and they know it.

            Folks, democrats didn’t cheat just a little, they cheated a lot, but the fraudulent ballot stuff is a diversions, the actual cheating occurred in the counting. Whether by states’ elections boards employees, voting machines and computer systems that democrats control, it’s the count that’s being manipulated. I sincerely hope President Trump has a bunch of computer software forensic analysts and programmers who can locate all the codes used to change votes and vote counts, because chasing after a bunch of bad ballots is peanuts compared to the real voter fraud.

          2. That’s why we have the Natl. Guard. In liberal cities, the decent, law abiding citizens need to be scared. In red cities, let the vermin try that Seattle shit. They’re gonna find out they have the hate but we’ve got the guns.

          3. Marc, after reading both your comments I can see you possess a mind of perception, reason and logic. We all know that the dems are trying to steal the election. As long as President Trump continues to fight and not concede and we his supporters hope and pray without ceasing that he does. I do believe that there are pathways for another 4 years as you have outlined. Although I’ve heard that analogy before, it is comforting to hear you endorse it

        3. I don’t think that this will work, there are too many in high positions in the military that are in on this communist coup.

        1. Yes and this is why the demonicrats don’t want an investigation, because it will show just how it was done, and this is why it must be done. This is why the corrupt communist media wants to force Trump to concede, so that there will be no investigation. Some of these states have not had enough time to hide all the evidence, and are refusing to do a recount, to stall for more time. So I for one say full steam ahead.

          1. It will likely show just what SEN ( D ) Feinstein’s old man did to get the software rigged on those ballot machines.

        2. The demo rats cheated..who is shocked.!! Creepy Joe has treason all over him..first The Logan Act..second he is not a naturalized citizen..and thirdly he is over the age of 70. Harris is not a naturalized citizen The Constitution says no negro man or negro women or white women..can run for the highest office of the land.

      2. This is not surprising the same thing happened in the Obama election. 149% of the registered voters voted of course that was ok. Thousands of votes for Obama and not one for Romney not possible except with ballot harvesting. So what happened this time is par for the course.

    2. Exactly. biden did not win the election. Stacking the decks and hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots do not a winner or a president make. If that were how one became a president, it wouldn’t be much of a president. Nobody wants a sleazy thief for president.

      How would that gain the respect of anybody?

      No way should anyone be pushing for a concession as long as at least 5 states have not redone their elections with much additional security to ensure NO MORE CHEATING.
      We need a president, not a sleazy political whore.

      1. The way this was done it will be impossible to determine who won. To many illegal ballots have already been mixed in with legal ones and no way to determine which is which. The only way to do this is with a new election.
        Rules for National Elections
        Following constraints apply to all states and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.
        No mail in voting.
        Absentee ballots for military and medical reasons only, medical must be validated by doctor.
        Absentee ballots must be requested thirty days prior to election day.
        Absentee ballots must be received two full days prior to election day, no excuses.
        Election ends 8:00 pm on election day, no ballots arriving after that time will be counted, no excuses.
        Full ID and signature verification required.
        Any and all non-citizens attempting to vote, will be subject to immediate deportation, no exception.
        Poll watchers from all parties must be allowed access to verify all ballots, poll watchers may not be denied access, regardless of party affiliation. if for any reason access is denied all counting is halted immediately until the problem is resolved.
        These rules apply to all states, and these rules may not be changed or altered in any way by any state and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.

        KISS………..Keep It Simple Stupid

    3. Keep up your faith. God put you in office..the devil is hitting hard. God is still fighting for America HE needs us to keep Israel safe..

    4. There were too many “glitches” to believe that it was system errors. They were programmed to do what they did.

          1. From the scope of this cheating I would say that the entire DNC was involved. It would have to much for one or two do. At least every blue state was involved.

      1. And there were to many states using this software, for this to happen in only one state. All twenty seven states using this software should have this problem checked out. This is systemic liberalism at work.

      2. And there were to many states using this software, on this election machine, by the same manufacture, with the a DNC senators husband owning sixty percent of the stock in this company, for this to happen in only one state. All twenty seven states using this software should have this problem checked out. This is systemic liberalism at work.



    6. this is why we can’t let SLEEPY JOE win and his creepy vice president because they already have plans for us and the ..he flew to china and already wanted to sign contracts with them to start work again.. usa will become the butt kissers for the country of China .

    7. Jon Ossff admitted that Democrat used monies for the election from China Communist Party, through the Hong Kong wealthy bankers. That is illegal in itself, no foreign powers are legally able, to donate monies to any election, in the USA. Why hasn’t the media spoke up about that? That is one question I want the answer to. Then when they started loosing in the states that would determine the election, they started pushing through the ballots more than once, creating the large number of votes, for the Democrats. This is why they didn’t want the republican people, to oversee their actions. That is the only way, they could do it fast enough. This is fraud and the American people know it.

      1. This is illegal and I demand an immediate investigation, it is illegal for any foreign entity to interfere in our elections. this systemic liberalism, and it must be rooted out in its entirety. It will destroy socialism.

    8. Total power by left is to deny the freedom for all Americans. They want to change the constitution that has made USA great and the Left the freedom of “fake” speech . Left is for power and they sacrifice their integrity at all cost for vote, money and power. Follow the money and don’t be surprise ! Follow the constitution and you will find God.

  1. President Trump SHOULD not concede. This election has so much fraud and the Demacraps should change their name to the SCUMBAG party. They have made our country a disgrace through out the world with their CHEATING, lies and trying to destroy anyone who supports our President Trump who loves our country and fights for all AMERICANS.


    2. The world respects Trump because they know that he loves the country, and will fight for it,
      They think that demonicrats are fools that will sell their mothers for a dollar. They have no love for anything that will not put a penny in their bank account. This is systemic liberalism at work, it will destroy socialism.

    1. I agree with you completely.
      God is in control and has heard our prayers.
      In John 16:33 Jesus said “In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”


  2. Keep the faith Mr. President Trump – the Lord has your right hand and HE will lead YOU to your second term!

    God Bless,
    Ralph Vander Loop


  3. WHY should President Trump cave in to the media’s pressure? They have been a BIG part of this unfair corrupt and bias treatment of Trump, and has openly favored Biden from the beginning! So much evidence is coming forward everyday proving this election was rigged. So like it or not, Trump and his legal team WILL uncover the truth….And regardless of which party you support, you as American citizens should want the truth to be brought forward….

    1. ur so right linda m.. when the democrapps heard that Trump was running for president back in 2014 they started planning on how to stop him . but when he won in 2016 and beat killery Clinton that’s when things started happening.. think about it…shootings at night clubs.. impeachment atemps..covid19 the list goes on and on. it gotten worse when trump fired China because he knew all of these years china we’re ripping off.. let me refresh your memory when Obama was President do you remember he sold the covid19 to the dirty country of China was for a vaccine for upper respiratory infections and to also help for HIV infection as well ..all of this just for one man that made America great again.

  4. President Trump should not concede, It took 37 days in Florida with the hanging chads to declare Bush president of the United States against Gore, More democrats cheating, lets recount and let it play out and Trump will win and the crooked news media will lose

  5. Is Voter Fraud From The Get Go!!!!!!!Donald’s Had This Election Stolen By Lyin Biden!!!!!!!!He’s A Proven Loser&Thief Of Riches Abroad&Soon To Be The Same Here In The USA!!!!!!Let This Play Out Folks,He’ll Get His Second Term All Right,I’ve Got Faith In Our Lord,Not So Much In The Voting System Though!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️Faith&Charlie Sole‍♀️‍♂️‍♀️‍♂️

  6. President Trump you are a fighter one of the many things I love about you. These liberals need to be exposed. They seem to get away with anything they do. My husband and I pray every night that the truth will be exposed and you will be back where you belong.

  7. Read the Constitution, Bill of Rights Amendment 12 . If the voting is found to be corrupt, or the appearance of corruption. The voting count will be deemed null and void . At that point, the President will be chosen by the House of Representatives. The House will only have 1 vote per State . There will be only 50 states or Votes. The Republican Party has 37 out of the 50 states to appoint the President of the United States and approved by the Senate Majority.

    1. Amen brother, you are exactly right. No pun intended. He should never concede. Winners never should. Thank you for educating people. This needs to be understood by everyone.

      1. Even by us Democrats who know Trump is the only one fighting for the citizens of America and to keep us free. These communists are trying to destroy America and they sold us out for money and power. They hate Trump because they know he has done more for the people and America than the last 4 Presidents together . There are a lot of Democrats who feel the same as I do and they don’t want to see our Country to end up like Venezuela and Cuba.

    2. Mr. Breland, thanks for the education. I was totally unaware of Amendment 12. I like this. Seems to me there is enough of ‘Appearence of Corruption’ to have the House of Representatives vote & declare who will be our president for the next 4 years.

    3. PLUS if it goes to the Supreme Court, both Kavanaugh and Barrett were justices during the Bush-gore fiasco !!!! they went according to the laws and rules, and W was declared the winner in Florida, which gave him the majority of the electoral college votes !!!! so they are VERY FAMILIAR with the process of a disputed election !!!!! it was 20 years ago, & I am sure that they have only gotten more intelligent over those years !!!! so that is very important to keep in mind as this filth plays out !!!!!

      1. What? Goresuch and Kavanaugh may have been judges, but no way they were Justices. That’s only recent, Trump era, not 2000.

    4. You are very right Mr. Breland. Hope others, many others, the majority that it is in fact, will not concede as Mr. President is not accepting the dirty tricks in spite of this abuse, corruption, and treason to our Nation, President Trump 2020-2024…In despite of wind and tide.

      1. I am beginning to understand that the demonicrats no longer have a base. that is why they need to import so many illegals, without them they would have nothing, and no one to vote for them. That is why they have to have open borders. This systemic liberalism, and it must be rooted out before it destroys socialism.

  8. Stay the course Mr President. The truth will come out soon and you will win big time.

    God Bless you and our country/

    Art W.

  9. I believe that “God” , our creator, has allowed the News Media to push the “Radical Left” to this point, to expose
    the Corruption that exists in our nations government so that this sin can be routed out , and “HE”, GOD will provide a way forward, “IF” WE, his children repent of our wicked ways and ask “HIS” forgiveness and confess “IN GOD WE TRUST”, then once again

  10. I really hope and pray Trump wins this fight. At least we don’t have a wimpy RINO like Romney who rolled over and played dead when he was defeated. And for Biden to whine and cry about Trump not conceding, I remember a jackass from Tennessee who wouldn’t concede in the 2000 election. And that fight was over just one state. But no matter what happens, each side will accuse the other of election fraud and there will be no chance of either candidate unifying the country. As long as at least one part of congress is controlled by the other party not much will get done. But that could be a blessing if the senile old Marxist slimy sewer rat steals the presidency.

    1. Romney has never been a conservative, he is a Russian spy sent to infiltrate the RNC. He needs to be returned to his own party. the party of HRC, the Do Not Concede party. Even if they lose. This is systemic liberalism, it must be rooted out or it will destroy socialism.

  11. Let us all remember that ” God is still on the throne and prayer changes things”. If we all keep praying I am confident this voter fraud will be exposed.

  12. I will always stand with President Trump. This brilliant President worked tirelessly for the American people – without taking a salary. He accomplished projects that other politicians/Presidents tried for years and failed, but he succeeded. He accomplished all this while every day going against the left radicals, democrats, news media, and even his own party. NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE SURVIVED.

    1. Dear Doris. You are very right, and l think that as you said that President Trump SURVIVED all these tricks, it might be a signal that it was for something, to continue surviving all the cheap tricks of the others and win at the end as he deserves, as much as he deserves our love and recognition.

  13. The crooked democrats and the crooked media had no more arrows in their quivers after the other smears, slurs, slander, disinformation, impeachment attempt, coronavirus, chaos, etc. In order to try to bring President Trump down and stop his re-election, they had to lie and cheat and steal by rigging the votes in the election. What a pathetic bunch of losers all.

    We now understand why Sleepy Joe really spent so much time in the basement. He knew he couldn’t beat President Trump the right way. So, this giant conspiracy on the part of the democrats, the Lincoln Project people, Never Trumpers ( the Bushes, etc.),and the crooked media came to their feeble minds. They didn’t waste money on rallies. They saved it for crooked, lying advertisement, riots and chaos, and, I am sure, bribes for the idiots and deplorables who stole ballots, altered ballots, harvested ballots, and whatever else they could do. There must have been payoffs for the election officials who participated actively or by looking away. The crooked media – the several of them – did everything they could do to forestall and repress the allegations against Sleepy Joe and Hunter for their criminal alliances and influence peddling with China, Russia, Ukraine and ?

    Pelosi obviously didn’t expect that seats in the House and Senate would be so vulnerable. I am going to laugh for a week when she is denied her plea for Speaker of the House. I want to see her cry when she is humiliated.

    Am I evil? No, I condemn injustice and applaud law and order just as any other American should do. I am expressing legitimate concerns, some of which have been and are being addressed. Shame on the powers that be if all of these concerns are not addressed and, where wrong has been done, rectified, including the crooks and thieves going to jail.

  14. Regardless of who wins or loses this election, there is a guarantee of more civil unrest in this country.
    Everyone with a functioning brain can see that the socialist left is completely corrupt.
    If they give Biden the steal, Patriots will stand against them, and may even mobilize.
    The left is already mobilized and have been for months. “peaceful protests” ie looting, rioting, destruction, chaos, calls to defund the police.
    WE the patriotic People of this country are sick of the bullshit, and are about to put the whole thing to bed once and for all.
    Election, or no election

    1. They have BLM and Antifa mobilized, but that is not enough, that is why they are trying to cripple the police.
      People need to understand that when the government fail to protect them, it is up to them to protect themselves. The government can not stop them, when it refuses to do the job it is responsible for. That the people pay the government to do for them. So when the government does not, then the people have the right and the responsibility to to enforce the law themselves. Politicians can cry all they want, but when they fail then it is up to the people to do for themselves. the people should not be arrested it is the politicians that should be in jail for failing the people and abusing their power. The people rule, not the politicians. People are dying because of bad politicians, not epidemics.

  15. 0f course the Bidden left cheated. I can not believe that Bidden, Obama and his ctooked crew,, Hillary, FBI crooks, etc, have not been brought to justice YET. PLENTY of evidence. Why are they in such a hurry for Trump to give in? What else are they up to?

      1. I think that Barr has all the evidence that he needs, but perhaps he is getting to old for a good fight. Maybe he should be replaced with some one that loves a good fight, someone like Giuliani.

  16. Keep fighting for America Donald Trump! The Democrats are so currupt! Prayers that Trump wins 2020! He has made America great again!

  17. All of the Biden’s are corrupt even Obama and the Clintons! Why hasn’t anything be done about all of these Democrats corruption!!!!!!!! Trump 2020❤️

    1. Nothing has been done about the corruption because the Own (or control) everyone that is in Power. Which also needs to be addressed in my opinion. They strong arm people that want to come forward and testify or they make evidence vanish. However we do have Truth, Justice and All that is Good in America on our Side as well as God*

  18. Omg .. the democrats are TRADERS . !The old washed up politicians are being controlled by
    the little nutty dirty looking liberals ..
    The dumb democrates did well in this country .
    They are the privileged whites .. not the workind middle class . Dems are too stupid to see whats going on .. Communisum !!’

  19. We will lose our country if corrupt Biden and clan gets in . I am praying for our beloved country. Keep fighting
    President Trump.

  20. If this widespread election fraud by Demorats actually puts Biden into the White House, the future of America is very much in doubt. After Joe is declared unable to perform the duties of President, and replaced by Kamala, this country is on the fast lane to ruin – Socialist will rule !

  21. One thing I don’t understand is that Trump supports our 2nd amendment constitution, and yet in Minnesota and other northern (blue states i say that loosely) Are avid hunters. Just look at the number of the NRA MEMBERS IN THOSE STATES. Something is up. I for one will never give up my guns until they pry them from my cold dead hands. I believe we all must fight to the end. Even if we have another Cival War we must never give up our American Rights period.

  22. As i have stated on other sites, the President needs to keep moving forward in his fight for truth and right. Our FOREFATHERS did not concede, where would we be today if they did? NO! Donald Trump needs to and should continue to fight for the truth and right. It is the right thing to do and he has that right because of our FOREFATHERS.

  23. Absolutely should not concede! Sick of double standards dems constantly employ.. they should concede as they have done…. what was it pelosi said? Oh yeah, “whatever it takes”… well millions and millions and millions of Americans say we will do whatever it takes to get to the truth! We ain’t conceding either!

  24. Dear Lord & Savior Jesus Christ we’re all praying for President Trump & we’ll fight for our freedom & all the rights we hold dear, in deep prayer, and in spiritual battle! The Dem’s & Lib’s won’t be victorious! We pray that all the electoral votes will be reversed and be counted towards Republican votes, and President Trump will be our 46th President. You’ll will see us through all of this mess, we know this to be true in faith! President Trump shall not concede (give him strength), we’re here fighting for America, President Trump, freedom & the right’s for the unborn, & no to abortion, no to socialism! Thank you dear Lord, amen!

  25. I’m so glad that there is law and just in this country and I am praying so hard that we have a just and fair count. The other day I went to church with fear in my heart about what just happen to our Election Day and I cried in my heart to God knowing I can’t blame him for what just happened. I felt robbed and my heart fell me as I was walking with my family towards the church door I looked up to the sound of the wind and the beautiful American flag flying I felt God and love and he reminded me in my heart my mind my soul that “IN GOD WE TRUST”. I had to stop for awhile and take in all I just learned and heard in my heart that God is in this election and this is his land and country and he will fight our battles and will be on our left and our right that evil will not prevail. I truly believe if we trust in God he will fight our battles.

  26. Always know the democrats and their allies in the media are very corrupt but never thought they could go that far with their corruption.

  27. In Isaiah God says that His word will not return void and will accomplish what He set out to do. What would happen to the Christian faith in this country and throughout the world is ALL the prophets got it wrong? 2 Chronicles 7: 14-15 14if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 15Now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. Keep the faith and know that under the Mayflower Compact we have always been a nation of Godly people. God has got this, get in your prayer closets and let Him amaze the world with what is coming.

  28. Feinsteins religion is very telling, it is hard to believe in nothing, but she tries very hard to keep her faith. The DOG LIVES IN HER AND IT IS QUITE VICIOUS.
    Fartstein thought that she was being smart with that comment, but it bit her in the a$$.

    Is it a requirement, that to be a member of the demonicrat party that you must be an atheist, so much for inclusion. If it is then why is Biden a demonicrat, and Pelosi. It is absolutely important to eliminate al religious Activists from the demonicrat party. only atheists can properly determine the path that the country can take.

    Atheisms is a religion of it’s own, and has it’s own dogma. So Fartstein can keep it to herself, I do not like her trying to force her dogma on to me. She definitely uses her dog(ma) to push her agenda, so she does not need to accuse someone else. She is more guilty than most.
    I think that Barret should share this with Farstein.

    You can not be anti-life, and be a Christian. To be a true demonicrat ( communist, socialist, slave ) you have to be a practicing atheist. Totally on board with killing babies even after birth. you even have to be willing to kill your best friend if they lean a little right to pick something up.

  29. This is the election nightmare that President Trump predicted. The Democrats, foreign powers, illegal election software and crooked machines, government officials seeking monetary gain and power are proof of systemic fraud in this election. President Trump save America from this infamy. Protect our rights to have true legal votes. Georgia should not use these machines in the run offs in January or any other election! Adding to this mayhem is the multitude of observed bad actors in the election itself. Prosecute the cheats and make examples of them. Riot mongers and anarchists beware as your time is coming! President Trump should never concede to this hoax! Our voting system will never be trusted until it is fixed. No more mail in ballots again. Revote NOW with a simple written ballot at the polling station everywhere. President Trump won a historic landslide victory that has been hidden by the fake media and the crooks. Be ready for the Truth to be exposed. America is awake and ready to demand justice. America needs to trust the system and it will never trust Joe Biden and company.

  30. The demonicrat party claims to be inclusive, and i agree, it is inclusive to a fault.
    But it is not their fault that they must include everyone in the group that is not the demonicrat party, who is not an atheist, communist, socialist, slave. This is real inclusivity, like I have never seen before. So I guess the demonicrat party really is the party of inclusivity.

  31. Trump will overturn the election
    If machine tampering can be proven; otherwise if Biden wins there maybe an apocalypse & the US will be another Babylon.

  32. Are we sure the Democrats and Liberals won’t try to use the Military???? On a slightly different note, has any one else noticed that Virginia was given to Biden right after polls closed, and Trump was ahead (way ahead) at least at 11:30 p.m. – 11:45 p.m. on November 3, 2020????? If I am not mistaken Dominion was used in Virginia as well.

  33. If you think that Biden is the next president you are either a dyed-in-the-wool dem apologist, demented, stupid or just a moron. There was so much fraud in the ballots that a similarity would be like JFK defeating Nixon and we all know that JFK won because his daddy bought Illinois from a dem governor. Wise up dems and admit you cheated through your teeth!


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