Democrat School District Sued for Discriminating Against Asian-Americans

It’s not just Harvard, Yale, and other elitist universities. Democrat-run Montgomery County in Maryland has just been exposed for taking measures to ensure that Asian-Americans kids with high test scores aren’t granted entrance into gifted and talented programs.

The county, seemingly distressed by the fact that there wasn’t an equitable “racial make-up” in these programs, hired education consultancy Metis Associates to change admission requirements. Now, instead of using grades, test scores, and teacher recommendations, the school district uses a secret formula that includes a “field test” and consideration of a student’s “peer group.”

Other measures used are unclear as the district refuses to tell anyone about other variables that could impact a student’s entry (or denial of entry) into gifted programs. However, what is known is that the percentage of Asian-American children in these programs fell by nearly 10 percentage points after the new guidelines were put in place.

Many of the children denied entrance scored in the 99th percentile on their tests. Because of this, it’s been hard for many parents to see this as anything other than blatant racial discrimination on the part of the school district.

Not surprisingly, Asian-American parents were sorely displeased with the new policies. However, when they attempted to express their dismay to the school board, they were dismissed with curt remarks from hostile members. One told them that African-American families had experienced atrocities for decades, and said the parents’ pursuit of the American Dream was not everyone’s pursuit of the American dream. Another complained to a local newspaper that Asian-American parents use their knowledge to get what they want for their children, as if doing so was somehow a crime that deserved punishment.

Following this, the Association for Education Fairness and took the case to court, citing the obvious fact that the school board’s new policies violate the Constitution’s equal protection clause.

This isn’t the first time liberal Montgomery County officials have tried to dump on parents who only want the best possible educational opportunities for their kids. Earlier in the year, parents had to sue to force the county to allow private schools to reopen for the 2020-2021 school year, as local health officials wanted to shutter them along with public schools in the same area. Now, parents are being forced to go to court so their children can get a fair shake from a school system that kids who study hard should be passed over if they have the “wrong” skin color and ethnic background.

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34 thoughts on “Democrat School District Sued for Discriminating Against Asian-Americans”

  1. Enrollment in these programs should totally be based on grades and test scores. If you want something bad enough you will work for it. For decades the rich have been admitted to these programs and ivy league colleges simply because of money and who they are. We need intelligence in order to have the best outcomes in progress in medicine, economics,etc.

    1. The idea of “working for it” is something unknown to the groups known for their ENTITLEMENT mentality, so
      such “entitled” groups demand the dumbing down of academics so they can be given top status. Asians, in
      general, tend to admire a mature work ethic, and they demonstrate these values to their offspring, who, in
      turn, show up as “gifted,” because they are extra bright. Now the lesser intelligent groups are upset? They
      should try applying themselves instead of always looking for being just given everything. Some groups never
      grow up — they remain childish and demanding, and love to throw tantrums, like spoiled brats.

      1. It is hi time that neither race or gender give entitlement to any. True grades should speak for itself. Stop accommodating. The dumber or lazier.
        No free passes for ignorant.

    1. You might want to re-read the posting before commenting. Just to make it clear the students were Asian-Americans
      NOT Black. In my humble opinion, if proved, they should at the least be removed from any position of authority.
      In case you try to deflect: I am a White Georgia boy working on my 7th decade.

      1. Maybe YOU need to re-read the article as it DOES state,one told them that AFRICAN-AMERICAN families had experienced atrocities for decades,and said the parents’ pursuit of the ‘American dream’ was not everyone’s pursuit of the American dream.So Jack is correct in saying,”the black thing again,huh?

        1. The comment regarding African Americans was from a Board Member based on the way the article is written. Regardless, the facts are clear and the school and it’s responsible employees and upper leadership should all be reprimanded ASAP. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated.. EVER.

      2. I read the comment “the black thing again” as what the school board was trying to push to the front of the admissions roles. Because of being discriminated against in the past. And now, they are overreaching to amend what they think has been a wrong.
        Please note, I’m not agreeing with this, iam just saying.

      3. Excellent point !! If a kid works hard gets good grades vs a kid who doesn’t ,the
        person who puts in the effort should be rewarded .

    2. It is getting really sickening, that damned BLACK THING! there’s really nothing anyone can do. The culture does not want to study nor work.

    3. You got that right if they don’t get what they want they’ll burn down cities they should all be thrown out of the United States as traitors they’re sub humans they’re not even Americans but domestic terrorists.

  2. if entrance to educationally gifted programs can not be based on grades THEN the NBA which is 74% AA should be forced to have racial equality. I want to see more 5 foot 6 non-AA guys on the NBA court? Why should physical ability limit an individuals chance to earn $$$ as a pro-ball player. It seems in our country the only time you have to actually qualify for something is sports……never smarts
    that is nuts!!!

    1. Love your comment! So true! It’s really ironic that instead of recognizing and rewarded the talent, some “equality” obsessed individuals or groups in power insist that “all are equal but some are more equal than others”. Those parents, regardless of race or ethnic origin, who really invest in their children and help them grow, have earned the right to see the fruits of their labor.

  3. when a leftist looks in a classroom and sees 30 smiling faces and half are asian and half are european they are horrified. “there’s not enough diversity.” if the classes are not going to be segregated by prior academic performance one should give up on the idea of a “gifted” program and simply continue social experimentation. “affirmative action” has been very unkind to students when they enter university and cannot keep up with with courses they are taking.

  4. What do unqualified students have to offer a level of education for which they aren’t qualified? Nothing. They can’t understand the material being taught bc they don’t have the IQ to do so. It doesn’t matter their skin color. “Peer group” is purely a race box to check and zero to do with mental acuity.

  5. Why not use nationality percentage for all then abilities would have no bearing
    on anything. We could have doctors with an IQ of 50.
    Thank you

  6. This doesn’t surprise me at all! For decades, Democrats have been more racist then they could ever accuse Republicans for being. As a matter of FACT, Republicans have done more for minorities then Democrats could ever do with the exception of making promises for votes that they (Democrats) have NO intention of keeping!

    1. So true. Hopefully they will be routed in November. If we have majority Republicans in all levels of elected offices, maybe then a real change in society can happen.

  7. What is happening in our University? Where is the BRIGHTEST MIND STUDENT? Not base on national or race or color! If school can’t fix the situation. Then they don’t deserve any FEDERAL FUNDS MONEY! These program are supposed to be for kids that show interest in the field! And wanted to learn more! It not anybody else fault if the classroom is not BALANCE! Some kids are NOT INTERESTED IN APPLIED THEMSELVES ! SO CUT THE BULLCRAP OUT! AND TEACH THOSE KIDS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN THE CLASS!

  8. Accolades and then positions of authority should be given to those who not only merit it but can handle it and know what to do with it effectively in qualified positions of leadership. This is how the USA evolved and that not by a bunch of dumbasses.

  9. If there ever was a group of racist and evil people in this world, then that would most definitely be the Democrat Party. Democrats are the ones that owned slaves. Democrats are the ones that started the KKK. Democrats are the ones that started segregation. Democrats are the ones that hated the man with the dream. The list goes on and on and on with this perverted party. Now they are trying to push racism in the school system to promote one race and one race only. The black race. What a bunch of hypocrites. Only a fool will vote for a Democrat this coming election. So my question to you is this….. Are you a fool? Please don’t be a fool. Vote a straight Republican ticket all the way.

    1. Exactly.. You proved that intelligence and ability is not based on color. Democrat welfare programs are instituted to keep the Black population thinking they are incapable or not intelligent enough to perform as well as anybody else academically. You prove the point this is false so why is there so many ‘equal opportunity’ programs designed just for the Black population and not for Latino or Asian? Why are businesses, agencies, school boards slanted to extend invite and promote only to the Blacks and less so to others? Because the party needs their support and vote and what better way than to buy it through all these elitist ‘privileges’. BLM matters (more than others), right?

  10. Six degrees in what and did you have to meet the same accidemic standards as Asian and White did, or were you another of the affirmative action grads who were given your deplomas for being black. The standards bring set so low for affirmative action you could sleep through your class and still pass. I was a Orthopedic Tech in the Army and a black doctor who was a product of affirmative action was doing his Residency at the hospital, wrote many orders that could have hurt his patients we double checked his orders with another doctor to make certain they were correct. , Affirmative Action means you can get a degree by doing less than half the work, and get by even if you’re unqualified.

  11. The politicians (read Dems) have been playing with black education for decades with terrible results. Giving someone a grade, or a position, means nothing. They still cannot compete in the marketplace. Lowering the educational bar until it is on the ground benefits no one. Do you prefer the “assisted” doctor or lawyer to work for you? I’d rather have the best, regardless of sex, race or religion. As to sport teams, why are there no short, fat white guys represented? Surely that is racist.

  12. It’s rather unfortunate that there’s very little education about the abuse and prejudice towards Asian Americans……not to mention the laws that were in place to segregate and penalize the Asian Communities. Asians were allowed to become citizens 70 years after the the Black Americans. So they put their hard work into providing services to each other,hence, the creations of China Town all over US……….instead of rioting and protesting, they put their noses into books and excelled in education. All the years of ostracism and exclusion only to be subjected again in 2020. How Unfortunate.

  13. “Now, instead of grades, test results, and teacher recommendations, the school district uses a secret formula that includes a ‘field test’ and a student’s ‘peer group'” – Well, you just haven’t tried the exams?

  14. WELL OF COURSE they tried exams and their poor little rich kids couldn’t pass spit! The democrat slave owner was always dressed in their finery and OH SO POLITE at the Catillion, right after cleaning up from whipping their N***** slaves! When ever a Democrat smiles like JOE and makes a pronouncement (HEY MAN! Poor Kids are just as bright as WHITE KIDS!” they often let slip their racist roots, as they seek again to keep those LESSERS in their place, by PROVIDING for all THEIR NEEDS! Welfare the Democrat family shredder, NO MAN (FATHER) CAN LIVE WITH THE MOM’S, Don’t have enough money? Have another out of wedlock baby, we’ll give you more welfare money! ETC. The biggest Liberal Democrat Senator, Patrick Monihan, declared that the Welfare system was “THE WORST THING WE HAVE EVER DONE TO THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY!” tHEY AIN’T DONE YET, THEY JUST PUT ON THEIR COTILLION FINERY AND GENTEEL VOCABULARY TO SELL MORE SNAKE OIL POTIONS!

  15. The democrats aren’t doing themselves any favors. They’re pushing Asians, Latinos, and Whites together into a voting/power block. That’s OK with us out here. This will come back to bite them on the Azz. Blacks may have a monopoly on sports, the rest of us have a monopoly on brains and work ethic. We will prevail.

  16. Blacks are not ‘stupid or ignorant’ people so stop programs that perpetuate that mentality. They are not mentally handicapped and can work just as diligently and intelligently as anybody else towards their own goals. Democrats keep ‘dumbing’ them down and making excuses for them to not work for their rewards. Motivation is the key and the Democrats are taking that away from them by making excuses for suggesting their inability to perform academically. Fix their schools, Black athletes make tons of money. help out for better education and medical sources. Stop with the free handouts and taking away of self dignity, everyone is equal and everyone works for what they get.

  17. It would seem, that if people would just consider that there is only one race, the human race, (in the beginning, God created man and woman and said it was good) and that each human is treated fairly and with kindness, we would not have these problems. If one work hard and does well, they get ahead. If one does not work they fall behind. Should it really matter what ethnic background someone has? Or how much melanin is in their skin? Each person is unique and different because God made them that way. People are people. You scratch them and they all bleed red blood.
    You are mean to them and they get hurt. etc. When will people stop making distinctions and decisions based on the color of someone’s skin or they’re ethnic background? (and that can go both ways) We just might begin to see a different world.
    Love your neighbor as yourself. It is a shame that people can be so petty and to deny someone something because of the above-mentioned attributes. Very sad and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  18. The comments here in are excellent, to the point, touching all points of democrat Marxist bias with truth and commonsense.
    Thank you

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