Far-Left Activists Claim the Coronavirus is the “Cure” to the “Disease of Humanity”

Far-left activists are putting up posters claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already claimed the lives of millions of people around the world, is the “cure” while “humans are the disease.”

A progressive activist group known as Extension Rebellion is claiming the slogan and stating that the air and water are clearing now that millions of people are forced to stay home. Sadly, they aren’t the only ones implying that humanity deserves to suffer from a pandemic for failing to properly care for the earth.

Actor Idris Elba, who was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, told his social media followers that the novel coronavirus was nature’s way of “reacting to the human race” and getting revenge for climate change.

It’s hard to overstate just how totally inaccurate these statements are. First of all, there is absolutely no evidence that climate change brought about the novel coronavirus. While some believe the virus was man-made, the most common explanation is that it came about as a result of people eating bats, snakes, and/or some other foods that were never intended for human consumption.

In either instance, climate change had nothing to do with the creation of the current pandemic. Furthermore, passing draconian Green New Deal-style legislation isn’t going to save the world from the pandemic.

Granted, it is true that the air and water are clearing up now that factories are shut down and people are working from home, or not working at all. However, this is not a sustainable lifestyle that can be kept up for an indefinite period of time. Millions of children the world over aren’t going to school, the poor could wind up with nothing to eat and nowhere to live, and people aren’t able to support their families.

Extinction Rebellion has tried to cover up its horrendous actions by falsely stating that the posters were put up by right-wing activists in order to make Extinction Rebellion look bad. However, it’s easy to see the claim is patently false. XR branch’s Twitter account has already affirmed the message in the posters, telling readers that, from the perspective of the earth, humans are behaving like a disease.

This isn’t the first time far-left environmentalists have shown that they care far more about Mother Nature than the billions of men, women, and children who call this planet home. Thankfully, the blatant disregard for human life is causing even fellow environmentalists to disavow this insanity.

One can only hope that the general population will remember what the far-left thinks of them when all of this is over.

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28 thoughts on “Far-Left Activists Claim the Coronavirus is the “Cure” to the “Disease of Humanity””

  1. Please don’t continue to perpetuate the false claim that this pandemic came from bats. It is a bio weapon that was developed first at University of Chapel Hill and North Carolina and then Dr. Fauci sent $3.7 million to Wuhan to continue the research on this gain of function. That is the process by which a virus is made more deadly. Rohan was also the first place were five she was rolled out, and that is the first place where sickness was seen. There is a connection between microwave radiation and people being sick. Bats, no, although factory farms, while incredibly cruel to animals pectin, are indeed a breeding ground for pandemics. One could listen to Dr. Greger‘s analysis of this, one of which he made 10 years ago, available on YouTube, history of pandemics.

      1. Go figure your mobile device which was made by China, and filled with Chinese technology auto corrected Wuhan to Rohan. LOL. They will do everything possible to make it look like it wasn’t them who unleashed it on the world.

    1. Agree. With perhaps more to come. DId you know that there are two repositories of Smallpox left in the world. One in the US/CDC and one in Russia. A few years ago the US was thinking about destroying our batch. How is that for stupidity?

    2. I like the post but I believe the virus came from a far different way. We have seen humans disrespect not only the earth but animals and other humans. In such we have taken homosexuality as a proper way of life along with transgender. Courts and judges have forgotten or refuse to enforce the very laws they are there to enforce. Life in every form is no longer important to humans. All they care about is money and self. This all goes against the very thing this country was formed on, the Holy Bible and God. In the Christmas season we celebrate the birth of the savior who is the living God. We continue to go the way we have with out regards to any one or any thing. All of this is against what God showed us and taught. This pandemic is just one plague we will see before he returns. You can deny this if you like. Read the Bible and the book of Revelation. It is all there. Nothing we can do will stop this because it comes from the Lord. Read about Egypt and how God did the same to their leader, also read how he killed every one in two cities for their ” unnatural affection” ie; homosexuality and lesbianism.

      1. Brother, your comments are well intended, but not biblically sound. The events that you were referring to will happen in a very specific period of time when we believers will not be here. It will be a period of time when God turns up the heat on the unbelieving world to force their hand into making a decision about him. What we are experiencing now is simply man’s evil, Birthpangs, and certainly does serve to prepare the way for a one world government, the antichrist and all that we read about in the apocalyptic days. But we are not there yet. Knocking on the door, very likely. Be very, very careful when you attribute something to God and God‘s judgment.

        Bless you, brother! Looking forward to the second coming of Jesus. Until then, we persevere and stand strong for the name of Jesus! Sharing with people any opportunity that we get.

    3. I believe it was made in wuhan by the Chinese and the Democrats had a big hand in it!!!Obama,Clintons,Biden,the Democrats leaders!They were so mad how President Trump was doing with the economy.So they came up with this COVID 19 pandemic!!!

  2. Liberalism is a mental disorder for which there is no cure.

    Civil Service is the road to mediocrity

    People having an IQ higher than 70 need not apply for employment at NYS Veterans Home at Montrose, NY

    1. Sol, the federal civil service of old was replaced in 1978 under the Civil Service Reform Act pushed by a democrat majority and signed into law by President Carter. In doing so, it effectively turned federal employment into one of the largest unions in the nation, but it’s much worse than that. Another provision of CSRA was the creation of the Federal Merit System Protection Board, supposedly to protect federal government employees from being fired and/or mistreated by an incoming administration.

      The creation of the FMSPB was absolutely unnecessary, because just like everyone else in this nation, they were already protected by laws, in fact, there were already special laws protecting federal government employees such as the Pendleton Act.
      In reality, the FMSPB was designed to protect federal government employees from the public, more specifically, from taxpayers who expect the people they are paying to do a job is not only the best applicant, but also does the job efficiently and effectively, and if not, is summarily fired and replaced.

      I can tell you from personal experience that the FMSPB does in fact protect federal government employees exceptionally well, even when they mishandle and lose classified materials, show up to work drunk and/or stoned and are so derelict in their job performance taxpayers would be better off if they just stayed home. I had such a federal government employee, the FMSPB kept her from being fired, even though the evidence of her pathetic job performance was overwhelming, and in the end, she wasn’t terminated, she was relocated to a different federal government agency.

      An overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea how badly they were screwed by the CSRA and the creation of the FMSPB, but if you work for or have ever worked for the federal government, then you have seen firsthand just how pathetic our federal government employment system really is. Think about this, in the private sector, the average rate of involuntary separation in the US was around 5.1%, however, it was less than a 1/3rd of that in the federal government, including military services separations.

      Now to a lot of people, that may not seem like that big of a deal, but think of it this way, federal government employees are 300% better employees than those in the private sector, really?! Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot of very good federal government employees who do the best jobs they can in a system that is so screwed up it’s beyond words. The federal government could very well be compared to something else making the lives of Americans miserable, a virus, the federal government consumes (taxes), it grows (more employees) and it produces waste (hundreds of billions of dollars in pork barrel spending).

      Now add to that mess an employment system that protects people who should be fired, as well as not holding others accountable for actually doing the job we pay them to do, you have a recipe for disastrous consequences. It’s precisely the reason why bottom feeders like Lois Lerner was paid bonuses in excess of 100 grand several times for targeting conservative non-profit organizations. It’s precisely the reason why a woman who was responsible for safeguarding classified materials takes a file home drunk and leaves it in a taxi cab, but still keeps drawing a paycheck. The only good news about that BS, the cab driver was a Army veteran and returned it to the base, and the woman became the Department of Agriculture’s problem.

      Sorry for being so long-winded and probably giving you even less confidence in the VA than you have. But if we’re ever going to actually “fix” anything in this country, especially our own government, then people have to start paying attention to the crap that comes out of Congress. It’s not easy, I completely understand that people have jobs, families and lives, but waiting until we’re covered in “it” after the crap hits the fan isn’t exactly the way to hold our government accountable, because you sure as heck can’t depend on politicians to do so. I just hope enough Americans understands this and the consequences of allowing democrats to steal the election, otherwise, it really will be game over.

  3. Far left is nothing but crack pots. Uneducated fools who know nothing about science. Just hate and laziness. Gutter rats looking for a hand out. All should be deported out of America. Ungrateful freeloaders. Plantation slaves.

  4. Money is the root of all evil, just try to live without it. lol. The disease is worse then the cure and that is what they wanted. Scare the crap out of people when our economy was running on all engines, now they found a way to keep people in fear, crush the economy by coming up with Covid 19 bringing Donald Trumps 2020 election to the biggest FRAUD in American History. The must really believe our people are that stupid to give away their own sovereignty. I never will. You might as well dig my grave now. When GOD calls my name, I will be ready.

  5. I have a question I hope the extinction rebellion can answer for me. If Mother Nature is wiping humanity off the globe because we are a disease, why did all previous forms of life become extinct before us? Why were the dinosaurs wiped off the planet? You can’t tell me that all their breathing and farting created too much CO2 and caused the planet to warm up to uncomfortable levels and then they got knocked off. It is just the cycle the planet goes through. We have had multiple ice ages and multiple thaws after the ice ages. Each time a new species has become the new dominant species. Those tree hugging Greta followers need to get their head out of their ass.

  6. While the virus could be a cure for leftist ideology, the virus is apolitical by nature and there are more immediate cures for Marxism.

  7. If one wants the answers to all the comments above, you will find them in this totally FREE book, urantia.org , the greatest book ever written IMHO. If you want to know your future and find answers that enhance the other good book , the Bible, you will find info that not 1 in a million know about – and is not all religious. Greatest thing one can do in his life is read this book.

  8. It is very telling that at in the last Trade Deal forced on the Chinese by Pres Trump China included an OUT Clause that the deal is void if a PANDEMIC occurs in the world, then the WUHAN virus is released the week that Chinese from ALL OVER THE WORLD fly back to Wuhan to celebrate Chinese New Year. The only question I have is why China is not a growing blue cinder? At least Pres Trump should cancel ALL DEBT owed to CHINA by the U.S.


    1. Yes ma’am, you are absolutely right… but, good ALWAYS prevails over evil !!
      You have a blessed Christmas & even happier New Year !!!
      God bless you and your family!!!

  10. Are LIBERAL this dumb? No man can make a cure for a pandemic! Do they understand what they read in the book of REVELATION? The type of pandemic that going to destory this world will be brought here by GOD! This virus created at UNC is one that Dr. Fauci and Obama pay CHINA to invest it! They needed a way to slow down Trump and the economy! So in 2017 million of dollars was given to China out of the pocket of the money Obama borrow from China! Remember the SEQUENCE MONEY?

  11. So glad GOD is in control. The LORD has spoken of pestilence, disasters, famine, disobedience and some other. That like when a woman is about to give birth labor pains become more frequent with increased intensity until …fruition of what our disobedience to our LORD necessitates his wrath. Not because we are perfect or better than anyone else but because of our repenting and accepting HIS gift to us to live eternally with HIM. There will be a rapture of the church then the LORD’s wrath not as intense the first 3.5 years but watch out. There will be a agreement made with Israel where they will build the temple they’ve wanted to build but satan will at that 3.5 year mark proclaim himself god. The second 3.5 years his governing will require your allegiance to him with a mark to the forehead or right hand otherwise you won’t be able to buy or sell not even food. DON’T TAKE THE MARK. Once that decision is made and receive the mark there’s no taking it back.. TRUST GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, MIND,BODY AND SOUL. Angels proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, 2 witness in Jerusalem proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ that will be killed after 2 year and left for people to gawk at then after the 3rd day will rise up into the heavens for all to see. The reason why Christmas is SO important. It’s not about spending money on useless things. It’s about the gift of GOD’s SON born to take our sin upon Himself so we can have life eternally with Him now and forever more. JESUS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON. There is no other reason. Merry Christ-mas.

  12. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, ingrate, denigrate, degenerate, instigate, agitate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E !!!


    To all patriots: Merry Christmas and (pray that we have) a Happy New Year.
    To Lie-beral DEMONocrats: Have a Maskmas.

  13. Really? So the leftist think they are intelligent? Hard believe there is an intelligent person on the left! But a bunch of COWARD, DUMB COLLEGE KIDS, JUNKIES, MILLIONAIRE WHO GIT THAT WAY WITH THE HELP OF CHINA, OR THEIR PARENTS INHERITANCE. BUT NOT WITH THEIR OWN BRAIN!. WONDER why so many homeless people had died on the street of SAN FRANCISCO? HOME OF THE MOST TYRANNY CONGRESS WOMAN IN AMERICA! They were JUNKIES OR EX- MILITARY PEOPLE WHO COULD NOT GET HELP!

  14. It makes sense that the deep state illuminati created this virus to De-Populate. Of course they support gay intercourse because you can’t reproduce offspring that way so that helps their de-populate agenda. They have used Uegenics on prison inmates to sterilize them. That is a fact. There vaccines are chocked full of things to make the population infertile, and to kill of the population early by increasing plethora of health conditions. GMO food loaded with poison to keep you sick, and obese. Flouride in water. It goes on and on and on. This particular virus was set loose to get rid of Trump so they could get back in power again, and also kill off huge amounts of the population at the same time. They dont care about you, only about controlling everything.

  15. It is likely not only the Extreme Climate Warriors who are heading – or trying to head – for an end of human existence.
    It looks as if the same ending is intended by the protagonists of the “Gender War”. It is a war – and a cruel one, if we look at the demands of stopping the natural development of all children for grooming them into “trans” zombies.
    We have to make it clear: If HOMO-, or any other form of Non-HETEROSEXUALITY would become global norm, the species HOMO SAPIENS would be extinct is just one non-generation as ALL LGBTetc LIFE FORMS ARE INFERTILE! This is, of course, denied fervently, and “Gender-couples with children” are used as “evidence for the Normality” of these life-forms, BUT: All of these children had mothers and fathers, i.e. were conceived an created heterosexually!

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