Former Capitol Police Officer Releases Groundbreaking J6th Audio

Former U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson has raised serious questions about the official narrative surrounding the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. His recent actions and statements suggest an alternative perspective on the events of that day, challenging the dominant narrative presented by the left.

Lieutenant Johnson, who was present at the Capitol during the riot, has indicated that the authorities, including the Capitol Police, were unprepared for the incident. This claim is significant, considering his first-hand experience as a law enforcement officer on the scene. He has gone as far as to imply that there might have been a “set-up” and a cover-up regarding the riot.

Johnson has announced plans to release audio recordings that could further undermine the prevailing narrative about January 6. To ensure he navigates the legal complexities of this release, he sought legal counsel. He has entrusted the information to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and a journalist from The Blaze, indicating the seriousness with which he views this matter.

In the audio that Johnson has released, he highlights the actions of Assistant Chief Yogananda Pittman during the riot. He questions whether Pittman’s response was adequate and appropriate, considering her high-ranking position and the unfolding crisis. The audio suggests communication issues within the Capitol Police and a lack of decisive action, despite prior warnings of potential violence.

Johnson’s decision to come forward with this information adds a critical dimension to the discourse surrounding January 6. His perspective as a former police officer directly involved in the events of that day provides a unique and potentially damning critique of the Capitol Police’s preparedness and response. His revelations could significantly impact public understanding and the ongoing political discourse regarding the Capitol riot. Johnson’s actions suggest a commitment to revealing a fuller picture of January 6, which aligns with the broader Republican effort to challenge dominant narratives and seek accountability.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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41 thoughts on “Former Capitol Police Officer Releases Groundbreaking J6th Audio”

  1. Pelosi was ithe ring leader in the Jan 6 EVENT!!!
    SHE and the Marxist Democrats planned it to continue to try to TAKE TRUMP DOWN!
    Proof if anyone cares to know???…. is when Trump asked for National Guard to be there PELOSI REFUSED BECAUSE SHE WAS HOPING FOR A DISORDERLY RIOT. TO BLAME TRUMP WITH!!
    Are you all stupid , drugged, or drunk to believe Trunp would ever consider it!?????

    1. I’m glad that Johnson gave the Video to Tom Fitten. The J6 committee was a farce, and we know it.
      Pelosi was the ringleader! All the people who spoke at the J6, lied. This video needs to go public and entered into evidence, immediately !!!

    2. You are right. This was all planned by democrats to discredit President Trump. She could have sent in the National Guard when approached about it. People were let in by security. Trump told the crowd to peacefully go to the White House. There is nothing evil democrats won’t do to push there agenda. America will never be the same. They want us to agree with pedophilia and trans life and drugs in our Whitehouse.

    3. FancyNancy has done more to help destroy our nation than ANY other female in Government! Her first most destructive SIN? Guess who had the full power to verify a certain foreigner to be President? Despite the fact he was not qualified, had no legal documentation, COLB, legal history, etc.! She strong armed everyone who stood in her way, and she was greatly rewarded by our worst enemy, who salivates to be the #1.power in the world! She is EVILPERSONIFIED! Even Satan says she’s not coming to HIShell! So he crafted a penthouse in Earths core! She’ll have a lot of company, because Satan expanded the place reserved for “her” into a tower/power complex for those only HE knows will be there! When I get to MY Forever Home, I won’t even remember earth! Including the manure! Which sent me bountiful harvests!

    4. I agree with you 100% Marlene. The word is that it was 400.FBI agents dressed up as trump supporters with MAGA hats, same with BLMTIFA. Bussed in by Soros, 43. Busses in all. I think most people know that Nazi Poppoloozi was the mastermind behind J6. 3. times she refused the National guards.?


    6. We all know this so why hasn’t the Republicans prosecuted these Communist Democratic thugs yet, what is taking so damn long to prosecute some of these thugs and put them where they belong, in prison!

  2. Pelosi, like O’Biden is too stupid to be a ringleader. Don’t for a minute suppose she’s got the smarts to pull off the many things that cost Trump his second term (the plandemic, the election fraud, the J6 “insurrection”, the corruption of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, etc.). She’s merely a foot soldier for an evil cabal that’s running our country (and the world) into the ground. The same goes for Obozo, the Hildebeast and most every Democrat (AOC, Schumer, Schiff, etc.). They get filthy rich by doing what they’re told to do. The real leaders (Soros, Schwab, etc.) have enough money to throw around to entice any idiot who doesn’t have the talent to earn an honest wage.

    1. Jeff,you hit the nail on the head.I have said the same as I am a former European who has been a citizen here many decades.Claus Schwab has also a “helper in Soros” who pass millions to the Stupid Democrats who dances his tune,

    2. You hit the nail on the head.Only thing ,Pelosi is not stupid,she is a Satan’s disciple narcissist with an ability to speak and lie.Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama was the crowning of their work for 6-7 decades to dumb down the citizenry and Obama arrived on the scene from corrupt Chicago.WQe are experiencing his fundamentally change America today put on steroids as Trump upset his applecart

      1. You hit the nail on the head, she will pay the price very soon. God is watching everything they are doing and the price will be high. It is coming much sooner than they expect.

    3. I want to see the complete films that show what actually happened on January 6! It was a peaceful crowd until the Capitol Police opened the doors, there was one of even a film of one of the guards that did not have the key to open the door so he took his club and broke out the glass to let them in! It was not really the Trump supporters that did the destruction, but groups like the Black Lives Matter, Proud Boys and others like them that did the damage and not the true Trump supporters! Those films were probably destroyed !

      1. I have read most of the comments and have concluded that the authors are all delusional. What are you drinking and smoking? Trump is a fraud, a conman and a grifter. He utters such two word phrases as “Fake News!” and “Election Stolen!” which are seemingly very easy for you to remember and you jump on board his train. Even Bill Barr, Trump’s last AG and lap dog, stated that Trump’s second term would be much worse than the first, with chaos and retribution headlining everyday. Trump admits that he would be a dictator for his first day in office. Do you believe this Judas goat? Rest assured that Trump will claim his first Amendment Rights and his Presidential Immunity when he is reelected. Oh yeah, and also remember he abandoned the “Proud Boys” and Rudi’s stuck with a $148 million bill to pay for threatening poll workers. Let’s try to look objectively at the news. Take Roger Stone’s commentary with a grain of salt. Remember Roger was the lead man who introduced Dictators to Presidents, such as Nixon and Reagan. He was Trump’s Head Spin Doctor. Trump awarded Stone $7 million that he had amassed from private donations to build his Mexican Wall. Finally, as I recall our Country still is called the United States of America. Trump is a Divider and he disclaimed the Constitution which he vowed to defend. Please try to take off your red-shaded glasses and look at our present situation without so much bias.

        1. You need to get back to your padded cell!!!!! Do they know you are gone? I can only feel sorry for you knowing you are a victim of brain washing or maybe just that completely lack of brain function beyond 25%.

    4. Absolutely,I agree with you and The Truth Will Prevail in Time! They’re All Criminals and Liar’s and Guilty of Treason and More more.No One is ABOVE the LAW NO ONE. Obviously They All Blame President Trump for What They All Have Been Doing!! Cheater’s Never Win! Wake Up America Stand Up United for Our Country’s Freedom Rights Liberty’s sovereignty Take Back Our Country’s Original Constitution of the United States of America! Uphold Our Constitution of America
      A Country Without WALLS Or BORDERS HAS NO COUNTRY!
      Protecting American People and Legal Mirgrents too Security of America is Top Priority!
      Close All America’s Borders by Land Sea &Air
      Stop All Entry Of All ILLEGAL Immigrants invading America Now! America First And Fore Most WG1WGA ✊ Finish All Walls & Security of America’s Borders Now Stop All Criminals of the Unknown and drugTrafficking child trafficking Human trafficking Drug Cartels trafficking Human trafficking Children trafficking Drugs and Stop DEATHS by 300+ Daily of AMERICANS. Now Stop
      A Massive Deportation is Necessary ASAP and Hold Biden and his Trannacal Puppet master clowns administration Regimes Government All Accountable for All Of There Tyrannical, Corruption & Criminal Actions Against America and I’mpeachment is Over Due.ASAP

  3. The democrats have created and spread chaos and hatred throughout our country with their woke, green energy, disasterous economic policies and DEI brainwashing devisive BS.

  4. Soros attempted to take down other countries prior to being admitted into the USA He waids uon gaining citizenshi that he would abide by US laaws etc. Instead he had used his illbegotten gains into destroying the USA. His citizenshhip and those of his family, needs to berevoked and he needs to be sent back to germany to face his tyranny there.
    Instead of gong after Trumpm we should all be going after Obama and Soros They are in cohorts to destroy us. Saint Michael, defend us in our battles against the snares of the Devil and those of his evil followers. Amen.
    Get back to Christianity and do the will of God not Satan,

      1. You are partially right, Hungary is where all of his EVIL started at the age of 14. He and his family were Jewish when the Nazis came in to take over. He and his father sold out their neighbors by telling the Nazis where they were hiding, so they could live. They even helped the Nazis steal the valuables from the homes. He is a hrrible person and will pay the price very soon.

  5. The covid shut down of our country was a trial run to see if they could control the people of this country. Now our financial security is in danger with the implications that we would be better off with the replacement of the dollar. Gates, Soros have Biden in there control to do there bidding! If the govt gets control of money and can monitor every thing we do ; it’s over for anyone they feel is a threat to their control!

  6. Pelosi and pence were the ring leaders to take trump down ,sorry you will loose in the long run. Trump keep America great again. I am there!

  7. Agreed with all who have commented before me.

    The most difficult concept for most Christian Americans to accept is that there are genuine enemies – supposedly American citizens – in our country and we can no longer rely on law enforcement and the Judiciary to protect us. When you are elected or join the Military, you take an Oath to support and defend The Constitution … but not all Americans have taken that Oath and some who have taken it LIED.

    Evil exists and hides shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us. Time to SEE IT!

  8. This “Violent demonstration/Riot?” the DemoncRATS “THINK” the American people will believe is a complete and TOTAL FARCE and will eventually come out with the ‘RELEASE?” of 20.000 (?) hours of video already showing the LIES the dummocRATS are and continue to tell the American People. The Jan 6th Inquisition is/was/and continues to be a JOKE! Civilians MURDERED/BEATEN by capital police, and one even got a “GOLD STAR MEDAL,” for killing a young UNarmed woman.

  9. I discern, Soro family can claim to be rich, own interest in Insurance companies, etc., but where is he and these other Democratic controlled corporations really getting all that money, to throw at Democratic party propaganda ads put out in public.?
    Best to investigate all these companies, the loses not fully paid – due to fires, floods, loses not getting paid by insurance companies, with some serious excuses and now, raising all our premiums out of the blue, with no real warning.
    We, most, Americans pay monthly pmts to these insurance companies for auto, boats,our homes, so much more. Now, could it be Billions + money going right out of our monthly pmt going to Democratic party ?
    Maui is suffering. Trying to rebuild. How dare insurance companies only give many only $700. And did you hear,, Hawaiian Governor working out deal with private investors from other countries>to take- buy the land away from owners .? Dear God, is this true ? Due to ANTIFA-BLM >Loses in California, Oregon, Washington State, NY,Chicago, Georgia, Wisconsin, Minnesota , on & on. Democrates wanted Trump GOP to foot the bill for repairs & loses. He tried to get them help, mayors & Governors refused. Let these terrorists keep destroying,murdering to this day.
    Go figure.

  10. I pray God’s blessings to every person who commented for the rescue of our beloved Country! The Prayer Warriors in our local churches where I live has a straight line to our Lord! He collects the prayers we pray, takes them straight to his Father God! He will HEAR our prayers and heal our land! I BELIEVE HIM!

  11. Why are we using million dollar weapons to shoot down thousand dollar Houthi drones? To use them up! Dam! Wake up and pound the crap out of any nation that’s attacked our forces.

  12. I knew Obama with his fancy speechs and his almost slick way of telling lies was bad news from the day he took office. And now everyone feels he is partly responsible for what is happening to Trump and I agree. The fact that he was able to get everyone to lie about where he was born is proof enough for me that he should have never been President. And even more disturbing is he served to terms proving just how stupid the citizens have been in the past. Well we can’t afford to keep our heads burried in the sand in 2024, and some of you still may think Trump is a terrible man when it comes to his personal life but there is no denying that he was the best for the country while he was in office. He put fear into the countries that want war with us, and he had the country on track for growth. People were happy.

  13. Pelosi..Cheney. Adam
    and others need to be prosecuted to the fullest for the lies leading to the persecution of Trump.
    Nobody should be able to seal ANY RECORDS.
    Cheney along with Christie..Romney..McConnel..and others should be removed from the
    Republican party ASAP.
    Party affiliation is the biggest farce there is.
    This statement is to Americans that love our country..Get
    and do what is right so
    that the USA might survive.
    It is obvious who the right man is for the job.
    Get out and vote for the
    man regardless of party
    affiliation and vote the RINO’s out of office.
    Get complete control of Congress and allow Trump to REBUILD what
    the Democrats have destroyed….the worst choice for president is the RINO Haley. Vote for her and you just as well vote for Biden.
    I like Marjorie Taylor Green but she is not accepted because she is considered too radical.
    Perhaps that is what we need.
    The Democrats had the best candidate ever…
    Tulsi Gabbard…and she was shafted. In my opinion she is a class act. I would even think she would be a good VP.
    In closing vote as you wish because it is your right…but vote from your heart whether it is crossing party lines or not….OUR FREEDOM DEPENDS ON IT

  14. 95% off comments are very true! Although we always have those who are clueless to the facts that we are living in a Banana Republic. That cannot see facts and truth beyond their ignorance and plain daily propaganda they are subjected too. Those of us who would NEVER see truth and fact if it fell upon them like a brick. You just cannot fix stupid it seems. If The Don fails to win there is no turning back from the nightmare ahead of us.

  15. Americans, Our country is being destroyed by the communist democratic party! You cant believe anything they say! Its all about total control of our lives, cant eat cows, gotta drive a Green car, going for your gas stoves….. How many more of BIDENS INVADERS will we put up with, while our veterans get fuckedby BIDEN? Enough lies, Bidens a crook, a traitor & a prevert. His brain is shot. Whos behind the killing of America? Obama? Pelosi? November please remember. Vote all these scumbag demoRATS out, before its to late! TRUMP 24!

  16. I am so proud and hopeful of people like Johnson who actually come forward with the truth. In the beginning I thought I was the only person to see what swamp was doing to President Trump and the truth. Back then I could actually research for truth and now swamp has lies not truth about things that happened. Something else you may want to look at closely is yes Pelosi and Milley both denied Guard on J6. But now go back to that day! 1st: who puts their daughter and grandson in harms was that day by design? 2nd: who held her two thumbs up just minutes from her informants storming Capital? 3rd: who was on floor that day stating that they were denying electoral votes with Senator Cruz seconded it? What happened to that situation? 4th: why did pence do nothing about that vote? Then there is the whiteout buses, antifia changing clothes, swamp informants doing damage to officers and Capital, others putting video out how democrats paid them to help set up President Trump and his supporters on that day and how it worked so well. Now it seems footage of that day was not only manipulated by Pelosi but now they have destroyed data on J6 committee. Funny how all the swamps goons in court have been given these doctored videos and testimonies to set up President Trump again! To sit and watch the testimonies of the Capital police was about the sickest thing I have ever seen. When do you read off a statement sheet with pretend emotions which are all lies? Tell when a big guy cop is scared of people with flags and banners? Then they just confirmed their big lies when sitting behind another female witness, and the full time they are back there laughing and grinning. Let me tell you how to tell when the swamp thinks people like us are stupid. They are all laughing it up just like L James and the so called judge in NY. People should have become aware of going after President Trump when they started going after his associates and still doing it today. Going after an opponent just be outlawed period. The swamp ramped everything up once he was President. They have admitted to going after President Trump time and again. Worst was when President Trump won 2020 by a 3-1 ratio over basement boy, not allowing republicans in counting areas, videos of democrats changing ballots, dead voting, kids voting, people voting several time and then all those perfect no fold ballots with just Biden on them with perfect ovals. Don’t forget when votes were taking from President Trump and given to basement boy right on live TV. So to find honest people coming out is a true American. I am getting sick of all the lies and false info swamp is putting out. Why would you go after someone who truly lost an election fair and square? Just remember when swamp opens mouth and blames it on President Trump, they are telling us what they actually did not President Trump. Why do you think they opened boarder? They needed to rig another election in order to win. If they don’t cheat they don’t win! Just like everything else they did to President Trump from day one was all to take him out. Democrats can threaten to kill President Trump and nothing is done to them yet someone says that to basement boy they are shot on the spot. Swamp made up new rules to lay by and now republicans are ready to play their games and of course they don’t like that at all. Just remember swamp you opened Pandora’s box so now let’s play by your own games rules. History will be rewritten and these swamp creatures and their names will go down in history has most corrupt politicians in history with names of Fauci, Gates, Soros, Clinton’s, Bush’s, Obama’s, Biden’s, Milley, and many more will be despised by all. Those aiding and abetting them will also fall. I am so glad I have none of these crocks name. I would hate to be a family or friend of any of these corrupt criminals. Biden is writing new executive orders that we all don’t even know about that will go on the books for years and no other President can amend at any time. You all need to understand who all is involved with all this, including Walmart, Amazon and others who got richer during Covid while other businesses taken out. When voting in 2024 know who all has joined the elite in getting richer and who has been destroyed. Look at which politicians have gained riches beyond what is normal and these will be corrupt. You either play by swamp games or they will do what ever it takes to destroy and harm you. Wise up everyone! Remember who didn’t have to have mandated vaccines, given free everything plus 5,000.0 prepaid card to cross our boarders while our seniors choose between food and medicine. Who hates America and who fought for our freedom? Who loves Americans and America and the American people love back?

  17. I give Lt. Johnson alot of credit for going to Tom Finton, to make sure he does this the right way. I figured out right away that Pelosi and the FBI planned the whole situation, as soon as we heard that she had turned down the extra protection that was offered to her by President Trump. It was the only thing that made sence.

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