Lou Dobbs: A ‘Highly Reliable Source’ Says FBI Investigating 2020 Election Results

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs says he has word from a ‘highly reliable source’ that the FBI is investigating the 2020 election results due to possible voter fraud.

The long-time news host was discussing President Donald Trump’s legal obstacles in some of the battleground states concerning the apparent voting fraud situation during the presidential election. As he spoke with attorney Sidney Powell, a member of the president’s legal team, Dobbs chimed in to say that a ‘highly reliable source’ informed him that the FBI has an investigative team looking into the election results.

“I do have some news to break here at this moment. I have now received word from a highly reliable source that the FBI does have an investigative team that is now looking into this election. Now, what that means beyond that — but at least its confirmation that they are investigating, and we’ll see what moves,” Dobbs said.

Later in his show, the host spoke with former Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz, the GOP chairman of the House Oversight Committee, who indicated that the FBI has been investigating “astonishing acts of misconduct, for days, associated with the vote count.” He also indicated that he believes it has to do with a “manipulation” of the overall vote tally but did not specify how or where the vote tally was influenced. FBI spokeswoman Carol Cratty of course, told the media: “The FBI has no comment in keeping with our standard practice to neither confirm nor deny conducting particular investigations.”

Those in charge of election security, which includes the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, gave a statement last week saying that there is “no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised,” contrary to Trump’s claims that the election was “rigged” in favor of Joe Biden.

This statement was immediately challenged with an adamant social media post from President Trump quoting a report from One America News Network that reads, “REPORT: DOMINION DELETED 2.7 MILLION TRUMP VOTES NATIONWIDE. DATA ANALYSIS FINDS 221,000 PENNSYLVANIA VOTES SWITCHED FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP TO BIDEN. 941,000 TRUMP VOTES DELETED. STATES USING DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS SWITCHED 435,000 VOTES FROM TRUMP TO BIDEN.”

Dominion Voting Systems has “categorically denied” claims of fraud. But…it certainly looks like fraud…or something suspicious at the very least.

The president stands firm that he will not concede the presidential election. He and the vice president are fighting hard to endure the integrity of the American election system as well as our right to vote. Something definitely seems less than scrupulous when it comes to the late night ballots that were 100 percent for Biden and the secret bins of ballots that were counted… or weren’t counted…or might not be legitimate….or could be duplicates….or…

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68 thoughts on “Lou Dobbs: A ‘Highly Reliable Source’ Says FBI Investigating 2020 Election Results”


      1. You are SPOT ON, CJ !! The FBI will end up doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! NO ONE will ever be recommended for criminal charges (if they DID that many trials could last beyond the 2024 elections ).

      2. Good point! I also agree that Soros is behind this whole mess! Soros doesn’t want Trump in our Presidency because Trump will not concede to Soros’ wants of making the U.S. a Socialistic Country.
        Soros is known as “The Nation Killer” because of the many countries he caused to default, by encouraging them to be Socialistic and they went belly up. Soros then walked in and bought prime properties and made a fortune– billions of dollars! HE WANTS THE SAME FATE TO HAPPEN TO THE U.S.! SOROS DEFINITELY HAS A HAND IN THIS ELECTION CHAOS!

      3. Is there any patriotic honest people working in the FBI anymore?? Can’t say people trust anything from the FBI !!!

      4. Let there be NO Doubt. The FBI investigating this matter never did, does not now, nor ever will proceed forward with any objectivity.
        We can be absolutely sure the institution proclaiming to be investigating this election is replete with fraud, scandal and corruption.
        The FBI and the DOJ have as much or less credibility than congress has.
        At last check (depending on the polling entity) Americans faith in congress was polling at around 16 to 18% favorable.
        We try not to be much of a pessimist. But friends, we are living in very dangerous times right now. It would be good advice to hold your most important and cherished possessions and ideas close to your heart. Beyond that, if you do not have a deep sense of spiritualism, you might want to re-evaluate and explore this option closer.

      5. Absolutely, as the FBI is the DEEP STATE!!! Trump doesn’t have a chance against the FBI and their Deep State cohorts!!

    2. WAY TO GO MR. PRESIDENT‼️ We cannot any longer put up with the voter fraud and the democrats, Obama, Biden cheat nor steal the election‼️ The American people want them to be accountable and all of these “high and mighty PEOPLE need to be put in PRISON for theft, voter fraud, lying, conniving and crooked corruption‼️

      1. Plus they need to pay back every Penny they stole from Gov’t moneys by having the Taxpayers pay for their recreation times, trips, lunches,etc. They are paid too much to take time off and still get paid! Lower their pay according to their work! They are office workers! Change the Law to prevent them from voting on their own wages!

      1. President Trump please don’t give up America can not go down in history as a victory by Biden,he is no more then an old man not President material. Thank you Supply

  1. Very sad that justice in America for the political elite has vanished. Just take a look at Eric Holder and his gun running disaster or Lois Lerners IRS scandal or Clinton’s Benghazi disaster or the Clinton Foundation or Hunter Biden’s pay to play or Joe Biden’s quid pro quo with Ukrainian government and of course Russia, Russia, Russia. And now, the greatest fraud ever is being perpetuated on the American people and once again, it appears that the left is going to “get away with it”. How is anyone going to trust our government when the more the left gets away with these illegal acts against our democracy the more brazen they get. God only knows what’s next and may God help us survive these attacks on our Republic.

    1. You get it, Bob! It’s too bad though so many American people have their head up their you know what! This country is heading towards becoming like Russia and China, and most people don’t see it! When the communists and socialists have total control of this country, then people will wonder how this happened! I will know how!

        1. Yes, i definitely get what is going on and it is totally unpatriotic what the democrats are up to. I do not see why the American people are letting this go down. Actually I think this is a big pay off for the swamp (or the democrats). That is why they are so into this. They really do not care about the American people or what is going to happen. I know that we are not on God’s time line but he will step in when the swamp is fully (ripe) with their iniquity. How much more ripe I do not know but GOD BLESS AMERICA UNTIL THEN. God loves each one of us.


      1. ya and far as the election goes, the left keeps saying where’s the evidence. i was watching the vote tally crawls in the middle of the night, and rite before my very eyes i watched 20,000 votes disappear from trump and 20,000 votes go to biden, well if that isnt evidence dont know what is.

        1. If the Gov’t takes (steals) money from anyone’s savings,401’s,IRA’s, they must be tried, cast out of office, never to hold Office again!


    3. it’s time that the true bloodied americans stand up 58% of americans believe this election was bought and rigged. and 79% believe it wasn’t run right . is 5this america?

    4. Very well spoken Bob. All these tyrants need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law including the DOJ, FBI, CIA they all need punishment for their high crimes of treason. Then shut them all down we don’t need FBI, or the CIA, or half of the judges that are corrupt and we know who they are time for punishment for all these traitors once and for all. We want to see results.

      1. As soon as president Trump wins appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the corrupt Biden regime and send them to Gitmo as traitors asap

    5. up till now were has the fbi/ att. barr been? not just on the voteing situation. but other things. up pops att. sydney who seems to be leading the way and showing the boys a thing or to.every thing the left has pulled against our pres. for four yrs. doesnt surprise me at all. it reeks of obama clinton chicago politics . add soros cash box.you have a formula for high criminal activity. i hope the pres. stands strong gets to the bottom of this and some people go to prison for 20 yrs.

    6. Besides nationwide shutdown
      —climate control shutdown (no personal cars-coming now in law now California for 2035, no single family residential homes in rural areas no beef

  2. I would say we are at a pivotal point in America. If we let these corrupt commies steal this election America will never have another fair election again. Welcome to Venezuela 2.0 ! If you love your country I would:
    Start prepping for civil war! If we the people let this sham go we will be sacrificing our country. She is worth fighting for!! When it starts people like Jake Tapper and the rest of the corrupt a- holes in the Media,big tech etc. You too will find a gun behind “BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS”

  3. I can’t understand why this man was investigated for YEARS about alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election with ZERO evidence, but then a blind eye is turned when there are mountains of evidence supporting fraud in the voting of 2020. They’re willing to cheat to destroy America. So sad and frightening.

  4. This is the last step of a coup that the forces of evil are close to finally pulling off. Normally, I’d say this nation needs to really hit rock bottom so they can wake the fuck up. But if Trump loses and Dems take over the Senate, they will implement policies that will make it impossible for GOP to ever win anything again.

    1. America -land of the Free
      Cpmmunist Venezuela and North Korea rolled into one.
      Nov 30, 2020 at 13:58

      −Vote up+24Vote down

      I’ve been reporting the news for so long starting with Hillary Clinton and her unsecured email server logging all the adversarial donations into the Clinton Foundation. Eventually, it became clear to me how wrong and very corrupted this country was. Then came COVID-19 where Obama and Biden’s NIH gave $3.7 million to the p4 Wuhan Virology lab where COVID-19 was genetically engineered very purposefully to attack America and counties worldwide. Then came the premeditated murder of Mr George Floyd to claim “systemic racism” giving way to Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations to wreak havoc with America. I think it’s very clear to most Americans how nefarious and dangerous this Criminal Enterprise, the Deep State is. Nats.news

  5. The justice dept.needs to get off there lazy ass. And investigate the biden scadal and the fraud i cant belive how our country is a bunch of sissys what are you affraid getting your ass beat. By blm get off your ass and do your job. You get paid enough the american people are doing with out because yall cant do your job.what has become of our america god please. Fix our land that is so full of evil

    1. I couldn’t agree more, where the heck is the DOJ and the FBI? Totally asleep, probably still investigating Russia, Russia, Russia. Thank God for Sydney Powell. She may be the one responsible, along with Rudy and company, for saving our Republic. Thank you to all involved in this effort to get justice to prevail.

  6. This is beyond dispicable! How do you mail 1.8 million ballots out in Pennsylvania yet count 2.5 million returned, and then have the unmitigated gall to claim no voter fraud! in reality, it appears President Trump won Pennsylvania in a landslide, not to mention the fraud in many other States. This is sickening!!

  7. Heck the FBI and the rest are in Joe Bidens pocket. .they have had hunters laptop for over a year. And nothing.
    It is so sickening that dem hates America and Americans so much they are willing to destroy her … hold on people if they set Biden in the white house we are going to have a hard road to ride on. ..harris has said she is coming after us. ..

  8. FBI? Remember Comey’s “re-investigation “ on Hillary in October 2016?
    The FBI will probably just report that there is no evidence of fraud, in order to “delegitmize” any accusations made by Rudy or Sydney.
    We have seen this kind of BS before and we the people are sick and tired of it.

  9. Wow! Peter and Lisa and Bruce and Nellie and Andrew and James are back in the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA hunt!!

    Woo woo!!!!

    1. I think that Trump needs to get rid of the FBI & CIA and start a whole new Investigator’s Dept. one that has branches that would handle like FBI&CIA but not be them. Have a name like USI (United States Investigations )

  10. Yup!! Which FBI??? The Obuttma FBI or the “real” non commie degenerate Demonrat FBI?? Obuttma turned the FBI into a joke and a farce! Who cares if they “get involved” they will do nothing to a commie,pinko,leftist,degenerate,Demonrat Demiqueer!! It is ok to break any law in this country if your one of those despicible creatures!!! Those lying ratbastards have ruined this country with their degenerate lying filth!!!

  11. Lou Dobbs — I have ZERO confidence in any voter fraud investigations launched by the corrupt, leftist FBI. Or the DOJ. Evidence will be lost or destroyed. Computers will be erased. Paid witnesses will lie. Coverups will begin. And there will be no indictments, arrests, or prosecutions of even the most obviously guilty perpetrators. Instead, the culprits will perhaps be fired, then go on to write books and sell lots of them with the help of billionaire George Soros’s money, and some will get jobs as political analysts on the Fake News Media, or serve on corporate boards, and many will use social media platforms to express their endless and unwanted opinions on any and every subject, especially their lies about their innocence. The FBI and the DOJ are corrupt, and truth and justice are no longer their goals. I have ZERO confidence in their investigations into corruption because they themselves are corrupt.

    1. Suddenly a fire erupts in Venezuela where the voting machines were housed yesterday. Call that a coincidence? They were all destroyed by the fire…..

  12. Get on the train too Hell-if we survive the Biden/Harris shitfall we still get to look forward to the next election-when the next generation of in-house schooled dumb asses take over-we want win without God’s help…pray for the second coming!!!

  13. And so what? The FBI is involved; the entire government and state run media was and still is involved. There is No chance fit our country to survive this! There is no one or group that is willing to take on the government! We are screed, blued and tattooed.

  14. I can’t believe this is happening in our greatest country in the world and that the news media’s are a major part of it! Wake up American and look back in history at what our ancestors fought and died for to give us the freedoms and protections our constitution gave us! And now look around use and see what is happening to those freedoms! You have the rights to believe or not to believe in God but not to destroy others rights! That applies to many rights! The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! The RIGHTS but not given to you without earning it! Even the right to be here is earned… We are about the lose all those rights and to destroy what took hundreds of years to gain! There are those out to steal all our rights and freedoms and they are close to it right now! So now we must fight for honesty and justice if we want to keep this beautiful country. I know we are not perfect but we have a lot to lose! We were on our way to a better life and now we are sure to lose all we had and fall backwards and never to regain! Let’s not let this happen!!

  15. all the above comments are right on the dems will never be held accountable for what they’ve done to president trump or the election fraud.so what to do because the civil war is about to begin. you need guns-ammo-food-water but most of all organize-organize-organize. join or form a militia small groups of resistance will be very effective.

  16. I attended the hearing in Arizona via live YouTube feed. The evidence is overwhelming and compelling that fraud through Dominion voting machines is real. Fraud was not done with just machines, there was outright tampering of ballots! The Elections staff were complicit with preventing oversight to the election processes. Govenor Ducey prematurely certified the election. He did not do a forensic audit, he did not meet with legislators and refused to meet with legal team Trump! You can’t sit back and do nothing! Get off your comfort zone and fight to preserve our nations freedoms and rights!

  17. The Democrats have rigged this election and they must not get away with it! We all know they changed votes so Biden would win. This is just unbelievable! God help us! Why not bring Biden and Harris and others in for questioning and arrest them all!

  18. Did anyone ever consider that the Swamp is already FULL of Communist and that’s why they aren’t doing their jobs in America’s best interest? They are destroying us from within!!! Considering what’s going on lately with the corruption, fraud, and madness, it seems a possibility! Besides I’ve always believed nothing is impossible, when SOROs money is being passed around!

    1. I believe they are communist Fran and I think they have been here and been in politics for a long time. They have been working towards taking power for a long time and if something isn’t done soon they will have everything they want.

  19. Can we really trust the FBI or the DOJ? They have shown us for years that they can’t be trusted. Nothing has happened with their previous investigations so why would we want them to do another one. We can’t just agree to disagree with the democrats when our country and our way of life are at stake. Do the democrats want to have a war here in America? It will be democrats against republicans with families fighting against their own family members? I have a real hard time believing that they are willing to go that far to gain power and control over the citizens of this country. The people who are private citizens and are democrats need to realize that the democrats in government offices are not for them. The politicians are only out for themselves, they don’t care about any private citizens, not democrats or republicans. It’s going to end up being all of us against the corrupt people in government if they keep pushing us. Hopefully it won’t come to that but I don’t see any of them backing down or admitting to their crimes. They have no conscience.

  20. Those who believe in the Dec of Independence and the Constitution and the General goodness of the US need to pray for God’s Will and be ready to defend this nation. I agree with many here that the fraudster elites in America only care about themselves and will use every/any lie to take over this nation and like Hitler will exterminate the minions who helped them gain power. They are patsies and they need to wake up! May God’s will be done. May he protect and give strength to those who believe in TRUTH from Trump (a magnificent president) and Pence to each honest citizen. Be sure if the traitors are not brought to justice here, they WILL be brought to eternal justice for their godless behavior in the end. God will meet out His justice!!

  21. I believe the deep dark shadow government run by obama is behind the fraud with obama, soros, bloombery, sanders, nancy, biden himself, (biden is obamas’s puppet) and is hiring or choosing is cabinets with obamas help and many are obamas evil criminals friends, one even from the news station, If biden gets in you can kiss oru freedom good by, the civil war will begin on our land justice and in just, good vs evil. Sure glad God is in control.

    1. You are sadly correct but they are getting away with it and as the Bible says “money is the root of all evil”. Please pray these people are put away. They will get caught somehow.

  22. The thing that bothers me is I know some of my friends that are Democrats and they received more than 5 mail in ballots and I only received 1 and I know some of them voted and sent them all in.

    1. Barbara: I don’t consider people friends when they are this dishonest. Whatv else do they do with their lives. What do they say about you when your back is turned?

  23. I read a lot of the comments above and I agree with you all. The sad thing is that the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Federal judges, Twitter, Facebook, liberal media, DNC, and the whole Democrat party are involved in this conspiracy. This is insurmountable odds and the only way to overcome the 2020 Presidential election fraud is for Jehovah God to intervene and I believe He will if enough people cry out to Him. LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!

  24. All fbi starting right at the top needs to be sh%t canned. Depo them all and make them take a lie!!! Detector and if they fail, they get the axxx.

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