TECHNOLOGICAL PARASITISM: CCP Virus “Vaccines” Appear to Contain Self-Assembling “Nano-Octopus” Microparticles

Hold onto your hats, folks. Not only do we have to worry about the wu-flu “vaccine” attacking your heart tissue and causing chaos throughout your body with spike proteins, now you have tiny little robots to worry about too.

According to a video put out by LA Quinta Columna, it was revealed that the “vaccines” contain a type of “nano-octopus” and other microparticles that have the ability to self-assemble once it has been injected into the body.

A paper published by the Journal of Communications, details how the Wireless Nano-Sensors Network (WNSN) is generated through this process.

“WNSN is the network interconnecting microdevices and nano-nodes or nano-sensors. Nano-nodes, which are devices with a nanometric size, are composed of nano-processor, nano-memory, nano-batteries, nano-transceiver, nano-antenna and nano-sensors, which operate at nano-scale level,” explains the Daily Exposé.

Richard Delgado, a writer from La Quinta Columna, says the nanotechnology that is being used already exists in communication technology, the only difference is, it’s injected into the body.

“We’re talking about nano-communications,” Delgado says. “All of them are nanotechnology for nano-communications.”

Delgado is referring to all of the currently available wu-flu injections. These include the mRNA (messenger RNA) jabs from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, as well as the viral vector jabs from AstraZeneca and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

Nano-arrays that are centered on the body, require special nano-antennas to operate in the terahertz band – the same that are being found in the “vaccines.”

“The explicit mention of the type of antenna and the technology of intra-body nano-networks would confirm that vaccines are, among other things, vectors for the installation of nanotechnology, or nanodevices in the human body,” says Dr. Pablo Campra, who compiled images collected from covid “vaccine” samples.

“However, beyond pure coincidence, the authors make explicit the use of graphene and carbon nanotubes, as necessary elements for this network model.” – is a 24 page presentation that explains the entire process.

Elon Musk is part of this operation, and it’s aim is to convert human bodies into machines, which would be controlled by tiny intra-body nano-networks.

Take a guess as to how they plan to get them into your body. The vaccines.

Human bodies will be connected to the “Internet of Things”, eventually leading to human anatomy functioning and being controlled by an IoT Network.

The person who has this inside them, will no longer have autonomy over their body, functioning within the “cloud” of transhumanity – something World Economic Forum head, Klaus Schwab has said many times, is his hope for the future, detailed in his book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Been wondering why they’re so desperate to install as many 5G towers as possible, despite massive resistance from the public due to it being linked to causing cancer, now you know. 5G will be used to power this technology.

The Globalists have a plan for all of us and it’s not something we are going to enjoy. They want to be rid of us and if they can’t be rid of us, they want our total obedience.

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31 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGICAL PARASITISM: CCP Virus “Vaccines” Appear to Contain Self-Assembling “Nano-Octopus” Microparticles”

  1. This is full blown Treason against America, the people & the world! This is a mass attack on the human race, & those responsible should be found out, & punished. How long before people start dying in droves? Young people are dying needlessly, soon after getting the vaccine. Thinking back on what the Nazi’s did years ago, we’re seeing a replay today. Why are they demanding our military be given this poison? Would seem our government is setting up a take-over as our military will be dropping, making it easy to be taken over by a foreign entity within our own borders. Illegals are allowed to come in, never tested & allowed to be deposited, unvaccinated, in every city in America, but Americans are being forced to get the shots. Who’s behind this mass attack on the American people? So many questions, too few answers!

    1. I don’t see anything linking this article to a source technical paper or anything with authority. It appears that the “Scientist” is going under a pseudonym. I wish people would make the articles more credible.

      1. Go to my gab account @salialioli and you will see the FULL TECHNICAL REPORT on the analysis of the vaccine vials (all four brands), spectromicroscopy photos and an investigatory pdf identifying the components of the nano-network. As they have to be decrypted identification is being done currently.
        Also go to http://www.Orwell dot City Archive section for excerpts of all the research that La Quinta Columna has done so far, transcribed into English and subtitled onto clips of the relevant programs where they discuss it.
        There are links to the vids and other material.

      2. I re-read your comment and you say the “Scientist” goes under a pseudonym. Ricardo Delgado and Dr Pablo Campra are not pseudonyms. La Quinta Columna is the name of the group. Are you splitting hairs?

      3. Some have. 3 doctors did in April of 2021. All three came up missing, now the three families are missing. 3 doctors in Germany were just beat up and arrested for providing proof that the shots had metal items within the vaccine to scrape the inside of blood vessels to kill from the inside out. You NEVER hear from our worthless press. You need to follow other countries. Better yet reach out to distance families to find more truths. To look anything up you must stay away from Google, chrome, and other controlled units and go to the basic Ethernet to find true facts

    2. This is correct and the conversations have long been discussed and worked on. Also, the “passport card” is linked to your new inner workings and you can be tracked, all types of your accounts accessed and manipulated, etc.

  2. There’s nothing amazing about this, except for the mass stupidity of people throughout the world, who line up for hours to get tagged and later bagged. Hitler’s Final Solution had nothing on this genocide.

  3. sIR: tHIS post is heavy. How does ccp get these nano’s into America/s vaccines? I use Modena 2 shots and the booster.

    1. and I feel sorry for you and your family. if bribem told the American people to jump in front of oncoming trains, how many do you think would blindly follow those orders? same thing for the killer vax. people are dropping dead like flies, and the only thing you read from the complicit mainstream media is about those unvaxxed suckers who are dying in droves. WRONG… the dying are fully vaxxed, boosted and DOOMED. AND THE SPIKE PROTEIN IN THE CORONA VIRUS WAS ENGINEERED TO MUTATE WHEN CONFRONTED BY VACCINES. THE FULLY VAXXED ARE WALKING Petri dishes, growing mutants in their bodies. they are passing the mutants to us, the people who did their research and chose NOT to be a guinea pig for BIG PHARMA. and dont tell me I am unpatriotic, or any of the other jive that bribems minions spew. I stay home, away from the Petri dishes. it is worth it to have peace of mind, and know I am not killing people with my blind stupidity. the government, THIS GOVERNMENT, is run by criminals. hell bent to kill you and replace you with brown voters.

  4. how did they get the virus to America? use your head. bribem is in bed with the ccp. why do you think they stopped the vaccine in February 2021? what do you think they added to it that suddenly causes people to drop dead immediately after the injection, or some that take weeks? why are the ones who got the vaccine in January 2021 still living with no adverse reactions???? I would not put anything past big Pharma, bribem, and the Chinese Red Devils.

    1. Mike Yeedon, former Chief Scientist for Pfizer said and it is verifiable, that if you only have ONE job you have 2 weeks to 2 years and time to survive goes down for each additional jab. He said surviving all of the required vax and boosters gives, if you are lucky, 3 years.

    2. SOUTHERN PROUD: Bribem is connected to China, “big time”. (I like your new term for “him”. very fitting.) Have you seen the pictures of “vials of earthworm like creatures) that’s been taken from the deceased who were vaxed? This is an attack on the American people. No doubt about it, China “wormed” their way into America, and this was a direct attack on thousands of American people. Murder! Plain & simple. People need to get more informed on the lefts agenda. Whites are the minority since the illegal invasion and will continue to be eradicated unless “democrats are “politically eradicated”. It seems that these were eggs that were in their vaccines that developed into full-blown, re-planned, LIVE, blood blocking, heart stopping, parasites, FORCED into the people to “depopulate” the world. Turn it back on Bill Gates, drug companies connected with the democrats & CCP. Difficult to think of what this generation has to face in
      their future.

  5. The Chinos have the CURE for every Virulent Virus they Loose on the Free World! No CCP Honchos will die from Covid/Etc. China is in the process of eliminating us” Useless Eaters”!! China has enough people to re-populate the entire Planet, when everyone else is DEAD and GONE!


    1. Right with you sir.
      I have not and wil not allow a needle into my body ever!
      I’ll die of lead poison first.


  8. May others contemplating getting the vaccine, come to realize these things. I ask the Lord to interfere in this….as we are HIS and no one else’s. We are HIS creation and never will belong to any other. I ask this in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  9. Remember, folks. Biowarfare and enhanced virulence experiments are illegal in the UK, so the Lizard Queen had Fauci and Lieber build a Pirbright biowarfare lab in Nanchang, just down the road from Wuhan. It is illegal to investigate the queen’s business for Commonwealth citizens, so the development of the ‘COVID-19’ attacks was done in secrecy, with way over 100 U.S. Patents for it in the public record.

  10. It credible study it 20 year try to prove to everyone its all lies and conspiracies I never thought evil so big could ever happen again, what fools we are 20years I prove myself wrong and the horror goes deep!!! Very perverse sick deep down a rabbit hole, once you see you can not unsee! Fuck sickos in this world the rich and famous think through are law! They so are wrong!!!

  11. No matter what grouper Biden says, don’t take ANY vaccines! They can’t force you to take it, so to hell with gropers “ mandates”, they aren’t laws. Only congress can pass laws, but Piglosi will if gropey Joe tells her to. They want to reduce the population, get rid of all who think for themselves. Be wary and watch everything!

    1. Yes they can damm it.
      I will refuse via armed resistance and expect to die at my front door when they come for me. I’ll take a few of them with me when I do go.

  12. Under the democRATS this great country just keeps getting lower and lower. Just as I’ve said many many times, we the people need to correct this injustice come election day. So please get out and VOTE this year.

  13. Run , walk , crawl to the polls and vote to save America from the Global NWO WEF and CCP terrorists who are determined to destroy us and everything we stand for .

    1. I agree and I will be at the polls.
      However I fear we have gone past that as the solution.
      It will sadly take violence now. I hope not and it is to be a last resort but it won’t be the first time it came to that.

      Sadly I am way too old and crippled to join.
      Once I was a tough little shit and I never lost a fight. Never started one, never ran from one. Walked away a few times from stupidity rather than fight but the times I had no choice I won. EVERY TIME!
      Now I couldn’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag.
      What you don’t know what a wet paper bag is?
      You ignorant little shits!

  14. We need to watch out for the food we eat I’m sure they will find a way to mix this technology in our food or water system. Just saying Evil is Evil and they will do what ever it takes to get this Wireless Nano-Sensors Network (WNSN) into our bodies.
    Our Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings Lord of all what exist will strike them down, do not be afraid just be prepaired.

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