The World Economic Forum Wants To Kill You

On a hot summer day, do you like going to the beach or laying beside the pool to soak up some sun rays and get a good dose of vitamin D?

Well, if you do, you are soon not going to be able to if the World Economic Forum (WEF) has their way, as they start to promote a plan to block the sun (no, you are not in an episode of The Simpsons) to apparently reverse the devastating (fake) “effects” of climate change.

The idea has already been floated by another Globalist overlord, former CEO of Microsoft and now vaccine pusher, Bill Gates.

Gates proposed that chemicals be sprayed up into the atmosphere, that would block the sun’s rays and cool down the planet. Yes, really.

Thus far, none of the mindless twits working in governments around the world have asked the simple question – what will happen to the Earth if that happens? What will become of humanity?

Have none of these people heard of the Dark Ages? Because that is where we are headed, these Globalist psychotics are able to get away with destroying one of the most important things we need for life.

WEF shared a video, stating, “MIT scientists say, ‘space bubbles’ could help reverse climate change by reflecting the Sun’s heat away from Earth.” Adding, “The bubbles would be manufactured in space by robots” and “They would form a ‘raft’ about the size of Brazil.”

Of course, this is a form of geo-engineering, something that the Globalists have denied dabbling in, as people question why there are so many “chemtrails” lining the sky these days. It is all in your head of course, until they outright admit that that is what they have been doing the entire time. Yeesh.

The sun is not the enemy of Humanity, that would be the likes of Bill Gates and WEF boss Klaus Schwab, who believe there are simply too many people on our planet and because they have unlimited wealth and power, somehow allows them to actively plot our demise.

It follows the same vein as the carbon lie – which they want to “reduce” – the biggest carbon emitters being humans.

We are the carbon they want to reduce, make no mistake about that.

What does sunshine and carbon bring us? Food and oxygen. Sunshine being the most important component for photosynthesis – plants that are grown in the dark, do not grow very big, if at all.

We are witnessing in real time, the plan to kill us all, while the same Globalist elites run to their shelters in the South Island of New Zealand – they are not worried about you and your children starving or freezing to death.

This madness needs to be stopped and one thing that can be done to help stop it – vote in the right people when elections roll around again.

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27 thoughts on “The World Economic Forum Wants To Kill You”

  1. I knew this all along. Why the chemtrail? Why? Why? For years I have been telling friends and relatives that you hardly see any more clear blue skies. Most I see is a very pale, grayish, with a tinge of blue on a sunny day, exactly what I’m seeing right now where I live, Illinois. They think I’m crazy. Most everyday I see chemtrails, even at night. These chemtrails blankets the sky then falls on us, on plants, trees, soil, everything, for decades now. I am seeing more dead trees, more asthmatic people, you come from the outside you have a distinct unpleasant metallic odor. This is the #one polluter. I read, that some people protest against it and something bad happens to them. It seems, .we good humans cannot do anything about it. Can we?

    1. I totally agree ,this has been going on for years.
      I don’t know why people don’t see it. They are closing their eyes to it is the only answer I see.

    2. YOU are Right on the money Delia:
      No such thing as climate change or Global warming, It is a complete HOAX, scam & fraud perpetrated by the criminal demonrats trying to enrich themselves. The entire globes weather patterns are cyclitic via Mother nature.
      The temperatures in Phoenix, AZ are cooler than they were in 1998 same with death valley.
      All it takes is ONE volcano eruption any where on the planet to dump more carbon emissions into the atmosphere than 100 years of every vehicle, train, bus or plane on the planet. HOWEVER geo thermo sabotage called climate engineering by world governments using CONTRAILS, dumping tons of chemicals into the atmosphere. IS a REAL FACT. ( do the research it is free) “The dimming Documentary- exposing the global climate engineering cover up.
      The lingering, spreading and sun blocking jet aircraft trails are not just condensation as we have been told by government sources. The dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, is ongoing. These global climate engineering operations are causing unquantifiable damage to the planet’s life support systems and human health.

      The DEMONrats & corrupt Governments can run a scam for only so long before it is debunked.

      1. But even when debunked; how do we fight back against it because seemingly no one is coming to our rescue.

    3. Great to see a few Concerned Patriots really get it:
      Chemtrailing is the publics term for the CLASSIFIED ONGOING artificial modification of Earths climate systems using reflective Nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds. The global controllers are utilizing every tool they have at their disposal to distract populations from the wider horizon of unfolding and accelerating global ecological collapse. The signs of environmental collapse can be difficult to distinguish from a distance, our forests are a primary example. An up close examination is essential if the truth is to be discovered. Earth’s remaining forests are dying by the day. No trees, no people, we are perilously close to both outcomes. Even at this late hour the vast majority are still completely oblivious to the tidal wave of biosphere implosion that is towering over us. What will it take to wake the sleeping masses? Ever more extreme weather and temperature fluctuations are wreaking havoc on ecosystems, livestock and human populations. The recent mass die-off of cattle in Kansas is only one example of many. Record heat, drought, wildfires, deluges, hail and flash freezes, all are inseparable from the ongoing and accelerating global climate intervention operations. In addition to it all, climate engineering atmospheric aerosol dispersions continue to contaminate every breath we take.

      1. I agree Joey! It is high time the real polluters like Gates get put away somewhere…maybe like Gitmo?? He needs to be held accountable for killing masses of people! (Along with many others promoting the Climate Hoax.)

  2. I read the Name Bill Gates, stopped reading I remembered my Bible , and my Book of Mormon , ah, normal again, thanks to Almighty God, In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

      1. nobody is coming for his people,,, WE have to wake up,,WE need to free ourselves,,, we are sovereign beings,, all that people create people have to uncreate,,there is a prime directive,,,WE have to save ourselves

  3. These are dangerous people, just as dangerous as those trying to shape the entire World in the late 1930s! If these people were living in the 1930s I know who their leader would have been! They embrace whole heartedly the concept of One World Government and are diligently trying to make it happen “ by any means necessary”! In reality they are NOT trying to create a New World Order, BUT a Old World Order! We have either seen this before or read about it, know history and prepare to fight these Globalists! I will be happy when they own nothing and assume room temperature! In the meantime use all the resources that will improve your life, ignore these demigods!

  4. What part of science do these moron not comprehend? People need sun for vitamin D which many are low because of working in doors, & plants need for photosynthesis.

  5. Annnd – it wasn’t that long ago these same people were yelling at us for all the pollution we were creating and blocking the sun…

  6. Why are the government and these spending billions on solar energy and building solar farms around the USA ? when they want to block the sun . These people are so ignorant

  7. Of these idiots are successful in blocking the sun, we would have a frozen planet, frozen everything. Not life sustainable. Does Gates hope to buy enough land and allow that area sunshine, but he cannot control where the sun would be able to get through, especially with our axis varying a bit now. Someone wrote that it could be almost as bad as 1930s, but there would be no comparison. Is Gates planning to go underground and eat hydrponically grown food? From what energy source? No solar rays, wind turbines frozen up. At -43°F, even ball bearing oil freezes (this had happened in MN).

    Perhaps people that are a danger to us, to Earth, should be placed somewhere secure and isolated, unable to carry out these madmen plans. Truly sick people. I don’t think anyone should be selling him any more Ag land, anymore than to China.

    Climate associated:
    Did you see the video on Weather Channel of the TX wind turbine struck by lightning and exploding, with two of three blades consumed in fire? Lot of lightning, and cloudy skies to affect solar power.

  8. How about they kill themselves off and leave us, Average Joe, alone…..???? If/when climate really starts changing, at least we will know HOW to deal with it WITHOUT them/their SCARE tactics, NOBODY needs THAT…..Our REAL Scientists will ring the TRUE Alarm bells in time as they have been keeping an eye on this type of Eventuality for DECADES now………..

  9. If climate change is a hoax then why do 99% of all scientists in the whole world not just the US Dems, all agree that climate change to the levels we see now are caused by humans. It’s highly unlikely that almost every scientist in the world is involved in a conspiracy to provide the public with false information. It’s more likely that capitalism left unchecked requiring no preventative measures can reap much higher profits. We need to find a balance but denial is no solution.

  10. Hell they’ve been spraying crap in the air for years trying to control the weather it’s not something new. And who knows that could have a lot to do with the climate change we’re experiencing. Other than the fact that the earth’s climate runs in cycles irregardless of what humans do, except that governments are screwing with it.

  11. What good will voting do when the Lie-beral Demonocrats use the Dominion (dominate) voting machines, or equivalent ?!?! And the vast majority of Republicans are RINOs !

  12. because 99% of the world’s scientists DO NOT believe that humans are the cause of climate change – the only ones that do are the ones who have been bought and paid for by the globalists – the number 99% is pure propaganda

  13. It’s all by design from corrupt governments around the world. It’s good versus evil now. Keep faith in God.

  14. This is absolutely INSANE. I live in Florida…..we usually have Sunshine all year long. Would they like for us to return to the Ice Ages? We need the Sun, along with our plants – everything from the trees to the crops we eat. Are the governments really going to let a few “ignorant people with no common sense” make such decisions for us? This planet has undergone multiple “climate changes” while being alive for billions of years and now they want to kill us off and the planet???????

  15. I suggest a squad of M16s in the hands of our most accurate marksmen. No F15s necessary, as evidenced when they took out JFK.

  16. Yes — Sunshine is a wonderful thing and was not made by God for us NOT TO ENJOY and is there for reasons of health and happiness. Can you imagine a loss of sunlight: loss of food products, less protein because of that loss, a population that is depressed and despondent, etc. etc. The WEF and Bill Gates can shove this insane idea “UP WHERE THE SUN WON’T SHINE” !!!

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