Woke Means Broke — the Impact of Cultural Marxism on Pro Sports

Celebrity athletes and entire teams have been making headlines for over a year, not by their accomplishments on the field or court, but for kneeling during the national anthem. While the media focus has primarily been on the athletes themselves and has been overwhelmingly positive, the actual numbers of viewers and attendees tells a far different story.

Despite the fawning attention these athletes have received, American viewers are tuning out — as pro sports shifts even further left, it is leaving some key demographics behind. Ratings are plunging, which means advertising dollars and other important metrics are plummeting as well.

According to Breitbart, the most recent numbers for the start of the NFL season are in, and the news is not good. At the NFL season opener in Kansas City, the stands were far less crowded than usual. While this can be attributed to social distancing measures and Covid-19, the booing from the crowd has no relation to the illness.

The audience booed both teams as they took to the field and knelt for the anthem. According to Jason Whitlock in Outkick, “The booing you heard at Arrowhead Stadium Thursday night isn’t hard to understand. Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive.”

It wasn’t just the in-person fans who objected to the new, politicized NFL. Home viewers tuned out entirely, with an astonishing 16 percent drop in viewership for the usually popular season opening game. This game, which launched the season on September 10, was not an anomaly — just three nights later, all Sunday games were well off of last year’s ratings as well.

According to the most recent ratings, Sunday’s first games of the regular season were down as well. It is important to note that these ratings are being compared to 2019 — a year that also saw rapidly declining ratings and the rise of the kneeling athlete as a celebrity.

While the drop in in-person attendance can be attributed to Covid-19, the falling television ratings can not. In most other programming genres, television ratings are up, simply because people are spending more time at home. With pro sports in 2020, though, that has not been the case. Ratings continue to fall from last years already low figures.

A clue to the falling ratings comes from Gallup, which recently polled adults about different industries and how they are perceived. Professional sports saw a significant drop in overall option, with fewer positive responses. Other professions, including healthcare, improved during the same time period. According to Gallup: “The biggest slide . . . has been for the sports industry, with its positive score falling 15 points—from 45% to 30%.”

The most popular sports events and days of the year are still ahead, and it remains to be seen how the Black Lives Matter and the ongoing protest by athletes will impact the numbers for the overall season. While the impact of this activism is just beginning to show, the downward trend is already impacting the industry as a whole.

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188 thoughts on “Woke Means Broke — the Impact of Cultural Marxism on Pro Sports”

  1. The NFL has lost its way and caved in to the idiotic demands of an avowedly Marxist organization in BLM. Insanity. I will not watch a game or listen to the ridiculous virtue signaling about BLM on the networks as long as this continues.

      1. I third it. I will not even allow the family to turn their back on our great flag. They went outside and tossed a ball around. Good enough. IF and when the NFL outs a stop to this disrespect then maybe they will regain some of what they lost. Doubt it tho

        1. Not only is disrespecting the flag and the people who died for this country despicable, but Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that intends to overthrow our government and destroy our country, so if the NFL supports that then they are also communists, part of the sedition, and should be defunded and replaced.

          1. Stick a fork in the NFL and NBA, they are done! Not going back to being a fan, regardless of their reaction to the drop in attendance and viewers. Any so-called change would simply be another lie to get fans to come back. Bye bye!

          2. They have lost me permanently!!! I ill never watch another football game nor will I watch baseball anymore, or any of the other sports as far as that goes!!!!

          3. So,so true! Could not agree more. At one time Sports was a great outlet and entertainment. The game always brought people together, even if they rooted for opposing teams. It was a game and it was exciting to watch the talent perform. Then it all became cloudy. All of a sudden football and other sports that used to bring entertainment and a much needed relief from politics of the day, begin to start crumbling and bowing to a Marxist Philosophy that very much disrespects the American People their livelihoods and their way of life. Those Marxist Thugs, BLM and ANTIFA destroy, threaten and intimidate innocent citizens Every Day!!! To think that those Millionaire Sports Players that got rich from Americans loving the sports, could turn on us and bend their knees to the Socialist Communist Doctrine uprising that threatens our very Republic and our freedoms? Well, their rating should continue to go down! Just like Hollywood and the Rich Elite that hate our country so much! We, the American People made you wealthy and who you are today, how dare you turn your backs on us and try to take over our country with you dangerous ideals and doctrine!!!

        2. I have loved the game my entire life, both as a player & coach. Now I am done w/ the Pro’s. HS is a more fun game. Just so u know, we coaches have know for years that the game was on the rd. to DESTRUCTION.

          1. On foot night I cleaned the garage then on another I cleaned the basement What a feeling of accomplishment. I did some thing useful.

          2. I SO agree that the pro teams taking a knee during the anthem is reprehensible. They are not “essential”

      2. I have been a Green Bay Packers fan since I was 12 years old in 1950. Boyd Dowler was from Cheyenne and I played against him when he was a senior and I was a sophomore. I have not watched an NFL game for two years and I used to watch every game on Sunday after attending Mass except for the two years during Viet Nam when I was overseas with the Air Force. As an afterthought, my wife’s family was among the first European settlers in the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1699. Brett Favre’s ancestor, 15 year old Jean Baptiste Favre arrived on the French ship Marie as one of 5 cabin boys in what is today Mobile AL. I have over 10,000 people in my wife’s genealogy. She is related to Brett through 3 early families but I still won’t watch the “Woke” and misinformed NFL. A US flag has flown over my home on a 20 foot pole 21 years since I returned to Wyoming after 30 years. The last 2 month a TRUMP flag flies underneath my US flag.

        As a born Wyomingite and an 82 year old. mostly Apache, I am weary of people’s ignorance of history, placing today’s social mores on yesterday, political correctness and snowflake mentality and just plain destroying the first amendment.

        Where did the name Redskins derive? From native warriors. Red was the most prominent color for warpaint. Many times bodies were painted completely red for war with smaller overlaying designs that had meaning for each individual Red Color Symbolizes war, blood, strength, energy, power and success in war but if not paint for war it would also symbolize happiness and beauty in face paint

        Because of the predominance of red paint for war the first Europeans who arrived called native peoples Redskins. If that is racist then so is Red Coats which everyone white, black and red called British soldiers because of their red uniforms. I am amazed at the ignorance of history and lack of personal pride today’s young American Indians have so they think it an insult to choose names like chiefs, redskins, braves etc. for team mascot names. Those names are chosen out of respect and admiration of native peoples’ character such as; Bravery, tenacity, fortitude, courage, boldness, strength, valor, patience, endurance, daring, perseverance and just plain guts to keep fighting-on no matter the odds to preserve their way of life. If teams didn’t want a mascot to admire they would choose names such as caterpillars, snails, slugs, worms, maggots or cockroaches.

        1. I share in your former love for the Green Bay Packers. When I was around 10 years old, in 4th grade, I remember the Packers winning the championship and the first Superbowl (NFL-AFL game). I cheered my head off when the next year the Packers beat the Cowboys in “the ice bowl.” I’ve been loyal throughout the good years and rotten years. But when that idiot from the 49ers started this kneeing crap, it spread throughout the whole league and with Rogers supporting this stupid crap, I quit watching the NFL. I never once saw Bart Starr, Ray Nishtski, Jerry Cramer, Willie Wood, Bob Jeter, Willie Davis, Herb Adderly, Paul Hornug, Max McGee, or any other Packer take a knee or voice support for Marxist, until a couple years ago. And it’s my understanding that one of the founding fathers of the Redskins was part Sioux and he named the team out of respect for his American Indian heritage. Just a matter of time before they come after the Chiefs. What really gets me is that the people getting hurt by all this crap are the vendors that sell the NFL trinkets and refreshments at the games. Those people only make between 40,000-50,000 per year, but those multimillionair players don’t care.

        2. Thank you for the great explanation of true meaning of redskin.

          I too am a long time football fan.
          GB Packers since 1962.

          Your words are spoken from true wisdom and experience.

          God bless America and The President.

        3. Paul said it all right there. I can’t say it any better. Paul thank you for your service to our Country. May God bless you and your family.

        4. Paul
          Excellent comment piece! Extremely well written and informative. I Agree with you 100%!
          It’s such a shame that no one appears to actually know about the history of America and it’s very obvious that our schools don’t even teach history and civics anymore. How can we as a country, or as an individual, know where we are going unless we actually have knowledge of where we came from?
          Thank you very much for your great comments! Maybe (hopefully) reading this will inspire people to stop and look back at our country’s true history!

    1. I agree 100%. They can take their toys and go home. They can take the NBA, Major League Baseball, and NASCAR with them…

      1. The NFL lost me years ago with their players striking, and have never won me back to more than an occasional game, but haven’t seen one in almost 4 years now.
        Most the kneelers probably aren’t even registered to vote, saw were less than 20% of League was registered. Probably that many registered as with parole officers.

    2. Man have you got that Right…The Friggin BLM has ruined the NFL & NBA. No problem in NHL, PGA, Tennis, Nascar. The NBA for the most part has become an overall unfortunately a black rich thuggery. The NFL which used to basically non racist is now filled with in my opinion very racist..

      1. No , Tagliabooboo has ruined the NFL because he has he face so far up BLM ‘ s rear it’s hard for him to breath. And I will never, and I mean never watch anymore sports.

        1. Paul Tag has not been Commisioner for years. He spends his time with his Kids & Grandkids.
          Are you talking about his Successor?
          Clarify, please!
          I’m with you! I watch the Kentucky Derby, Pimlico, Belmont horse races only. Not even in that order this year!
          The players never learned cause & effect in Grade School. Will they learn it now? Probably not! They didn’t teach anyone else either!

    3. I am in full agreement with you Mike
      I tell everyone I come in contact with regarding sports the same thing. There are better things to watch than kneelers.
      But we must applaud those who do not kneel and those who show appreciation of the law enforcement personnel.

      1. NFL & NBA is a sport not a political plate form! We have been cowed into submitting to this disrespect to our flag and nation. My TV is getting a long-term rest.

    4. Facts: The NFL and every other Professional Sport, ALWAYS has the belief that NO SINGLE PLAYER was bigger or more important than the GAME ITSELF. The NFL, NBA, MLB seem to have forgotten this self imposed rule. The NFL, that chastised Tim Tebow when he knelt and prayed BEFORE the game, but always stood for our National Anthem, and denied groups of players that wanted to Honor all those first responders that died on 9/11 by wearing a tribute on their helmets… the list goes on and on. Basketball players were fined if they wore non approved apparel, as was MLB players… the point is NO ONE AND NO GROUP was permitted to be bigger/more important than the game itself. Then they FAILED to maintain and enforce their own rules, regulations and history established day one, when Colin Kaepernick decided to protest DURING WORKING HOURS, not only was this act in itself something that would never be allowed in any other employment, (try it on your job- May get you fired) but he used our National Anthem and Flag as his tools.. disrespecting both and neither had anything to do with why he was protesting. No problem with anyone protesting legally and on their own time.. But when a person is in the course of their employment, the OWNER who PAYS them MAKES THE RULES that must be followed or that person won’t have a job. Plain and simple facts. Professional Sports has forgotten this and allowed self interested instigators like Kaepernick to violate the rules and history that was engraved in stone. Then they did the same thing with BLM a self proclaimed Marxist led group, that under the disguise of bringing attention to Racial and Social Injustices, turned into violent, chaos causing rioters, instigating looting, burning and destroying property of innocent people and the senseless beatings and killings of innocent citizens. Their actions are not good for our country and could prove, in time, lethal to professional sports. Every FAN, regardless of color, religion, economic status or where they live, that WORKS HARD ALL WEEK, when they sit down to WATCH a game in person or on television, they WANT TO WATCH AND ENJOY THE GAME… we don’t tune in to watch POLITICS. We don’t tune in to see players, that ARE PAID MORE IN ONE YEAR than most of us will earn in our lifetimes, KNEEL OR HIDE IN THEIR LOCKER ROOMS WHEN OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM IS PLAYED.. DISRESPECTING OUR SOLDIERS, OUR FLAG AND OUR NATION. Players disrespecting all those BRAVE SOLDIERS that gave their lives, so they would have the ability to FREELY PLAY SPORTS FOR MONOPOLY MONEY AMOUNTS… these extremely selfish, uncaring players, are ruining the games we grew up with for a very long time… So I say to all those players that are part of the problem: AMERICAN CITIZENS FROM COAST TO COAST HAVE PROVEN DURING THIS CORONAVIRUS TRAGEDY THAT WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT SPORTS.. WE FOUND THAT THERE ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE. WE DON’T NEED PROFESSIONAL SPORTS… WOULD WE RATHER HAVE THEM THAN LOSE THEM? OF COURSE… BUT NOT IF YOU PLAYERS TAKE ALL THE FUN OUT IF ROOTING FOR OUR TEAMS. NOT IF THE NETWORKS CONTINUE TO BE POLITICAL ANALYSTS INSTEAD OF JUST ANNOUNCING THE GAME… WE DON’T WANT ANYTHING BUT SPORTS WHEN WE PAY TO SEE SPORTS! Lastly one vital question for EVERY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE BEING PAID A LOT OF MONEY TO PLAY A GAME THEY ENJOY- A GAME MOST PLAY AND ENJOY FOR FREE… DURING THIS PANDEMIC, WE AMERICANS HAVE PROVEN WE CAN LIVE AND SURVIVE WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL SPORTS…

      1. Well said. The players that played college sports are not allowed to act like the professionals. SO what happens between college and professional!!!. MONEY. and brain washing?? I know that the NBA is owned by China.

      2. All actors and actresses should stick to acting, musicians and singers stick to music, pro sports stick to playing their games instead of trying to influence us to believe in their support of Marxist BLM. I refuse to listen to music by Taylor Swift, will not watch movies or NFL until they all stop trying to use their celebrity status for promoting what’s tearing down our country.

      3. Amen! All sports off my tv for good!!! Traders to our country! Never forget never forgive such ignorance and disrespect for the flag and our country! Sickens me!

      4. Well said sir. We can only hope that these outrageous displays by so called celebrity’s and sports figures comes to an end.

    5. They are now supporters of the domestic terrorist, called blm, and not the people who’s support pays they unearned huge salaries. I hope all the supporting sports groups go broke. If they don’t like America then they should leave. The nfl let kapercrap ruin football and now they are paying for it.

    6. correct– no more pro games where the spoiled brat rich players ignore our constitution and support the BLM-Looters- Rioters

      just Golf and College –and if the college players do it– -bye bye as well

      My company has already pulled $500k of advertising dollars– bye bye sponsors

    7. The NBA and especially the NFL made a big mistake. Their fan base is “Red State” and they have allowed their “Blue State” athletes to deliver radical political messages. Obviously the fans don’t want to hear it. Walt


    9. Let these great athletes get a job like the rest of the world. And since they won’t respect America let them play sports in Africa or Ethiopia and see what their salary would be! I will never watch a professional game again. I’ll wait for high school sports there not primadonas Yet

    10. Mike I absolutely agree 250%! Its over for professional sports for the foreseeable future. Absolutely NO interest in watching a bunch of overpaid athletic elites politicize games!

    11. I am so proud of those communist sympathizers showing up (to support the communist) in person, only to boo the millionaire victims of capitalism. Both groups need to be shipped out of Amerika, till it is called America again. GFY

    12. I agree with the point your making…BUT….The part about the fans is a lie. Fans have not yet been permitted. The booing is a recording. This week the Only people allowed to watch the NFL games were “family & friends.”

      1. The opening Kansas City Chiefs game the boos weren’t recorded…there was either 12k or 25k fans scattered throughout the stadium…it was real boos…not recorded…

    13. I am turned off and tuned off on the NFL…….
      Total disrespect to our FLAG and to our service men who served and died to protect us.

  2. Respect your country. Respect your neighbor. Respect yourself. If you feel the US is a bad place to be and that our National Anthem makes you ill that feel the need to drop to your knees then perhaps you should leave this country! As a professional athlete you should not practice “protesting” when you are at work. In corporate America, when we go to work, we have to do our job. If we wish to attend a protest, we must do it on our own time. When an athlete steps onto the field or court, that athlete is at work. Protest on your own time and on your own dime. Not Ours! Get a grip on reality. Politicalized sports have not place in a peaceful society

    1. You are absolutely correct. I refuse to watch the NFL until they stop this nonsense and disrespect for our flag. The sponsors will also not get my business. The commissioner and owners have all lost their way and lost any common sense

    2. Well said – I feel the same way. I have not and will not watch an NBA, NFL, or MLB game as long as
      these athletes keep politicizing their sport and dishonoring the country that gives them the ability to achieve the success they enjoy!

    3. your dime will still be your’s….if you didn’t spend it on communist idiots that hate America. Beat them to the punch.

    1. As much as I love football, I refuse to watch a bunch of woke a** idiots kneel on the field for the American flag and National Anthem when most of my family has fought for their freedom. Freedom to play a sport they love and get way over-paid for it. They need to keep the politics out of sports. I pray that the ratings go down so much that their paychecks do too. Then they will know what WOKE is!!!!!

  3. Once taking a knee was to shoe God your praise to him for this country and all it stood for, but today that knee is to show the world these so-called giants of American sports are giving praise to The socialist Devilrats and their glowing hate for the country and it’s people that made them what they now deem themselves as sport Gods. To bad but it’s a dream going up in a viper into the Annuals of human stupidity. Taking a knee to make yourselves seem to be the proud owners of Hate America and cheering for Communism, called Socialism is Gods call for your sports death as well as this countries. Damn don’t think for one instant that I dread I’m old as I go but my dreams are of my country a free and wholesome place I grew up in with a knee to my God not to a political hate and slave bunch given the world by no other than the Devil in political dress.

  4. If they want to play politics on the sports field or court, then many of us patriotic adults will boycott them and hopefully break this demonic inspired BLM and their Marxist ideology.
    They change their attitude or suffer financially besides morally. Maybe the money will at least hit the owners to create professional ethics conduct when at work on court.

  5. I elect not to watch sports any longer–EXCEPT how about those Lightning! And last night both teams stood for the National Anthem, did not try to display any Marxist ideologies messages and played a great game (series). Thank you to all of the teams for making hockey our “NEW NATIONAL SPORT”!

  6. Have not watched an NFL game for over 2 years and will not watch. I will never knowingly support any organization that disrespects the flag I gladly served in the USMC, Also, crossed off the NBA this year. Let them find another country that will pay their in my opinion ridiculous salaries.

    1. I agree with all that is said! I said earlier that these players were being paid to much to play sports so now they are ruining sports!

    2. Same here as far as watching the prosports. BTW I never heard of a Black national anthem before. I heard they were going to play it at every NFL game !!?? I will NOT tune into a game to hear what it is, because their rating would get a positive hit !! I BELIEVE IN ONLY ONE NATIONAL ANTHEM AND THAT ONE IS NOT IT !!!

  7. As one who used to appreciate American sports as a healthy activity, both mentally and physically, I am torally turned off by this distorted use of sports for political indoctrination against America and Amerian values. These players ought to get on their knees and thank God and the USA for giving them a priviledged life. They are spoiled brats. Shame on them.

  8. When you disrespect our American Flag and National Anthem, then you are disrespecting we ,the American people, ,period!!!! We pay your salaries whether you like it or not sports athletes, so don’t cry when your salaries are cut because we will not support you or your owners !!! AlSO, the corona virus has shown us that we do not need PROFESSIONAL sports and you do!!!!! Food for thought for all National American athletes!!!!…..

  9. I haven’t watched a NFL game in five years and don’t plan on watching again. If your making 6 figures a year for playing a game you played as kid for fun and you think something is wrong with the US you should look in a mirror you can kiss my a$$

  10. Im done with professional sports. Anyone who disrespects our flag and country can just leave the country. I also turned against my long life support for the OU Sooners this year too as long as they wear the terriost organization Black Lives Matter patch on their uniform. Just play the games that’s all we the people want to see not your nonsense or disrespect.

  11. Its about time people started fighting back against this leftist socialist agenda. Quit supporting these institutions that support that BULLSH*#!. Good job Americans. Hit them in the pocket book, that seems to be the only thing they understand.

  12. I totally respect anyone’s right to protest or express their personal views. However to mock the flag that many have fought and died for is INEXCUSABLE. Also when you think you are above the people that are paying your salary, to owners and players, you are saying you don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself. I hope everyone will continue to do as I do when football comes on, TURN the channel Don’t promote this type of ignorance and disrespect.

  13. I have written each pro sport commissioner and frankly told them to leave politics out of business or one finds they have no business. I’ll not watch the grandstanding idiots and sadly hope they go broke. Once the ratings plunge, revenue falls and its time to renegotiate contracts and pay them what they are really worth—15 bucks an hour. Can’t happen fast enough for me!

    Total disrespect to god, our country and each and every citizen.
    Lame Brain asshole James makes me sick at my stomach. Every pro franchise owes america a big apology, until then—go straight to hell.

  14. Print media would do well to delete sports section of the local papers. This is tossed aside anymore with not even a glance. Think of all the trees it would save so there would be more fuel for global warming forest fires.

  15. As a MARINE CORPS VETERAN Vietnam and both my parents served in WWII, the NATIONAL ANTHEM and the FLAG holds special interest in our hearts! Both my parents are deceased and served proudly as I did just so these pukes can protest, our blood is on the ground for THESE PUKES and they don’t give a damn..none of them would survive 30 seconds in a firefight

    1. Welcome home Ron. I am a combat Veteran Vietnam “68” to “69” . My father in law was a combat medic in Omaha Beach and my Dad did the landings at Guam, Leyte and Okinawa, in addition my son served in the Middle East. You are so right, I love hearing them say I would go to war with with him. Only a few have served and to them thank you, to the woke (whatever the hell that means) they are gutless pukes that have no clue what going to war means. I hope professional sports collapses and the owners and players have to get a real job.

    2. My dad served on the BIG “E” in the Pacific Ocean during WWII. He killed commies for his mommy. I hope to fill his shoes someday soon.

  16. I dont watch football any more never like basketball to many egos there
    You athletes make to much money went there are jobs out there that are way more dangerous
    That dont make a 1/3 of what you make i hope the nfl and nba fall apart

  17. It’s a good start but there are still too many stupid fucking morons there! Fuck the booing fans, you’re still in the stands and paid the traitors your cash. Why even go, they’ve already shown they don’t GAF, about our opinions?!

    1. Your opinion is good, Chuck….but your filthy language needs to be cleaned up…haven’t seen another comment on this entire site with this language….just saying.

      1. I agree 100% Betty Lowery!!! There is no need for the language to be so foul. I too have stopped watching NFL,MLB and all other sports that kneel for the National Anthem and disrespect our flag I put on the uniform during Viet Nam, although I was sent to Germany I am still a Viet Nam era veteran and I stand and support our troops. My Dad was in ww2 on Omaha Beach on D–day My oldest brother fought in Viet Nam and my other two brothers also served in the US ARMY proudly I might add.

        1. Thank you, James, for your service and also your dad and brothers. Thank you also, for your comment to me about the foul language.

  18. They have “Eaten Themselves”, I am sure that the “Majority of American Citizens”, are tired of being told we must believe in something without questioning who is pushing this “Coup or Agenda”? We are speaking out “Silent Majority”, by not agreeing too watch these “Woke Idiots” and are now letting them “Eat Themselves” and see how far that goes!

  19. If the NFL team owners had stood their ground in the beginning and simply said “No expressions of personal or political opinion will be tolerated on the field” and made that part of the contracts, then they could have eliminated those players who chose to ignore that and hired new players who were willing to abide by the rules. As it is, they caved and now are issuing arbitrary rulings about what is ok and what isn’t. No expressions of Christian faith or
    loyalty to police or the flag. Only BLM and similar.
    The lunatics are now running the asylum.

  20. last night i was on my pc and typed in yahoo sports to get the latest on the local teams in Texas and literally cracked up when i read they all were losers at this point tickled the piss out of me/ former USMC = Semper Fi to God, Country and USMC

  21. I agree these anti American woke idiots have destroyed the integrity of the games they play . I don’t watch the NFL ,NBA , MLB or NASCAR anymore. The woke idiots will be looking for news jobs soon as they go broke from lack of support and funds . I do watch hockey and rodeo and professional bull riding as they still respect the flag and America.

  22. Used to watch the NFL, NBA and MLB. Don’t even turn the channel there anymore. If they want to disrespect the flag then see how much America respects them

  23. My husband and I love football. No more watching. These spoiled brats wouldn’t be where they are now if our patriots had not fought and died for them to have their freedoms. They absolutely sicken me. Wish they would go live in one of their Marxist countries and see how they like it. The owners and everyone else involved are pandering to them. Guess money rules the day!

    1. You are correct, money is the problem and too much of it. I believe that if Americans want this stopped, they are going to have to step up and bite the bullet. Notify the companys that buy adds on television of your feelings and that you will no longer purchase their products if they continue to support it. I have tried that with the individual teams and the NFL, with NO results or even an answer. Bu it might get to the advertisers. Money

  24. I just want to applaud all of you. Every one of your comments are right on the nose. And I just want to make sure that all of you know. You should be proud of yourselves because you are a true American Patriots. I want to thank all of you for your passion and profound wisdom It has touched the patriotism in my heart. God bless all of you and God bless America we shall prevail !! Keep up the good fight and the new logo for all Americans that aren’t Marxist should be.

      1. Until some of the Fans get balls and join the fans that have given up on Professional Sports the Owners and players will get their way. The Salaries for these Athlete should be cut by at Least 90% and then Fathers could afford to take their kids to the games and the Prices at Concession Stands are unjustified. If this does not happen Professional Sports is on its way out

    1. I lived in Seattle when the Seahawks started in the 70’s. Absolutely loved them and their coach Pete Carroll but I have not and will not watch another game until they show respect for our flag and the men and women who fought to keep our freedom. I will not allow this Marxist BLM to tell me what and how to think and who to honor. I’m surprised that Pete Carroll gave in to their pressure, thought he was smarter than that. God bless the USA!!!

  25. The pro sports, excepting golf, are gone as far as our family sees. Also don’t purchase advertisers of those nitwits. The same goes for movies. They hate the country that made them rich, just go away. Blm and their marxist buddies are a disgrace and should be in gitmo permanently.

  26. Your article is wrong! “The audience booed both teams as they took to the field and knelt for the anthem. According to Jason Whitlock in Outkick, “The booing you heard at Arrowhead Stadium Thursday night isn’t hard to understand. Black Lives Matter is toxic and divisive.”

    First the Texans refused to come on the field for the National Anthem so they did not kneel for it. Second the Chiefs were on the field and all players but one, Oglethorpe, were standing.

    I am a Chiefs fan and watch only their games. If the team were to kneel, I would stop watching.

  27. Haven’t seen a NASCAR driver “take a knee”, and their ratings haven’t changed. The rule changes for the cars and pit operation, and the racing formats is what has ruined NASCAR! If any of the drivers “take a knee”, they will have a new ride, on a bus!

    1. They’re just as bad they think they can come down South and tell us that we cannot respect our flag then they can get the hell out of the South!! Racing was actually racing back in fifties and sixties and for theses assholes tell us we can’t fly our flag bye bye to nascar kissing up too the minority’s!!!

  28. My brother,sister and I all served in the Navy,Army, and Marine Corp. Protecting our country. I have been a dedicated football fan for 70 years. Sorry to say that is over. Hopefully these athletes, college and professional will realize their mistakes and become true, respectful, Americans..

  29. I have not watched an NFL game since Taperneck took the first knee at the anthem. I refuse to watch ANY NFL game on tv or anywhere else. What a bunch of useless people in the NFL, NBA,, WBA, and soccer (which I never watch anyway). I prefer to watch college football anyway. They put their hearts and souls into the game.

  30. i haven’t gone to a theater in many years. i stopped watching politically”correct” sports about 4 years ago. since then my time spent reading has increased so much that even though i didn’t vote for the president last time, i will certainly vote for him this time. 4 more years!

  31. No one wants to watch a communist athlete flip off the millions of Americans hat died for our freedoms. Adios professional sports.

  32. The NFL signed their own death warrant showing disrespect for the country and the ones that love this land and gave their lives for it so those players could make their MILLIONS and they show complete disrespect for it. All TVs need to be turned off and if they dont like this country they should leave. There is plenty of others that would like to be a part of it. They are so many we have to build a wall to keep them out.

  33. This is my feelings after returning to “America ” in 1969 after my 18 months in Vietnam as a combat tank commander we were greeted at airports by “protesters” they showed disrespect to us and our country, I got over it. After all i had sports and football to watch as they stood for the Flag ant our Anthem. Now they burn and Loot our cities, want to defund our Police .??? I came back to watching the NFL in 2019 after what’s his name with the 49er’s .How ever the spoiled players have gone to far who pay’s them to play ? I am 71 and will spend my remaining years in peace NEVER to watch the NFL or The NBA or any pro sports again .

  34. Sadly the “pros” impact on future viability of nfl and NBA will diminish opportunities for college scholarships and lucrative career options for youth many of whom will have no other options . Congratulations to all you self-important morons.

  35. To Hell with the nfl, nba,mlb, nascar, all of’em that have given in to Marxism, used to love the Redskins, er, the Washington Football Team, it’s Terrible how the anti-USA forces are bringing down the USA.

  36. I have not watched or attended a nfl game since kaepernick started his phony antics and the commissioner did nothing to stop it. I have since given up on all pro sports including hockey, tennis, baseball, nascar. I never did watch basketball. I thought my outlet would be watching college sports but just the other day I was watching women’s college soccer between Duke & North Carolina. Lo and behold the coaching staff of one of the teams was wearing blm shirts — I immediately turned them off and put college soccer on my list of never watching again. I realize I am just 1 person but hopefully many others feel as I do. Until all this crap is over and they realize “ALL LIVES MATTER” I will survive without watching any sports at all. How can a whole country be duped by race dividing activists like obama, lebron james and many many more ??????

  37. We need to tell these overpaid, braindead idiots that they need us, we don’t need them. Without our money, where are they? Maybe if they lose their high priced mansions because of no money, they might come to their sences, but it’s doubtful.

  38. It sounds like the roman love of sports and todays so called sports have the same finish line in common. cease to exist. They have been raised to an religious status
    when in fact they are way over paid, by millions in fact when they are not a necessary ingredient in society. Their empty stadiums stand like the relics of the past, the roman coliseum for example. When a society thinks that sports are a necessary occupation these silly games, ( a Roman expression ) are a necessary and legit occupation we have come a long way down. When these so called athletes become god like status when have come to a point of total depravity.
    When some of them express their ignorance of reality, loyalty to the country that feeds, clothes and gives them star status it is time to pull the plug and send all back for job retraining for a respectable occupation. I see many of the previous replies feel the same way. BY By unemployed unpatriotic and unskilled stars, you have fallen off your pedestals.

  39. Well said. The players that played college sports are not allowed to act like the professionals. SO what happens between college and professional!!!. MONEY. and brain washing?? I know that the NBA is owned by China.

  40. I hope they go broke ,the owners are the ones that let the BLM take over, now if they go broke, it’s there problem. THE BIG NAMED players they get there shovels out an shovel the ashes.

  41. How many remember when players had to get jobs between seasons to pay bills. Those were the best times for pro sports. And you know why because every player respected and enjoyed being around their sport anc most if not all interacted with their fans with respect. But since the early 70s and free agency they have become more and more entitled babies who look down on the people who support them in every way marketers have imagined. I think they think that the people in charge are them. Well whrn the money dries up and they are forced to take pay cuts I guess they will have learned something.


  43. I stop watching all sports, pull the plug Verizon sports channels if they can’t respect our man in uniform then the hell with them.

  44. It’s nice to read all these comments, but in the end, you will ALL be back watching and supporting these minority sports teams.

  45. NBA = No B@LL$ At all!
    Everyone should stand for our national anthem! Show respect to those who fought for our freedom so you could earn ridiculously exorbitant salaries! Stop supporting leftist Marxist ideologies and kneeling during sporting events! By protesting and inflicting your beliefs on the American people is unacceptable & will spell the end of highly paid sports as we once knew it!

  46. I would rather watch high school football I enjoy watching the younger generation gain in skill. I watched my son play high school football and those were the most enjoyable years.

  47. I Did look at a few highlights and noticed how many injuries the league had in first couple weeks. What I saw was a bunch of overpaid wimps either play below highschool standards or get hurt. Turns out when NFL spends all its time deliving into political matters and not football it can’t do either well. Imagine a bunch of 1perecenters screaming about social injustice. If they really are that motivated than I’m sure that they can all donate their collective billions for the next ten years to fixing the perceived problem. But since that wont happen. Does the word hypocrite come to mind. ? Disrespect has never garnered respect. Anti American actions and words will never get support from true patriots. And as for you the Goodels and team owners and the Brady’s of the NFL. You are no different. You can change your names, change your logos,change your teams and pontificate all you want to. But it only shows us that you really have no principals but weakness, lack of courage and money lust greed. You made your bed now sleep in it while we all find something else to do on Sunday and holidays.

  48. I agree with all of the above. Could not have said it better. Why can’t everyone see this. It is tearing this great country apart.

  49. The reason we pay so much for everything we buy, advertising, they pay out millions to these leagues and it’s on all of our backs weather you watch sports or not, I wish everyone would stop watching, then the money would dry up.

  50. I agree with what the American people think and do… None of these players Baseball Football Basketball ever were
    in the Military .these Military people have lost their life Got hurt to protect you players so you would not get KILLED
    WOUNDED.. Think what they done for YOU and you players dont give a SHIT about the people that lets you have your FREEDOM to do what you want…

    1. I won’t be happy until all professional athletes are driving YUGOS to work or have to get a second job to surviveLarry!

  51. Disrespect my country, my flag, me (retired army) and you can flaunt your disrespect to another silent television and
    empty chair.. No more chips, dips, snacks, soda or beer on Sunday afternoon or any other sports day. Lost two pounds already. Real heroes wear body armor, helmets, carry weapon’s and walk in boots.. Hopefully I am one of
    hundreds of thousands that no longer watch over paid prima donnas any longer. I find my ex-team t-shirts, sweaters
    and such make good grease rags and shop clean up towels…

  52. Rather than do what the NFL was intended – play football – you couldn’t resist politicizing what Americans enjoyed. I hope you (NFL. owners, and players) take responsibility for the demise of your cherished league. Your egos have destroyed your careers – you can then join us commoners and pursue real jobs.


  54. Like so many other U.S. veterans, The NFL is banned from my household! Nothing about the NFL’s Anti U.S.A. attitude makes the product of any value to the continuance of the U.S.A.! When a professional Football Association takes the place of the NFL by offering Patriotic U.S.A. Professional Sports, I’ll watch it!

  55. I have dropped my Cable sports channels and will not allow “Professional Sports” of any kind , which are anything but professional, in my home. Good riddance to these loudmouthed, ignorant fools. Let’s see if the BLM and antifa can keep these fools off the street corners. Get woke, go broke!

  56. This is why I watch no sports anymore. I used to be an avid fan of sports. Especially football. Now nothing. blm leaders admit to and even brag that they are trained marxists and say their goal is to take over our government and country with violence. This makes them terrorists. All these players support them and give them money. That makes them terrorists also, they have admittedly support them making them part of it.

  57. Professional athletes are a cancer destroying their business model being led by idiots like James and Kap aided by Adam Silver (No Balls League) and Roger Goodell (National Felon League) and many owners lacking the cojones to confront these protester, slogan embracing idiots while they are destroying their investment. If they had a company CEO ruining their business they would fire them immediately. These players are paid to play a sport which was invented to entertain not rub crap & lies in the fans faces. Thanks to the Wuhan virus I have learned that I do not need these clowns/thugs wasting my time or money and still enjoy my life.

    1. These athletes go out on the field get banged up beat up black and blue, but when it comes to standing up for their country they have no nuts between their legs. We think our children are suppose to look up to them, as roll models. If they can not stand for the anthem, and salute the flag, they are not roll models for any ones child.

  58. We, too, WERE avid baseball, football, and hockey fans. But now, the only sport we watch is rodeo on RFD TV, RIDE, and The Cowboy channel. Before the start of each rodeo, hats are removed; a prayer is said over the contestants, fans, animals, and our country including the defenders of our country (military, first responders, law enforcement); everyone stands with hat or hand over his/her heart for the National Anthem.
    Like all the commenters before me, I would love to see all those NFL, NBA, MLB prima-donnas lose their income here and try to make their fortunes in some other country.
    God bless the U.S.A.!

  59. Don’t forget all the big corporations that are also supporting BLM. Where possible, we patriots should boycott their products as well…

  60. How about some affirmative action for Asian, white basketball players, as 80% in the NBA are black? Just wondering if they really care about fairness and inclusivity for all? I won’t be buying any thing made by Nike again.

  61. NFL—NO FALSE LIKES!!!!!! You cannot play games with our national anthem and American Flag and win!! Dumb and Stupid NFL owners and players, we pay your salaries and you go broke with out us, who pays you salaries then???

    1. Big tech wont, because you pay these idiots more than they are worth. These athletes think that they are priceless. they are worthless, all that they do is mess up the grass, and cry over an ingrown toenail.

  62. DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. WOW! Those RATINGS Are Equivalent To The FAKE NEWS CNN,ABC,FOX,CBS,NBC,CNBC,BBC AP, Communist FAKE BOOK, GOOGLE, YouTUBE,Twitter,TicTok,Instagram!

  64. I think if athletes want to support BLM Marxism, and Antifa, they should be allowed to. As long as they do it in China. Lets us see how long they kneel for the Chinses flag.

  65. The only word in the English language that best describes socialism, is the one that no one wants to hear. It is “SLAVERY”.

  66. SOCIALISM = MARXISM = COMMUNISM = SLAVERY. This is for all that don’t understand what they are crying about. If you don’t believe this just look at Russian, China, North Korea, Viet Nam, Cuba, Venezuela. Maybe then you will be more enlighten, or ( woke ).

  67. These thugs are not only disrespecting our flag,country,Veterans especially the ones that gave tier all so they can make millions. and the many great players that gave up playing the game they loved to serve and defend our country. Until this nonsense stops I don’t care if I ever watch or spend my money to go to another NFL, NBA, or MLB game.
    All these thugs should have to go visit our Military Cemeteries and read at least the names and ages of our fallen Heroes than watch the documenteries of “D”day and the ones of the war in the Pacific
    The NBA should move to China and play ALL their games over there.

  68. What we need is to make sure that hiring practices don’t discriminate against Republican or Independent teachers in college or in elementary middle high school. we need to monitor what they teach and not let them teach personal beliefs, even if we need to put cameras in the class room. Stop unions from deciding curriculum. That is not their job. Not make up history keep it real.

    1. Proud American
      I agree with Gary. Take charge of what is taught in schools from kindergarten up to college! Now they play games where no one loses, everyone is a winner! To lose might hurt their ego. Let there be losers and teach them that what happens in real life.There are winners and losers, deal with it!

    2. Proud American
      I agree with Gary. Take charge of what is taught in schools from kindergarten up to college! Now they play games where no one loses, everyone is a winner! To lose might hurt their ego. Let there be losers and teach them that what happens in real life.There are winners and losers, deal with it!

  69. GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

    So much for the GTLC, when Pelosi goes over the cliff, all of her blind GTLC follows will follow her. The end of her Queendom.

  70. We need to eliminate congressional immunity, so we can jail these crooks. Why do these politicians think they can make a law so they can’t be held accountable. Only the people can do that. Congress can not pass laws to protect it’s self or, any member, from accountability. We the people need to tell them they are accountable, and will be held so. You don’t give Obama the keys to his cell.

  71. Pelosi likes investigation, I think it time we gave her one…..of her own.
    She has violated her oat to protect the constitution and the people.
    She supports the BLM mob communist, who want to tare down our great country.
    She supports the communist group Anti Fa, both are Russian backed groups.
    She willing wants to destroy the country’s economy, to make all of us slaves
    She is a trader to the people, to the country, and to her oath.

    And Pelosi claims she’s religious. She was ordained she said, as what I don’t know. It was not as a Christian
    I have heard that the coming of the Anti-Christ is upon us, perhaps???! “Pelosi” or “Schumer”??????

  72. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, are running on a communist agenda. That includes Biden and Harris, they are both Chinses allies. If they win everyone except the politicians and the oligarchs ( globalists ) will be slaves. So I wish all you democratic slaves all the best.

  73. You know that I don’t blame the governor of NY or the mayor of NYC, it is the fault of the people that keep voting for them. They know that they are crooks and killers, and yet they keep supporting them. This is their fault.
    And they say there are Intelligent people in NY, I would like to know where they are, must have moved to Alabama.

  74. They are trying to keep everyone under house arrest without saying so, because that would be illegal, so they are turning criminals loose to keep everyone afraid to come out. This is a communist take over. They are trying to ruin the economy to blame it on Trump, when it is their fault for keeping everyone from working.

  75. You know what I find totally, absolutely, 100% bs is the notion that BLM and Antifa support black lives, they use the excuse to destroy black communities. If you notice 99% of their members are white privileged spoiled brats, from rich homes, that are using this as an excuse to destroy black communities.
    When governors ( or mayors ) tell the police to stand down, they are telling the people that there is no law enforcement and that the people have to protect themselves. So when the people have to from a militia to protect themselves. The governor ( or mayor ) no longer has a say in the matter, as he (or she ) has abdicated his ( or her ) responsibility to the people, and are stepping down from the office, and must be replaced.

  76. Sports is entertainment, period! I don’t want a Marxist lecture with my game. These spoiled millionaires should be reminded who exactly pays their salary. PLay w/o the busshit or quit.

  77. If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

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