World Economic Forum (WEF) Founder Klaus Schwab Announces ‘Great Narrative’ Project

The New World Order, Great Reset and the Great Narrative are all terms we are hearing a lot more of. Through the use of mainstream media outlets, we are being fed propaganda-laced information telling us how things will be in the future.

Through the use of technology, these “world leaders” are trying to talk us into believing their rhetoric. 

The problem is that many of us are so focused on the hustle and bustle of our daily lives we are only half-heartedly listening.

Now is not the time to be complacent!

We need to start listening now before it’s too late to change the path these people have laid out for us.

The Great Narrative

The Great Narrative is actually a plan for the future where everything is simplified.

This simplification will be the death of our society and lifestyle as we know it.

Schwab and his group of peers have created a storyline that simplifies the world.

This storyline includes reducing the global population by well-over half, shutting down industries across the globe, and creating a hierarchy where they are the ones in control.

The elite few would be in complete control of the masses, forcing us to live the way they see fit, giving them the power and using us to do their bidding.

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF)

Klaus Schwab is an economist and engineer from Germany.

Strongly affiliated with the Bilderberg Group in the past, he is one of the elites who have been pushing for the New World Order for many years.

Since the introduction of COVID, the members of the World Economic Forum (many of which are in the top 1%) have been putting together the Great Narrative so they can ultimately achieve the goals outlined within the Great Reset.

Even TIME magazine is getting in on the act.

The main sticking point is that while much of this is being made to sound good, the reality is we lose everything we have worked so hard for.

“Self-Centered People”

When Schwab talks about “self-centered” people, he isn’t referring to the wealthy.

No, he, in fact, is referring to us.

We are the ones who work every day to earn a living and put food on the table for our families.

We create a small fraction of the carbon footprint of the elite, yet we are the ones who are “self-centered.”

We are the ones who eat Hamburger Helper and processed foods, while they sit at tables laden with the most expensive foods on the planet.

Prime beef, escargot, truffles, you name an expensive dish, and it’s there for their enjoyment, but WE are the selfish ones.

Simplifying the World

The world for Schwab and the WEF is quite simple.

They have the money and we don’t.

They want to make sure they maintain that status quo so the easiest way is to push technology and do away with industry.

That might seem fine on paper, but in reality, it will lead to chaos, mass confusion, and a level of unrest across the world that will quickly get out of control.

If you truly want to simplify the world, eliminate the elite and their status of superiority.

Show them the value of a hard day’s work.

It may not completely open their eyes, but it most certainly will get their attention.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Great Reset

The goal of the WEF is to “deindustrialize” the West for the good of climate change.

The problem is the West is not the problem.

The ones who are most guilty of influencing climate change are the elite.

The top 1% of the world’s population travels on private jets to have lunch two hundred miles away.

They basically use their private aircraft as daily drivers, much like those of us in the West who use our Chevy Malibu for daily jaunts to and from work.

Schwab and his band of elites in the WEF are known for saying one thing and doing another.

They lack transparency on every level, yet still demand “do as I say, not as I do.”

Their ultimate goal through the Great Reset is world domination, even though they claim they are only fighting for climate change.

They want to change the climate alright.

Just not in the way they want us to believe.

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27 thoughts on “World Economic Forum (WEF) Founder Klaus Schwab Announces ‘Great Narrative’ Project”

      1. Let’s just say if pinky and the brain want to take over the world they will have to take it. Because we’re not going to be slaves.

    1. Problem being that the heads of state who might have the power and the means to do so are ‘bed partners’ with these scum and thus, complicit . How do the masses fight this?

      1. We are Americans. We have the 2nd amendment for our own protection against a tyrannical government. We need to keep these scumbags in check

    2. Carol; I am sure there is more than one head to this snake. You will have to go four or five layers deep to truly hinder and quite possibly kill this evil.

  1. It should be against the law to be a billionaire. Just like some crazed crackhead with all these crazy thoughts of delusion. So bold as to be self-appointed to this high position of fake authority. Lets all just appoint ourselves over Schwab the new janitor who prefers his masters to not flush the toilet when finished. He likes to dig in the doo for gold and dreams of ruling over the world one day.
    Unless he can prove he was appointed by God himself, may you fail miserably.

    1. COVID was never an accident! It was done on purpose to throw countries and governments into chaos so the “elite” could take over.

  2. Well, our hospitals were closed the second covid showed up but the rich had their own doctors. We did too but we had to be at death’s door to get into the hospital and that was too late. Had they kept the hospitals open the second a person got covid maybe more would have survived. Now the rich are using the demand all hospital workers have to be vaccinated or get fired so the effect is if you go to the hospital there won’t be people to take care of you. Well, they are sure after cutting the population in half, it’s working for them but not for the working man and woman. We are the ones dying from covid. Maybe instead of the vaccination the elite should be concentrating on what kills covid period not what slows covid down. With all our science people in this world they have not figured out how to stop covid. Apparently our grandparents were smarter than our scientists of today since our grandparents managed to kill polio, water born diseases, etc. Maybe the rich people should be investing their money not in looking like they are doing something about covid but actually in killing covid. As children survive in families parents can have less kids because the survivor of babies past their first year gives parents the option of having less children and having a better quality of life for families. That is where we were before covid but the stupid global world people aren’t smart enough to figure that out.

  3. When Trump was elected the lefties went insane and came out of the closets to make sure that an Orange man will never be elected again. Not just the in the USA but anywhere in the world. The only thing that really stands in their way is the 2nd amendment.

  4. Would be really good if they all gave their millions to projects and reservations and places here that need what they have. These billionaires have so much money that they just waste it on stupidity! Instead of good they choose bad and to hell with everyday workers and people and families.

  5. The answer to solving every single problem in this world right now is stopping everyone from re-producing anymore offspring. The problems in this world all stem from overpopulation. Stop breeding, stop feeding the machine . the the elitists need slaves. They need your children. Stop giving them what they need, and it will not only expose all of them, and choke them off, but it will fix every other problem on this planet that we face today.

  6. The elitists want depopulation, not having children feeds that goal. This no more children idea comes from satan, He hates God, and God loves people. Look at China, the leaders are godless, they instituted a one child law, and now they are having major problems, because everyone wanted a boy, now they have changed the law to allow three children. Death is never the answer to a problem. I live in AZ, tons of open land, we are not overpopulated, that is a lie. Satan came to rob, kill and destroy, God came to give life, and that more abundantly. You know, I once had a co-worker say that I was warm and his atheist friend was cold, that’s because without God, man relies on his own wisdom, which is foolishness to God, and mostly devoid of compassion. God has all the answers, but we don’t seek him. I’m not an environmentalist, but it just makes sense to invest in food production, organic farming indoors and out, real recycling, being a minimalist, turning to people and God for comfort, not TV and gadgets, the life of the truly humble, is just simple living, having sufficient, but not too much, that we forget God.

  7. You can bet everything the left does is out of darkness. This plandemic is being used to control US. We are the last country on earth truly “free”. And we aren’t even that any more. We have our faces stuck in technological wonders like our smartphones and Twitter and Instagram, TikTok, and FB. And the next big thing to come is the Metaverse. Which will pull US further away from reality and cause more pyschological damage, especially in our already deeply indoctrinated children, who are being taught to hate and perverse things such as transgenderism, that there are more than two sexes, and that America is bad and that there is NO GOD! The enemy is here and well established. That enemy is socialism, communism, marxism, but ultimately, Satanism. You ask how can at least half the population allow this to be happening? The “woke” arent woke at all, they are hardened in their hearts. They see, though they are blind. They truly believe they are doing good. They cannot be turned, unless God intervenes. They have been given over to devil himself.
    The miltia arm’s of the DNC– BLM as well as Antifa, are allowed to rape, pilliage and burn down any notion of our protestant heritage and our right to liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. All while the media spins and propagates their narrative- making light, dark, and dark, light. January 6th- insurrection. Illhan Omar-some people did some things on sept 11. Kyle Rittenhouse -white supremecists, Darrell Brooks -misunderstood. But, hey, look at this new technology! Dont pull back the curtain…
    They are trying to demasculinize our young men. And are doing a thorough job.
    They know that fundamentally, we are a hardy people. Hard to conquer. That’s why our children are being fed the devil’s lies.
    Reject socialism. Reject big tech. Stop buying at Walmart. Stop drinking and using Coca Cola products. Turn off the NBA and the NFL. Cancel your ESPN subscription. Get on your knees and pray for foregivenous to the 1 God and accept Christ into your heart.
    Revolution anyone?

  8. Those due for elimination need to be Germany’s Klaus Schwab and the WEF ! The World had better wake up … Socialism/Globalism is already here with America’s Biden-Harris Administration and the total dumbing down of American students. I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to keep everything I have earned in my lifetime and want to enjoy America’s freedoms before Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Flipper Flopper Fauci, Zuckerberg, and Big Pharma. 2022 and is fast approaching along with the Big Red Wave which is the ONLY way America will be saved from the hands of a bunch of Elitist Pigs !!!!

  9. FOLKS, take notice here, there is a BRAND NEW BOOK OUT relating to the antics of this GLOBAL N W O OPERATION written by ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr. called ” THE REAL ANTHONY FAUCI ” on Amazon now and it covers all the real information on FAUCI since his appt. to this VIRAL DEPARTMENT of the Govt. along with his association with BILL GATES, ” THE POPULATION CONTROL FREAK ” by vaccination. SUGGEST PURCHASING AND GET REALLY EDUCATED ON HOW FAUCI GOT IMNBEDED WITH THE MEDICAL PROFESSION IN THE DEVELOPMENT AND GOVT. CONTROL OF SAID MEDICINE DEVELOPEMENT AND SALE!

  10. The Deputy Director of the Treasury Wally Adeyamo was interviewed a month or so back. In that interview he said that all of the Bidenflation we are currently seeing was planned – that it is a necessary part of the great reset. He went on to say that an even more necessary part of the great reset was to get everyone in the world vaccinated. Well if the inflation was planned it then stands to reason that getting everyone vaccinated was planned as well. I have heard for a long time now that COVID-19 was intentionally released on the world. That makes a lot more sense now – The vaccines were not created for the plandemic – the plandemic was created for the vaccines. That would also explain why – that even though these vaccines have been proven ineffective and can cause terrible side effects – instead of following the science as they claim they are pushing even harder to get everyone vaccinated. I even read that schools are now vaccinating children without their parents permission or knowledge. What the hell is in these vaccines that they are so desperate to get into everyone? Nanochips?

  11. It is time to simply eliminate these pieces of shit! Wack them all and solve the problem! As some else said cut the head off the snake and squash the problem. I suggest chopping the snake into little pieces and using it for fertilizer! To HELL with these EVIL BASTARDS! Start with this German Fuck and go right down the list! I’m in who’s with me??


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