After Crushing Hong Kong Democracy, China Readies For War Over Taiwan

China expanded its control over land and sea during the Obama years, only to be held in check while former President Donald Trump was Commander-in-Chief. In less than one week of Joe Biden moving into the White House, the communists are already flexing their military muscle and preparing for war. Beijing feared Mr. Trump, knowing the U.S. military would beat back any attempt to take physical control of Taiwan. The days of a strongman leading the free world are over.

“We warn Taiwan independence elements: those who play with fire will be burned. Taiwan independence means war,” Chinese Ministry of National Defense spokesperson Wu Qian reportedly threatened Biden and others. He went on to state China would take “necessary actions to address the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty and security.”

During the Trump Administration, the U.S. and other free countries opened full diplomatic relations with Taiwan. It was Taiwan that alerted the world to the threat of Covid-19, exposing China’s attempt to hide the pathogen’s deadliness. Having already bought off the Biden family during the Obama years, China launched a military intimidation against Taiwan. The communists appear to be following the same playbook they used to seize control of Tibet and crush Democracy in Hong Kong.

In 1950, Tibet was positioned much like Taiwan. It was largely viewed as an autonomous culture with long-since-passed ties to China. The communists invaded and put free Tibetans under the boot of communism. The U.K. made good on an agreement to put Hong Kong under China’s umbrella with the stipulation its residents remained free and democratic. But recent history demonstrates the Communist Party seeks complete control. Hong Kongers who disagree with Beijing now get black-bagged, thrown into prison, or disappear.

Soon after Mr. Trump transitioned into private life, China violated Taiwan’s airspace with at least 28 fighter jets and bombers. The military exercise was not a subtle message. They backed up the violation with blatant threats that sent the Biden Administration begging and pleading.

“The military activities carried out by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army in the Taiwan Strait are necessary actions to address the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty and security,” Qian reportedly said about the flyovers. “They are a solemn response to external interference and provocations by ‘Taiwan independence’ forces.”

This aggressive tact represents a 180-degree turn from China’s humble dialogue with the U.S. and other world leaders. The Trump Administration stood its ground with allies in the region by stepping up a military and naval presence. In 2018, the Trump Administration asserted freedom of navigation operations (FONOPs) in the South China Sea, and the communists backed down. The U.S. Department of State under Biden put the communists in their place by issuing the following statement.

“We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic and economic pressure against Taiwan and instead engage in meaningful dialogue with Taiwan’s democratically elected representatives,” the State Department said.

Biden and his advisors have reverted to leading from behind. Their diplomatic strategy appears to be the equivalent of saying “Pretty Please,” and then “Pretty Please with Sugar on Top.” No wonder China rattles its saber and readies for war.

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75 thoughts on “After Crushing Hong Kong Democracy, China Readies For War Over Taiwan”

  1. the USA is not ready to have a war with anyone. .Bide n will sit on his thumb and let China just run over the world… very poor excuse of a president…doesn’t know where he is most of the time.. Harris will even be worse. she knows nothing about the real world…

    1. With what China has on Veggie Joe and his crime family, assures them that whomever they decide to invade, including the U.S., the Veg will order our military to “Stand Down”,

      1. Exactly, as Commander in Chief?, he has already REMOVED ALL OUR MILITARY FLAGS FROM OUR WHITEHOUSE. Did he think that would ENDEAR OUR MILITARY TO HIM??????

    2. If China planes bombed the USA, Biden would probably send them $1 billion and a apology for whatever it was that made them mad enough to do that.

      1. Push over Joe. Don’t fuck with China, they out number us by far. That doesn’t mean kiss their ass, but stand your ground, Trump had no problem putting China down, with logical talk. Joe go to your basement, dig up the money you and your son took from China, maybe you can pay your way out. Ha what in the hell is going on here in the United States of America. Sniff Joe will let countries walk all over us. Give us a leader that takes no shit off of any country. Yes I wrote this

        1. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
          I want President Trump back. I truly believe the Good Lord put Trump in the Oval Office to show us Americans what a great leader looks like.
          Then the lying losers new if they didn’t steal the race they wouldn’t have a chance in hell to win that race. Now we have the worst LIAR, LIAR, criminal, dirty politician sitting in Trump’s chair.
          There’s a lot of people kicking themselves for putting in the stupidest swamp person ever.
          Lot’s of buyers remorse out there pea brains. 2024 if we’re that blessed, he’ll be back. To make America great again. We can only pray. Jewels

          1. Not disagreeing with you just a different take. Don’t think the 30 mil or so who did vote for joe have brains enough to have buyer remorse. That number might be a lot high though. I think most ballots were pre-printed in china and air freighted here and broke out in middle of night. evidence points that way. courts are all contaminated except for the one in Mississippi they missed

      2. Yes, I agree. Problem is this if Biden breaks the treaty with us, the Native Americans, and revises the drilling on our land, he will have a bigger problem than he would with China. Just speaking the truth on this matter.

      1. I would say we have NO leadership. The ones in power now only want to destroy this country just like obama
        did. We had a good President who really cared about Americans and America and did his best to do the right
        thing, but the democrats had other ideas. They fought him at every thing he tried to now. Now they want to
        undo all his progress. Sickening.

      2. It’s always the lefties that get us into these unwinnable wars. Biden will take us into some foreign conflict before the end of the summer.

      3. China has secretly, internally been preparing for war with the United States for 30 years or more. To the CCP, war with the U.S. has been inevitable. With their military strength today, China sees any sign of weakness on the part of an American administration like a shark reacts to blood in the water. Ominous is the way to describe the foreign policy of “Jao Bai-Den” and his administration – clueless all, and its affect on world geo-politics.

    3. CHINA Has Biden just where they wan’t, enough dirt, used as leverage to seize Taiwan or share Biden financial alliance with Biden family. HOW financial contracts made, intelligence stolen by proof implicating many. Like Hitler allowed by the world to consume Czechoslovakia, so too will Taiwan fall. Confront Taiwan means China can call in all the debt it bought impacting our country economically. Like short selling US itself. Anyone go look at what China owns in US real estate wise, bad debt notes. Without firing a shot but carefully planned ransomware economically and politically.

    4. Spot on, jerry! Amen to that! The only person that has what it takes to stop China, has-been pushed aside. Joey “theChinaWhore” Biden will lick Xi Jinping’s boots if not worse, and follow in his mentor’s footsteps and bow to everyone else who threatens to put a foot on his neck.
      RIP America! The traitors and domestic e enemies are now in power!

      1. This is what happens when you allow communists to take over education and make it Marxist indoctrination for 60 years. We’ve become a nation of morons who’ve been lulled into veggie brain status with gadgets and cheap entertainment, and we’re going to pay dearly.

      2. When I and my shipmates served in the USN, over forty some years ago…we would NEVER have believed where we are now! All the work and service we did…for NOTHING? Now I’m getting old…but I’m still willing to do what I can to secure the blessings of liberty!

        1. Thank you for your service, Sir
          With warriors like you and me, they won’t have a shot.
          We need unity, all Americans who oppose the take over of the Democrats and there base Need to stop talking about it and stand up to these Marxist, commies,.China loving, traitors. Remember there’s a lot more of us than there is of them. After all the lies he told, there’s even more of us
          God Bless America and to the great ones that came before us. Love you, Jewels

    5. Not to worry folks! Donald Trump and the military are totally inseparable right now and fully intend to give the Chicoms their due!! They are absolutely no match for us!

    6. He is a “Uncle Joe” of old at home but he hides behind words when it comes to China. But of course he must respect the fee paid to HIM by China.

    7. Biden cannot or will not do any thing to counter china. He has been bought and paid for. Our FBI and other national defenders will do nothing, that has been proven with all information that has been withheld in the past. I feel it is time for people in the USA to put your hands behind your head, put your head between your legs and KISS your A** GOOD_BY

    8. These stupid ass idiots put him and her into office which makes no sense unless they are getting a kickback from somewhere or want total power. This will blow back in their faces because I tell you right now. No country really respects Biden. They were probably heart broken when Trump lost. Donald Trump even negotiated and got respect from Kim Jong-Un of North Korea. Do you think he will respect dipshit Biden? I think not

    9. Let’s take a look at history and see if your analysis is accurate. Start with Wilson in 1917. The U.S. military was way too small and under trained for a major war and it took a few loses in the beginning. 1941 the Army was still relying on horses and mules while the Germans were relying on tanks. The Navy was trained to fight a war with battleships while the Japanese were fighting with aircraft carriers. And our fighter aircraft in both services were out of date and no match for the Japanese or the Germans. 1950 we sent grounds troops to Korea to use old worn out WW2 left overs to fight against a North Korean Army that had the latest equipment supplied by the U.S.S.R. And our propeller driven aircraft were no match for the Russian made MIG fighter jets. In 1965 we had a well trained well equipt military but the democrat leadership refused to let this military win the war. This eventually led to a demoralized military that couldn’t fight. Yep, you’re right. Our military is totally unprepared for war when democrats are in charge, but they have no problem sacrificing the lives of are military.

  2. China is salivating over taking total control of the entire globe and Biden is so weak he will allow China to exercise their might. Perhaps our hope should be in our military to take over before we are totally lost.

    1. When China achieves its goal, statues of Veggie Joe, Alky Pelosi, and Ho Harris will be erected in Beijing, proclaiming them as “Hero’s Of the State”.

    2. He was worth every penny put into his bank account .
      Actually , this is the fault of WE THE PEOPLE ! We allowed the theft of OUR election. Simply stood by and watched it happen without doing anything about it ! Now , we will pay greatly for doing that !

  3. China has already bought Joe, and he’s out of the game. Don’t sell Harris short, remember she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch in just less than 30 seconds and if given the chance could handle two divisions in a month. Just ask Willy.

  4. Donald Trump has been the only leader that China has feared. This new Democratic mess that some call an administration will take a knee to China and let them take Taiwan , then they will begin to take other possessions , like the Phillipens etc … The US will try to have some sort of agreement that China isn’t allowed to come into Mexico , US or Canada which will be laughable . All of this collapse because a weak bunch of Democrat puppets are being led by a China Proxy called “The Left” . The election was a sham, and most know it .

    1. Amen!!!
      Chinese should not be allowed to acquire any property (real estate or any other!) In the USA, or independently own any businesses in this country, ventures, etc. Any and all joint ventures should always have shares mostly owned by Americans. That’s how they treat foreigners over there. Reciprocity exists in diplomacy for a reason. Unless, of course, the commies are in power and want to suck up to their masters.

    2. The communist Chinese already have 75,000 troops stationed in Canada somewhere around Toronto, and they also have 175,000 troops across our southern border in Mexico down to central America and have had troops stationed in Mexico since the days that the anti-American Kenyan Obama had usurped the people’s Whitehouse. That’s why the water stations along our southern border on the U.S. side had languages printed in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and Russian.

      1. Alan…why do you suppose most people, even myself, are unaware of these facts? Even during the Trump administration, I don’t remember hearing these claims. Please answer me, mate.

      2. Alan…how can we PROVE these shocking claims? I don’t know anyone, including myself, who is aware of these shocking allegations. Never heard it during the Trump administration. People need to KNOW! What can we do? Answer me, mate.

    3. Eugene ,
      I wonder if very many of the American people understand what we have done ? The presidential election belong ( ed ) to We THE PEOPLE . It is ( was ) our chance to choose our national leader. However , much more depends upon the United States having a strong president. Right or wrong , the world also depends upon the United States to have a strong president. WE sold them out when we stood by and merely watched our election be stolen from us. We did nothing then and we continue to do nothing !! BE AWARE of what the cost is going to be !
      You see , few people pay attention to the history of the Democrats. The Democrat propaganda says that the Republicans are war mongers. However , that does not mesh with the facts. The Liberals are violence loving. Just look at the years 2017 & 2020 for examples. ut that is domestic violence. How about wars ?
      From aout 1915 onward who were the presidents that led us into war ? Anyone here that remembers Democrat President Johnson and Vietnam ? We were initially led into Vietnam by Democrat President Kennedy. Are you beginning to see a pattern yet ?
      Why is war so well liked by the Liberal Democrats ? Well , by my research , some 72% of the major corporations are owned by the Democrats . Including the corporations that manufacture war goods . Such as Du Pont and munitions . Owned by the Du Pont family. And of course there is always oil. Owned by the Rockefeller family. Heh , the Bushes are only minor players when compared to the Rockefellers.
      The thing that really concerns me is that now , war is on the horizon. My sons are too old for conscription. But , I have grandsons that are in the correct age group. And some great grandsons that will be growing into that age group.
      I’ve seen many comments from the Liberals that are so happy now the their party was able to steal our election so that now the Democrats have the political power. Well guess what ? When war begins BECAUSE of that for sale guy in the White House , YOUR sons and grandsons will be drafted right along with mine !
      But not Joe’s family as they will be draft exempt . Oh , there may e a few of his family that goes into the military , as officers that will sit out the war in the Pentagon. A long way from the explosives and the guns.
      The liberals are not only traitors to our country but to humankind over all .

  5. Americans that laugh and made ugly remarks about
    President Trump and his supporters will now have to face the fact that we that study, read, and pray to know this was going to happen to America We tried to tell others, but they were “Trump Haters “, and now as, my mother always said, ” They cut off their own nose to spite their face “So we’ll are in the same position now everyone will have to suffer the crisis that now is happening now. God bless us to be brave, to have the strength to withstand all the evil that surrounds us because the devil is running this show now !! However, God knows each of our faults and knows who loves God and who doesn’t. One way to know who doesn’t love God is to watch the actions of those people and not by what they say .

  6. We have to kick the illegal so called President out whatever it takes before we have no country. We will be fighting a Chinese invasion force on our soil and with them feeling so strong now it won’t stop at Taiwan! Biden is weak and the commie bastards know it! God help us if they start their crap with Taiwan we need Trump back and now, we might not have 4years we all know they cheated to get in power it’s time to act . Talk about insurrection well where did it start ? Well Pelosi thinks we’re all terrorist even our duly elected congressmen. Time for us all to wake up!!!!

      1. I’m wondering why Alan has not responded. Is this more fear mongering or is there some basis to his claims? Speak the TRUTH or not at all, please.

  7. biden will not do a thing to stop it he will let the Military to stand down and probably let China walk in and take over. Since they’re his buddies

  8. The more we see things quickly changing ,there will be no turning back this time! No MAN is going to be able to fix this!
    The following is not a Fable folks ! God has many places all through out the Bible that talks about what the last days will be like before he returns! One of those places is 2 Timothy 3:1-4 This know,also, that IN THE END TIMES PERILOUS (DANGEROUS) TIMES SHALL COME,2. For men will be lovers of their own selves,covetous, boasters,proud, blasphemers,disobedient to parents ,unthankful unholy.3. Without natural affection,TRUCEBRAKERS, FIERCE,DESPISERS OF THOSE
    WHO ARE GOOD 4 Traitors, heady , high minded lovers of pleasures more then LOVERS OF GOD.

  9. Back in late 60’s a Chinese classmate of mine in Dental School told me that some day China will fight with U.S. not the European world 3. I am sure China is anxious to control the whole world. China interfered with South Korean election and there are a lot of South Koreans who never experienced North Korean invasion have sympathy toward North Korean government and they want U.S. troops to leave. If this happens, I am sure, North will invade South with help of China. I also strongly suspect China interfered with recent election in our country knowing so many democrats are bought by China including a senator having sex with a Chinese spy. Chinese government is using well know time proven technique of using women to conquer the enemy. So sad, our politicians think of their personal wealth ahead of interest of our country. The Chinese government spread a lot of money to dems.

    1. Well, of course the Chinese interfered with the 2020 elections just like the Democrats said the Russians interfered with the 2016 elections. Funny isn’t it?

  10. It breaks my heart to see the country I love go downhill this far in such little time. Republicans and democrats alike all agree what happened in Washington was awful. Now our representatives use OUR military to protect themselves but think of all the cities where violence has been going on all summer long and countless people have been killed WHERE is their protection Washington. I truly believe this country is going to be in a revolution very soon. OUR representatives with the exception of a few who are now labeled security threats are NOT doing what the people want and don’t seem to care, when I emailed my representative in Washington about me having worked for the same company for 36 years laid me off after I turned 60 (sounds like age discrimination to me) his reply you have to be able to prove it and as Iowa is a freedom to work state a company doesn’t even have to tell you a reason. He is 87 years old sorry Chuck you need to go you are getting paid like most of your swamp buddies for doing absolutely nothing for your citizens or our we now referred to as subjects. Our government needs a complete overall if you look at them you wonder is this the house senate or a nursing home. Any time you rule by executive order you are a dictator and anytime you ignore we the people we are no longer a free country. We place our flag on a career criminal and Vice President provides bail for criminals we are in deep trouble. WAKE UP Americans

    1. I never in my life time have seen a president who knows NOTHING about what is going on in his country. What an excuse for a president. Man, the USA is in for trouble. All those TRUMP haters are in for a shock with BIDEN in there. GOD help us!!

  11. Biden will wet his pants and crawl to the bunker when the CCP march on Taiwan, or when Fat Boy Slim begins again to do his nuke testing over Japan or Iran fires a rocket into Israel. Remember the line in the sand in Syria when himself and the Kenyan tranny lover was in charge.

  12. How far we have fallen by now, when timeless words of wisdom of great men like Churchill are considered hate speech, never to be uttered either in public or our own homes. But as I ponder Biden and his corrupt relationship with China in a historical perspective, I picture the UNITED STATES on December 8 1941 with Pearl Harbour in a smoking ruin, waking to find that FDR had shares in the Japanese aircraft manufacturer, Mitsubishi. The enemies about which Abraham Lincoln warned his fellow Americans during his Lyceum address in 1838 have arisen among us just as he said they would. America now faces the deadly alternative he predicted . . . to live forever as a nation of free men, or die by suicide. The decisive moment is upon us.

  13. I know Obama is calling the shots now, but what good will it do Obama to give in to China, if he then humped up at them, the Chinees would kill him in New York minute. The Chicago Bathouse Kid doesn’t scare China in the least.

    1. If you’re talking about Alan’s troop claims then what is your source? Don’t just say you’ve heard it and think that will suffice. Claims without basis are gossip.

      1. Thank you for your service, Sir
        With warriors like you and me, they won’t have a shot.
        We need unity, all Americans who oppose the take over of the Democrats and there base Need to stop talking about it and stand up to these Marxist, commies,.China loving, traitors. Remember there’s a lot more of us than there is of them. After all the lies he told, there’s even more of us
        God Bless America and to the great ones that came before us. Love you, Jewels

  14. As a working consultant to the DoD, it is my present understanding that Biden has been denied access to the Pentagon. He could not be cleared for Secret Clearance because of some involvement between his son and a hostile foreign power, Iran. He would also need a Top Secret Clearance, which is far more strenuous. Then there also must be a “need to know”, even with a Top Secret Clearance. Because my work is astrophysics, I do not have a “need to know” exact details, but have heard that Biden was refused access to the DoD because he “did not have a need to know”. The DoD is presently acting autonomously. During the Reagan Administration, when I was working for a large military contractor, developing delivery systems for nuclear payloads, I did have a “need to know”. Taiwan was an ally and we sold them a lot of stuff. Mainland China, on the other hand, has a topography ill suited for agriculture. They are weak now because human beings can neither eat gold nor coal, and are no longer receiving grain shipments from the United States. Two of my colleagues work in Hong Kong and one in Siberia. I shall write to them and ask what they personally see.

  15. My only comment is if ass you all claim that there was nothing dishonest about the election that put Joe Biden in as POTUS then what are any of you that voted for Joe Biden complaining about. You all were aware of His past 47 years in politics and yet because of hate you chose your hero who was going to save us from the awful man,Donald J Trump. Sure President Trump was not perfect He made mistakes in how He spoke but at least He loved our Nation,America was once again respected in the world and our enemies feared Us . We had become energy independent and American jobs were once again available to anyone who wanted to work. Good jobs not jobs that people can’t support their families with but well paying jobs. Our military was once again rebuilt and ready to defend us from the likes of Russia,China,Iran, N.Korea and the Muslims who hate us. But with that strength for the first time in an American administration we did not get involved in any wars without end. Our troops were coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Our economy was humming along, the Border Wall was being built on our southern border stopping illegal immigrants from just walking across it and then being allowed to stay and costing us tons of money. The flow of drugs had slowed and so was the crimes against women and children being sold into prostitution and slaves to the rich and powerful for servants and so called nannies to take care of the children of the same rich and powerful,that is the children they allowed to live and not killed in their mothers womb. Hard nosed criminals were being apprehended at the border and sent back from where they came. President Donald J Trump made many promises and another first in ages kept His promises. At every turn He was attacked by the left and stabbed in the back by so called Republicans who were as guilty as the left only concerned about lining their own pockets and getting rid of a real American Patriot who was trying to stop them. But President Trump committed the crime of putting America first. Well I hope all of you who supported Joe Biden are happy with his work in the White House has been killing thousands of Good paying jobs every day while returning to the policies of his hero ,Obama said doing his best in changing everything President Trump had accomplished for the American middle class. May God help the few real Americans that are trying to Make America Great Again. For those who say we were never great why is it that so many of the people in the world want to come here,where through hard work and love Of freedom can be apart of the American dream. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS HIS LOVE FOR THIS NATION. MAY HE GIVE US THE WISDOM AND LOVE ONE FOR ANOTHER STOP THE HATE WE HAVE JUST BECAUSE ANOTHER PERSON DISAGREES WITH YOU.

  16. We now have a president who is morally corrupt and ethically bankrupt , I saw his ” scripted news conference” the other day. Not only was he not posed with any legitimate questions from the propaganda press but all of his statements were fact checked by independent agencies and not surprisingly nearly every statement was proven to be a blatant lie !! This clown is a disgrace to the office of the presidency and should be removed from office before he destroys our country !

  17. Biden was placed in office by CCP not the Chinese people. Biden owes CCP all he has, therefore will take the knee to Xi Shing Ping and do as he asks. It really is a sorry situation, the predicament this administration has placed that part of the world in. Guess we’ll have to see how aggressive CCP will get to take Taiwan’s sovereignty.

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