Black Residents To Get A Big Check

Now that he has resolved every other issue plaguing the Windy City, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is focusing on the most urgent crisis his office has ever encountered. Specifically, compensation. Johnson gave his approval to spend $500K for a study on June 17, 2024.

“Mayor Brandon Johnson established a Reparations Task Force to form a black reparations agenda by signing Executive Order 2024-1 prior to Juneteenth.” This task force is about my administration’s commitment to co-governance. It will carry out a thorough analysis of all policies that have hurt Black Chicagoans from the time of slavery to the present, and it will collaborate to develop a set of recommendations that will serve as suitable remedies.”

Given that Illinois has always been a free state, the question of how the era of slavery impacted black Chicagoans arises. Additionally, discovering any clear link between slavery and much of anything could be difficult considering how long ago slavery ended in the United States—159 years this December.

Mayor Johnson stated, “Today’s Executive Order is not only a public pronouncement; it is a vow to create our city’s future by facing the legacy of unfairness that has afflicted Chicago for far too long.” “We continue to build on the cornerstone of my administration to go forward in reconciliation with targeted investments to rectify decades of disinvestment in black communities in partnership with the Chicago City Council Black Caucus and our dedicated allies.” These bold moves speak louder than words and demonstrate how my administration has assumed accountability for this task. We are grateful to everyone for their unrelenting commitment, which has led us to this crucial juncture in the direction of a more just and equitable Chicago for everyone.

In fairness, there had been 221 homicides in Chicago as of June 14. This is 45 percent less than it was in 2023, a figure that no doubt gives bereaved families a great deal of comfort. Examining the data in greater detail reveals that of the 221 people who passed away, 74.7 percent were under the age of 40. 36 people under 40 did not live to see their 20th birthday, and 76 people reached their 20th birthday but did not survive to see their 30th. Males made up 87.3 percent of the murder victims. Black people made up 78.7%. In 87.8% of cases, gunfire was the means of homicide. While this issue warrants attention, Mayor Johnson needs a new scapegoat to blame for social disintegration, especially given that Chicago already has strict gun restrictions that haven’t stopped the carnage.

And in fact, there are considerably more anti-discrimination statutes in Illinois’ legislative history than discriminatory ones. For instance, in 1874, the state declared segregating schools illegal. This raises serious doubts about Johnson’s statements.

Johnson’s executive order established a task team.

“Make a set of suggestions commensurate with international norms that will serve as suitable remedies and restitution for past injustices and current harm.”
It’s unclear what international criteria the task team intends to use.

Apart from mockery, there are not enough words to adequately denounce racism. It’s a disgusting abomination. It is unbiblical. It is a wholly unjustified act of indecency that should elicit the greatest amount of derision and outrage. However, task forces and the alluring promise of restitution do not effectively address the issue. They are pandering for votes and engaging in cheap virtue signaling. The problem will only improve when we address the patronizing blame-shifting.

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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42 thoughts on “Black Residents To Get A Big Check”

  1. Reparations are BULLSHIT! My Ancestors were made to build those damn pyramids in Egypt for The Pharohs which believed “The Sun” rose and set in their asses! I’ll never see a dime for that crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. All that money should go to people who lost everything because of the BLM. THEY DON’T DESERVE A THING. They were WHITE SLAVES as well. Let the DemoCRAPS shell it out. Ya’ll can go to HELL as far as I’m concerned.

  3. 500,000 JUST for the study. everybody who has ancestors who died freeing them deserves reparations. and if we are going to blame whites for slavery then we should also blame the ones who fought to keep them as slaves and fine the ancestors of those soldiers.. makes as much sense. when lynching was legal, it was a republican who drafted the law to make it illegal.. every republican voted for that new law and every democrat voted against it to keep lynching legal. so we should also fine every living democrat and blame them for not voting to make lynching illegal. and we should fine every person who voted for a democrat. and double fine for every democrat who voted for Brandon. FJB

    1. Too many white people like what they are being fed, white women like black me, black athletes dominate almost every sport, rap music, and not all black people are bad, there are many good African American people who aren’t racists, they are educated, Christian’s, who don’t hate, white people, and I welcome them, love them! It’s difficult to imagine how bad some black kids have it, even today, and that is so wrong, there has been plenty of time, for politicians, to get them the help, they need, for better lives! Imagine being a black kid in America, living in the projects, with awful home lives, not getting the nourishment they need, not in the surroundings they should have, the clothes, the care, the love, and having to push through a terrible night, sleepless, and afraid, and get up, and get dressed, and get to school, without any parental help.It is heartbreaking! You can’t just throw money at situations. Kids are mean, they are cruel, and to get out of being targeted, kids need a parent who isn’t on drugs, isn’t partying every night, with God knows who? They need help in the morning, after a good nights sleep, clean clothes, breakfast, and a hug.

  4. Reparations should begin in Africa, the Africans, rounded up other Africans, and put them on Dutch Ships heading to the Americas! How can you ignore the most vulnerable? African Americans should be thankful for being in America, or take your black asses back to Africa, I’m sick of you hypocritical imbeciles crying all the time, I’ve had money taken out of my paycheck for 30 years because of lazy, drug addicted, African Americans enslaved by the DNC who gave you just enough to keep you alive to get your votes! The DNC knows Lyndon Johnson said, “we need to give the blacks something, not a lot, but just enough to keep them around, I’ll have those niggers voting Democrat, for the next 200 years”

  5. Obama, a Communist, Glorified Hood Rat, He did nothing for anyone, but Obama! He is guilty of keeping you African Americans Johnsonified! The DNC knowingly supported Communist-Obama, an Ayer’s family educated, groomed, and manufactured Dictator! Biden is nothing but a false storefront for Obamas unconstitutional 3rd. term!
    It’s amazing to me that you perverted Democrats, are allowing Obama, to use an old, senile, infant minded, Biden to humiliate himself just to hide Obamas true acts of cowardous! You’re all hypocrites! Traitors!

  6. I’m disgusted by my fellow Americans, too damn scared to fight, you cry, bitch, and moan, about the Democrats, but you are too afraid to fight! The Democrats have taken the fight to the streets but Republicans offer up this cheesy, criminal, silver-spooner, Donald Trump? This is all you can bring to the Country? Trump is a crook, everyone knows it. This is all you can do? However, I’ve never voted for Trump, but the alternative is a Communist dictator, and I’d vote for a dog, or a Clinton, before I’d give in to Communism! The DNC is guilty of high treason, for knowingly, supporting Obama, and for allowing Soros, to have his way in America, knowing if he had no money, you wouldn’t have anything to do with him!

    1. I voted for Trump the first time because I was NOT going to be part of allowing pervert Bill back into the white house. I voted for Trump the second time because he did an amazing job for us. all politians are crooks in some form, so we might as well vote for a crook who helps us.. I’ll vote for Trump again.

      1. You have the right to vote for whomever you want to! I’m all for freedom, I’m trying to point out the liars, the hypocrites, the real domestic terrorists nobody brings up and everyone remembers!

  7. Domestic terrorists, this is what the Communists trying to take over America are calling Christian’s, Trump supporters, White males?
    How about some truth? Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, 60’s and 70’s Weather Underground, blew up buildings in protest of the Vietnam war! The Ayer’s family put Obama through Harvard, groomed him to be the communist glorified hood rat he is, they manufactured Obama!
    Eric Holdet, 60’s and 70’s gun runner for the SLA, they committed armed bank robberies, and kidnapped Patty Hearst!
    Merrick Garland what a piece of shit he sold his soul for a piece of Obama ass, with Diana Ross in the background, you traitor! They ignore the Supreme Court, he is in contempt of Congress just like Obamas Attorney General Eric Holder!

  8. Hey, you Democrat, ass holes have been counterfeiting money around the clock for decades, it’s worthless but you keep it going? Then why do you give a damn about who gets it?
    We all know it’s not backed up by anything just like the DNC, so why not hand it out? Why do you Communist hypocrites give a damn about who gets some? Hell yes, give the African Americans all they want, just don’t steal by counterfeiting money expecting the middle class white people to pay for it! You treasonous, traitorous, mother fuckers gave us Covid, then poisoned the fucking vaccines, you are the most worthless, most putrid excuses for human beings on earth and I hope you all rot in hell for eternity!

  9. Who knows Hitlers tactics better than George Soros? Soros idolizes Hitler, and Soros said, I don’t need Hillary, Obama is already a Communist!

  10. I can’t figure out the DOJ, why are they so corrupt, and pathetic? How do they sell their souls for Communists? So, what makes a man like Merrick Garland, turn on America? All for a glorified, hood rat, Chicago neighborhood activist? I’m sure he can have all the money he wants, all I can fathom, is that Obama, is Blackmailing him! That’s what Obama, did to Justice Scalia, then after Scalia said you’re nothing but a pathetic, glorified-hood rat, Communist, piece of shit! Obama called his white, Texas, Hunting Lodge owner friend, hahahaha every Chicago black, communist, community-organizer, has a buddy in Texas, who owns a hunting lodge! Obama said, take care of that issue we discussed! Don’t worry there will be no autopsy, we’ll rush his ass to the furnace, and cremate him, before it’s out! Blackmail is the juice, in DC.

    1. Not only no autopsy but the certification as to COD was made WITHOUT even an examination of his body. You cannot tell me that this is shady. What I can’t figure is why the family went along with the TX Officials.

  11. Democrats trying to buy more Votes, I want reparations for my great Grandfather Civil War time that freed the Slaves. And just so you know it was Republicans who freed the Slaves, Democrats wnt to keep slaves.

    1. Forty Acres, and a Mule! This was promised to Africans and a Tennessee Democrat named Andrew Johnson, took it all away! If you want to be WOKTED? Stay away from Ayer’s, Dohrn, Holder, and Obama!

  12. Democrats have been Racist and biggots ever since Andrew Jackson. Trail of Tears, KKK, Civil War with 600,000 killed, did nothing to stop WW 1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Now we have Joe Biden the worst in History, wanting to destroy America. Charles Schumer said we are going to change America, well they are doing a great Job at that.

  13. Yes this is a vote bait hack. They will promise as they always but like everything else it will be a no in the end after election. Look at who and when school forgiveness will happen. For one it only goes to those whose parents can afford it and for their democrats vote and campaign contributions will get out of paying for expensive tuitions which their child don’t need or will actually use. Then theirs those students have stepped up for democrats destruction plan for the last 16 years under antifia, BLM destruction. Only one thing Obiden forgot to inform them after all these students have done the dirty work for them is that they will never see it happen, just like all other promises made by the left. Now this reparations plan is a vote getter and suckers are taking the bait again. If you are a slave direct you might have a fighting chance but like all other vote entrapments this will never happen. Tell me with all the money they are putting into research for this trap how come they don’t use that money to do good for communities they have allowed to be destroyed and hate to say but by your own people. Sorry but I grew up with two parents and still lived in hell and I have had to work hard to have what little I do have while raising my family with nothing also. Did I mention I am white. My taxes have allowed democrats to allow my hard earned money pay for you to have also all while those dealing out my taxes are not even paying their taxes. So don’t play games with me cause I haven’t had it any easier then you. At least you got government money I had to also pay taxes in on my returns every year on top of all of that. Now all working Americans are now paying for all illegals and they will receive freebies all the way around. So see all my paid in social security so I could retire in five to seven years is also going to illegals now so know do we start paying reparations to them also ontop of everything else. Stop taking democrats bait and switch before elections cause you will never see anything or they would spend those millions on its citizens to help them right now. Obiden is just laundering money for themselves and never did a thing before now so start using your minds God gave you. No body owes me anything and I have definitely paid my fair share over the decades and now my retire is also going away so now what? Who is going to take care of me when I lose job, health insurance no retire now after Obiden took it and no social security? Do I really want my kids to take care of me? No that is why I did what I did for over 50 years working hard. So to say it is owed to you ok maybe you have been put in situations that are not fair but so have many of us. Stop and think how other’s who had nothing to do with your parents being irresponsible are suppose to now give you thousands for something we had nothing to do with? Sorry I don’t have time to waste on working 24 hours a day so you don’t have to work and make whitie pay for your parents stupidity or absence. More than you have had the same experiences and don’t blame blacks for the issue we get on with life and don’t expect special privileges because of it. Morals and values most important. I pray for all who have been given a life of a roller coaster but in all honesty I did cause it why should I pay for it?

  14. My ancestors are Scottish, you don’t see me crying! We are very proud people, keep your money!
    You know that class is something you can’t buy, you’re either born with it, or you never have it! It’s time to put the slave issue to bed!

  15. Dear African Americans, please stop humiliating yourselves! Truth is, it’s classless trash like Obama who are stirring things up, because they want to break the USA, and if by having reparations, they will get most of the money! They aren’t for you, they are trash, trying to use you, once more, to fill their pockets!

  16. Obama had Eight years, in the spotlight, 4-more behind a pitiful old fool. Cowards hide behind helpless people and do their dirty deeds, blaming others for the things they do, it causes confusion!

  17. African Americans, did Obama improve your lives in 12-years? Did your life improve at all since Obama was heard of? Has Nancy Pelosi improved your life? Obama bought a mansion in Martha’s Vineyard! Nancy Pelosi used insider knowledge to make enough money to give you all reparations!

  18. The DNC continues to use African Americans to stay in power, to make everyone’s lives unbearable! Get WOKE to the truth, the DNC has been using African Americans to stay in Power since Lyndon Johnson the Democrat POTUS when JFK was assassinated!

  19. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over, and over, expecting different results, you’re all insane! Stop the madness, try something different!

  20. Joy Reid makes 2-million dollars per year, with her racist idiocy, has she improved your life as an African American? Has Joy Reid ever helped an African American improve their life?

  21. There are countless African American millionaires in the USA, have they improved the lives of poor, African Americans?

  22. What is happening today in America is the results of people who voted for a Black, Gay, Muslim, Communist, habitual liar, groomed for the Presidency by the Communist Party of America, they Ayer’s family put Obama through Harvard, and they are old family friends of Communist Stanley Anne Dunham, Obamas mother who worked for Timothy Geitners Communist father! You must research a person you want to vote for, if you do you’ll see that Trump is way better in every aspect of life, than Biden and Obama! The DNC knowingly supported Communist Obama!

  23. The Obama communist regime blames their enemies for what they do, it causes confusion and crates time to destroy America more! These putrid mother fuckers are the scum of the earth and fuck Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Hollywood for being traitors, I swear to God, I will never watch anything with these traitors in the show!

  24. The DOJ is such a disappointment and corrupt as it gets! You treasonous traitors have tarnished the offices once heralded by so many, and rot your mother fucking asses off for eternity in hell!

  25. These Hollywood over the hollers know exactly who they are supporting, Communists! One day when the good gets back in Power, if you disgusting mother fuckers are breathing American air, you will be arrested for supporting communist criminals destroying America! Fuck you all.

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