Michelle Malkin SLAMS “Un-American” Lockdown Obsession

Is there anything less American in spirit than the lockdown orders we’re seeing around the country?

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in Texas or Florida, you could face serious legal hurdles over the holiday season. The mask has already come off from the CDC and people like Dr. Anthony Fauci. Now, when they’re telling us that hugging your grandmother or even petting a dog during a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, Americans are even less inclined to take these authorities seriously than they were just one month ago.

The richest part about all of this is the way progressives are patting themselves on the back for supposedly defeating fascism in the form of President Donald Trump — as they simultaneously advocate for lockdown policies that are nothing if not fascistic in nature.

Mandatory quarantines, curfews, limits on assembly, and widespread surveillance are all hallmarks of actual fascist governments. But these are all policies the Democratic Party favors at the moment. Sure, they defend their position by saying that these are emergency measures — but so has every single fascist government in history.

Remember, Adolf Hitler was democratically elected in Germany. When the Nazis transitioned the country into a one-party state that quashed all forms of political dissent, they defended it as an emergency measure to keep the country stable. We all know how that turned out for everyone involved…

If we learn nothing else from this confusing and frustrating chapter in our nation’s history, it should be this: fascism will always present itself with a caring smile. Sure, when most people think of “fascism” — they imagine troops marching around with skull pendants on their shoulders. But fascism, like every other political ideology, evolves with the times. What we’re seeing now is just a super “woke” and PC version of it.

Here’s Michell Malkin with more thoughts.

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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82 thoughts on “Michelle Malkin SLAMS “Un-American” Lockdown Obsession”

  1. Biden says now he won’t lock down the country. I don’t believe that for one second. Biden has flip flopped so much you can’t believe a word he says. Buckle up people, the ANTIFA, BLM, and other assorted thugs will rule America. The demoscum will let them so chaos will keep the population in fear. War is upon us here in America.

        1. Nobody can show me evidence(not his bogus tries) that obastard is a us citizen. There is a lot of evidence he is not.

    1. Antifa, BLM and the other thugs will be the equivalent of the Nazi “Brownshirts” for the Lefty Democrats in power, as they, like Hitler in the ’30’s, will seek to expand and solidify their power. This is what we freedom-loving Conservatives are up against, and what we must fight against. Hitler “sleazed” his way into power in a questionable way in Germany in the ’30’s, and it appears that Biden has in America now as well. Beware of the “figurehead” Biden and his regime.

    2. You are 100% correct, I agree whole heartily with what you have said here. It’s a matter of time before all these antifa and BLM groups get out of hand and there will be bloodshed. It started in DC the other day and there will be more.

    3. Thank you, Marlene. History agrees with you there, but they seem to be rewriting history to suit themselves as well so our children will sadly not learn the same as we did. And there is a surge to keep us quiet as well. I, myself have been banned from the giant Facebook as posting something against community standards, whether it was my religious beliefs or my political stance. I am not sure as they did not bother to let me see the post they banned me for. So, there went my right to free speech….

      1. Cheryl:C where the demoncrats,started on Mr.Trump,blameing him 4 the wash.trouble.The pro commie news media wasted no time in condemming our
        Pres. Mr. Trump,but didn’t do the same wen their antifa,es terrorists werkd over portland es the other cities,destroying bldgs.,ranstacking stores,threatening police,es others,bubrown shirts.rning homes,businesses,where were they then.They along with their bed buddy soros were sponsoring much of it,with the baking of the dnc,es their henchmen,such as was in Deutschland,era 1938-44,called the brownshirts.

      2. Oh my God, your so right ,I have never been so afraid for my country. Worst of all this election was stolen. Unless we do something about it ! I can’t believe what the Republicans did, except for a few like Ted Cruz and everyone that spoke out .As for the Rest of Republicans! they are men with no BALLS!! Worried more about them selfs , then this country and it people and the truth . I’m trying to hold it together . But honestly I’m on the edge . The hate I have for the stupidity of every person the really voted for Dummy Dem Biden. Is so bad, I even dislike my self for it, I’m not a hateful person , I’m not a Racist, I don’t look at people and there color. We all bleed Red. But the left have lost their FUCKING minds. I feel I’m in a freaking nightmare that lasts 24/7.Went to the store yesterday, there are shirts already out with Biden, I saw a middle aged guy wearing a Trump hat , I winked and smiled , what came next was unbelievable, and disgusting display, as much as I myself would like to do it to them I would never.The woman wearing the shirt told the man to fucking throw that striped ass hat out, the man said nothing , she was saying we fucking won you conservatives lost , that caught me by surprise because she referred to him as a conservative, and not a Republican. I my self a conservative Independent that voted for Trump . So my point is , this is now not a Dem or Rep issue . It’s a liberal and conservative. God help this Country! As for a civil war , if it happens it will be between the people that really love this country against the people who really do hate this country. Stay healthy and safe.

      3. Here are some alternatives: GAB, USALife, MeWe, XAPiT, Parler, and BitChute. Check them out, you might find one or more you like.

    4. I feel you….history is progressively changing, right before our eyes, and most of us have a Chain around their brains so tightly until they cannot even see what is happening. They are preparing for “a change” which they have been telling us along. We will wake up one morning and fascism, socialism, and dictatorship is in full place.

  2. All this lockdown is crazy. They are trying to take all our rights. Put alot of people out of business. The goverment has alot of money. They don’t worry about the little people. The governers lock down everything. But they sure go and do what they want. Their no better then we are. Just idiots that try to control the world.

    1. Rememmber when Jane Fonda said that the way to change the country is to destroy the economy. Isn’t that what this virus and lockdodwns are all about? It certainly is doing just that with businesses closing, people can’t find work, Interest paid on CDs down to almost 0. People having to rely on government for help just to eat. I say, open all businesses, let everyone go back to work.

      1. I agree. I believe every business should reopen and put their employees back to work, all on the same day. Not enough jails if they want to TRY to arrest. Constitution is the law and it doesn’t support it; therefore it isn’t a crime and can not be an arrestable offense.
        All these Demo-RATS would have to clean their pants when they realize that WE the PEOPLE follow the Constitution, and not their petty power grabs.

    2. Hi Sheila , your absolutely right, they do have money .Because Pelosi has got millions of dollars going to all these countries that don’t even like us ,just to fill her own pockets, instead of helping out small businesses and the people of this country. I did hear that now they’re looking into giving out $2000 to people, just to make people believe that they are so good. But when President Trump wanted the $2000 to be given out ,she said no that she wants all these things in the bill first . The Democrats are just full of themselves and their egos ,and I can’t even watch the news anymore it’s just disgusting that this great country is probably going to go to shit because of them and the world is now laughing at us.

    3. The democrat/communist governments that exist in this country, are all saying that they are above the laws that they enact. It is time to reassert our God inspired constitution and remove them from power any way possible. We the people need to take our country back from the democrat/communists and their thugs.

  3. If Amerocans hate Fascism why did they vote in the Democrats, if the votes awere legally done then the majority of Americans got it wrong ?

    1. Simple, too many people vote for two reasons:
      1. Personality (Trump’s personality rubs many the wrong way)
      2. Always did it this way (Too easy to follow in your own footsteps)
      Not enough Americans vote based on accomplishments and platform and ignore the lessons of history! Had Trump the personality of Reagan, there would have been not contest!


      2. Don’t forget, the election fraud that I do believe happened and hopefully will be rectified Jan 6th, also all the lies and cover ups that happened to make sure Biden looked like a good person.
        What people don’t realize as well is, Biden is not only in China’s pocket, but Obama did not want to give up power and I believe if Biden does become President; Obama wil be pulling his strings as well from behind the curtain.

      3. Roy, what you are saying is true! But Trump had won and the elections was stolen from us right under our eyes. They have an agenda (socialism) that they have been slowly developing for years and they were not going to stop at nothing in advancing it.

    2. The votes that gave the Biden crime family the current illegal position right now were not legal votes!!!!! For all those mentally deficient thugs who think that this election was even close to being honest, deserve the communist rule that they are advocating. Just like the other fascists in this world. Why don’t you leave this country and take your fascist puppets with you.

    3. Most Americans do not understand Fascism. They interpret Democrats as a democracy where the “people” controls by voting elected persons into office.

    1. God Bless Donald Trump!! God help the American people. Election was criminal, corrupt and planed by all who wanted our President made a fool of and out of the office. The other party did not win, they TOOK the election away and as you said “stolen”! How could people possible vote for someone who feel little girls and women when he is near them, could not remember what state he was in when campaigning, has criminal background with his son and worst of all, condones late term abortion! I never disrespected in public or social media the President before President Trump but I will not recognize the person going into the highest office in the nation and he will only be there for a year or a little more until the party puts the woman in his place. THAT IS GOING TO BE WORSE!

  4. There is now being reported, by residents of this small town, that there were actually “22” people at this “Birthday Party” , and this party was laughing at “We the People”, but the small town is tight knit and the residents are reporting the truth about what was done and said by these “Hypocrites” !

  5. The reason a lot of people voted for Biden was they were brainwashed by the constant barrage of lies and disinformation spewed by the media.
    Another Hitler-esque saying – tell the biggest lie you can, tell it often enough, and people will believe it.
    Try reading BRAVE NEW WORLD and 1984. What is happening now is an amalgamation of those 2 books.

    1. I agree with everyone’s responses, however, richard, think we need to rephrase “why everyone voted for biden”. They didn’t, their votes were changed. You know when you find voter fraud it doesn’t matter if it’s enough to change results of election, just that it occurred says it all. And why only stick to a few counties. I think those 5 battleground states should have all been recounted, let’s put it in terms a Democrat can relate to. If a man rapes one woman is that ok? I mean it affected only one woman. Should we wait until he rapes a dozen and then say a real crime has been committed

  6. I’m wondering if these severe measures will backfire…so many Americans are appalled by them they very well may go to the other extreme of non social distancing just to make their point. I will be interested to see what post Thanksgiving covid19 numbers look like.

  7. The elected government works for us since we elected them and they should do what’ve tell them to do. They work for us, we do not work for them.

    “We the people” must ensure that we maintain our constitutional rights, no matter what. As American citizens WE decide what we want to do with our lives and we will not be told what we can do from those that we elected.

    They work for us!!!!

  8. I too live in a demorat lock down state, COLORADO used to be conservative then more Californication people fled there and ruined us. They always bring their leftist ideas. Biden isn’t mentally fit to make any decision, he is just the mouthpiece for socialist demorats. Obuma is a snake in the grass. Praying for trump before we go down that socialist sewer.

  9. Those who worked to steal this election have stolen so much more than an election! They stole the heart and soul of my country that I love with all my being! They stole what was left of our freedoms and they have reduced our great country to a third world country no better than any other third world country!!! I am still praying for deliverance of my America!!!

  10. This correlates so closely with what happened in 1930’s Germany it’s surreal! But try to explain that to people who’ve never been taught “real” history, or a revised version of it. You know what they say about history!!!

  11. Give me liberty or give me death. It will come down to you and me to take our country back. It’s the only way now!!!

    1. you have the right idea,i would rather stand up fight,die if needed we are living in prison just no bars or razor wire

  12. I am sitting here thinking of my Father flying 50 missions in WWII to keep Our country and Constitution safe. I listened to the Veterans calling Talk Radio on Veterans Day in tears and mad as hell with everything going on. I listen to ladies in my quilt and knitting groups talk trash about President Trump. I speak up and defend him and this country- with facts- the angry looks abound. I will not be silenced. I will not be controlled by anyone. I will not recognize the man in the basement or his cohorts – EVER !!!! Call your Senators and legislators about the fraud that has gripped this country.

  13. Trump is doing all he can to turn this around. We all know who won.Trump. he used to be a demo, an insider, he knew first hand what they were up to. Thats why he ran to try to stop them.why? because he truly loves this country. Hes no different than you or I. He grew up on high rise construction sites with his dad. Have you ever listened to thier talk? I have. We need to help him fight, that takes money. Im poor, I send 10. A month. Not much. All i can. Can You?

  14. DEMOCRATS are projecting! They call you exactly what they are!
    America you’ve been Hoodwinked! This election is fraudulent and illegitimate! You deserve what you get if you allow the Democrats in the Oval Office!

  15. Thank God for all you that reply. You are true patriots. The left don’t like Trump because they can’t push him around they want a Biden with a ring in his nose. But I think the first war should be with the media. They need to be shut down. CARRY ON PRESIDENT TRUMP YOU ARE STILL OUR PRESIDENT AND ALWAYS WILL BE.

  16. All part of the long March to a New World Order and the continuing decline of American exceptionalism and Western civilization. We have a 2nd amendment FOR THIS VERY REASON! Our Founding Fathers would have done something by now. Remember, patriots, WE ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF PEOPLE THAT WOULD NOT BE RULED!

  17. As for all democrates moving to red states. A sign at the state line should read. NO DEMOCRATES NEED APPLY

  18. Biden will not be pres.for a year. Then the bitch will take over. Hide your guns you may need them. Buy reloading tools. I have over 500 rounds.

  19. You freedom takeing gun haters. You have no idea the fire power you are facing. The blood will be on your hands.

  20. Biden is a BORN LIAR! 47 YEARS AND STILL A RACIST! He has done nothing but lies every time he opened his Obama mouth! DEMOCRAT will claim the VIRUS is over the first of February! Take my words for it! The media will go back to lying to cover up the DEMOCRAT plan with the help from the big Tech and pharma and CHINA! WE Should be prepared to fight back! Even if it a CIVIL WAR! JUST BE SURE TO TAKE OUT YOUR STATE GOVERNOR AND MAYOR FIRST. THEN MOVE TO WASHINGTON DC TO REMOVE THESE ANTI- AMERICA CINGRESS MEMBER!

  21. They better be ready to take on all the armed services, State and Federal.
    USMC and NYS Army National Guard Retired, but ready.

  22. Thank God for Senator Cruz, Senator Johnson and all the Senators going to bat for President Trump, the rule of law and Our Constitution. Call your legislators. Take a stand against voter fraud, blm,antifa , and the radical left wing nuts. A lot of us have amazing histories behind us. Our ancestors fought and worked hard for this great country no matter their station in life. Their strength is in each and every one of us. Take a stand. Persevere. God willing we will be stronger for it….

  23. I could not have said it any better, I totally agree with each of you, great comments.
    President Trump will always be my president !!. Keeping Texas RED! KEEP AMERICA GREAT! Get rid of the DumboCrats
    every last one of them, they are evil to the core! They do not realize just how many true Patriots there are willing to save our country and constitution and 2nd amendment rights Everyone needs to stand with the president and all the others that stand with him. True patriots.

  24. I understand that our republican representatives do not want to rock the boat, however if you let the democrats keep going without changing anything. They are destroying America and we the people will not be the only ones to go down.
    You will go down with us, however we the people will hold on to Eloihim and get back up., while you are still wallowing in the garbage known as Democrats. Who will pick you up?

  25. It’s sad that we have allowed our children to become indoctrinated by the communists (teachers & professors). Now in order to maintain what’s left of our freedoms we may have to fight a civil war against ourselves. People like Joe the hair smeller and Medussa Harris will be protected and will issue decrees to us “little people” which most of us will, sadly, comply with just as we did while that Chicago communist was president.
    We will allow the thousands of Americans and millions of other nations who fought and died for freedom to have died in vain if we don’t suppress the communists NOW. I will not go quietly in the night!
    Keep your powder dry!

  26. The Democrats in power after Biden gets sworn in is like one man holding a 747 full of passengers hostage and no one has the balls to take him down to save the entire group not even the Air Marshal that is there to do the job to protect.

  27. I said it before, BAB, Benedict Arnold Biden. He sold us out to China before and he will do it again. Get rid of the terrible 8 and America can be safe again. Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi and the squad.

  28. I agree with most of the other people. Antifa mixed in with the pro-Trump crowd on Wednesday, and they are the ones who caused the problems. I supported Donald Trump in 2016 & again in 2020. Yes, the Democrats (the last for letters spell who they really are–RATS). They stole this election. Some of the “DEAD” who voted, were born in the 1850’s and passed in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. There is one huge problem I know about. It seems as though over 100 House of Reps., & Senators belong to the CCP (Communist Chinese Party), as well as GA., Governor Brian Kemp. He has the CCP flag between the two American Flags. This is so wrong. I have been getting messages that POTUS will be the last elected American President. Hopefully, this is wrong (keep your fingers & toes crossed on this).

  29. All above posts are right on target! What few people understand is: this has been planned since before Obama left office! HE started the “ never Trump movement”, HE was in on killary’s buying the fake “ dossier”, he thought he had the election all sewn up for Killary to win, but Trump outsmarted him! He IS running things right now, and has been all along, he will soon be back in the White House if his plan comes to fruition. Biden and Harris are just his stooges, Trojan horses to get him where he wants to be, then he will dispose of them. He is a wicked, evil man! The demonrats have NO regard for human life because they are inhumane, mindless puppets, they march in lockstep with those who want to destroy us and our country! They are vengeful, greedy, power hungry and think they are the “ superior race”! Where have we heard that before? Hitler’s Arian nation in Germany! History is again repeating itself, to everyone’s detriment! Pray as you have never prayed before that God will grant us grace and his protection, bring us through this dark time, sustain us in freedom and truth! Without God, we have no one to turn to.

  30. Most Americans do not understand Fascism. They interpret Democrats as a democracy where the “people” controls by voting elected persons into office.

  31. Very well said, I have said this all along and people think I am nuts or crazy! This a pollical tool to take control of our lives as if we are sheep to be led at the will of the government. I am getting old and saw this from the very beginning, this was contrived completely for world control.
    They are pushing for one world government!!!

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