Whistleblower Uncovers Serious Problems With Pfizers’s COVID-19 “Vaccine” Trial

Uh oh.

Pfizer is trying to cover their tracks after recent problems came to light about one of their COVID-19 “vaccine” trials. Plus, it really seems like Pfizer doesn’t care at all about the integrity of these important trials, and the effect they might have on the public.

All of these issues revolve around their Phase-3 trial, with the report being posted by one of the leading medical journals in America today, The BMJ. This is a reputable medical trade journal that is published on a biweekly basis with millions of readers to their credit.

In this particular feature they reported, The BMJ states quite a few factors that will be shocking about how Pfizer performed and reported their “vaccine” trials.

It’s shady and sloppy behavior, to say the least.

The Whistleblower Worked for a Research Group

The whistleblower who came forward with all of this information is Brook Jackson, who worked for a prominent research company, the Ventavia Research Group, as their regional director for almost a month. They were the company that partnered with Pfizer on this specific “vaccine” trial, Phase-3.

She had no issue with blowing the cover off of the problems that the “vaccine” trial brought to the table by reporting these issues to The BMJ. For the benefit of the public who is interested in getting these “vaccines,” it’s pretty remarkable that Jackson came forward with any information at all.

It takes guts to come out against Big Pharma with her honest impressions of how the trial went.

The Problems With the “Vaccine” Trial

One of the main points that Jackson makes in The BMJ is that the people involved with the trial were surprised by the number of issues that were coming up during the entire process, and there were a ton of them.

Some of that included just how the lack of training the clinicians giving the “vaccines” was affecting the trial participants and the results. That included lab issues, safety problems for the participants, and a lack of follow-up revolving around adverse reactions.

She also reported that some of the data was false, and that the blind trials weren’t handled correctly, so the results in the data weren’t accurate.

In total transparency, Jackson was fired shortly after she was hired, claiming that she was dismissed for reporting some of these issues with the trial to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but the company who hired her says that she just “wasn’t a good fit” for the work.

A Letter With Good Intentions

In Jackson’s letter about the problems with the “vaccine” trial to the FDA, she details almost 15 instances of questionable procedures and results. It included things like: protocols not being followed to the letter, “vaccines” being stored incorrectly in too high temperatures, lab samples not being labeled correctly, and the clinical staff not paying attention to participants in the moments after they received the “vaccine” to see if any adverse reactions occurred.

All in all, it seems like Brook Jackson was very brave to come forward with these issues about Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine” trials for the greater good of the public at large, who are expected to get the “vaccine.”

Other employees who worked with her have backed up the claims that she made during everyone’s time working with Pfizer on the trials. One employee who had been with the company for over 20 years said that they had never seen a trial so poorly run and organized.

An executive with Pfizer has since apologized to Jackson, and by that standard, is probably validating the information that was reported as accurate.

Now, Pfizer is scrambling to disprove some of the claims that she made by reporting this to the FDA, and now with the exposé in The BMJ, they have even more bad press coming out.

Pfizer obviously doesn’t think that the Ventavia Research Group did a terrible job, since they are currently partnering with them on four more clinical trials involving various aspects of preventing COVID-19, including some that include young adults and pregnant women.

Hopefully, with these problems coming out about some of the trials that Pfizer is doing, they will tighten up their practices making sure that the process of testing the “vaccine” is safer for the participants and will provide more accurate data reporting to the public.

Or better yet, just don’t get the “vaccine.”

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18 thoughts on “Whistleblower Uncovers Serious Problems With Pfizers’s COVID-19 “Vaccine” Trial”

  1. And the despicable cesspool of degenerates want to pump the poison into children. Crimes Against Humanity & Mass Murder/Genocide by BIO weapon ring any bells?

    1. i agree; take away the mandate, especially for kids and young adults and pregnant women…..the tide has turned- TAKE AWAY THE MANDATE-before anyone else dies or loses a job over this silliness. i’m not sure how recognizable the United States of America will be if it doesn’t remain THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!

      Let’s go Brandon!

    2. There is more than enough evidence available to the public and I am sure to the FDA to place a recall on all mRNA vaccines. With over 2,000 deaths directly found to be caused by the vaccines and many times more people saddled with long term disabilities from them there is no rational for them being on the maret much less there being mandates for their use! This is particularly true for young children who can expect to have more deaths from the vaccines than from the seasonal flu. Add to this the current vaccines narrow spectrum of activity and the fact that instead of slowing the spread of Covid it gas been proven that they increase the spread due to the vaccinated carrying I Hugh viral count without having symptoms themselves. There is now enough evidence to prefer criminal charges against Pfizer, and I suspect the other two vaccine companies as well as the FDA, Biden and everyone else in government supporting mandates to take the vaccines. Every other drug that have ever been on the market have have all been recalled even though not one of them had as an atrocious safety profile as do these vaccines.

    3. Nurenberg code and now the drug manufacturers and this admin will be able to keep all records sealed for 75 years and they all have been given immunity for side effects and any lawsuits that may arise

  2. The democrat w/ Fauci help has not only raped America but, China also. The lab Wuhan was infiltrated by democrats long before the pandemic. When is the msm going to quit blaming China? To protect democrats(China already owns most of America, Walmart, etc) Thank to OBAMA. BLACK POWER. ask Michelle.

  3. Taking our freedoms away is what this is all about, Government control over the American people with the use of a Government funded virus used to steal the election and our freedom. Imprisoned hundreds of Americans that protested our right to vote in a free and fair elections that are not rigged by Democrat ran states. We have been attacked all of 2020 over a criminals death that he brought on himself by resistance of arrest Democrats praised and cheered these rioters in their killing and distraction of us American citizens but let Americans protest our elections being rigged and we go to DC jail for 11 months with no bail or rights under our laws. self appointed kings and queens of Washington take our freedoms away.

  4. We do need to ask the right questions regarding wide use of the jab. Such as how will we “normalize” heart attacks in 5 year old children?

  5. big Pharma is despicable. they lied to America from the start. their lab trials resulted in the complete death of every lab animal. EVERY ONE. instead of saying this needs a lot more tweaking, they destroyed the lab data, opened the human blind, and in part three of the testing stage, took it to HUMANS. the EUO label got them the ability to do this. the FDA is complicit. these “vaccines” are still in the EUO stages. we no longer have an emergency from the original covid virus. when the Chinese devils made this bioweapon, with Fauci’s permission, and our TAX dollars, the spike was engineered to mutate when attacked. thus you see the so-called variants coming out. the people who took the vaccines are actually walking Petri dishes for the variants. many virologists have proven this. no one wants to listen, because that would disrupt the BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS of PROFIT that big Pharma and their shareholders are reaping. the cdc had to change the definition of the word vaccine to accommodate the failure of the gene therapy. a vaccine used to prevent the disease for which it was given. now, the cdc says it will not prevent the disease, but will make it much weaker. this is all bull Schiff. people are dying fully vaxxed. the majority of hospitalizations are the fully vaxxed. not the ones who chose natural immunity. this is the biggest hoax that has ever been perpetrated on the world, and the American people. this was nothing more than a bio weapon. and they are working on more as we speak. Fauci, no doubt, is still in the middle of it. he and bill gates proscribe to eugenics. this is the culling of the herd. elderly, sick, etc whom society deems. no longer productive. many people should be held accountable under the Nuremberg Code of 1947. no one can force you to participate in a medical experiment against your will. nazi’s did this in WW2, and were tried and hung for their crimes against humanity. mandates are suggestions, not law. research the pros and cons of this vaccine and decide for yourself. but learn. Pfizer has an ad campaign out aimed at your kids. they say if you get the jab, you will have SUPER POWERS. how’s that for spin???????????

    1. your post is 100% supported by the facts, I read those original studies before they came out with the mandates. I really wish more people had done that. If they had known about the previous animal trials, I’m sure many more would have rejected it and the world would be in a much better place right now.
      I wish I could share your post, but I just got back on FB after they banned me for posting about the ridiculousness of wearing masks for a virus.

  6. in past years it has taken 7-10 years for a vaccine to be approved ! Fact! How they can approve these vaccines for covid-19, so rapidly, is frightening if you really think about it . The long term effects of these vaccines is questionable as far as I’m concerned . If an adult of sound body and mind willfully on their own accord decides to take the vaccine, then that is their personal choice. But anyone 30 years and younger I feel they should think twice before getting the vaccine, There are wayyyy too many unknowns as far as long term effects and small children still growing and developing and especially women of child bearing ages should proceed on the side of caution and should be allowed the freedom of choice as to whether or not to get these vaccines. And the parents of children 5-18, should be not so quick to vaccine their children. please think this situation out more carefully and stop allowing the socialist media to continue frightening you in to making rash choices where your children’s safety is a serious concern !!! We don’t live in North Korea, we live in the USA land of the Free and the Brave. Nobody should be forced out of a job that feeds their family because of a medical choice !! Politics our Democratic government and the Media freny should not be involved in a medical choice for your children and all family members !!! Please think before making your decisions about whether or not to recieve the vaccines. One thing more someone whom is not vaccinated cannot infect another human being with covid, if they themselves have never had covid. Calling the non-vaccinated people, by their own choice virus spreaders and murderers is a disgrace totally untrue and total hypocracy ! i personally know many vaccinated people that have since contracted covid and the given it to a family member. Stop the vicious lies please , let people make the choice that is right for them . Their saying by the beginning of 2022 the virus should be almost at an end. fingers crossed !!!

  7. There’s 4 meds that treat Covid. Time for all this BS to STOP! Remember in 22 & 24 when you vote what these lowlife Dems and Rinos have done to us and our country.

  8. How are they going to make it safer? When their “EMTs” cause “Trillions of tiny blood clots”, that are giving healthy young people heart attacks, strokes and more and currently post Delta Variant wave filling up our hospitals with mainly completely vaxed individuals of all ages? Recently one Doctor reported that all had feared might eventually happen – the mRNA with it’s blood clots had passed his Brain Barrier and now causing clots in his brain. Yes, folks – that’s what Mad Cow Disease is all about. It’s here.

    My take make all these mRNA “EMTs” Illegal stop them right now (it IS you know a failed technology for over 30+ years that FDA would not approve until CV-19 Emergency came along), round up the perpetrators and YES, BURN THEM AT THE STAKE. Send these souls them back to the Hell they came from and to which they submitted Billions to suffer from!

  9. With the amount of money that the fed gov just gives away for really important things, like why ants have 4 legs…..may be that money should be used to ………RUN…………..the tests not the company making the product, I am sure something could be made up of……honest people (if such exists) to do these tests out in the open with over site again of honest people, not connected in any way with with the drug company, or the big pharma whose product is being tested and of course agencies like, the fda, ccd, who, etc so they could not screw it up to get their way. We all seem to know that the ….abc…..agencies are payed off by those they are set up to protect us from.

  10. Shut down the “ murder incorporated” gates foundation, arrest bill gates and faker Fauci for crimes against humanity, and ban all covid vaccines! And NO MORE stupid mandates from the turnip in Chief Biden and OBAMA! Arrest Obama for sedition and treason.

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