Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — The Next Republican President?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is widely speculated to have White House aspirations — and this could be a very welcome development for conservatives wondering who will be carrying the torch left by former President Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, the Sunshine State governor welcomed conservatives to America’s “oasis of freedom” at C-PAC 2021. His speech was brief, but it hit all the checkpoints most conservatives are looking for these days. Most notably, DeSantis stood by his decision to keep his state open in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic even as he was pressured to do the opposite.

“We are an oasis of freedom in a nation that’s suffering — in many parts of the country — under the yoke of oppressive lockdowns,” he said. “We look around in other parts of our country, and in far too many places we see schools closed, businesses shuttered, and lives destroyed. And while so many governors over the last year had kept locking people down, Florida lifted people up.”

Indeed, DeSantis did resist the tempting calls from Florida Democrats and establishment Republicans to follow the examples of other states and issue authoritarian mandates to “stop the spread.” As Florida residents will recall, Florida did implement some mitigating measures at first. Restaurants, night clubs, gyms, and other “non-essential” businesses did close for a while — until DeSantis decided that enough was enough.

Now, as lockdown-obsessed states like New York and California struggle to get their COVID numbers under control, Florida continues to post case numbers below the national average. Under DeSantis’ leadership, Florida proved that the intense lockdown measures promoted by the Democratic Party simply don’t work. Of course, this makes DeSantis a target for leftists in the media. But while they try to dig up dirt on the Florida governor, their own messianic figures like California Governor Gavin Newsom and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are watching their own careers die in real time.

In many ways, DeSantis really is the perfect foil to these aforementioned figures. During the earlier phases of the pandemic, the Florida governor was held up as at the worst in the nation, while Cuomo and Newsom were presented as the best. Cuomo, we were told by the likes of CNN, was “presidential.”

As it turns out, only one of these men didn’t shove vulnerable patients into nursing homes as COVID numbers spiked — and then lied about it to the feds. Even the New York Times is having a hard time defending their usual suspects on this one.

So, how would a DeSantis campaign go? He enjoys support from the coalition built by former President Trump — the largest and most vocal part of the GOP’s voting base. Obviously, this would make him Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of the media — but this is treatment DeSantis already receives in his own state. To his credit, he has been able to take hits and punch back just as well as anyone else has.

It’s still very early before we can make accurate predictions about election season 2024, but as of now we can only identify two things that work against DeSantis in a GOP primary. First and foremost, if Trump does indeed run again, he will keep the base that he built. Second, thankful Floridians may end up wanting to him for themselves for a second gubernatorial term.

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50 thoughts on “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — The Next Republican President?”

    1. agreed. however, if we do not address election fraud there will never be another patriot in office.

      1. The greatest danger to our democracy is the media that present false narratives and will not report the truth. Even with freedom of speech and the press they need to he held accountable. They have damaged and destroyed many lives without ramifications for their reporting. I contend that any reporting without verification and substantial proof would be subject to legal litigation, “no more a reliable source”. That wouldn’t be sufficient enough to run these false narratives.

        1. I believe Sweden has some tough rules to hold the press liable for printing false stories. It’s much easier to sue the press for defamation there and the standard here needs to be made easier as well. Freedom of the press should not mean freedom to lie in any form, whether lies of statement or of omission, they should be actionable. And the same must apply to big tech and their censorship of one voice or opinion in favor of allowing another. Big tech is at least as big a problem as mainstream media. Much needs to be fixed about both.

      2. Ballot harvesting fraud in the inner city blue districts is where the fraud needs to be attacked. It will take aggressive measures from Conservative state governments to accomplish this. At the same time, activists judges that might stand in the way of this reform must be impeached. Neither will happen most likely because conservatives have no spine when they gain power. The left knows this so the bad behavior continues.

      3. You are 100% correct. Am already wondering how we can vote in the mid terms without rampant fraud as experienced in 200

    2. Since the Supreme Court did not listen to the complaint that was raised regarding the possibility of nation wide election fraud, they must be a part of those who want to keep the kind of person out of the White House who might want to drain the Swamp as President Trump started to do.
      I would hope the court would not have joined with the side of the far left in this regard. Perhaps they hope our Republic will fall when the Reset occurs and we become a country similar to the nations like the Soviet Union was or like the government of China is today.
      May God have mercy on our souls.

  1. There is NOT one president in the DEMOCRAT PARTY! Even BIDEN IS not a president! But a sick man! Nobody should BELIEVE anything from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBN. You saw the LIES they kept posting! Then you saw everything they denied with your own eyes! How can you TRUST A LIBERAL DEMONCRAT SOCIALISM PUSHER? Well the only one I know does are already on THE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM OF SLAVERY’S!

    1. It’s just about to happen, digital dollar is coming and the United Nations is going to do it sooner than any one knows. God has a plan for all of us who believe. Read the book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18 because we are mystery Babylon. We’re surrounded by water and that lady who sits on the water is not lady liberty, she’s the whore of Babylon Ishtar instead.

  2. Desantis has done well on many fronts. I would vote for him if my vote actually counted. Republicans are kidding themselves if they don’t make MAJOR changes to the voting system. As it stand now, I don’t care who is running, I will not bother to go to the polls.

    1. Then you are the reason why DEMOCRAT keep getting ELECT! How can you fixed the polls? By STOP PUTTING THE DEMOCRAT IN CHARGE OF THE HOUSE! READ THE CONSTITUTION LAWS! It the HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE who are in charge of the election. Now does that tell you why PELOSI is the speaker??

      1. I agree with Jeanette. The ONLY way Biden is “president” is election fraud. Biden did not do squat during his campaign. He said, while stumbling in his speeches, the dumbest things that I have ever heard. Ballots for Joe were not down voted. It is common for those who vote Republican for President will complete the ballot with Republican selections for other offices. Same for Democrats. Not so for the Biden ballots because the fraudsters were too lazy and/or too stupid to complete those ballots. I have witnessed the ballot switching firsthand as demonstrated by cyber security experts using video from live reporting. Biden will leave office voluntarily as he suggested in one of his speeches. Kamala will become president. Pelosi will have her impeached and removed from office. Pelosi will become our new “president”. All of this crap has happened without any regard for voting.

        1. Well said. My husband and I have thought this was Pelosi’s plan all along. Think about what our lives would be like with her in the Oval office!

      2. I 100% believe we only have unpopular and nasty Biden/Harris and Pelosi and Schumer AND TWO DEM SENATORS elected in Georgia ONLY because of fraud in the November election and GA January run offs. There is no possibility Biden/Harris won and no possibility Trump didn’t win in a landslide, nationwide. I also believe probably ALL the states had some degree of fraud, others a HUGE amount. Dems prove themselves very skilled at cheating. Wr would have had Trump as Pres, and a majority of Republicans in both House and Senate. We need to get tge SCOTUS to hear the fraud, overturn election, for Pres and Senators and Representatives, maybe even Governors, and have a legit REVOTE, NOT A RECOUNT of fraud ballots. Then Trump is in and Biden/Harris get booted.

        Because of fraud, we are under the worst regime we’ve ever had. The election should STILL be investigated and outcome brought back to SCOTUS, worded differently. Thomas and two other Justices wanted to take the case. Word it so the other 6 follow suit. We have to correct the Dem fraud or elections in future will be one party. The bill re election now up.. Dems have decided to tie it to freedom and anti-racism and get the ability to vote on IT ALSO BY RECONCILLIATION. That would throw out the 60% needed to pass it, and put it down to simple majority.

    2. PLEASE reconsider not voting, we can’t allow the demoRATS to keep getting into office, we have to stop them. Anyone has to be better than any demoRAT!!!

      1. Over the last 20 years, the democrats have become the party of DESTROY AMERICA!! The ONLY WAY we, the American People are going to STOP the destruction, is to SWITCH OVER to/CONTINUE to vote REPUBLICAN!! Otherwise, the only way left for the American People to save OUR country– NOT “Pelosi’s”…NOT “Shummer’s”…NOT “McConnell’s”…NOT the “Clinton’s”….NOT “Obama’s”…NOT Biden’s”–is to OVERTHROW our OWN GOVERNMENT–before our OWN “ELECTED” GOVERNMENT OVERTHROWS the AMERICAN PEOPLE, who were FORCED at GUNPOINT to “vote” for a, “government” that, within the last 20 years have become NOTHING MORE than a “LEAGUE OF PIRATES”, who, “TAKE EVERYTHING they can–and GIVE NOTHING BACK”…EXCEPT to THEMSELVES!!

    3. Exactly! Biden’s administration is quickly trying to secure Democrats in future elections with HR1 . We will be doomed, if these pass. Our elections will never be fair again

    4. Jeanette your vote IS very important so please DO vote. Giving up is what the Dem. want you to do. Be a fighter for what you believe in PLEASE! Go USA! God bless America & our military who have given so much! Thank you!

    5. Don’t think that way. No matter what, vote straight Republican! It’s the people who don’t vote that let us down. We must WIN!

    6. That is what the ‘left’ is trying to do, stop you from voting! I realize the system must be fixed ( ie: unsolicited mail-in voting for one) but not voting is just paving the way for more of left’s corrupt ways of winning – stand tall Patriots and exercise your God and Constitutional given rights and do not – DO NOT – cave in to the totally socialist ways of the democratic party! God Bless America!

  3. The best governor in the nation! Intelligent and fearless! A man who stands up for the rights of the people!

  4. Kristi Noem gave a great speech. I believe by 2024 a ticket of Kristi Noem/Candace Owens would be highly electable and very capable. She is not as closely linked with our Real President as DeSantis; but that could be a plus with independents. South Dakota has done very well with the pandemic under her stewardship.

  5. There is a voting system that uses ’ blockchain technology’ already developed and used. Its damn near foolproof as far as can be seen at this point. It should be the new standard in all future elections. Check it out.

  6. To you people who complained about the polls! Stop! If you read the CONSTITUTION LAWS, you will FIND out were the problem lay. In the CONSTITUTION LAWS THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES IS IN CHARGE OF MAKING LAWS AND RULE DURING THE ELECTION! And you all know that PELOSI HAS THAT POSITION! So if you want to CHANGE IT VOTE OUT THE DEMONCRAT!

    1. No…it is NOT Congress who gets to make election law.,
      Nancy is not in charge in the slightest on this. It is the INDIVIDUAL States houses of representatives who make the terms of election laws and standards. See just HOW important LOCAL elections actually ARE?!!
      Our founding fathers REALLY DID know what they were doing when they framed the constitution. They made it difficult to sew corruption into the system. State by state is a LOT more difficult than sweeping laws for a nation. All of this is provisio to an EDUCATED public, which we have unfortunately let go in our nation since the abandonment of classes in Civics, around 1973… Get EDUCATED, and see to it your children are educated on the Constitution, and the WHYS and WHEREFORES of its conception. It is FASCINATING!

  7. Don’t think that way. No matter what, vote straight Republican! It’s the people who don’t vote that let us down. We must WIN!

  8. Well,
    If the midnight ballots are the problems that rig the election. I suggest these ballots MUST never reach the center. Organize so that the illegal ballots never reach the centers to be counted!

  9. If President Trump runs again in 2024, Governor DeSantis would be a great choice for his VP running mate then President in 2028. If President Trump does not run again in 2024, Governor DeSantis would be my choice for 2024.

    1. I agree with you Scott, but I am worried about voter Fraud Again, they got away with it once already, not even the Supreme Court would look at all the evidence. Such a shame! Where is the Justice for this happening to the Best President that America has ever had?

  10. First we must take back the Senate and House in 2022. While I am a staunch supporter of our Governor and a fellow Navy veteran I believe a 2024 run for President too early. On the other hand, I believe a Trump- DeSantis ticket would be unbeatable AS long As post Election Day mail in ballots and CCP infected Dominion computers are banned nationwide. Election reform is an absolute necessity. CAPT John Pulsinelli, USN (ret)

  11. I want President Trump back in office this year! And if he decides not to run in 2024, I would vote for Desantis or whomever God chooses!

  12. DeSantis is a great Florida Governor. If Trump does not run for President, Ron DeSantis would be a good choice.

  13. The presdency does not automaticaly fall to the speaker of the house if the situation reaches the point where a president cannot be chosen by the electoral system, the choice of the president falls to the house to choose a president. This might be that the house would pick the house speaker but it does not automaticaly fall to the speaker. This is made clear in the constitution. Read it and weep Nancy.

  14. Loved DeSantis’ speech ~ He talks the talk and walks the walk and is a no-nonsense Governor – truly for the people and businesses to maintain our freedom of rights. Amen to God Bless him! I hope he runs for the 2024 Presidency (with Trump as Speaker of the House). What a powerful, Patriotic combination with these two explosive leaders!

  15. My first choice for 2024 is Trump, second choice DeSantis, third is Rick Scott, all from my home state of Florida. It is up to Trump. He can either be “King” or “King Maker” in 2024. Either way, I would vote for ANYONE on the Republican ticket….except for Romney….In which case, I will continue to live abroad as an expat and shop for a new passport.

  16. As I have said once before, I know our Governor would make a great President but i truly hope he will never accept a federal position in 2024 because we need him in Florida for another term as our Governor. 2028 is another story!

  17. If we don’t have honest elections, we will not have honest government. How many people believe we had an honest election in 2020?

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