Liberal Colleges are Rife with Human Rights Violations in the Pandemic Era

Young people and their parents are exposing the horrific conditions at colleges and universities throughout the nation.

While some educational institutions are worse than others, atrocious infringements on privacy rights and downright human rights violations aren’t just limited to a few rogue colleges and universities. They are widespread as educational institutions do everything in their power to retain draconian control over their students under the guise of “preventing the spread of COVID-19”.

Students at various universities report they are not allowed to leave their dorm rooms for any reason. Lunch is brought to them by masked university employees, and classes are conducted via Zoom. In one instance, a student reported he was not even allowed to leave his dorm room and was thus unable to have a private conversation on his phone.

At Wesleyan University, students were not permitted to have anyone help them move into their dorm rooms, creating a huge risk of accidents as young women struggled to lug heavy furniture and appliances. Locks are disabled, so students can’t enter and leave using certain doors, a dangerous move that could lead to injury or even fatalities if there were a fire, earthquake or some other emergency.

Naturally, tuition costs are rising even as universities cut services and treat their students as pariahs to be controlled and micromanaged. Students are actively encouraged to “rat each other out” remotely if they find out that young people have committed “horrific crimes” such as leaving their dorm without a mask, gathering with a small group of friends, or failing to get a COVID-19 test.

Many universities, unwilling to rely on “local rats” alone, have stepped up on-campus surveillance. Parents of students at Ohio State University report that helicopters were buzzing overhead as they moved their children into a dorm. The University of Texas installed new cameras in dorm hallways, aiming the cameras at doors.

Albion University in Michigan went one step further, mandating that students download a privacy-invading app to ensure they remained within a college-designated “safe space” at all times. Naturally, the college declined to explain why faculty members were free to come and go wherever they pleased.

There is one positive outcome that could arise from this madness. Perhaps — at long last — students will see the tyrannical ideologies perpetuated by academia for what they are. Young Americans are intentionally spending themselves into debt just to attend these institutions. If they aren’t getting the services and experiences they’re paying for, perhaps more will finally find an alternative.

One way or another, the classic university experience is coming to an end.

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33 thoughts on “Liberal Colleges are Rife with Human Rights Violations in the Pandemic Era”

  1. Colleges and universities today are almost useless, nothing more than liberal indoctrination centers. This is the height of throwing good money after bad.
    Until these places PROVE they have balanced in fact 60-40 conservative to liberal instructor staff [to balance the crap they’ve had for decades]. DON’T BOTHER.

      1. Looks like Liberty Planet is hoping those students get the chinese virus……What person in their right mind would think that keeping them in their rooms is not preserving life……….

    1. Going to tech school is a much better idea anyway half these college and university grads have gone for degrees that they cannt get a job in

    2. They should leave and stop feeding money into our nations arch enemies! Go later to your community colleges etc. But it must be made known to all that the colleges in general are over rated and certainly not necessary to be successful.

    1. Amen Blue. Liberal faculty condemn religion and matters of faith yet they are more than ready to preach their own “sermons” regarding social and racial matters. Gone is the “academic freedom” atmosphere on which universities were originally organized—truth seeking, not indoctrination.

    2. Stop insulting me!
      That stuff now is neither liberal nor progressive.
      The so-called “liberal” part is slave to political correctness, and
      the so-called “progressive” part is receding past the dinosaurs (who were binary sexual)

      1. I believe President Trump has caught on to the Liberal Colleges’ hogwash. He can stop funding them !!! and that will stop some of it. But the wealthy Liberals will continue. I believe the only thing to do is for students to stop attending those colleges, there are still some colleges that reject these polities.
        My problem is that the students that have been indoctrinated with this garbage, have finished or stopped going and have the now wrong attitude about freedom, and politics. They are our future voters, and with these biased opinions learned in the Liberal colleges, they will not vote for the Conventional candidate. Have been brainwashed about how the Liberal policies are best. And that includes Socialism, which is above all the very worst kind of government in the world. Has totally ruined many countries. Democrat control is the way of Socialism…And government control of everything in our lives. That was Obama’s plan, and now Biden’s plan. Please talk to your students and tell them the truth, if possible. I was not aware of this problem, it has been going on for some years or months. But a young man in a street survey by a newsman was saying: Trump is a liar, a thief, does not believe in progress, etc. That came straight from Liberal colllege and CNN, MSNBC and any other Liberal media station. I do not EVER watch that garbage !!.Last thing, the Fake, Liberal Media is twisting the minds of our students, young men and women, telling them these things. They absolutely NEVER tell them the real improvements that Trump has done in our country. More, better employment, lower taxes, removed the restrictions Obama put on companies, got companies to move back to America, and Biden is on the same track as Obama. Obama is directing the Liberal, Socialist Democrat Party to destruction. He is still part of the party !!!. Believe me, this is truth !!

  2. This is absolutely true. I have worked in this system for over 30 years. I know first hand. This educational system has to go.

    1. True, the president of the university puts out leftist emails in support of free speech and she is the only one allowed to speak freely. The rest of us are afraid to say anything because we don’t want to lose our retirement. Five years to go and we’re out of there.

  3. If I had college aged children today I would never send them to these liberal leftist organizations. A total waste of money.

    1. Parents are supposed to spend tens of thousands of dollars for indoctrination? Education is no longer offered in colleges across our country. My suggestion is, do not send your intelligent young children to these brainwashing institutions any longer!

    2. After sending my daughter to College for 6 years for an English Degree she came out an Agnostic and changed her views on other aspects of life. She has 2 children ,my Grandchildren and never even had them Baptized(we’re Catholic) I’m not allowed to talk to them about God, Jesus Christ or anything to do with religion. It really breaks my heart when a 9 year old says you can’t talk about these things because Mom says it’s all made up. She likes all this talk about Socialism because she wants everything for free. Her and my son in law don’t vote and don’t want to even talk about it at all. Sorry for the rant but I’m rather sad about how College effected my Daughter. She did get a job in a local High School but quit because she didn’t like what they were teaching and hasn’t worked in 10 years. She had no loan to pay because I paid it and never got a thank you. So I guess i’m the jackass for trying to make life better for them.

      1. wow….so sad… God in their lives?
        it’s called “brainwashing”

        Pray for them and have them listen to a Robbie Zachariah presentation…..great for agnostics and atheists bc he supports the theory of God with facts and science and is fantastic at it. AS a great example to all those who believe in the Big Bang Theory, what are the probabilities of the dictionary appearing out of thin air, assembled as it is, with all the definitions and words and everything, out of osmosis, without a designer/creator? Impossible? Well, to believe in the Big bang theory would take the odds of a “dictionary” appearing that way multiplied by millions because of the intricacies of the human mind, eye, etc…..truly impossible by any standards.

      2. Did you ever get a chance to tell your daughter how Socialism is funded…IS your tax dollars spent for their programs. Free college, (you are paying for it), free insurance, (you are paying for it). Government control, you have no say so, no opinion is allowed. You basically have no freedom. If you could show your daughter, let her see some film, or videos of Argentina – no jobs, no food, calamity everywhere. The Democrat Mayors of today, New York, NJ, California and others have made a total mess of their cities. Control, no freedom, no hiring of new people. New York’s Mayor is considered the total worst Mayor ever. Look at what he has done to New York, and Cumos the Governor is worst !!. California is really worst. Shut down the state, everything. Put higher taxes on everything possible, and Pelosi is from California. Their homeless population is terrible. With all the taxes it looks as if California could do something about this situation. And Speaker of the House, does not even concern herself about any of that. She is getting beauty shop appointments, not wearing a mask, and denying the real truth. She does not care for or about anyone but herself. Is 80 years old, been in office for 30 years !!!, and only fires up the Democrat lies. Is a total mess, and will control Biden. He is such a wimp, he will do whatever Nancy says. Was a wimp when working with Obama. Was only a waterboy – was VP of the USA, but Obama looked down on him with distain. Thank God, Obama is gone from Office, but still doing damage.
        God BLess America and God BLess Trump.

        1. IMO – the problem today is the young don’t know the world outside their front yard. There is no global conflicts and life in America is good until you leave your parent’s home and then you say “HOLY SH*T!”. I spent 3 years in the Army (not be choice) and came home to a trade. Biden and family are anti-American. They have (and had) interests in Chinese Banks. Biden did the quid quo pro in the Ukraine (if the Ukraine didn’t fire the prosecutor in 20 minutes I’m taking the the money with me and you you can call Obama. That was arrogant and anti-American. That was for personal gain so they didn’t investigate Hunter Biden. The democrats have been so arrogant and crooked for sooo long they don’t even try to hide it. Instead of trying to out do Trump the democrats did ANYTHING to get Trump out of office. The democrats did absolutely nothing for the 2020 election. Actually the democrats now not only want to take away your guns (against the 2nd amendment), they want you (YES YOU!) to accept socialism. This will allow the democrats to destroy that wonderful document – the constitution. Infringe on freedom of speech – democrats have done that. Control the media – democrats have done that. Disarm the civilians – democrats want to take away your guns since 2016. Democrats want to take away your freedom – socialism. Defund the police (OMG). No wonder the Chinese endorse Biden. Democrats have done NOTHING about the violence – no wonder ISIS endorses Biden. This is history repeating itself. Next will come the American Workers Party. Blame the Jews for the economy (that’s happening), control the media (done), brainwash the civilians (happening). Over throw the existing government (in progress). The Templar Knight told Dr. Jones to choose, but choose wisely.

  4. Since they are conducting classes on tsum, what is the point of going to the university and being in a dorm room then? Essentially they are doing online classes, so therefore they should be able to do it from home.

  5. I did doctoral level training in Counseling Psychology. I no longer recommend college for young people because the traditional “academic freedom” concept no longer exists. Students are now bombarded with indoctrination from faculty who were the “pot heads” of the 1970s. Matters of faith/religion are frowned upon. I’ve been suggesting that young people consider training for a “trade” for their life’s work.

    1. Well this is true. Graduates have to compete with an ever growing college graduating classes. What this means if you have no post high school talent your going to be lost in the wave of jobless college grads. I have a high school education (uncle Sam wanted me) and I had little talents on my resume. Decades ago job interviews started with how much clllege do you have NOT did you go to college. IMO to layoff proof your job today you need a masters degree (or working on your masters) AND be good at your job. I paid for my son’s 4 years of private college and he’s good. The only way he is going to advance is if someone quits,retires, dies, or gets fired. And he in not alone in line to advance. He is now working on his masters (I’m not paying for that).

    2. I see all the comments from disgusted parents and had that happen in my office in Miami. A staff member sent her upstanding, conservative Christian son off to college, he had off the charts SAT score and wanted to go to law school. He came out a lazy slacker, lost his Bright Futures $ and housing and moved to Boston and worked as a bike delivery guy. He’s now an atheist, closet faggot, and came back home to live with Mommy. Kid works for SEIU now, total reversal of an entire person.

    1. Because high schools tell student and parents that they will never have a decent life if they don’t have that high end education

  6. 1st.) Defund all universities that refuse to teach alternatives to socialism/communism.
    2nd.) defund all universities found guilty of indoctrination.
    3rd.) Then dismantle Dept. of Education in Washington. This should be managed locally or at state level.

    1. Department of education started by Carter, does need to end. When my daughter went to the University of Houston, there were students that would ask the professors their political view or something to that effect. My daughter said they would tell the class that’s not our class subject, we are here for what class you registered for. They left it at that. Then moved on
      My niece at the University of Texas. First day was approached by her English professor while he was walking up and down the rows of students. He looked at her in a camo jacket, boots, dress and told her I bet your a Christian. BIBLE toter. And you can shoot. BUT you will agree with me and my political views or you will fail this class. She looked at him and said “we’ll see if that’s gonna work with my dad the civil rights and constitution judge and my mother the lawyer when you go to court for trying to take away my civil and lawful rights. She had been recording what was being said since he insulted the first student. Her dad heard it and went to talk to him before filing charges so there would be no need. He never bothered anyone in that room again that whole year. That’s harassment. Intemadation. And threats to some students who are still considered minors. University’s don’t realize these wrongs done by these progressive professors and in most cases don’t care. They can be charged.

  7. Sue there asses. Get your money back.Youhave the money they want, take control. Things will change with everything, if the money isn’t coming to all these power people.

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