Obama Blames White People For Border Security

According to former Pres. Barack Obama, Americans oppose Pres. Joe Biden’s unlawful and wage-cutting mass migration because they are racist rather than because they are concerned about their financial situation.

Obama stated at a gathering of Hispanic realtors on September 25 in San Diego, California, “Right now, the main fuel behind the GOP agenda is tied to immigration and the concern that somehow America’s character is going to be transformed if, individuals of darker colors, there are too many of them here.”

According to Obama’s remarks published in a San Diego Union-Tribune story from September 25: Obama utilized his divide-and-rule allegations of racism to mask the popular hostility to migration’s economic impact.

Obama remarked, “I wish I could be more euphemistic about it, but they’re not being all that subtle about it; they’re just sort of stating it. You hear it on hard-right media, you hear it from the candidates and politicians; you hear phrases like ‘great replacement theory’ — this is not subtle, I promise. It will be challenging to pass a measure unless we are able to return to a more inclusive perspective inside the Republican Party.”

Obama further asserted that popular resistance to mass migration is even more dangerous than official backing for the nation-changing movement that has claimed the lives of thousands of migrants and many more Americans:

“We have observed throughout history that such speech is deadly when it is spread. Everywhere it emerges, even in the United States, it is dangerous.”

Since January 2021, Biden and his pro-immigration border chief have likely broken the law by bringing 3 million migrants from developing nations into the American economy across the southern border.

Additionally, they have used airports to remove almost 2 million visa workers, legal immigrants, and white-collar illegals. Since January 2021, the vast government-engineered migration has resulted in at least one immigrant for every two births.

Obama and Biden demonized Americans’ widespread resistance to mass migration in 2013 and 2014 as they were trying to get the unsuccessful “Gang of Eight” cheap-labor package passed in Congress. They did this by making accusations of racism.

Numerous polls, however, demonstrate that the public is opposed to labor migration and the influx of all the temporary contract workers into the high-paying occupations that U.S. graduates need to support their families. This contradicts the inflammatory libel.

This “Third Rail” resistance is expanding, anti-establishment, multicultural, transgender-friendly, non-racist, class-based, bipartisan, sane, tenacious, and aware of the duty of American citizens to stand together.

According to an Ipsos survey conducted in July, for instance, over 50% of Hispanics,  Asians, and blacks think Biden’s invitation to the world has led to a “invasion” of migrants. The “invasion” viewpoint is prevalent: according to statistics released on August 19 by Ipsos, 58 percent of white Americans — including 40 percent of Democrats — believe that Biden’s invitation to the world is an invasion.

The public’s hostility to mass migration is understandable given that it places heavy economic and civic costs on regular Americans while boosting the status of rich and powerful ones.

Author: Scott Dowdy

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55 thoughts on “Obama Blames White People For Border Security”

  1. When a Democrat/Liberal starts to blame someone else, we know they are talking about themselves. It’s a known trick of arrogancy, and the arrogancy is so strong, they think someone believes them


      1. So Obama’s acting like a “gay,” huh? And what if he is, why should that bother you? What are you, a homophobe? Besides, how do we know that YOU aren’t a “closet homosexual” yourself?

        As your implications that Obama is a crook, I’ve got some advice for you. If you really want to see a REAL CROOK, look no further than that mango-faced madman who insists that he’s still the President!

        1. You Sir are not a nice person for the terrible words! But I am sure you mean every one of them! Maybe you should look in the mirror to see who you really are, and I believe you will have a big surprise at who you see!
          Maybe good maybe bad but it is you!


    2. OBAMA is the one that is the RACIST, actually make that a race BAITOR, in fact does “Hussein” the Arabic word for “Lucifer”??/ Sure sounds like it to me

      1. Well, I don’t know about “Hussein” being the Arabic word for “Lucifer,” but I do know that in the Middle East, “Hussein” is just as common a name as “Smith” or “Jones” are in the United States. Surely, you wouldn’t insinuate that anyone with those names is automatically the devil?

        Besides, the name “Lucifer” originally meant “light bearer,” not “devil.” Does that mean someone carrying a flashlight is the devil as well? I don’t think so.

    3. I couldn’t agree more,
      In a lot of situations, seems that is the only way to get out of blame ,it is always the other guy.

    4. There’s no such word as “arrogancy.” The proper word is “arrogance.”

      Anyhow, who are you to accuse Barack Obama of arrogance? You probably voted for Donald Trump, WHO’S DEFINITELY THE MOST ARROGANT PRESIDENT WE’VE EVER HAD! His MAGA followers are no better, especially Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, and Matt Gaetz. But I guess that’s okay with you since they’re all REPUBLICANS.

    1. I hear that’s par for the course for Republicans too, especially Donald “Orange-faced” Trump.

    1. Obama is the “one of the worst and most divisive presidents of all times”?

      Donald Trump is definitely THE WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIMES! But I don’t hear guys like you complaining about it. No, it’s only when the president is a Democrat, but not a Republican!


  2. It has NOTHING to do with Racism. NOTHING. Its has to do with our laws and security. Most of those people crossing the border are the same race as the majority of us. We are Americans…we are from every part of the world and we have every color you can imagine. That comment is ludicrous at the least and racist at the most by him saying that. Its not the people themselves, its the violation of OUR SOVEREIGN BORDERS. If you have not borders, you have no nation. No country in the world allows people to just walk across. NONE. Except now, us.

    1. Bruce, I totally agree, maybe it’s just me. but Yes there is a hand full of people who are total racist but for the most part, people don’t care what race color, or creed you are as long as you treat each other with kindness and respect each other’s differences. Do we not all bleed red, do we all mourn our losses, do we not laugh? This division in our country is all politically based and Democrats and Republican politicians are the ones more responsible for this division than the actual people of America. All I am reading on these posts is the blame game. We all need to join together and learn responsibility for our actions. Enough said.

    2. couldn’t have put it any better Bruce. There is no difference between policing our cities protecting homes and Schools or our Country. To police and protect is to give a dame.

  3. Agree! That arrogant a-hole needs to go back to Kenya and STFU! No one cares what he has to say, we have heard it all before from him. Same old tired rhetoric from an America hating, race baiting jerk! By the way, did he try to help even one of the illegals that were sent to snootyville martha’s Vineyard? No? Didn’t think so!

    1. OMG, here we go again with “Obama is from Kenya and he hates America.”

      Haven’t we had enough of that “Birther” BS to last us a hundred lifetimes? Obama showed everyone his birth certificate that clearly proved that he was born in Hawaii in 1961, which was two years after Hawaii had legally become our 50th state, and under the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, that makes Obama a naturally born citizen of the United States of America, thus making him eligible to be President. That, incidentally, is more than one can say for Barry Goldwater, who was born in Arizona in 1907, which was five years BEFORE it became a state, while before, it was just U.S.-owned territory. That means that legally, Goldwater was NOT born in one of our states, and was thus, NOT a naturally born citizen of the United States. That, however, didn’t stop him from running for President in 1964. (He lost to the incumbent President, Lyndon B. Johnson)

      The charge that Obama hates America is equally crazy! Throughout his life, he always had nothing but praise for the U.S.A. If he hated this country, would he have become its President? Would he have ordered the military operation that resulted in the death of one of America’s worst enemies, Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks? I think not!

      Besides, Donald Trump is a real America-hater, as evident by his disregard for the United States Constitution, his support of authoritarian-minded lunatics who attacked the Nation’s Capitol on 01/06/2021, his attempts, along with his MAGA followers, to overturn the results of a legitimate election, their campaign to do away with democracy and free elections, to take away the rights of women, minorities, gays, transgenders and their advocates, etc, their trying to ban books, especially school textbooks, with themes they don’t like, their calls for the executions of people they hate, their dislike of free speech and a free press, their campaigns to make their personal religious beliefs the law of the land, and their generally crusading for a right-wing, Christo-Fascist, theocratic autocracy.

      All supposedly in the name of “Making America Great Again”!

      1. Go ahead and spew bullshit, useful idiot. Obama is an irrelevant clown, Biden is even worse, and the GOP will retake House and Senate. Trump will be POTUS in 2024!

        1. Carlos, I had a post much like yours but it was truly deprivatingly hash! Thanks for a much better and softer reply! Thinking this “person” must be very young or very illinformed. What say you?

      2. Hey Michael. you’re the typical ignorant government parasites receiptients bottom feeder as top notch Democrat clown. In everything you mentioned it’s total actually reverses & you’re the one of the stupidest MTF.

  4. it’s always easier to find someone to blame then admit your failures , people like oboma are the reason race wars will stay alive , with out them they lose their power and prestige , not to mention the money they milk off the suckers who fall for it

  5. I’m not the least bit surprised. Barrack Obama is the creator of systemic racism. Making systemically racist statements is what he does. Since he wants to hold white people responsible for the current problems at the United States southern border, I blame him for the riots, looting and devastation of North Western cities during the summer of 2020. Nothing is being done about that. Obama can stuff it with his rhetoric.

  6. In all due seriousness this is to be expected from a Fraud n race baiting ex-president. Thus Republic fell back 50 years in race relations under Obama! The great Martin Luther King, a man though not perfect lead by example! Not cheap talk about equality and inclusiveness. Think about it for one second : Who is more likely to be the prejudice bigot, the one who talks about it all the time or the one who tries to treat his fellow human like he would also like to be treated. Ya know the vast majority of citizens that do their level best to abide by the laws of the land. work hard to support their families and pay their taxes. To try to do more than milk the system, bitch about almost everything and expect our government to provide everything. Ones who take seriously that Freedom has never been Free or easy. Who have personal accountability for their actions and debts. Honestly and forthright “Obummer was and still is the biggest Fraud ever perpetuated on the American people”. Some of his own family didn’t want anything to do with him. Now we are supposedly led by a geriatric demented Puppet that was in Obama’s Administration for 8 years. Don’t take my word for squat. Do your own research and investigation into the facts, not politicized propaganda continually spewed by a liberal/progressive MSM that has forgotten what journalism is all about. It’s undeniable that if you repeat the same lies and delusions long and often enough, you will have a % of the population that is to complacent, nieve or just plain ignorant, that buys into the deception. Just a real quick synopsis of the real Democratic party, in case they failed you in school on your reality History. They are the original party of subjugation, control and division. Even up to about 40 years ago the DNC was a viable alternative to being Consertively Republican. Used to be a registered Democrat. Till I saw were the party was headed. They have morphed into a Socialistic Democracy that wants to go full scale Socialist with a bigger more controlling government. That my friends goes totally against our founding fathers ideology of a Democracy in a Constitutional Republic with multiple checks and balances to prevent abusive governmental overreach of authority. By it’s real simple term, that’s called TYRANNY!! IF NOT ALREADY “WAKE UP”. God Bless America…..Semper Fi

    1. Couldn’t have said that any better. So true. I don’t want a socialist nation. I loved this country because of its constitution and the freedom we used to have. I am so sick and tired of the blame game and the racist card constantly being played. This, do as I say, and not as I do, is causing nothing but deception and hate across America making this beautiful nation an abomination. It needs to go back to the grassroots of what we once were. I can only hope God will take me home before we repeat history of distruction.

  7. I blame Obama when he was in office he could of built the Wall to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing into our country. Yes Obama is a pig, and he has already served his president days and he needs to be locked up for treason charges and stealing money that’s not his. He needs to be investigated fully and Obama and soros are the one that are wreaking our country and government. Biden is Obama and soros puppets.

  8. Par for the course. When has the Kenyan ever accepted responsibility for his stupid ideas, orders, plans and actions?

  9. For someone who never should have been POTUS in the first place, Obama has done a better than average job of serving as Biden’s puppet master. He’s been hanging around the Swamp in Foggy Bottom for far too long now, and should be encouraged to leave politics now before his past political perfidies catch up with him.

  10. For as anyone saying our country has a racism, which we are NOT. That’s throwing off tactics, as Slavey as previously our nation’s birth. In Our Americans hasn’t involved in Slaves trades, it’s all done by those there own countries salesmens in Africa Nation’s. Also unsuccessful individuals didn’t have NO choices to get on sailing ships entered & financially incapable to became as farm workers. NOT AS Slaves, as low wage workers. For that picture for to blaming someone else but them selves, instead becomes productive hard working functional Americans, those choose to not up lifting individual skills & education. It’s containusly occurs, Not that same issue is calls Racism, which Not at all, if any one feels prejudices on other persons, that would feels & occurs along as our civilization society. Can’t & wouldn’t Never remove that prejudices in our society. There for get over & stop crying passed tences. Every excuse but RACIST. How come same person constantly mentions RACISM. Not too long ago our country had a Half black / half white individual name Berry OBAMA were president for 8 yr’s as total flunky totally bogus total failure of every spectrum on during his 8 years. He is a one of the clueless dumb fucking idiot Moran with Unexperience on every topic, but he did red a cute telecomters With so many meeting with many drug Co’s for to receive Kickbacks money recievers. That’s who O Bama bitches Hussan, he’s one of the other terrible president we ever had, its now his left hand criminal thieves Joe is doing what Obama didn’t complete in dividing our country in to & pursuiting converting on to Socialist commist Marxist society for all those fake phoney Criminals destructive Democrats for a Power & individuals control for enrichment on there fiancial. Which it means trying g our country into Russia, China, which Socialist terrorists , cuba, N.Korea , Iran, Venezuela so on. It means all those MTF’S criminals democrats it should be replacing failed politics. That’s why our boarder isn’t secured so on. Its in mess, this dumb fucking
    old crockery Joe controlling & destroying our Nation for the Power(money) Get rid off individuals freedom, what’s what democrats all is about. Nothing good comes outer on electing Democrats thieves Evil turds faces MTF bitches. If any one whom voting Democrats are surrounded your life & your family lives on there Mercy, which simply saying to you, would get Fucking be occurs by democrats. Nothing good comes outer on Democrats.

    1. The first black American president and he tries to pin the fact that the left is corrupt on Trump not wanting “blacks” our country! Its not a race problem, it’s a matter of housing and feeding and soaring crime and lack of fuel and radical indoctrination and making the US look weak internationally and on and on! Let’s not forget DHS confirmed that Venezuela emptied prisons of their violent criminals and is sending them all to our southern border! President Trump warned us about this years ago. Shame on Obama, we gave him a chance and he should be standing above the fray! We expect better than that from our presidents! Guess that’s what we get in return for giving him eight years in the oval!

  11. The old RACE BAIT PLOY. When you want to control uninformed minds you yell racism. I have spent much time researching both sides and watching video clips of speeches and the way they try to back peddle when they get caught in a lie. FACTS are FACTS and you can’t change them. If you have 100 people then you have 100 different opinions. But one must put the facts up front in order to have intelligent conversation. Racism is not the reason that Americans want the border closed, a secure border is a must for all countries. Since the open border policy started they have detained hundreds of felons and terrorists and confiscated literally tons of drugs. Millions of doses of Fentenal have been seized, a drug that has caused over 100,000 overdoses . More deaths from this than the last 3 wars combined. So I think that racism is way down the list of reasons someone would want to secure the border, as for me, it isn’t even on my list. Before jumping on someones soap box, thoroughly check all the facts, you will look more intelligent.

  12. Obama is by far the most crooked and racist President ever to occupy the Whitehouse. He never misses an opportunity to pull the race card or make statements that vilify conservatives of all colors. He and his minions (Biden) hate America and seek to communize our country by any means possible. The only recourses conservatives and liberals who truly love our country have is to vote conservative in the coming elections in order to stop our relentless slide toward total chaos.

  13. F obama he is a Racist POS typical liberal Clown Show his administration was a Liberal Clown Show and obama is a scumbag Commie

  14. well seeing how every other word out of their mouth is racist , you don’t have to wonder why race relations have gone into the gutter ever since the kenyan freak was elected in 2009 , if they would just shut up about it and larn to treat everyone like humans instead of a color , we might get back to the days when , no one was even talking about it , until he came along everyone seemed to be getting along just fine , then the race war , war on cops and religion , and don’t forget how his wife sold out the poor blacks in chicago to make millions for herself , it would be nice if our government would start investigating how these politicians and their families are getting rich , off the backs of our citizens , me and you would be in prison for doing what they do

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