70% of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Afghanistan Actions in Stunning Poll

Nearly 70 percent of Americans in a new poll expressed disapproval of President Joe Biden’s actions that have led to the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“There is absolutely no question that the American people are not buying the lies on Afghanistan. This is Saigon, and it’s far worse. Our nation has watched the same group of leaders in Washington, D.C., flounder and blunder on foreign policy, on COVID-19, on the border, and on the economy,” Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said in a news release.

“After spending more than $1 trillion dollars and enduring wounded and dead soldiers, we are confronted with a basecamp for terror, a foreign policy nightmare, and are now less safe here at home. Time for new leadership,” it added.

Key insights from the survey included 69.3 percent of American voters disapprove of how President Biden is handling U.S. military operations in Afghanistan—59.5 percent say they strongly disapprove, while 9.8% say they disapprove.

The poll also noted 23.1 percent of American voters approve of how President Biden is handling U.S. military operations in Afghanistan—10.7 percent strongly approve, while 12.4 percent approve.

The key insight described in the poll included disapproval of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan crossed all political divides. The poll noted:

  • 74.8% of Independent voters disapprove of how President Biden is handling U.S. military operations in Afghanistan—65.8% say they strongly disapprove, while 9% say they disapprove. 9.2% of Independents approve, while 10.6% strongly approve. 5.4% have no opinion.
  • 88.8% of Republican voters disapprove of how President Biden is handling U.S. military operations in Afghanistan—80% say they strongly disapprove, while 8.8% say they disapprove. 3.1% of Republicans approve, while 4% strongly approve. 4.1% have no opinion.
  • 48.2% of Democrat voters disapprove of how President Biden is handling U.S. military operations in Afghanistan—36.9% say they strongly disapprove, while 11.3% say they disapprove. 22.9% of Democrats approve, while 16.9% strongly approve. 12% have no opinion.

On many issues, Americans remain deeply divided according to political party. On Afghanistan, these difference have largely vanished. Americans across the political spectrum are horrified as they discover the Taliban have suddenly taken over much of the nation, including putting hundreds of Americans in Afghanistan at risk for their lives.

In addition to endangered Americans, American supporters, women and children face violent potential punishment from the Taliban. Claiming the group will rule by “Islamic Law,” the group’s practices will likely lead to widespread suffering among those already most at risk.

Yet the Biden administration plans to work together and negotiate with Taliban leaders as the transition government. It’s woeful lack of understanding regarding the Taliban’s history and practices is increasingly obvious.

The poll revealed the deep frustration many Americans have with Biden’s policies that have led to the Taliban’s return to power in Afghanistan. Biden has yet to respond in a way that has addressed the concerns expressed by nearly 70 percent of Americans.

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44 thoughts on “70% of Americans Disapprove of Biden’s Afghanistan Actions in Stunning Poll”

    1. This, once again, documents that somewhere around 30% of America “may” be on the Frontal Lobotomy list; i.e., Demented Dems.

  1. Biden-Harris = The Presidential Idiot Duo of America ! The absolute worst leaders who have ever been elected ! This huge fiasco in Afghanistan is now “owned by them” as well even though they try to blame President Trump. What kind of idiocy let’s the enemy know when America would be pulling out of Afghanistan ? What kind of idiocy would leave Americans and Afghanistany people who worked for America 20 years in such a fix ??? You don’t make such a radical withdrawal of troops and gift the enemy with your impending maneuvers !!! Bumbling Biden goes into hiding once again and his Circle-Around-Psaki Press Secretary goes on vacation in the midst of another crisis created by the Biden-Harris Administration. Impeach Biden and Fire Psaky !!!

    1. This is ALL “according to plan” my good fellow American. And people with any intelligence know that this pathetic fool was NOT duly elected President!

    2. Biden an Harris so busy turning country into a communist regime can’t handle anything else both should be impeached now!!!

    3. I must correct your word, above. do you think those two were elected? I say they were appointed by dominion, and a host of uneducated misfits. everything else you said was spot on. and a question of my own. who in the world would leave billions of dollars of military equipment on the ground in a war zone and just walk off? my premise is that Biden got paid a handsome sum from the Taliban and china for this little maneuver. too bad we can’t audit his bank accounts world-wide.

    4. Obama is running all this. It is so past time to lock up this pretender. He has never been a citizen here…He laughs at America all the time and loves to send these killers to get us all.

  2. The Dems would impeach Trump again today if given a reason.
    Why isn’t this regime being dealt with?!……..I’m asking the GOP
    Why is it that the Dems are bullies and Repulicans are Pussies?!!
    Are the elected Republicans afraid of the twisted old lady with the saggy chest?!

    Time for the “right” to get off of their asses and blow some smoke up the Dems butts isn’t it?! Huh?!

    I’m guessing the RINO population is much larger than we’re being told……they can’t be scared of Nancy can they… c’ mon, she’s 81 and should be in a mental institution, yet there she is… gavel in hand, scaring all of Congress. Sheesh!!!!

    Time for the Republican party to begin doing what they were elect to do.
    How long before Afghani refugees show up at our southern border?

    We’ve got a regime that’s OUT OF CONTROL and Republicans are doing NOTHING!!!! When people?… when are they going to react in some fashion…… America is waiting for your arrival PLEASE!!

  3. Officially Retard Joe Biden Deported American Civilians and Veterans to be left in Afghanistan to be kidnapped and killed by the Taliban by abandoning them. In their place he will bring in Afghan foreigners and others in their place to support the totalitarian regime of the Communist Democrat Party.

  4. Besides the fiasco horrific disaster ongoing in Afghanistan, endangering our citizens still there, the evacuation is occurring far too slowly. We DO NOT need to be bringing Afghanis off the street all the way to America and dumping them in TX, VA/DC, WISCONSIN for assylum. Though Biden/Harris want to bring the world here for resettlement, WE SHOULD NOT. American citizens must be priority to bring them back, while the Afghanis who worked for/helped us must be gotten out of Afghanistan, but they can be taken to neighboring countries in Middle East to resettle in safety. Also closer and faster; we all know time is running out to get them and Americans out. AFTER THEY ARE OUT, THEN Afghans off the street, thousands who didn’t work for/with us, unvetted, who just want to live somewhere else? They are NOT THE PRIORITY, JOE! American citizens first, then the interpreters, etc. OUR CITIZENS WHO’VE BEEN “SHELTERING IN PLACE”, running out of supplies/food, have been going to airport and the Taliban soldiers all surrounding airport tell them “NOT TODAY” and turn them away. Each day OUR CITIZENS are making the dangerous journey to the airport, each day told “NOT TODAY”. We have US CITIZENS all over Afghanistan, being told to go across the country to Kabul airport…no vehicles, no military escort. Walking among Taliban forces. And turned away at airport if they make it there. Yesterday only 700 people were flown out, only 100 American citizens in that group. Psaki and Sullivan are very vague as to if there is even resolve to prioritize getting Americans out or the Afghani employees; it does not appear to be a priority. They want to get ALL AFGHANIS out that want to come to America, ones we don’t know or worked with. ANYBODY. Have to say our Admin has a very sick obsession to get all the illegal immigrants here from over 160 countries. American citizens in danger in Afghanistan…being abandoned. Are they telling our soldiers to be posted at airport perimeter to escort Americans safely into the airport? NO.

    Did Biden keep military there to ensure our citizens and our Afghani emoloyees like interpreters, guides, drivers, etc., got evacuated safely, then remove military? NO NO NO. Biden/Harris pulled military out FIRST !!!! leaving our citizens stranded all over that country. That is beyond crazy, it is truly like an evil intention. The big cargo plane taking 640 out at once? ALL AFGHANIS OFF THE STREET. Not our citizens. Not our employees. And then the thousands of our soldiers just sent over? Any plan to get them out? I’m sure not. And the Taliban was gifted all our weapons, ammo, drones, tanks, helicopters, planes to use AGAINST US THERE. HE JUST LET THEM HAVE IT ALL.

    Is our border locked down100% against terrorists, etc? NO. It NEEDS TO BE, NOW. It is unsafe to have it open. And Biden is flying thousands of unvetted Afghanis off the street to America, and could easily have TERRORIST OPERATIVES hidden among them.

    Charge Biden and his Admin with Crimes Against Humanity and have them admit te election fraud and GET THEM THE HEJJ OUT! Impeach, imprison, everything.

    1. here is the answer to your question. we do not have the majority in the house or senate. to “do something”, we have to have the MAJORITY IN BOTH. the house draws up articles of impeachment. do you think Nancy will do that to Joey? no…. then, it goes to the senate where they vote yeah or nay. your head of senate is none other than the weasel himself, McConnell. with the situation we have today, no one in the house will vote to. oust the pResident who is currently squatting in the Whitehouse. hope this helps you understand that the repubs. are HELPLESS to remove the demented one until one of two things happen, which won’t until next year. 1. we take house and senate majorities. 2. by some great miracle, Donald Trump gets the whitehouse back through the audit results, and it goes to the HOUSE FOR A VOTE. since there are 27 repubs, and 23 democrats there, and each state gets one vote, and providing the rinos don’t defect, we will put Trump in the big chair by vote alone. this is what most of the American people dont get. no majority, no removal. simple as that. and asking over and over when we are going to grow a pair doesn’t help. it just agitates the hell out of us who understand civics.

  5. My heart goes out to the people of Afghanistan who are now hurting far beyond what most people here can understand. No one in their right mind believes that this will satisfy the Taliban. We have now officially empowered them. What country will they try to take over next? What group will they unite with to secure dominance in that part of the world. Indeed, this is a sad day for people in that part of the world as well as Americans. The one good thing: God is still in charge and will one day bring justice to the entire world (regardless of those who do not want justice).

  6. We can only hope that 2024 gets here as soon as possible. This is the most inept, embarassing and unprofessional leadership that this country has ever had in it’s entire history. Note that I voted for Democrats most of my life…until Trump arrived. With the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, AOC and Nadler, I will never, EVER vote for a Democrat again. They are literally trying to destroy this country. Trump had his faults, but nothing compared to Biden, who don’t even know where he is…or where he is going half the time. God help us all.

  7. You cannot negotiate with terrorists.. now that we left all our equipment there how are we supposed to know who the good guys are and the bad guys they’ll be driving around in our vehicles something’s going to explode over there in the Middle East and guess who’s responsible for it this administration. This is ridiculous. This administration is destroying our country shut down the pipeline never finished the wall we’re getting screwed left and right higher taxes illegal aliens distributed all over our country what the hell we going to do now all this for votes. I could go on and on on this is disgusting I can’t believe what’s happening ridiculous

  8. Impeach Lyin’ Biden! Long overdue! How much longer till Repubs stand up and remove this illegitimate fool?

  9. This will fade and the accomplice media will soon drop the story and return to idiotic distractions like January 6 and Covid hysteria. The GOP needs to go for the jugular in 2022 and use this, as well as rampant crime, joblessness, inflation and the border debacle to flood the airwaves with ads. The Dems have provided voluminous video content to use for these ads. We need to pound them 24/7. Then we can retake the House and immediately begin impeachment. That will put Plugs on defense for the last 2 years and make 2024 an even bigger landslide loss for Dems.

  10. Biden can only reply when someone writes it down for him He is incapable of thinking and saying for himmself. God help America to survive this administration.

  11. The Biden administration cares nothing about what’s happening in Afghanistan. The only person Biden cares about is himself. Biden is so out of touch with what’s happening in the world. The USA will never be trusted to help other countries again. Shame on the Biden administration. This is a stain on our great country by the way things where handled.



  14. Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal is classic Democrat Party ineptitude. This is what happens when you are surrounded by conceited, self-proclaimed experts. Sec. Austin, and Chairman Miley, were 99 per focused on fighting domestic terrorism, “the greatest threat to national security.” A high school student council president could have done better. Bottom line: blame the Afghan people.

  15. Problem here is that democrats are on much lower level of education and overall information, so you can always expect to see something totally illogical and simply stupid.
    I tell you this. I am a former political refugee from central Eu. Lived happily in America majority of my life (now widow) and since 1990 I was getting nervous about B.O. when he took care to brain-washing children at schools.
    I actually wrote about this on my website at the time.
    I lost my father, my husband’s father was also killed, actually on border trying to escape, being Bulgarian ambassador, also having business contacts with the US involving car business. But that’s just a side point here.
    When you wish to convince young, less educated/knowledgeable about commies politics, etc…it is very easy.
    After the WW2, when communism from Russia hit and “confiscated” eastern Europe this was a disaster for population, but very good for commies, of course.
    Still, those supporting them were really undereducated and believed all unreal promises. This is how it all started. Russia, I have to say, suffered the most…all came from there…
    So, borders were immediately closed, very smart on commies side, because a bit later whole nation would escape to the West. Still, millions lost lives running away, risking it all, were killed by horrible life conditions upon being caught, nightly police controls, spies all over.
    I lived it as child and saw it and learned what this communism is. There is a their stony say :
    “You are either with us or against us”
    Done deal. So we were divided in life into 2 “camps” learn to keep mouths shut, but held together in every way.
    Why after so many years when America and all Western countries were so much up, socialistic countries were so low? Well, geniuses commies were in power, didn’t allow ever any talented or inventive people to succeed. We were standing longest lines for basic food. Eventually in later years all improved, but only up to the easier point. Never, ever, anything could compare to west. Commies do not allow smart, talented, etc to shine, to bring something better to nation. So many died under horrible conditions.
    Imagine something like that, just as an example how workers were treated: In Russia was to be build railway. They put to work people, who worked under such a conditions that every day almost 100 workers died from cold and hunger and abuse. When train road had been finished in some there were still same amount of workers.
    As far as information we were at late nights we listen to radio “Free Europe” to get at least a piece of info what is happening in to us forbidden world. Sound was horrible, difficult to understand, but for us all was OK, just to imagine the better world…next day whispering to each other, informing those who didn’t catch it. Oh…I got lost in memories…my apologies, but next time I can tell you how easy is convince any young, uninformed person that communism is a good.
    Best regards,
    Viva FREEDOM!
    !!! Get D. Trump back! He is only one to be capable to fix at least something again!
    M. K.

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