Biden Threatens to “Cancel” Independence Day if Vaccinations Rates Don’t Go Up

President Joe Biden issued a “warning” to Americans that they would not be able to gather with family and friends on July 4 if vaccination rates don’t rise. His message is being completely ignored by freedom-loving Americans all over the country.

The president said he is “not yet comfortable” with the idea of small outdoor gatherings, but people in red and blue states throughout the nation are getting together outdoors with family and friends. Concern about catching COVID-19 is abating as more than half of American adults have gotten at least one COVID-19 shot, tens of millions have acquired natural immunity by catching and recovering from COVID-19, and scientific evidence shows that the risk of catching COVID-19 from people in an open-air, outdoor setting is minimal.

The President’s hesitation to “allow” Americans to gather with friends and family members for Independence Day has been rightly mocked by Republicans who note that that President Biden and his aides need to get out more.

Ironically, the problem with the slowing vaccination rate is the fault of the President’s own base. Liberal reporters have been eager to highlight the many conservative voters who are leery of getting the COVID-19 jab. However, recent statistics show that older Americans, who are often conservative have been turning out for the shot while young Millennials keep putting it off.

Nearly one in four young Americans from 18 to 29 years in age have adopted a “wait and see” attitude towards the vaccine. On one hand, these young people have seen friends and family members in their age bracket catch and then recover from COVID-19 without facing long-term consequences; on the other hand, they’re also staying abreast of the news, and they’re more concerned about the risks and side effects of getting vaccinated than about catching COVID-19.

At the end of the day, Americans are going to end up doing what they want. We’ve already seen how unenforceable draconian lockdown orders are. Notable proponents of such orders have proven terrible at following them. We’ve seen CNN anchors, Democratic governors, and professional rioters all break quarantine while asking for the rest of America to remain locked in their basements forever. No one is falling for this anymore.

New York and California might not be celebrating Independence Day this year, but we have a feeling that Texas, Florida, and South Dakota will be. President Biden can’t do anything about it.

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40 thoughts on “Biden Threatens to “Cancel” Independence Day if Vaccinations Rates Don’t Go Up”

  1. Who really cares about his or FRAUDci thjnking! He is on way out whether he knows or not, & not milking vacc $$ fir his retirement… NEVER EVER to date has there been a cv19 virus isolated per st least USAx3 Univ Labs, ie SCa , Stanford , Connel; only Influenza or InfluenzaB. So how do u develop a vacc for non existent virus? It is MRNA & I am not guinea pig body to satisfy big Pharma, eugenics agenda, NWO cabal!NOT ON MY BODY anywhere in the world, NOT NOW NOT EVER ! Dudnt need before , dont need it now, when it is a dangerous MRNA; it is illegal to dven call it vacc, because it does not satisfy LEGAL standards! And DNA changes are irreversible & expose you further to other plagues ( per Scientist who creates vaccine, among others & is warning against it!) . Stick with treating severe flu! prior to vaccs w 98+% success rate w underlying complications! So, no Biden & crooked tyranical company, empowered by fake news ( who owns it? Amazing coincidence link to Big Pharma) go fly a kite !

  2. Independence day is our day to celebrate given to us by the thousands of life’s lost in battle so neither you or some half wit under the table DR. Is going to stop that so you can all line up take a # and kiss my ass we will celebrate.

  3. Tell that brain dead creep that he can’t tell people where they can go or who they are with. How does one “cancel” a day? We have a huge, fun, gathering in our neighborhood with lots of good food and fireworks. We will have it again this July and everyone is invited except Sleepy Joe.

  4. Biden is a fucking joke and you can’t stop people from getting to gether he has got to be the biggest fool that ever sat in the white house he is the worst president we ever had . Impeach him now and save America he is destroying our country

  5. Wake up Joe nickname RIP VAN WRINKLE. He has not seen the ball since the Kickoff or does he think he is watching a baseball team 3 STRIKES and your out Joe

  6. This is the first step in a plan to eliminate and replace Independence Day as our national holiday. The new holiday may well be May 25, when the martyrdom of St. George of Fentanyl and Crystal Meth started the national revolution that ushered in the Peoples Republic. The inhabitants of the former First American Republic, whether they like it or not, will sing the Black Anthem and raise clenched fists under the new national flag of rainbow stripes and a black field with 52 stars. The plandemic and the communist transformation of the country is only going to stop when the American people rise up the way the people of Spain did on July 18, 1936 or the citizens of Chile on September 11, 1973.

    1. Wow! And to think TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) drove people to cheat for this shit.

      My days aren’t numbered .. however, spiritually I agree we are never guaranteed the next day let alone the next hour.

      I, as do about 85 million other Americans DO NOT recognize China Joe Xiden as our president. He is only the illegal occupant of our White House. I do not give a diddley Damn what Sleepy Joe or his lame side kick Fauci think or demand.

      Happy Fourth of July America. Celebrate proudly!!


  7. This so smacks of Socialism or Communism. I hope those that voted for Sleepy Joe and his gang wake up before it is too late. There will always be the rich but their goal is to eliminate the middle class. So they stay rich and the rest of us fall into poverty.

  8. For those who voted for this guy. How’s that working for you now?? What do you expect from all those “Commi Lib Socialist” Dumbocrats?!

  9. FACT! Neither Fauci nor Biden have the legal authority to do this. Nor does the Supreme court, the W.H.O the C.D.C . the Main Stream Media, ONLY CONGRESS make new laws with a 2/3 majority vote. Get that through your heads. We had a REVOLUTION the Declaration of Independence was declared by YOUNG MEN and Women who refused to submit to unreasonable dictations of a King in another country far across the sea. IT IS CALLED FREEDOM. Why do people continue to submit to slavery. It is not for the better good period. NO ONE is saving anyone from DEATH. God alone gives each of a timeline to live and determines as he ALONE Allows and WILLS our time of death. No one can stop it. Death comes to us all when God decides. We cannot SAVE ONE person by our behavior. We might pray for longevity and God MIGHT allow it such as Hezekiah asked for but ultimately DEATH comes to us as God purposes, wills and allows in many forms. Some indeed are evil and nefarious but he allows it.

    I personally for over a year have not conformed or bent to the will of these illegal dictates of a nation gone awry with FEAR. I am among those who are so called “Vulnerable” Due to both my AGE and MY health issues. I do not and will not wear a mask. Nor will I get a vaccine for this illness that kills less than 1% of the population. Do your research on illness and death the past 20 or more years you will find the various flu’s killed as many people around the world or more. Some “So called” New Strains are not. They are OLD illnesses forgotten and not been around for 50-60 years such as “Scarlett FEVER” which I and my mom, sister had and nearly died from. Some are Typhoid another old illness people do not remember but symptoms C.D.C puts out if you look them up show that is what they have not a new Covid Strain. IT is a LIE! To intimidate, control, invoke fear, and propagandize just like Hitler did in 1920’s and 1940’s. I do not social distance I do not stay home, I do not constantly wash my hands umpteen times a day. I trust God and YES I and my husband and my family and my extended family all had this Covid early on and we all survived. I know 32 others also who had it some older than I and with major health issues and they Survived it.

    I know nurses personally who work in hospitals who are family members and or close friends. The LIE is the hospitals are overflowing and full and people dying like flies. It is a LIE. Some listed as dying of Covid did not in fact many some had a heart attack, some auto accident, some a brain anyurism, some cancer or diabetes. Some were just plain OLD very Old. But they were listed as “Covid-Related” For MONEY I personally know 3 families this happened to and their loved one did NOT have Covid at all.

    My brother lying in the hospital back in December 2020 on a ventilator LIVED he is 68 he said I believed the lies sis, Until I got it. They said via news the hospital is full to capacity but it wasn’t. I and two others had it. One 86 died, he and the other person lived and both are out and well again and getting back to normal.

    He said he saw empty rooms and beds. I heard this from 4 family nurses from Washington State to, Texas, and Kansas and Minnasota all family and one friend who said it is a lie they work there the HOSPITALS are not full of dying Covid patients.

    They all usually have an area for such. One of the family nurses said the most we ever had at one time was 16 and all but 3 survived, got well went home. The others did die and were very elderly with other health related complications that they were Already dying from. “WE are NOT all in this together” Wake up AND Realize this is really about control. BTW how many of these governors, politicians touting this lie wear a mask? Few do and they make excuses when caught. I did not watch the OSCARS but the Media showed a bunch of them and NOT ONE of them was wearing a Mask NOT ONE! They gather for dinner parties and do not wear them. Want to bet IF THEY are vaccinated they are not getting the same vaccine as YOU?

    They want to silences Frontline Doctors who know the truth and arrest them Men and women who have worked in the field for years know what works. Fauci has not done this for 25 years HELLO wake up. BE FREE and trust God. This all preparing you to accept the “mark of the beast” Have you not heard rumblings of enforcing “Vaccine Passports”? Where you can shop, buy and sell if you get a vaccine? Even now many business with fear of being shut down enforce the mask you are NOT allowed to buy or sell. Or work. without a mask. Churches illegally invaded saying you cannot sing or worship. It is a lie. Florida, Texas and few other states are open and they are healthy and doing better. Be in prison and fear and believe Satanic lies because fear is a liar and be enslaved or live life, trust God and throw off those shackles.

    1. Please don’t give nancy any ideas, she comes up with doozies all by herself, probably while fawning over her freezer full of ice cream. I wonder how much beef is in there too. How do we cancel jojo the clown and kackles? These people are the biggest losers in our history, which by the way, they are hell bent on destroying. This country (the greatest country in the world), will be non existent if these traitors have their way. Put them in Gitmo, all of them, I don’t think there are any holiday’s celebrated there, The more I listen to jojo’s shit, the more I am convinced he came from another planet! Welcome to the circus.

  10. Uncle Joe is a commie never forget that. He is brain dead, He is a pawn and he does what they tell him to do. Their are Great Men rolling in there Graves! God Bless us all and have a wonderful 7/4th…. .. l d

    rer e Gr



    there are Great Men r do


  11. Last I checked, Biden is not my parent, so he has no say in what I do or how I celebrate anything. He is, in fact, a dementia patient with delusions of grandeur who desperately needs to be removed from office. Remove his ineffectual VP also.

  12. A phony president running his incompetent mouth. I will invite all that wil come for a July 4 gathering Biden and the rest of the commies can place their heads where the sun never shines!

  13. Piss on biden and that back seat rhythm harris bitch. We will have 25 people over for grilling and celebration just like last year. That commie ass hole doesn’t believe it America or any holiday to celebrate it. I don’t wear mask anywhere and don’t go to places where I am required to wear one. Our state lifted all mask requirement so it’s history.

  14. We the people need a new independence from wearing these ridiculous masks. July 3rd will be the last day I and lots of my coworkers and friends in NC are going are wearing them. Jobs require it and the governor mandates it. If all Americans stop and declare our rights there is nothing the government could do

  15. Who does he think he is a dictator NO ONE is going to tell me how I can or can’t celebrate our country’s Independence Day my dad fought in ww2 and I currently have a son in law in the Air Force and a grandson serving in the army who is just returning from Minneapolis protecting federal buildings during the trial. Where is hunter high on drugs sleeping with prostitutes . Sorry Joe sell your bull shit to China you make a profit from them. Be a true leader and go hide back in your bunker but don’t forget your face mask you hypocrite and then you wonder why people quit getting the vaccine I am pretty sure you got it with zero lifestyle change. Be sure to take your 70 year old wife with you with her hooker stockings on lol you are a true joke.

  16. Biden is a disgrace! Who really cares what he thinks, he won’t remember what he said in five minutes.

  17. bite me joe.don’t tell me what I can or cann’t do. I’m a free American, NOT one of your “subjects”.

  18. Can any one answer my question please. If a group of people are destroying our country that so many thousands and hundred of thousands have died to make this country what it was then why can’t we stop this group of people now and not later. Those that voted for Biden didn’t know his health or the lack of knowledge to run a country but it really bothers me that we are not stopping them. Please tell me how do we bring this to a end and get them out .

  19. Biden you and kamala could lock your own asses up in Your bonker no body wants to see you communist traders anyways since day one that corona virus started we have not changed nothing we still have family gatherings we still party and if you communist wackos dont like it kick rocks cause we do what the fuck we want and no body is going to stop us so fuck off with that stupid Dr that dont no shit about this virus he knows as much as we do and till this day I dont know any body who has died from covid 19 and we be passing the blunt around smoking and nobody is catching that fake virus you wierdos are so peronide about lay off the crystal meth and stop been peronide. You cowards are starting to freak me out with your paranoia enough of your stupid lies we all know what u wackos are up to you people are only putting fear on people to finish your NWO order bullshit. Enough is enough

  20. Someone please tell this phony President to cancel himself he’s a damn waste shame on the wife for letting this farce go on!!!! All corrupt Biden is doing is destroying this great country!!!!! God Bless America!!!

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