Florida Governor Seeks to Expand ‘Stand Your Ground’ Protections

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is making a push to expand the protection of “Stand Your Ground” protections in the state. WESH 2 News reports that the governor sent a draft of a legislation proposal to the state legislature ahead of its 2021 sessions set to being soon.

This is an issue that has weighed heavily on the mind of the governor for some time. Among the items the draft proposes is extending stand your ground protection to people using force during criminal acts during protests, like looting.

Florida State Senator David Simmons, one of the proponents responsible for helping pass the original Stand Your Ground legislation, says that if drafted properly, these changes could make good sense. While he doesn’t disagree with expanding the original law, he does reiterate that in order to qualify for Stand Your Ground protection people must first be attacked — and they must be in a place where they have the right to be.

Of course, there are those who oppose expanding the law citing claims that it promotes a vigilante approach to justice and the idea that killing people over property crimes is excessive.

Some opponents of the legislation DeSantis proposed are calling it a distraction, stating that Florida doesn’t have a large problem with rioting and looting, and would rather focus on issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. While it’s true that Florida’s cities haven’t been hit quite as hard as places in California, New York, and other states — the impact of lawlessness can’t be ignored.

However, the proposal by the governor also includes enhanced criminal penalties for people involved in assemblies that become violent, something many citizens are behind. Another part of the bill that is well received by ordinary citizens on the left and the right is the withholding of state money from local governments that decrease police funding.

While there is plenty of political opposition to expanding Stand Your Ground, it addresses concerns that many Floridian conservatives share. The battle looms large ahead of the coming legislative session though and legislators are already drawing lines in the sand.

For instance, Orlando Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith has harshly criticized the proposal by the governor as one that is dangerous and for which DeSantis should be ashamed.

Whether or not the proposal is adopted as a whole remains to be seen. Conservatives throughout the state, however, maintain high hopes that at least some elements, such as funding local law enforcement, will move forward into law.

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60 thoughts on “Florida Governor Seeks to Expand ‘Stand Your Ground’ Protections”

    1. Florida’s Governor is the only one in this country with BACKBONE and Balls. Not only is he Republican he’s INTELLIGENT!!

        1. I would stand my ground the Florida Governor is 1000% better then my governor in PA. He is a pathetic dictator

          1. Agree I live in PA too. I think Wolf looks like a personification of Satan himself. He’s a hypocrite too. I can’t wait to attempt to vote him out

        2. As a Vietnam Vet, I cannot sit back while someone is destroying my property and agree 110 percent on stand your ground at any cost

      1. Amen, and we need more like him to stand up for the American Citizens and the Citizens of his State of Florida.
        I hope this catches on and will be writing my Governor to do the same. We Americans need to be able to defend our businesses, our property, our own lives and our family’s lives, and also our neighbors lives. I back my law enforcement all the way but they are not able to be everywhere at the same time.
        I give thumbs up to our Florida Governor and if it were not for being a caregiver for my parents I would be looking at Florida to move too and would also consider Texas.

    2. Agree totally. ANYONE with a family to protect, should be able to do so without leftwing politicians prosecuting them for attacking “mostly peaceful protestors”, unless those same politicians are willing to give up their paid, armed security guards, that none of us regular citizens are allowed to have. Gov. DeSantis is the best Governor Florida has ever had.

    3. good for you Glenn. This law would allow us to defend ourselves. Who ever thought that in the USA we would ever have those who would do us harm, could do it legally? Hopefully with this law we CAN defend ourselves/

    4. Agreed! If you, a family member or another person are threatened you should be able to use lethal force to protect them, primarily on your own property, but also in public – like during a robbery, riot, looting, arson, civil unrest, political rallies! If someone is an immediate threat, they need to be taken down, and if it requires lethal force, so be it. Also if someone is stealing, looting, damaging your property, you deserve to preserve and protect it! Criminals and Terrorists have no rights!

    5. We do not want our cities to become another Minneapolis or Portland. We are fortunate to have a native Floridian as a governor who actually cares about the state’s citizens and this Stand Your Ground expansion will allow people to protect their properties, families and businesses. This is especially important during Hurricane season – in the past that has been the only time we had problems with looting in isolated areas. I am also an advocate for people getting permits to carry guns as well. For if we do not protect ourselves, we are vulnerable to the criminals who will do us harm.

    6. I toyally agree with expanding stand your ground Laws. We should be able to legally protect ourselves and family

    7. This is the right that has been attacked by Democrats since its inception. Thank you Governor for seeing there is good in Standing Your Ground law snd that it needs to expand with specific parameters. It’s a shame that the Democrats who go against this the hardest, are the ones who have a small army protecting them and the BLM HAVE AN ARSENAL of weapons that haven’t even been addressed. We are suppose to standby helpless when protesters are allowed to destroy our property, businesses, kill and maim innocent people. The possession of a Socialistic mind wants us to be controlled while they live the life they would love to take from us. I pray God opens the eyes of those who really want to know the truth of whom they are fighting against. Satan is at war to destroy any truth or good that is to be found in order to take America down.

    8. The situation we now find ourselves in is tragic. It’s taken many years of neglect to what was creeping into all of our institutions of learning. We the people, are guilty due to our complacency. It took Donald Trump to wake us up. Now we are reminded and aware of what’s happening in so many areas of our lives anyone in a position to help give security should go for it. I believe the Florida governor is well aware of what is going to happen. The totally corrupt and evil minded want to take us over and not govern but RULE us. So much for years of complacency. I’ve been watching this creep in for almost all my nearly 88 years. The conservatives will be needing their guns before this is over. Thanks for listening, my worries for God, family, country , family and freedom are very real. I’m sure you know this as well.

    9. The Founding Fathers promoted & agreed that every citizen should not only abide by the law but also to defend it. During my years as a Peace Officer in Ca. I ACCEPTED MANY LEGAL ARRESTS BY AMERICANS THAT HAD WITNESSED A CRIME COMMITTED IN THEIR PRESENCE. As a LE Ofcr. I was Duty Bound to take charge & process the Citizen’s Legal Arrest.

    1. I so agree with ya every state should expand within reason stand ya ground – I also like how in proposal Gov .Ron Desantis Also included in Bill he trying to get passed is that money Will be not given to local state etc that Don’t support Police funding it’s about time more governors state reps etc actively do work they get in to office to Represent their law abiding God fearing constituents pay taxes Which I. Part I sure put in coffers to pay our reps senators to work to well advocate for state etc !!!!

  1. As always I have a right also and if it’s expanding this law I’m all for it.Nobody has the right to riot and loot your business or even just a farmers market

  2. AS an elderly citizen I would never go out and start trouble, but I want the opportunity to protect our home and family. If we are attacked for minding our own business which includes peaceful protest;, then we should be able to defend ourselves. Attack us and woe the day should have always been allowed.

  3. It’s about time a upstanding and honorable politician supports the rights of innocent citizens. This should be national bill. These domestic terrorists groups have gotten elude law and order. We have a right to defend our family and property.

  4. Hell yes I would vote for something like that it should just not only be florida that puts something like that into law but let something be written up like this for all 50 state’s. This would help stop these evil pieces of shit from doing what the hell they are doing and to be able to protect what is ours that we have worked out ass off to own or build. It is written that we the people can protect our families and our property in any means necessary. I can’t believe that the left and these damn evil Democrats are allowed to do what ever they want without having to worry about getting into trouble or having to pay for the things they do and don’t care about. It’s unfair that the hard working people and the ones that cause no kind of trouble and don’t break any laws to have the lawmakers and law enforcement go after these people if they even think about protecting what is theirs and go to jail if they even think about picking up anything that might cause harm to the one’s who are wanting to hurt them and their property but it’s alright for these damn thugs to walk into your property and do what they want to it and break into ur house to kill and or take everything you have and it’s alright to let these evil people do what they will and not have to worry killing others. The hell with that and the hell with them and the hell with these worthless no good pieces of shit that worship the lawmakers as well cause they try to harm any of my family I will send them to hell and go after the ones that allows this to happen.

    1. The media refuses to cover the anarchy, rioting, looting, arson and beatings. Wanna guarantee their cameras will be there, filming everything? Once this sub human vermin starts getting shot down like dogs, the media will be there to film all their pet “peaceful protesters” being mistreated by Trump supporters!

  5. Joseph Duncan , I couldn’t agree more. You hit the nail on the head. If one was to enter my home uninvited, they WILL get shot .

  6. I wish we could have Stand Your Ground in PA. We have already witnessed such violence in one of our major cities and in one not far from where I live. If the politicians don’t wise up and let us protect ourselves, then WE THE PEOPLE will rise up and do it ourselves, like our forefathers did in the beginning! If you won’t clean the vermin out, then we will! We are growing very very impatient! This is not a “civilized” society anymore, it’s a society in decline.

  7. This whole mess is a political push to see how far Americans will allow them to go. The Virus and the riots and burning of buildings and the election fraud that is happening right now. If we don’t punish these law breakers now, we will never get our country back, The people are suppose to be in control of the government, not the government in charge of people, that is communism. It is refreshing, that the governor of Florida, is giving the right to the people, that they already have, as far as the constitution already states.

  8. Excellent idea… Governor DeSantis is a person who has the welfare of the people of Florida first and foremost in his mind…….unlike the governors of those blue states who have their heads in their ass.

  9. I agree totally with our Florida Governor as a retired Vietnam Vet wanting USA Citizens here in Florida and nationwide to have the right to defend our homes and lives if life is in jeopardy, where are all the other States Governors with no backbone to help their Citizens in their own cities without walls around their house unlike them and all politic people so-called leaders of their states, take a stand or step down

  10. It’s about time a governor in these United States has the gall to protect it’s citizens. In the 20s in the 30s when bloodshed was rampant in the streets, with organized crime The law-enforcement and FBI gunned assholes down when they found them. What do we do with the BLM and antifa zombies, we just laugh at them and just stand back. It’s time to gun them down and if you don’t do it the people should arm themselves when they go to these rallies and it’s tit for tat’! What gives those brain altered goons the right to destroy property and run wild in this country they’re not even Americans they should be shipped to Guantánamo Bay if we don’t shoot them. That will stop these idiots thinking they can takeThat will stop these idiots thinking they can take over our streets.

    1. Much as it broke my heart to see Trump supporters being brutalized this past weekend, WTF were they thinking, going to DC unarmed?! At least buy a baseball bat, if you flew in and couldn’t come armed. Those who thought the Proud Boys were gonna protect them got their asses whooped waiting for them to finally show up. The DC Keystone Cops did nothing!

      1. As a retired cop I will say this about cops who stand down while the law is being broken: They themselves are guilty of aiding & abetting along w/ their bosses who ordered the Stand Down. The same goes for Feds that believe they can suspend/ignore the Constitutional Rights of Citizens.

  11. I am behind Governor DeSantis all the way on this. Many, other than those who have been looted or had great loses due to rioters in the past, do not realized that insurance does not cover looting, fire, damages caused by these thugs. When rioters/looters steal and destroy business owners property they loose their livelyhood. It’s ironic that there is plenty of video of looters carrying off TVs’ video game stations, etc. but you rarely see cops stopping this chaos.
    It’s time to to stand our ground.

  12. Good I wish other piece of crap democrap governors would do the same but they won’t bc they are Liberal SOCIALIST scumbags

  13. What the anti gun pinko left tries to ignore is that there’s a reason FL doesn’t have the anarchy and violence the blus state big cities have- an armed population!! The sub human scum knows if they try that shit in FL, they’re gonna get their skulls cracked by our cops or their asses will be shot by we the citizens who refuse to be sheep to the slaughter

  14. Absolutely thank you Governor Desantis. Go for it. You are great for having the guts to propose an extension to the stand your ground.

    1. 100% correct Paul. There is no other right like 2nd Amend.that protects the the other rights. The entire Federal System ls now a threat to our Constitutional Rights. I wrote on FB during Obama’s 1st term that his administration was at war w/ the American People. Now we may have even the very worst of them. GOD Help Us.

  15. I agree with what stand your ground means. Those who oppose are criminals themselves. I say to them, if we didn’t have evil people committing crimes, we would not be discussing the issue today.

  16. I’m female and I want to defend myself if necessary. Look what happened to the couple that was defending their home and themselves. Yes indeed, I agree with the governor!!!!!!!!!!

  17. We have the worse Governor in Ohio. Our Governor Dewine is nothing but a dictator. He has put us on a curfew. He is supposed to be a Republican, but acts like a Democrate. He is always on tv and telling us we cant be out side from 10 pm to 5 am. he has us wearing a mask and he sends his people to bars a and resturates to make sure you are wearing a mask and staying 6 feet apart. if your not wearing a mask or standing 6 feet apart he will fine the owners and then he will come back and shut them down. When we were having riots here and the Governor and the Mayor just watch them destorying Buildings and our statues, burning property and business. They did nothing to stop them. Cant wait to vote them both out.

  18. Opponents of “Stand Your Ground” say that “killing people over property rights is excessive.”
    Opponents believe that their vigilante groups have the right to kill us on our property; but, we do not have the right to defend and protect ourselves (even kill murderous vigilantes) ON OUR property.
    Remember Goliad, Texas.
    You will leave in a body bag !!
    It is the right of EVERY American to defend to the death.

  19. Thank God for a governor with some guts. What the marxis like BLM don’t like is anyone being able to defend against their mob and if one is able to stop their burning and looting. Stand your ground sends them to the cities where it is gladly accepted like Portland and New York. Thank you Governor.

  20. With all the NYC people moving into Florida, this won’t last long before they say NO to guns like they did in NY.
    I sent this to our state Legislature. We will see what happens. dsr

  21. Awesome news for the people of Florida. I wish the state of Ohio would institute stand your ground laws as well.
    The idea is so practical it is impossible for me to believe that my fellow Americans do not agree. The idea that an American citizen could be prosecuted for defending his home and family is abhorrent.

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