IT’S HAPPENING: The “Vaccine” Is Putting People in the Hospital in Droves; It’s a Perfectly Designed Plan Where You Can’t Blame the Jab

Even mainstream media has reported on the recent rise of non-COVID hospital visits with patients who have major respiratory symptoms, but testing negative for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Virus.

Many of these patients are fully “vaccinated” against the disease that has devastated communities across the globe, and has been blamed on more than five million deaths around the world and 759,000 in the United States alone.

At a time when many hospitals are overwhelmed due to low staff numbers (thanks to “vaccination” mandates for medical professionals), emergency room wait times are again on the rise, leaving many people sitting in crowded waiting rooms and spreading the apparent “new illness” to ER patients who do not currently have it.

According to the NPR story, this new “mystery illness” that is overwhelming hospitals is exacerbated by a perfect storm of events:

  1. Media scare tactics have people waiting until the last minute to seek medical help.
  2. People are experiencing advanced symptoms before they are willing to seek out medical care.
  3. Short-staffed hospitals, urgent care centers and doctors offices are unable to manage the new wave of desperately sick individuals coming through their doors.
  4. As more people are vaccinated, more people are getting out and about, going maskless, and spreading this “new illness” to others.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of room for speculation about the timing of this new “mystery illness” that isn’t COVID.

In fact, many believe that it may be related to the “vaccinations” themselves since many of the patients filling up hospital beds have been at least partially, if not fully, vaccinated against the disease.

With mandates going into effect in cities and states across the country in addition to the looming OSHA mandate (which, fortunately, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has suspended for the time being) and many companies preemptively instituting mandates of their own, the risks seem even greater that a rising percentage of the population could contract, and spread, this “new illness.”

The rise in hospital cases isn’t limited to countries hard-hit by the coronavirus.

In fact, Sweden, which did not participate in much of the pandemic madness the rest of the world instituted (lockdowns, shutdowns, mask mandates, etc.) has accepted the “vaccines” and is likewise experiencing a sharp rise in hospitalizations.

With so many people continuing to wear masks and living more isolated existences than they did before the pandemic, people are looking to the one thing that has changed during this time: The rise in people jabbed against the CCP Virus.

Some claim it’s the only change within the last year that makes sense for a disease with these markers and characteristics to spread so quickly through the population.

Only time will tell if this “new illness” is a result of the shot, but major media sources and all social media have so carefully censored any questioning of the “vaccines,” even in the name of pure science, that the truth of this “new illness” may never be revealed.

The fact remains that a “new illness” is raging, largely among those who are “vaccinated” against COVID-19, and no one is really asking the questions we need to ask before implementing mass-”vaccinations” for children and adults across the country and around the world.

But I guess that’s the point, huh?


We’re not stupid: The “mystery illness” is the “vaccine” making everyone sick and putting them in the hospital.

They’re killing us.

Plain and simple … like one huge mass extermination.

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73 thoughts on “IT’S HAPPENING: The “Vaccine” Is Putting People in the Hospital in Droves; It’s a Perfectly Designed Plan Where You Can’t Blame the Jab”

  1. I believe they want millions of people dead. Each ‘jab’ weakens your own immune system that God gave us when we were born. Now they’re pushing it on toddlers who don’t understand. God help us all.

      1. I firmly believe between China, Fauci, and Biden, are trying to kill all of us off so the “un-vaccinated illegals/migrants and China can take over our country!!!!!!

        1. Agreed. China is the True Enemy with payola out to scum bags like the current FAKE Administration sitting in the White House and Traitor & Attention Whore Flip-Flopper Anthony Dr. Nobody Fauci. News will eventually come out as to the true reason and how people are dying because people just can’t keep their mouths shut … especially when money is involved. Depopulation is happening and is happening everywhere thanks to Traitors and China who are the “Pigs At the Trough” ! Oh, and Big Pharma is well involved.

        2. Very astute point. Sad thing is that no one is going to do anything about it because they are all so indoctrinated into this and the country is divided that it would appear that we, as humanity, are just going to go off into oblivion. Perhaps it is just punishment for the sins of mankind.,

        3. Exactly!
          It’s only a matter of time before this Vaccine kicks in and starts killing Americans with NO PROOF the Vaccine caused the deaths.

      2. No, not like the Germans, they did it to find results of their experiments. These new monsters are injecting known pathogens that they are fully aware of the results. The difference is the Germans wanted to know what the results would be. These criminals already know the results. So the only thing to do is pass a law that will hold them all accountable and as punishment they should all be injected with their own medicine. In fact they should all be injected now by the military with batches of the vaccine taken at random from different locations. I mean the heads of every pharmaceutical company and every share older. As well as every politician who is trying to shove this maniacal idea to the public.

        1. True, Hitler chose a religion to hate…the NWO has chosen to eliminate common people. When Bill Gates announced his funding of the two major vaccines, in the same breath he felt the population of the planet needed to be 500 million. Sounds like a plan to murder 7 billion of us.

      3. Amen to that! I’ve had a bad feeling about getting the jab and I will NOT get the booster. Guess if they didn’t kill you with the first two (or one in J & J) they’ll get you with the third. Something keeps telling me there’s a rat in this and he’s wearing a mask! God help us all.

      4. That’s why the Democrats don’t want history in our schools. Soros was one of Hitler’s Brown Uniform kids. Soros and Obama running the President´s office.

        1. And as far as I can tell neither one is really a Citizen. Guess the Democrats do not care, just want control of the people. I want to live long enough to see President Trump back in the White House and the Democrats in Prison where they belong”the ones backing Communism”.

    1. BiteMe’s Open Border is the culprit as illegals flood into the USA, get free transports to a city or town you may live in and a free set of cash to start with.

      A month, or so, ago the estimate was that around 30% of illegals have their home nation’s favorite Chinese Pandemic Virus Variant . . . which makes America the Petri Dish of the World . . . thanks to the Clusless BiteMe Regime.

      There’s a good chance the “Delta Variant” mutates at a geometric rate, as Virus’s major reason for existence is to mutate into another Variant.

    2. Yes…and it is time we rise up together to stop this. If we all stick together and DO NOT LET THEM have control over these things, they will have no choice but to stop their schemes. We allow them to manipulate us and also they go unpunished for the killing sprees. They need to be held accountable by our government if we can no longer trust the CDC and NIH to be our watchdog and go to bat for our safety. They are a part of the NWO and making money along with Big Pharma – and that is what it is all about! Gates and Fauci (Mr. Depopulation and Dr. Death) – benefitting, along with many other Deep State globalists…..and we need to stop them immediately. They need punished for all the calamity they have brought to us….it is pure evil!! But I wonder also, just how many government officials are in on this? How much have they been benefitting from it?? But the are violating their oath of office which seems to be a common disease among them….along with ignoring their constituents. (Not all…but very many! Get rid of the Deep State Dems and the ripoff Rino’s!!)

    3. This is the most ridiculous article I have read to date. Truth the Chinese unleashed it on the world. And there will always be variants. Can anybody say flu virus?

    4. I agree! It is very apparent. Otherwise, why would they be pushing people so hard…even to the point of losing their jobs? ANY REGIME WHO CAN KILL INNOCENT UNBORN BABIES, SURELY HAS NO PROBLEM KILLING US OFF EITHER.

    5. With real science contributing real facts on the danger of the mRNA vaccines that aren’t vaccines and their destruction of the “vaccinateds” immune system and death… the only question that the people of a free nation can ask is WHEN ARE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR DEMANDING AND MANDATING EVERYONE BE INJECTED WITH POISON THAT DESTROYS OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM, CAUSES BLOOD CLOTS AND HEART DISEASE AND KILLS PEOPLE. The Chief pushers of the poison need to be held accountable. Exterminator Fauci for his aid in the development of the virus and he and Biden for their mandates that everyone takes the poison! I think it is about time that the main pushers of poison be tested to see if their is any sign in analysis that they themselves actually had the poison infected into them.

    6. Your comment is spot on!! Of course the LEFT wants to murder all the unborn, now they’re going after our children that’s here!! A 5 year old was killed by the so called vaccine!! SMH!

  2. This administration is a nightmare. We could not see the evil as it was hiding behind the smoke of lies. and deception. I hope we can fix it in time

    1. Balrog Biden is an embodied wicked individual – a blasphemous liar, a Freudian-Marxist, a Nephilim political whore, a mentalist and a reptilian humanoid bowel movement.

        1. Correct but if you ask , Its just that he likes the smell of hair. Ever see him sniffing a man or little boys hair.

      1. I love your description of Biden! I needed a good laugh as I deal with the flu (yes, it’s still around) for the second week.

  3. People continually die while pharmaceuticals are reaping billions!

    What are the incentives to find a permanent cure?

    1. They killed the scientist, in Pennsylvania, who was close to a cure. He was Chinese, and they killed another scientist in CA, who was working on a targeted vaccine system, his wife and brother in law’s last name was Wu, the brother in law was with him when he was shot, or executed. One in 2018, one in 2020.

  4. There is no “mystery” illness. It is simply a variation of Covid or a new strain of the annual flu. The problem us that the Vax has severely damaged or eliminated the bodies natural immunity, leaving those that have taken the jab defenceless to fight any new illness that erupts. The Vax has given Cancer and many other respiratory infections a chance to take over our bodies. Without our natural immunity, we have lost our ability to combat ANYTHING that attacks our cells. Plain and simple. Labs MUST develop remedies to combat these new illnesses and stop jabbing poisonous chemicals into our systems that eliminate our ability to heal ourselves once again. DO NOT VAX THE KIDS!!!

  5. And, the truth just keeps on emerging. Bet a whole lot of those in the know who stated that they have gotten the vaccine were given saline instead. God will pass judgement in the end.

    1. Agree and yes, why were some given saline/placebo? That was clearly revealed in a seminar Bill the killer Gates gave. He said ” in order to get the masses convinced to voluntarily take the kill shot, they “need” a certain percentage of people that have no adverse reactions to make the jab acceptable to those whom might question it.” It’s a very effective CONTROL method.

  6. I cannot believe that the Red and Blue Voters of USA have taken s. .o lo . . . .ng to see through the evil ways of their leaders, trying to control the thinking of the whole nation, including children!! The so called Dozy leader, Biden, has made the once proud USA, the laughing stock of the world, especially to their enemies, and on top of that, caused the highest inflation rate ever!! – they should have a(woke)n right at the beginning.
    Unbelievable – unbelievable – unbe . . . . . . . . All my life, I have always wished to live in USA, (been to LA in ’96, loved it there) – but now . . . . . . . what a mess – like border illegals, CRT, sex for kids at school etc. – for goodness sake, there are only boys and girls on this planet, any other genders are ill or fictitious with strange made up pronouns etc. – you need more people like Dr. Steve, Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro to expose these charlitans – BEWARE VAXXES – Praying for you ALL, from an old school, 81 year old retired programmer and electronics engineer in South Africa.

  7. Like the fraudulent election of 2020, one must have their head buried in the sand to not see the indicators. The vaccinated are still able to spread the virus, get the virus, and even lose the battle to the virus. The vaccinated primarily are the ones getting this NEW illness if that’s what you want to call it. It’s not an illness, it’s an affect of the vaccines. One of us in our household got the jab out of pressure from others and one did not. The one to get the jab had began feeling a lack of energy 4 months after and had developed asthmatic bronchitis that developed into pneumonia, 5 courses of antibiotics, several courses of steroids, a in home nebulizer, cough medicines, and Tylenol for fever, 8 weeks later it took for them to feel better, being that ill for that lenght of time had never happened to them in the past. They have also developed some other medical problems, a coincidence? I think not. Even with close contact, The other household member, who did not get the jab, NEVER, got this illness or related problems.
    Now their pushing these jabs on younger and younger people. These vaccines did not have normal protocols followed for their approval and further, there is no knowledge of the long term affects, these will have on us all. What’s truly scary, is the ignorance of people and the ability of tryrants to cause so many to fear a virus that has a 99% recovery rate, and with other methods available for recovery, that they will go and get an experimental vaccine. In itself, it should be alarming that the pharmaceutical companies have been exempted from any responsibility of harm caused from these vaccines.

  8. This covid is nothing more then the deliberate killing of large numbers of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying nation of group . The Democrats want us gone, Its a campaign of genocide. That’s why Biden is pushing the jab so strongly. Now they have found a way to commit genocide legally, that’s way there are abortion of baby’s. And they are fighting so hard to keep the abortion clinic open. A genocide of baby’s .wake up America these people are as evil as it comes.

    1. Totally agree. It is population control. Please wake up and do not let them continue to kill off our country. They are lying, just compare our country under Biden to what it was under Trump. Biden and his handlers hate our country and Trump loves this country. They are going after our children. They are heartless and evil. Stand up America !!!

  9. People who are labeled as one who didn’t get the vaccine are pretty intelligent than any government fools! “CCP” is CHINA SHORT CODE! IF CHINA MADE THE Vaccine then it is to KILL YOU!

  10. Again, Sheep being lead to the Wolves! It’s YOUR body and YOUR children and YOU have the right to Choose what you put into it! They’ve rushed a so called Vaccine and handed out a Death sentence to all that take it! IT’S NOT A CURE! Half Assed science at best! Eat healthy, take care of yourself and let your body take care of you! Food is medicine, medicine is food! The responsibility of your health is Yours! Not the government or pharmaceutical industry. Be informed, knowledge is the best solution! Be well!

  11. I believe that genocide is the goal of our existing government administration. I know many vaccinated individuals who have had another round of Covid. We need to pray for our country.

  12. I’ve wanted to know since covid started how many had flu shots? My mother was in nursing home for 12 years. She was the only one that didn’t get flu shots and she was never sick. The rest were sick constantly.

  13. I’ve read the NPR article, and it does not directly tie the vaccine to any sort of “mystery illness”. It claims that a lot more people are going to the hospital because they delayed getting treatments for existing conditions. Perhaps some of the causes of this “mystery illness” could be the car that hit someone, or cancer, or any number of adverse health conditions that have nothing to do with a virus or a vaccine. These days, a “mystery illness” could be due to a fall, gunshot wounds, stabbings, and so on, ad infinitum. Too many conspiracy theorists look at the raw numbers, have no idea how to interpret them, and make a wild guess that the problem is always due to something the government is doing. I recommend that everyone that sees this article go and read the original NPR report, and make up your own minds. This particular article is clearly misrepresenting the NPR article.

    1. I too think that just because they had covid when some body shot them they died with covid ,when I got covid I started antivirals the next day and recovered in three days ,Feb 2020 ,I didnt even know it was covid until I got tested months later , The “vacine” is a ripoff ,5 doses of antivirals after infection beat any shot with no complications.

  14. I can’t wait to see all people of this Administration to finish. Is the worst nightmare ever happened in this country. I’m counting the weeks and months and pray for them come to and end soon.

  15. “IMO”…This is the “new world order”, “great reset” POPULATION CONTROL “death JAB” that will depopulate this country and the WORLD just as the “elites” want. Apparently FRAUDULENTLY “deep state” “elected”, china-bought, and owned “PUPPET”,dementia-Joe wants all of our Military personnel sickened, and DYING from the experimental spike protein “JAB”,, so his communist chinese “handlers” can take over this country and INVADE, after wiping out as many soldiers, and support people as he can. These ALTERED “JABS” are PROVEN to be KILLING people faster than the CCP/DNC/ soros/”dr” flip-flop fauci, financed, developed, and “distributed” wuhan control-us virus, which in MY opinion was the “plan” all along for worldwide “depopulation”, and to panic the controlled , terrified, brainwashed, “sheeples” into rolling up their sleeves and “participating” in the “great reset” depopulation scheme. Wake up people..This is GENOCIDE. These “variants” are CAUSED and PROVEN to being SPREAD by the “vaccinated”.This is the “new world order”, “great reset” CCP, as well as the CABAL “elite” FUNDED, DEVELOPED and “DISTRIBUTED” depopulation agenda at work. PANIC and FEAR are their weapons. Stop being controlled SHEEP that are being led to the slaughter by “complying”, and getting these “death jabs”. DO YOU OWN RESERCH. Look around at what is going on in other countries. MANY are BANNING these “JABS”, while the country of Germany (under Hitler’s relation), is FORCING the citizens to get these “DEATH JABS”. Here in the U.S. , the “ALLOWED” INVADING ILLEGAL ALIENS are NOT being “jabbed”, OR “tested”. These people are waiting in the wings for you “jabbed” sheep to expire from the “side-effects”, so they can take over YOUR jobs, YOUR homes, as you begin to DIE, They are the next “plantation residents” (SLAVES) that “big business” and the “government” will be easier to CONTROL, as well as pay less than you. THINK ABOUT IT as you, and your children are forced to get the “jabs”.
    Since the “vaccine” has been rolled out to the public, the reports that have been made to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) have totaled over 913,000 and that’s just what has been reported, so the total number is still unknown. According to VAERS data, out of the 913,000, there have been:
    19,249 deaths
    143,276 doctor related visits after taking the shot
    101,372 have ended up in urgent care
    97,561 hospitalizations
    8,232 cases of anaphylaxis
    3,071 miscarriages
    9,546 heart attacks
    11,437 cases of Bell’s Palsy
    14,428 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis
    34,189 cases of severe allergic reactions
    10,643 cases of shingles
    4,512 cases of thrombocytopenia/low platelet
    21,583 cases have been life threatening
    30,967 have been left permanently disabled
    This is how I look at it…. the “TRANSGENDERED” can “IDENTIFY” as a sex they are not or ever will be REGARDLESS OF CHANGE…”I “IDENTIFY” AS TRANS-VAXXED!”

  16. Why are we seeing this “new” illness? It’s pretty obvious why, and it’s because the Vaxxines are a FLOP (I refuse to call the mRNA Clot Shot a Vaccine). Here are the facts the Overlords are gaslight good the public on.
    (1) This Vaxxine does not prevent you from infection by the original pathogen or its mutations.
    (2) The Vaxxine does not prevent you from spreading the original pathogen or its mutations.
    (3) The claim that these Vaxxines lower the severity of Morbidity and lower the Mortality Rates is a dubious claim and it’s unproven. The same groups that were at high risk from the pathogen have not witnessed a drop in Mortality, even though they are fully vaxxinated. The elderly and those with certain Comorbidities are dying at the same rate (actually it’s slightly higher) they were prior to the Vaxxines introduction.

    The Coolie Cootie Shot’s are Flops, period.


  18. i’ve been telling everyone this after biden got in for pres,,, they changed Trumps version & made there own little changes like bill gates 666.6 shots same as j & j ,,,, i haven’t gptten any & don’t plan on it either,,,people called me crazy thats ok though ,, we’ll see in the end,,,,

  19. Since these government whores there in DC are NOT “vaxxed” and get the BEST treatment when they come down with COVID, I am doing as told by xiden/harris “NOT to trust the “vaxx”, so, I am doing EXACTLY as “told”…..!!!!!

  20. The CCP “Vaccine” Is Putting People in the Hospital in Droves; It’s a Perfectly Designed Plan Where You Can Blame the Jab force on the people by the Illegal order of Joey Biden and the communist in congress aka New World Order of Communistic Democrats.

    And I do blame Joey Biden for every death in America due to his Chinese buddies and CCP virus brought here under the order of Biden and Dr. F for the murder of all Americans including the thousands of children that they JABBED!

  21. I know many, many people who are unvaxxed and we are ALL perfectly healthy. Oppositely, we all know vaxxed people who are getting sick. Just my observation but it seems to be prevalent across the country. I know people in other states who all say the same thing. This is gonna get ugly in 2022 when the masses figure out the vaxx is getting them all sick. That is why they are using Jan 6th to protect the Capitol. When 200million zombie idiots dying of a fake vaxx get angry at their politicians, it will be ugly.

  22. When this first started and the chicoms would not allow people from wuhan to travel within china but were encouraged, if not forced to travel to every country in the world, I smelled biological warfare. When the so called antivirus, which it is not, (every antivirus I’m familiar with contains dead bits if the virus so your body can recognize it and make antibodies) plus it suspiciously came out about 5-10 years too early. When the now US communist government started pushing it too hard was when I decided to remain vaccine free. I did catch the chinese communist party virus and because of my advanced age was given monoclonal antibodies which had me back on my feet in less than a week. I am now somewhat immune to the virus and the only way the communists will get the JAB into me is if they soak a bullet in it and out shoot me. FJB

  23. You know – IF we were not being ordered around by the guy who has no small part in COVID-19 being released on the world – and apparently intentionally – in the first place. Maybe people would have more faith and trust in the CDC – FDA and U.S. government. To date we have been fed a multitude of lies I find it really interesting to blame COVID on the unvaxxed instead of Fauci – Obama – Gates and Soros for funding this damned crap in the first place. Let’s put the damned BLAME where it really belongs. You cannot clean up a mess with the people who created the mess. I am positive we have much better qualified medical personnel in this country and around the world. This is NOT Fauci’s first rodeo either. Go back and look at his history with HIV/AIDS when it broke out around the world.


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