Navy SEAL Who Took Out Bin Laden Slams Biden’s Comments

The Navy SEAL credited with killing 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden tweeted a message condemning President Joe Biden’s remarks, “This is the most dangerously inaccurate statement I have ever heard from a president.”

Robert J. O’Neill tweeted the words after Biden’s speech to mark 100 years since the Tulsa race massacre. Biden said, “Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

Maybe Biden has been forgetting some things lately, such as the nearly 3,000 people killed in one day at the hands of Islamic terrorists. White supremacy is bad, but you don’t see large groups of white supremacists seeking to destroy America as the Big Satan.

A little group called Hamas got its hands on a few thousand rockets with the help of Iran. What did they do? They immediately set them off on their nearest neighbors, choosing civilian targets to kill the most people possible. In addition, they set up operations in and near schools, hospitals and mosques to protect themselves, using any damage to promote the myth Israel was out to “kill them all.”

Similar groups still actively seek to do damage to our own nation. In contrast with a few bad guys in America with racist attitudes and shotguns, there are entire rogue nations (Iran) in the process of developing nuclear weapons to destroy Israel and the U.S.

But in Biden’s mind, white supremacy is the “most lethal threat.” Ask yourself this: which group is more capable of inflicting actual, measurable damage to our republic? The low-IQ Nazi wannabes barely hold a candle to the global phenomenon known as radical Islam — or even the arson-happy street gangs that call themselves “Antifa.”

Our nation is in big trouble if Biden’s plan is to target racist white guys and forget about the growing power of terrorists in the Middle East. That’s not even counting problems from Russia or China or any of the other nations Biden has ticked off in his four months in office.

O’Neill knows more than anyone our greatest threats are not within our nation; they’re the enemies beyond our borders. This is in large part why we must secure our borders, fund our military well and support the fight against terrorism.

It’s interesting there was no war in the Middle East during the four years Trump was president. In fact, we got the Abraham Accords instead. Nations that would not even recognize Israel as a nation were in photo shoots with Israeli leaders.

But Biden has decided to refund Palestinians, who will certainly misuse funds for their next attempt at Israel, while looking to re-enter a deal with Iran.

In addition, Biden has virtually opened the back door of the nation’s border, allowing in everyone who can walk or swim. It won’t take long for bad guys from the Middle East to figure out they can get in there too (and some reportedly already have).

O’Neill might need to stop out of retirement and run for office. We need more people like him who know who America’s top enemies really are.

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51 thoughts on “Navy SEAL Who Took Out Bin Laden Slams Biden’s Comments”

  1. No Slojoe, you and your handlers and their henchmen are the BIGGEST threat to our country! You know it, we know it, and you’re depending on there being enough people stupid enough to believe your garbage!!! Apparently it’s pretty close.


  2. Big Bidet China Joe and the socialist democraps who are destroying our republic to turn it into a socialist nation ,besides Russia and China ,are our biggest threats

    1. There is no such thing as white supremacy. And if there was, it would be joe biden, his family,pelosi, and all their cohorts!

      1. My sentiments exactly. They are the perpetrators of this hatred and racists rhetoric. There are some ignorant people, but most people don’t feel or think like that. Just in case someone doesn’t know, this nation is made of immigrants that came looking for a better life. They came to contribute in a meaningful way to make a better nation. The only native is the Native Indians, all the rest of us are from immigrant parents who came legally.
        Immigrants are brought over illegally with the sole intent is to register them as Democrats for party benefit. These people are being exploited in every sense of the word by our government, cartel, pedophiles, rapist and the coyotes then to top it off terrorists are let in to our country. What a bargain we got with this present administration.

  3. Well the USA president has nothing to do with terrorize groups in another country or continent It does has to get rid of those who are in his country around it but if there is USA soldiers in the Middle East it’s just to help to control it that so do not take it for granted

    1. What rock are you sleeping under? Get your head out of your ass and pay attention. Do some research you blind fool!

      1. God Damn idiots. This whole country is eat up with pure fkg stupid. Fauci is a TREASONIST. Don’t dare let that SOB. GET AWAY! IF YOU DO HE WANT LAST LONG. MATTER FACT DC needs to hire help cause they are about to be screaming for it. Yeah, the boy who cried wolf administration is about to get bit by DIRTY DOGS OF WAR!

    2. We don’t currently have a US president! We have a slimeball lying cheating thug! There are a lot of bad guys in palestine, but we have almost as many mooslimes in America thanks to the planeloads of illegal mooslimes terrorists that the POS allowed to come in in the night! They are a definite threat to our country! I would guess that the illegals slithering over our border are also a threat to our country and our economy! Someone needs to protect Israel! They are under attack from the ignorant palestinians and hamas!

  4. The biggest threat to our nation are those who hate our nation.. Antifa is clearly a hater of everything other than BLM who they support and who have paralyzed the city of Portland for over a year. And they do this with the support of idiots like Biden and his administration. Apparently black supremacy is ok in their eyes to be praised even when their followers attack the homes and families of citizens including members of Congress. I wonder how Pilosi and the rest would view their attacking her home and family. And I am sure that could happen the minute she stops praising and supporting them.

    1. Her stupid ass would be TOO DRUNK to give a damn !!! She’s an 80 year old IDIOT & only cares about FILLING HER POCKETS WITH “OUR MONEY “ & it’s time to put her out to pasture !!!!

  5. While I respect your service to this country, those low IQ Nazi wannabes will be the first to fight next to you in a civil war, why call them names. In fact, many are veterans.
    Is it wrong to vehemently support the United States of America? Where are the stories of these wannabes doing damage, burning cities? If it had been BlAntifa, the capital would have burned.
    Yeah, we’re in big trouble. If it comes down to it the Fly Overs will be the ones stepping up. Jus sayin”.

    1. Wilma, you misunderstood. The low IQ Nazi wannabes are not Republicans, TRUMP supporters, Conservatives. They are the ones Biden et al want to Demonize. It’s the self proclaimed Marxist BLM founder who just quit and walked off with 3 mansions and millions she’d stolen. It’s the haters of Israel AND AMERICA, Omar, Tlaid, AOC, and the rest of that nasty, destructive, and screwed up Squad. It’s the haters of AMERICA, Israel, our allies, and religion, secure borders, law enforcement, FREEDOM. Haters Soros, Obama, Harris, Biden and his handlers AND his wife Jill, Pelosi, Schumer, BLM, ANTIFA/Soros /Obama organization, Gates. ETCETERA. They want to destroy America and our allies. Everything they’re doing, or ignoring, is for that purpose. THEY are our nation’s biggest dangers and enemies. Michelle O wore a little string sun top to Vatican City area, with it sliding down her arm and only her anatomy keeping it from sliding to her waist. Disrespectful. So is flying a rainbow flag at the Embassy there, but Biden, a Roman Catholic in NAME ONLY, knows that. But he doesn’t fly it over his buddies Iran, Palestine, China.

      1. Good news is, all evil shall be cut off. Big Satan army destroyed and GOD’ s children shall rejoice because of rightioudness!

  6. Joe Biden and the D’Rat Communist Party are the worst threat this country has ever had to contend with. Thankfully more and more Americans are waking up to their treachery.

  7. Does Joe Biden ever look in a mirror? I guess he see a WHITE GUY! Who was a RACIST AND KKK BACK IN THE 70’S AND 80’S! He even a threat to this country big time! ALL HIS MUSLIMS IN OFFICE

    1. He be Black on the inside, he wears a White Sheet on the outside! As a whole, she/it is a Congenital Idiot Clown!

      1. I agree joey is the biggest piece of feces ever and needs to be stopped by whatever means necessary . But please don’t say he’s black on the inside , he is lower than the worst black human ever , I don’t think he’s human

        1. Amannaki, those heavenly creatures being casted down from heaven, and they are the reason of all evil. Aliens, or rather diabolic creatures in the human form lives among us, trying use the human race for their own purpose. We call them communists, or giving Dem o ns names, and this not change the facts that they are still among us. Tribulation is on the way, and our Galaxy Federation is watching over us, as once someone reviled it to me. They do evil, trying destroy us, yet a good news is, GOOD and rightioudness prevail… Let us all, children of God keep on watch and pray, not slumber. We are in serious spiritual war. Divine powerful force however gone to wipe those demonized creatures while their evil actions are riped and ready for harvest! Of course the President Donald Trump is given to us as the strong Fortrace, and he stands for Godly values and orders. And us, who suffer tribulations shall as well rejoice, while we shall trample upon our deadly enemies!
          Corpus Christi, our ressurection and eternal life! Rejoice in the Lord, who is our strength!.Rejoice!

    2. The biggest threat to this nation is the liberal Democrat party, the press, their policies, and social media! What about domestic terrorist groups like BLM, Antifa, kkk, and white radical groups…btw, all are creations of the Democrat party. This is the truth the white supremacy movement has about 10 people, they are nothing compared to these other Democrat backed groups!

  8. As of today I really believe those who has convert during Obama president are now the ENEMY OF AMERICA AND ISRAEL! Especially that CIA former boss! But I can’t tell how many agents has done the same.

  9. Never ceases to amaze me. White Supremist, when was the last time White Supremist burned, looted Cities and chanted death to Police? Gee maybe in the early 1920’s and 1930’s. BLM and Antifa have been doing it continually since last year. Funny, the Old Feeble White Guy in the White House is the one spreading this deranged ideology. No wonder our World adversaries are so delighted he is in the White House. They can “tread” all over trade and arms agreements with little or no consequences. Americans fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights, gun owners of America are the largest army in World, combined with our Armed Forces we are undefeatable.

    1. I would not put too much faith in the military helping us citizens, things are changing rapidly,
      We are on our own, Trump is my President,

  10. This is Tyranny, remember the Alamo,,
    Mexico states, not the United States.
    All countries have a boarder, or it’s not a country. UNREAL

    1. You can add about three hundred fifty members of congress to that list. Every demonrat and several deepstate on the right.




  12. As someone very familiar with the Delta Force as well as all of our Special Ops people and being now 84 years of age, who has fought the old Soviet Union back in the 1950s and 60s and then having had to work with members of both political arty members of the Senate and the House I know what scrap we presently have in Washington. We must clean house.

    O’ Neill is a very fine American as he has so demonstrated. Yes, I would certainly like to see others like O’Neill speak out and offer their services to our country by replacing the useless money hungry and power hungry scrap that we presently have in office. I do not understand how We the People can vote for useless, power and money hungry crap that we presently have in office. We must remove them from office, ASAP!!!

  13. When are the rest of the American heroes, going to also stand up to this mentally, deranged, unfit,lying,corrupt,racist, senile,frail,old,fool, destroying america, our time is running short, and this blithering idiot,isn’t about to stop. The military needs to remove this phony,puppet, who never won the election,but was installed by the deep state,and obuthead cartel. Trump is the real president, and will be re=instated, because of the fraud that took place i

    1. So true Kurt, what a shame it has come to this, im 94 years of age and seen many great things happen in our beloved America, and lately it is very desturbing what has happened to our Nation, GOD help us to do what is necessary to make our America great again.

  14. The problem in our country is people who love the power they hold over the public..time to kick these P.O.S. out of OUR great country and replace them with people who will respect the constitution and ideology of what it stands a disabled combat veteran from the Vietnam War..I might be old,but I still have a couple of fights left in me. I love my country..but sad to see where it’s heading.

  15. Biden and his obuma minions are the biggest threat to our American life ofc200+ years. He makes me ill and when he or his thugs appear on tv I turn it off. What a disaster of illegal votes.

    1. I have prompted milion times about need of RECOUNT OF BALLOTS regardless how far political fraud moved in…. It is desastrous thing that corrupted judges and other officials, media criminals took big bribes and followed up frauds instead standing firmly and fight corruption! TRIBUNE OF THE PEOPLE what we shall bring to life, where all nobles Patriots could verify and dump thugs out of our Government! What about our Military generals, that like fat dogs are unable to bark, with their lost conscious of responsibility for the Country that sunk into corruption!? What the ugly theatrical scam, while scams, frauds has been surrounded by the military, securities, that have nothing to do with moral standards, patriotictic responsibility!? What truly is wrong, that the fish spoil from the head, it is how sicken became our Government that grew up in corruption, immoral disvonduct!? Such a shame. We need to realize that, and without eating for next presidential election we shall reinstall our legimit Predident Donald Trump. Corrupted Media, all CEOs of big public platforms they must be found accountable for collaboration with thugs, and they are at the same liability within Constitutional laws and justice.
      IN GOD WE TRUST, not in creepy thugs, that has perverted all meaning of the word liberty and justice for all! They need to be cast out asap!

  16. O’Neal is a American HERO, Biden is a puppet.
    I’m thinking it’s going to take another tragic episode here on the mainland U S before the real patriots wake up & take our country back from the socialist Democrats.

  17. Hate what you’re hearing? DON’T vote Democrat,; they wouldn’t even make good dogcatchers!!

  18. My definition of a politician and legislator
    Politician is motivated by greed and power.
    Legislator is motivated to keep this country safe it’s citizens safe and healthy and works for all the people

    1. Congress is nothing more than Organized Criminal Enterprise, regardless of what party they belong too!
      Sooner or later, We The People Will Rise Up and Hang Them One and ALL!!!!!!

  19. There is too many ignorant people with blinders on that vote for Biden, Harris, and Democrats. And Republicans are too cowardly to do anything about Biden destroying this country. I’m sorry but Biden and Dummycrats are Sik in the head!!!!!!

    1. How the mob of Latinos can stand for what is right, while immoral conducts, all kind of corruption rise among them!? Have you seen the Museum of demons in Mexivo!? You should, than you will enlarge horizons of your thinking! Cartels and mob of people being unable to control all crimes… This kind of people are packing into USA under donic Leadership of Joe Biden!. And there are no moral values there, as so called single mothers , wicked men living with many women and collecting child support at our TAXPAYERS EXPENSE!? living with many men, women, demoralized wicked people spoil our moral standards, our values. That kind of people are ignoring anything that has Godly origin, yet they are collecting financial support extra money at our expense, of permission of fraud Joe Biden diabolic administration!… This is massive scam!. Stimulus checks has been hold from me, and it because IRS is also bunch of thugs collaborating with Dems governors, and once you are not Latino or Black, you are discriminated, and this thug from the hell Joe Biden surely is the leader of abominations! Lord God let your kingdom come with smoke and fire, cleansing face of America and the world from.all evil dominions, amen? Be aware of wicked liars, medias that try reverse the course of attention, climbing with all blamed at our President Donald Trump! Don’t be dismade! They know that all Americans stand for Donald Trump, and his presence in the Government bring the chance of cleansing entire corrupted system, bringing thugs all over into prisons! We have suffered enough this wicked rejim. We cannot afford open boarders, cartels, that openly are manifesting their brutal way of torturing people… Get people your own defense system, be not blind propaganda of lies CNN and other fake liars followers! They are thugs as well, and they knew that with reversed political trend they gone to pay for their crimes, and be accountable for ruining our Country legitimate leadership!
      Those demonic forces will be broken, and our prayers, faithfulness to Almighty Holy God shall be rewarded!

  20. O’Neal would be a great leader! He knows what kind of bullshit America is up against! I definitely would vote for him! Ole joe biden is the absolute worse president America has ever had!

  21. Let’s remember, Trump didn’t lose the Election, it was stolen from him. How can this happen in our Country?
    Money grubbing, evil Doers, that’s how. And we let them get away with that?

  22. Biden’s white supremacy theory is nothing but Barack Obama‘s instilling in him to destroy America from within. It is part of the Marxist theory Obama has to put people against people or divide and conquer. And Democrats today are a bunch of communist and are very dangerous because now they are in power in the house and the presidency. If you hear white supremacy ….throw it back in their face as there is no white supremacy…. there is just evil people trying to destroy us. Why”? It is for the good of Communist China who wants to take over the world but first take America. MANY PEOPLE HERE ARE ON TO THIS!

  23. This worthless POS…can’t die soon enough , by any means…..we have to retake our country and draft a Constitutional Amendment to prevent this from ever happening again………….Also Term limits so these career fuckups can’t keep getting reelected…..Pelosi…Schumer…..Hoyer….Nadler…to name a few, of the hundreds……..

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